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We have always had excellent service with AT&T until this past weekend. This weekend we started checking out phones online for an upgrade. We called customer care several times, went to a retail store, got back online and found the phone we wanted. Unfortunately the Blackberry 9700 is $199.99 when you upgrade. We did however find a refurbished Blackberry 9700 for $29.99. The way we look at it, is if there is something wrong with the phone, you will know within the 90 days. There is no reason to pay more if the phone is working ok. Anyway, when we tried to order it, we were sent over to the Premier store for ordering. The Premier store didn't have the option to get the refurbished Blackberry 9700. We were told by customer care that the Premier store would be able to order refurbished phones and do more things than customer care could do but they are not open on the weekend for assistance. We ordered a Blackberry 8520 online last night because we were unable to get the 9700 like we originally wanted. Then after mulling it over, we decided to call Premier Support this morning to cancel the order and talk to them about getting us the Blackberry 9700. I was told 10 minutes after Premier Support opened that they could not cancel my order and that the only thing I could do was refuse the delivery when it came. Remember, I called them at 7:10am CST (only 10 minutes after opening) and they couldn't cancel my order, but the order didn't ship until 9:40am from Fort Worth, TX. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was put on hold. The overall phone call was 27 minutes, which I ended up having to hang up because I had to go into work. My husband spent a few hours on the phone between customer care and premier support trying to understand why us "the customer" had to do all the leg work and AT&T has no accountability for what they say. We were told different things by different people. Everything from "we can put the phone cost on your bill", "you can get a refurbished phone from the retail store", "we don't have a phone number for a corporate office", and the list goes on. None of which are true. We have been told all day that "if we want to open a new line we can get the refurbished Blackberry 9700 for $29.99", but if you are an existing customer, you don't get as good of pricing. That doesn't make any sense at all to me. We have been good customers, pay our bill each month, upgrade and extend our contracts, we have 4 lines on our account, pay almost $200 per month, but we don't get as good a deal as someone with no history with AT&T. What happened to customer loyalty? What happened to good customer service? Thank you, Carlena

We bought a brand new phone for 279.99. 45 days ago. It has problems shutting off and restarting. The only solution is to receive a refurbished phone in exchange. Our phone is in great shape... zero scratches... I want a new phone replaced for the new one I just bought. If I wanted a refurbished phone, I would have purchased one from get go. I just spoke to customer care, and said I could get a new phone, but would have to purchase another phone for 199.99..... What.... I just purchased this new phone 45days ago..... please I want a new phone, which I purchased 45 days ago, to replace the defective one.... where is your customer service satisfaction and loyalty to the customer....... I am not asking for something which I haven't already paid for. .Monty Pope

I been trying to contact the AT&T offices and the AT&T fraud dept and every other dept of the AT&T about a breech in their Internet Digital white & yellow Page about a particular countries accessing the residential page and doing (Mail-fraud, Soliciting, & Lottery-Scam,) form their AT&T customer listing, it so happen my call keep transferring all over the continent for almost 2 hrs, and finally get with a supervisor in the fraud department after I told her the situation and she told me their is nothing she or AT&T can do about it, Who is out their to protect the customer interest if the same AT&T people who sworn to protect you personal information just have it too loosely for other country to take advantage of the Data then Who will protect your personal information, if any bigger head in the AT&T Corp read it, can give me a call, 727-399-7039, That's if it not already toooooooooooo late. PS: June 11 2010.

ATT swindled me into paying for a data plan. ive had smart phones for over 1.5 yrs. well before their new policy establish 9/1/2009...i also had 5 smart phones cause they don't work right nor do they work in my home or most buildings. but my biggest frustration is having these so called smart phones before their new data plan policy's...i am NOW FORCED TO PAY FOR A DATA PLAN ~OR~ REDUCE THE QUALITY OF MY PHONE. They claim i am "upgrading" the phone when i've had these phones for a couple of years and i am going from a blackberry smart phone to a blackberry smart phone. WHAT A F(#&'in JOKE!!! what's worse is i was told i should be able to be "grandfathered in" AND I was misled period. Furthermore, i was told that my moto razor was a smart phone from one rep to have another say it wasn't. i told them fine, i will return the replacement phone that was replacing an existing blackberry smart phone without a data plan and buy a used one and the same model as my previous smartphone...know what they said....get this...i'd still have to get a data plan. they also first said because the iemim # or whatever it is was different is part of the reason why i had to get a data plan, but then they said if i use my sim card in the same blackberry i plan on buying used that i would still have to pay for a data plan because now my sim card was new! HOLY S(#T! i told them i am being FORCED into paying them more money "monthly" and they put my back against the wall. ATT...? Choose another carrier...i have internet, cell and land line through them including satellite all of which i am cancelling!!!!!

