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Flight and bags

I have had the worst experience with American Airlines. From the beginning the trip got over booked and my husband and I didn't get the sits assigned but had to wait until almost the plane left. This was with another three families waiting on the same. They promise that if we got on the plane the bags too, we got to Aruba on flight 495 and not our bags. Now we are tourist and left with nothing to wear. I called but the next day they were rude and didn't deliver it. Now I have lost one day of my vacation and yet the airline said its not responsible. I would like to know who because I am by the beach and don't have my clothes and personal items.

This is a waste of time obviously from the looks of other posts here

My experience is pretty much like most here that have already posted their experience and it was AWFUL! Delayed flight had me stranded and dumped on the streets of LAX by your ticket agent that sent me on a wild goose chase to another airline which she KNEW had no other flights available. Folks, let it be known that AA does NOT give hotel vouchers for delayed flights. I also paid extra for window seats in which I did not get on the flight from DFW to LAX. I don't expect any response from you but I on the other hand, WILL convey my experience through every avenue I can to say NEVER fly American Airlines.

Baggage Damage

While my flights have always been great on American Airlines, I am a little disappointed with the way a claim for damaged baggage was handled. A piece of luggage was damaged on a return trip from Japan and it took two weeks before I received a return call from a representative, only to take my claim and tell me I had to return to an American Airlines office with the piece of luggage to complete the claim process. I believe I have to travel back to my airport which is about 40 miles one way.

Get a life

To those of you who worship Glenn Beck--get over it! I agree with the poster who stated there should be a cap as well as a minimum age on sitting in the exit rows. Likely the airline doesn't want to deal with age discrimination suits. Shows how very selfish some old folks are playing with passenger's lives like that. Lost luggage--it is what it is--do you even realize how many pieces of luggage go thru the system on a daily basis. It isn't that no one cares, it is just a matter of logistics. Rudeness? Goes both ways.


I HAVE Hd an aa card for 8 years and have been lied to over and over again. CITI BANK IS VERY RUDE ALSO.

disgruntled customer service

have been trying to contact a "person" at AA. only get option of taking a call back and getting in line. have been waiting for 5 hours for a call back regarding a wrong reservation. This is by far the WORST PROGRAM i have ever run across in the airline industry. Totally misrepresented by the mechanical voice on line. Suggest you find a better airline with better service. try JET BLUE


The most useless and confusing computer/telephone support I have experienced in my 63 years - with any business of any kind. I give Zero stars - I could not, so I gave 1. Too high.

Delayed young kids in DFW airport due to no crew

I am very disappointed in this airline right now, because you have proven to be unprepared for the eventualities of a crew not being on time, thus leaving my three kids trapped in the DFW airport. That is completely unacceptable. When I pay for a flight I expect it to be on time or as close to on time as possible with minimal delays. A delay of not having a crew where a flight is over 1 hour delayed is not acceptable form of delay. You should always have a backuyp crew ready to handle eventaulities as this, and leaving three children stuck in an airport and no explaination as to a good reason why you don't have redundant crews on standby for this exact reason is a very bad business practice and will eventually turn people against flying with your airline. I want this fixed now, and I believe we deserve some kind of repayment for the time lost and the delay caused by the airline not being prepared for this type of problem.


To whom it may concern... I had my first experience flying with AA and I have to say it was one of the worst I had, I have lost luggage on others airlines, yet this was worse. I am not a frequent flyer but do fly once or twice a year It all started on my way back from Reno to Nashville, My wife and I got up at 5 am to make sure we were ready for flight at8:40 When it was time for flight they said we were delayed and would be another half hour but with the domino affect all connections would be OK. Well to make long story short we got to O'Hare and our flight left us. when going to an agent to see what to do, their was no sympathy no sorries, Just them telling us they could not get us anther flight till next day after running us all over airport from one standby to another. When I asked what we were supposed to do for the night their reply was maybe they could give me a discount for a hotel.MAYBE..The only reason for one star instead of none is after 4 hours we found ONE agent with a little sympathy and was able to get us on a flight. So for this reason on my one or two flights a year will be with another airline


