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will never fly with American Airlines again, the people were rude, the service was the worst I have ever had with any airline, we were treated with great disrespect when we had flight problems wew were told it was due to American Airlines going bankrupt and that there was nothing we could do about it, next time we will fly with anyone except American or its affiliates

Horrible Customer Service

We just returned from a 9 day vacation in Nicaragua; our luggage was lost the entire 9 days; we got it on the day we left with the wheels deliberately broken off. The agencies at the Managua airport are the rudest people I have ever seen. No one has responded to my emails in 11 days. I will never fly this airline again as long as I have breath in me.


Every time I'm in contact with AA, be it re printing out a boarding pass or whatever, I supply my cell phone number so that Ii can be advised if there is any change in my flight schedule. So when my flight was cancelled recently, why did AA call my home - where I obviously wasn't - and not my cell telephone? This would have saved me three hours plus of being "on hold" with AA, trying to re-schedule my flight. Totally ridiculous!


This is the worst airline ever. So disrespectful and dismissive. I will never fly AA again.

Has been

I used to be 100% faithful to AA. Now their prices are higher than I can pay and the seats are much closer together than my new favorite airlines.

only with American Airlines

On the line with corporate offices, had to share our story 5 times so far and no one knows what to do... How can they stay open///


No one from corporate has returned my concern, I have never been disrespected as much fro customer service reps. on line as well from reps on ground, lied to about the vouchers we wer given for AA realizinge they made a mistake and then not to even be able to use them.

Honestly I would give them negative stars but its not an option I fly once a month this is the first time I am flying with American Airlines, I had a mistake in the ticket it was an inconvenience to change it. I usually fly Jet Blue

AA lost are luggage for four days we were going on a seven day cruise we fly down on friday left on the cruise on sunday at nine they kept telling use that it was coming it would make before the cruise they lied to us over and over we ended up buy all new cloths to go on the cruise are luggage showed up two days later after we were on the ship so it cost me triple the amount for the cruise because we had to buy all new cloths instead of checking are bags we paid to have them sent back by the post office that is very bad when u have to do that AA is not very good i will never fly with them again we were going to book a flight to Washington in dec. but i wont now

It took over 30 hours to fly from Boston to Aruba due to delay after delay. Upon arrival we found our luggage sitting in a corner unattended. When we opened our suitcases we found the contents thoroughly soaked with water. No live customer service only through email. After three submissions of complaint forms we received a reply offering 3000 bonus miles for our inconveinance. Attempted to obtain refund on our return ticket by calling the refund center. After being on hold for 11/2 hours a message came on and said they could not take my call due to heavy caller volume and hung up. Absolutely ridiculous. My next call is going to be to the Massachusetts Attorney General consumer protection division. This is an absolute disgrace!

I just returned from my honeymoon and AA lost my luggage. For three days of my 7 day honeymoon trip I had no luggage. AA ruined my honeymoon. Very disappointed in their service.

I just want my I pad Back! I left it on one flight, contacted the stewardess on my next flight, Iwas told they did locate it, call this # @ DFW lost & found and I would get it returned to me. This was on 9/14/12!! No response, no return calls, no reply to e-mail NOTHING. Please return my I pad

Sept 21, 2012 I have attempted to call AA reservations for two days without success. The quality of your service is a good indication of why AA is bankrupt. Instead of flying to Miami to get a plane to Nassua we have decided to drive. Same with our return flight from Costa Rico to Jax via Miami. The poor quality is the fault of poor management who let others deal with their resevations. Doug Speed 1 904-280-5625.

will NEVER fly american airlines again.... i gave up my tickets and rebooked with southwest. bad experiences 2 times this month (sept 2012) lost money but like i said i will never again book with them.

On June 25 2012 travel with a dog from Boston to Fortlaudale and the professional behavior from the Boston checking in area and a supervisor was appauling. The paperwork that was submitted to travel with the dog was appropriate and they were telling me that it wasn't because they didn't know what they were doing. I missed my flight and arrived later causing me to miss my connecting flight to Freeport Bahamas. In the summer months you can not travel with a dog over the temperature of 85 degrees so from 10:30 am till 4:00 pm I try make the next flight and the temperature was still above 85 degrees so I had to wait till 8:00 pm to fly. In the afternoon the supervisor was then informing that my crate was not appropriate and he wanted me to take a cab with the dog to purchas another crate eventhough the flight from Boston was fine. I contacted two stires and they didn't have the right crate so after arguing with a supervisor he finally agreed to let the dog fly. Whe finally left at 8:30 pm and the ran into astorm had to unsuccessful landings going back to refueled twice . Finally arrive a t 12:00 midnight. Contacted corporate ofiife numerous to put in a complaint and they never return my phone call.

I believe that any airline that would mistreat a customer due to their political beliefs does not even deserve a one star rating. The way they treated Glenn Beck was disgusting and I am encouraging all my friends both online and offline to boycott this airline.

Just wanted to let you know I will not be using your airline again in the future. I am booking my October SLC to Shreveport 5 person round trip with another airline. One of your flight attendants intentionally treated Blenn Beck so poorly/rudely on his weekend flight from NYC to Texas. I will not use your airline again. I will also recommend to everyone that I know not to choose you as well. A former patron, the Howards

I am upset over the policy of American Airlines that allows anyone over the age of 15 to sit in the exit row with no cap on the age. I know someone that flies your airline that is 92 and always sits in the exit row. This person would not be able to assist anyone if need be and I would rather have a 13 year old sitting there. I cannot believe there is no law that states the maximum age a passenger may be to sit in the exit row. American Airlines is comprising the safety of its passengers by allowing this to happen. I tried calling their corporate offices four times and just got a runaround. Not possible to speak with anyone. Very unprofessional. I

I have an unresolved problem and American has a system set up so that I can not possibly discuss the problem with a real person. If I continue to be unable to talk with American Airlines I will next contact the better business bureau.

Actually it is a -5 stars. I listened to Glenn Beck today 9/4/12. Enough said. We and 5 sons and 8 grandchildren will never fly AA.

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