I am sorry may be posting in wrong place but if it gets me heard I don't care. As we all know its the year 2010 and dial up internet service is almost obselete and stone age. Why is it long participating costumers of AT&T like myself is forced to use dial up internet or pay outrageous satellite internet bills. I been asking and begging all this time and now find out people have DSL right down the street. Sad, isn't it ? I am getting about 18.8 KBPS with dial up. I have called and called and begged and begged being sent here and there resulting in no answers as to how to get them to give us this service. I once heard DSL was coming to my area soon. Um, 12 years later I am here posting this on a dial up service with no DSL yet. Please tell me who to contact? Or what to do to go about getting DSL ?

I have been with AT&T since 2004 for my cell phones. Prior to that it was cingular. I pay over $4000. a year with 5 cell phones and an internet hook-up on a lap top. I have never had a problem with AT&T until now. My new phone didn't work so I called and they apologized and sent me out a new (refurbished)phone. The second day I had the phone it too had issues. I called and they told me they would send out the same phone again. I don't want the same phone, this phone obviously has problems. I was told that I would receive a call back with in 2 hours which I never got. I called back and there was no record that I had called. I had to go through everything all over again. No one wanted to help resolve the issue and when I asked to be directed to customer relations to cancel my accounts and also wanted the corporate phone number and address, I was put on hold and left there. I have NEVER received such poor customer service from any company!!

I feel that your company does not provide good work ethic and I feel that the Customer Service I have received disgust me, over the past three days I have spoken to 7 Representatives, 5 Supervisors, A Team Leader that never returned my call (Miles S.)and Customer Retention Dept.(Diane Groppe) that told me the other Dept. must have given incorrect information! I have had Dropped Calls for 3-5months have trouble shot all the lines and phones with Reps. & Supervisors. I gave up and canceled my service this morning and still have to pay my Cancelation fees! Please Help by explaining your policies for Customer Service. I WANT TO BE CONTACTED!!!!! CONTACT INFO: Kristine Cole 208-704-0116 John Cole (husband) 208-704-0235

ATT has become a laughing stock of a company. I have spoken with hundreds of incompetant workers including supervisors that do not value us as customers. All I wanted was to receive my regular monthly bill and not one of these people have been able to send me a bill. I wanted to pay the bill over the phone and they wanted to charge me to do that. They are the ones not sending the bill. Then they want you to feel as if its your fault. Not one person offered to send out a duplicate bill and this is customer service. I do too think that ATT has gotten too big for its britches. So I will take my money else where. I will not continue to give these people my money and be treated like I owe them something.

what a joke customer service is I asked a fellow on the phone about an Item on my bill he asked was I calling from my home phone I told him 4 times yes my home phone on the fifth time he asked the question was I in Missouri I had finally had enough and told him no I was on the moon and hung up not a very good impression I am seriously thinking of cutting ties with att and going to vonage!!!

Several months ago I moved to the Palm Desert area in CA. My cell phone DOES NOT WORK when I am in my home. I spoke to customer service and was told that I needed to replace my SIM card. Now I have a brand new SIM card in a phone that doesn't work at my home. I am looking for work right now and have to be ready to receive any calls from prospective employers. If I get a call at home I have to literally run out the door and go around the corner so I can receive 1 or maybe 2 dots indicating reception. 9 out of 10 of the calls I receive fail before I make it out the door. I am forced to continue to the corner and place a call to the number of the call that shows as FAILED. It's not quite as bad when I use text. But, I still have to twist and bend to just the right angle so the text will send successfully. Having to "retry" several times is automatic. This last weekend This joy of a phone I waste more then fifty dollars a month on, stopped working altogether. The woman I spoke with at the store in La Quinta said that there was water damage to the phone. This phone goes NOTWHERE NEAR WATER. When I told the manager of this store that I go for long walks every morning, he said that water damage can occur if "perspiration accumulates in my pocket". Both the manager and another "customer service rep." I spoke with AGAIN on the phone there at the store (another 20 minutes wasted) my only option is to spend more money on a new phone or they will send me one that works if I sign up for another 2 year contract. I've wasted too much money already. The manager waved me off with the back of his fingers and said. "I'm done with you" AT&T has the worst service I have ever received. I guess my only option is to pay for service I don't receive until my contract is up and go with one of the company's that my neighbors carry. Shame on you AT&T!!!

att has so much bull s**t in the works they have sent millions in my area on U verse 18 meg 3-d tv. I still have dial up sometimes I am blazing along at 28.8 baud rate. Depends on atm and swipe your card purches in my area due to they use the same network and the bundle deal thanks for that too 60 buck a month for internet think I should be happy to pay them. Do u want blood next? Att should be spanked by the gov. for such actions. Oh also by the way those terrorists we are fighting have high speed internet. Way to go att kudos to u guys.