These miscreants at AA truly don't understand business. My wife, a lawyer, travled from JFK>Man>JFK. Her bag was sliced open with a razor, and about 10 bucks worth of food was stolen, the bag (worth about 30 bucks) was ruined. After wasting my time (about an hour) with 3 AA reps, their basic response was " tell us within 24 hours, or, ____ off". So, these geniuses have now lost us as customers completely, we will tell everyone we know about this, and, if we feel like it, we may just take them to small claims court, where, though we might lose, it will cost them a minimum of $500 just to have the claim handled by a (no doubt, in house) attorney. These people truly have their heads in direct view of their large intestines.


customers service is the worst of any company i have ever dealt with. they all have attitude and could care less about helping you with any problem. UNIONS ARE THE PROBLEMS. sorry i had to leave any stars.

American airline sucks

This is the worse airline ever, it will take a decade to process your refund for those that havnt gone thru this process before, i would preferred flying with southwest no bag fees, and southwest is just so much better.

stop the political excuses

i do fly american and rate them well. HOWEVER, i will reconsider flying another airline. RUN your business. announcing the delays due to THE SEQUESTER indicates AA stands by this administrations policies meaning for 5 YEARS they never balanced a budget! the American taxpayers bailed you out during the Bush administration after 9.11. Stop perpetuating the sequester lies.


When I entered the American Airline name in the URL of my computer to make a reservation I apparently made a huge mistake as I thought that was your name, but I got a rinky dink outfit called One Travel, and it cost me $25 to find out what my seat assignment is for my ticket number 0017222091742. I had no way of knowing One Travel was not American Airlines. This is most confusing, and in the future I'll have concerns about making reservations with AA.com!!!!!!!!!!!

Coporate Offices not available

Can't get a phone number to the corporate offices and I wonder what American Airlines is hiding that you can not speak to the top level officers.


Don't ever fly American. Plane 3 hours late outgoing. LAX terminal old and broken. Sat on concrete floor with 20 other people trying to charge phones. Did not get seats we were guaranteed. On the way back my debit card could not be used because my card company said it was denied because it came up Moscow Russia! How the heck is that possible?? Then used my credit card and it was denied. My credit card company said it was never run! Good thing I had cash left after my trip or my luggage would never get back to LAX. Of course the agent said they could not tell me anything. Called when I got home and they said they could not do anything that the check in agent needed to answer my questions. Talk about a run around. I asked for a corporate number and they said there isn't one and that I needed to email my complaint and she hung up! One minute on the Internet and I got the corporate number. I am surprised they are in business. STAY AWAY from this airlines.

Mileage discrimination

I have booked a flight from the U.S.to Europe on American and was denied the ability to purchase seats with additional legroom because I used miles. No other airline to my knowledge discriminates in this way. This is a poor business practice to discriminate against loyal customers and no way to build brand loyalty.

great airline

Ive never had a bad experience. Take your complaints somewhere else. No onecares about your complaints

thieves & poor customer Service

First trip with American out of dozens with Delta. American Airlines STEALS the $15 knife and $20 multi-tool I need for my job. When I call, I get a guy in baggage with an attitude telling me to bring the original receipts (from over 3 years ago) and the bag back to the origination airport (I flew one way). When I asked for a supervisor he basically told me HE was the only one for me to talk to and the corporate office number is private. Needless to say -- Delta will be getting my patronage from now on AND I will be writing negative comments on every location I can find on the internet. Also, looking at your fb page, you only hire thieves.

This is the worst experience I've ever had with an airline. Customer service is terrible, no way to get around it. Flight pushed back 2 hours because the pilots were a no show and they told us it was because of the weather before we found out. Tried to schedule an earlier flight but was denied because I didn't meet the 40 min check bag requirement by literally 2 min. STAY AWAY if you care about time.

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