I have a 2 problems. One have been continually working on. Each and every month my bill varies a $25-$50. I have to spend hours reviewing the bill, making calls or going to the store to get it corrected. My time is worth something too. I understand a small variance of a few dollars with my children hitting the browser but this is getting very time consuming. My very biggest problem is my blackberry bold 9700. It reboots itself pretty regularly. This is a BIG problem as I am a visting psychiatric nurse and also do "on call" work. Well I have attempted to resolve this through your 611 number. They sold me motorola back flip - this was not a very user friendly phone, poor battery length, and does not do voice dial from bluetooth. I had it 2 days and sent it back today. I use 3-4,000 minutes per month. I am on the road speaking with doctors, patients, etc and the phone reboots. This is a problem. One of your Customer care techs admitting to having the same issue. I spoke with several people trying to resolve this in the resolution department. One being Chris Ladhpakdy more than once. The first time (6/3 4p.m) he was nice and said he would call me back.... Well he never called me back. So I called resolutions back and got someone else who said that he would call me. Well it was getting late 845 pm and I called again to see that status because my phone is a very important part of my job. I then spoke with Dave Redmond. He was great. Very understanding. He reviewed all the "windows" made sure that everything was documented in areas that anyone including the stores could view them. I was also told that Chris did not document our conversation earlier that day. At the end of my conversation with Dave I thought we had agreed that I would go to the store and get a standard upgrade price and an exception because of all the trouble I had and also that I could keep my current statewide local plan with th data plan. BUT when I got to the store 6/4 I was told the phone would be $300.00 and I could not keep my current plan. Dave had reassured me that my current plan was acceptable. And I was not informed that I had to purchase a $300.00 phone. So I called 611 again to clarify this info and spoke with Chris Ladhpakdy again in resolutions and he was RUDE, DEGRADING AND ACTED LIKE I WAS TRYING TO RIP YOUR COMPANY OFF. He made a statement to me and to the customer service rep that I "HAVE MADE SEVERAL CALLS TRYING TO GET MY WAY AND IT WASNT GOING TO WORK". So I requested to speak with him directly and he restated that to me again. I really cant beleive that with all the money I spend every year between 6 phones and accessories every 2 years, and phone bills I need to be spoken to like that. Just in bills spend over $3,000.00 per year. It is cheaper for me to just cancel my plan. I have been with your company when it was cellone, 10+ years and this is the appreciation I get. If we can't resolve this I will be contacting the NYS Public Service Commission. I am a paying consumer and deserve to be treated with respect and not spoken to like I am trying to get something for free. I look forward to hearing from you in attempts to resolve this issue.

Why is it so hard getting a tech to my home to correct ( no dial Tone ).The first promise from last week was to have corrected by the past Tuesday. Now promise for next Sunday. Unable to get a real person on to answer queations.Very poor customer relationship.

Please accept this e-mail as a formal complaint re. wireless service. I am experienceing ongiong problems with my wireless phones/service (404) 401-9355 & (678) 642-6557. I have called 611 and reported the ongiong problems with dropped calls and no contacts after placing the number. I have been with Cingular/AT&T since 1991...as a long term customer what will AT&T do to maintain me and my family as customers? A few weeks ago my daughter's car broke down and it took several calls to locate her. My wife and I was very concern about her safety and not having cell service to contact her. We were less than 30 miles from Atlanta, GA. If this service issue can't be resolved we would like to cancel our service and try another carrier. I hope since we have been with you all since 1991 something can be done! Thanks in advance for your assistence/support. Clark W. Moore 418 Pates Lake Ct Hampton, Ga 30228 (770) 471-4691 H (678) 642-6557

AT&T cares very little about their customers. They are partaking in bait and switch tactics by offering very low rates to switch to AT&T and then reneging and charging a lot more. When you complain to them they don't care.

I can not belive how bad is AT@T service is . First of All I lived in Dacula GA 30019 in the past 8 month , they have over charged on my monthly invoice $200-300 in regard to long distant charges and I was on unlimeted long distant plan , Every time I call I had to wait 20- 40 Min before I get a service person , after 20-30 min of explaining my issue they send me to some one else , then to some one else , then they say the fixed the problem and they credit it my account , then next month I have the same issue and some time a rude person from the collection company would call and harrase me about not paying my bill , when I call back , I found out the person who told me they credited my account they did not and I would have to start the process of explainng again , Even thu based on their own people saying that their are over 400,000 customers have the problem , when you ask to speek to A MGR they tell they have no one higher than them and they have no #'s for me to escelate the issue !! What happen to AT@T are they to big to talk and listen to thier customers complaint ,.... I guess it is the customer problem , because we made them to Rich now they would not want to talk to average Joe ?? Maybe class action suite will help waking them up !! I disconected my # with them as a first step and then more action will come !!

ATT is definitely a company from hell. I have never seen a bunch of incompetent people ever. My recent nightmare is with U-verse. I was moving and so called to get a new phone number. The rep on the phone sold me on U-verse and said she could save me $25/month on my ATT & Comcast combined monthly bill. So I signed up for U-verse TV and internet only. I kept the phone as regular landline. On the instal day, the first technician couldn't instal after almost two hours of trying. I later found out he was not qualified. The next day, another technician came and he did the installation. However, he said I couldn't keep the first number I was given and gave me a new one. To compensate me for two days from hell, he added some prime channels. He also told me that I can make free international calls to anywhere in the world. Two weeks later, I get a horrendous bill from ATT so I call the support number. They tell me that international calls to Canada are free and so is unlimited domestic calls. I replied that I don't care about domestic calls or Canada. I am interested in calls to London, Egypt, Italy plus other European cities. They also told me I cannot have an international/long distance provider on U-verse. At this point I requested to talk to a supervisor. He comes on the line and again tries to sell me the U-verse phone and compares ATT rates for London and Egypt to my provider rates. No way ATT can match them but he still insists it's a good deal (ya maybe for him and for ATT's pocket but definitely not for me & other customers). In short every rep I talked to gave the wrong information. After two hours of a hectic conversation it transpires that the initial phone number I was given when I signed up for U-verse is active as well as the second number given by the technician who installed the U-verse. So we decided to cancel the U-verse number/line and keep the regular phone line. Today was the day to fix this mess. Unfortunately, after four hours of trying, the technician couldn't and decided to leave but bring someone more qualified to do the fix tomorrow. I cancelled everything I planned to do today and the end result is the nightmare continues. ATT is a company that should be split again to allow for competition and better service. right now they own the market and they don't give a damn about the customers. It has become too big and the Chairman/CEO/ President whose salary is $1,450,000 and other higherups don't care. As far as I'm concerned, the reps/customer support are not qualified and do not understand what they are selling...all info they have given me is incorrect. Equally, the technicians are not trained in U-verse and feel frustrated when they go out to the customers and can't fix the problem. I want a free month from ATT for the sheer aggravation they have caused me. I may also take this nightmare story to abc7.news to alert other customers to stay awat from U-verse.

A.T.&T Complaints Group 400 Chastain Blvd NW Kennesaw, Ga 30144 4/25/2010 Dear Sirs: Re: Constructive Criticism I have been a customer of Bell South/AT&T/Cingular family for 30 years. Over these years I have had hundreds of occasions to call your Customer Service Department for a variety of service requests and error corrections. I have the following comments to make from the point of view of a consumer. I sincerely hope you will take my comments in the spirit they are given: advise from a real life client given with good intentions. To be relevant, these are comments about recent events. Issue #1: We moved to Pensacola, FL in August 2009. At the time we had AT&T phone/DSL service installed along with a package for long distance calls including Canada. From the outset, AT&T has had a program problem with their billing such that our long distance package purchase is disregarded and we get billed for itemized long distance calls. Every month, we have to call AT&T to get the bill corrected before we pay it. What happens every time I call is really quite unacceptable: 1)The computer invariably says that this is a busy time, call again. 2)It then answers with various prompts, tries to connect me with a live representative per my request, and 50% of the times, after having waited a good ten minutes for a person, I am disconnected. I go through the process all over again. 3)During the waiting time, I keep getting sales pitches for additional services, instructions on how to pay the bill or am reminded of the “award winning” service the company offers. 4)When I do finally get a person on the line, I have to go through the whole story before I get the credit on the bill. On occasions the credit is not applied so the next month’s statement includes late charges and interest and makes things even more complicated to explain. 5)I am assured each time that the problem will be resolved by the next bill. 6)This happens every month and the whole process takes an average of 45 minutes. Suggestions: 1)Have a separate number for billing disputes. Do not co-mingle all your services into one contact number. It is disconcerting and counterproductive to have sales pitches and service quality boasts laid on a customer who has a genuine and ongoing complaint. 2)If your system issues are real and are going to take a long time to fix, be realistic and truthful about it so the customer knows what to expect. 3)Make a note in your computer files so that the next time the customer does not have to spell out the whole story starting with Adam and Eve, 4)Better still, if you cannot solve the complex billing issue, implement a short, quick fix to all affected accounts so at least a credit is calculated each time avoiding the need for calls. Issue #2: Just recently, exasperated with the billing issues, I switched one of my telephone lines (850-492-8272) from AT&T to Cox. Upon solicitations from AT&T, I immediately switched back to AT&T but again with disastrous results: 1)A technician installed the voice line, but could not install the DSL line. He said I needed to get a “disc” from AT&T before DSL could be activated. He asked me to call the DSL number. 2)After the same experience I normally get when I call AT&T (long waits, circuitous computer prompts, sales pitches, proclamations of service awards, instructions on how to pay bills on the Internet, how most of my problems can be resolved on the Internet at ATT.Com etc.), I finally get hold of a person who apologized and said they would resolve the issue. 3)When nothing happened, I called again only to be disconnected after a long wait. Eventually I found out that for some reason the order was canceled! I was asked to call back to reinstate it. 4)The call back resulted in a “rush” reinstatement, but I was not told exactly when the technician would come. 5)The technician came when we were not home, he did not leave any message. 6)Seeing no action, I called again, this time I was given a time (4/28 AM). I was also given a number to call for a $25 debit card for my trouble. After 6 excruciating and time consuming calls, I now am hoping I will get the Internet on 4/28. Suggestions: 1)For every new order, have one point person or a point department with it's own contact number. 2)Synchronize the installation process with telephone and DSL, in this case one hand did not seem to know what the other was doing. We never really needed a “disc” as the telephone man told us. 3)Don't ask the customer to call and sort out your errors, be proactive and have the point person resolve them. I hated to call 6 times with one simple installation process. That was 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. 4)If you REALLY inconvenience a customer like you did me, please don't insult them with a $25 debit card which I, the customer have to call and beg for. Be proactive and send the customer something meaningful in the mail as a goodwill gesture. You may ask, why are we with AT&T with all these adverse service issues, I'll tell you why: We are creatures of habit. We like your products. We like the individuals we deal with although they cannot seem to overcome the Juggernaut of the AT&T bureaucracy to help us, sometimes we often sympathize with your service reps. And so we remain your loyal customers after 30 years. Please don't take us for granted! Sincerely Geeta Ogale

To whom It concerns; I've been trying to get my local office [alton, Il.] , to hook me up to DSL internet service. they keep telling me It's not availble in my area. Although my neighbor across the street,is presently hooked up and working fine.When I got through to a maintence supervisor he told me there was a policy change which would not allow hook up unless they could could guarntee a certain speed of download. I told him I would sign a disclaimer on download speed. I personelly know my local service tech and told me that he could hook me up with no problem,the supervisor actually told me the same thing. he told me it has come from someone further up the chain of command. Iv'e been a customer all my adult life. I would switch my cell and sattlite dish to at&t if someone would help me out. I'm currently using dial-up,and tryingto run a business out of my house.My wife sells realestate and constanly has drive to her office to look up info on the internet. I would greatly appreciate a responce of any kind. Mshort005@aol.com or 618-372-4394 I live @ 15855 county line rd. brighton,Il. 62012 thank you, Mark Short

June 1, 2010 Randall Stephenson AT&T, Chairman & CEO 208 S. Akard Street STE 3700 Dallas, TX 75202-0499 Mr. Stephens, I trust you work hard for your money, as I do. However I can assure you that the amount of money you make in a year would make my annual income look like pennies in comparison. So please understand I am writing to you in frustration and utter disappointment. AT&T stole my money! I contacted customer service to see why my bill averages $400-$500 every month. During the conversation the representative offered to take a payment and make payment arrangements for the remaining balance, allowing your offices time to review the matter. In the middle of our conversation, and me never authorizing a payment the call was disconnected by the representative. I immediately called AT&T only to find the payment of $388.86 had indeed been processed without my consent. I asked for the payment to be canceled, my request was rudely declined. I was not prepared to make a payment using the method apparently already on file with AT&T, but was going to use another credit card. Unfortunately I was not given the opportunity. I feel as though your code of conduct is not worth the paper it's written on. AT&T now is not the AT&T I grew up knowing and admiring. Fortunately for my children they have choices now, and I will encourage to explore their options. I am in dire need of assistance and am still requesting that my payment be reversed, as the call was disconnected by your representative, and I did not consent, confirm, or acknowledge a payment being processed. I, to this day have not been provided with a confirmation number or anything of record. If this matters to you, I can be reached at 386-631-1963. Trellis Williams 430 Lockhart Street Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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