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been wit ATT uverse for 2 years in good standing . I want to upgrade service but cant because I DONT HAVE A CREDIT CARD. i WORKED HARD TO PAY THEM OFF AND CLOSE ACCOUNTS. I guess they lose another customer

I had not internet service from 7/8 through 7/10/10. I called on the first day and got a recording that there was "a problem in my areas" and they are working on it, no idea when it would be fixed. The second day I called was told that there was "a server problem" no idea when it would be fixed. There after all my calls I was told by the service rep that they're still working on the problem. I had to demand a technician come to my residence the next day. Of course when he came there was no problem in my area nor was there a server problem, my modem was bad. He replaced it and my service was restored. I cannot believe that a company of this size would train their employees to lie to customers. I might be an insignificant customer to you, but if you do not need me as a customer do say so, rather than lie and inconvenience me. I will be reporting you to the Better Business Bureau.

AT&T SUCKS!!!!!!! My internet access was disconnected by error by AT&T and 13 days later, I got it back after over 35 hours of phone calls and tech support. I am leaving this service forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear AT and T, Over the last six months, my husband and I have spent countless hours on the telephone with various AT and T customer representative to resolve what should be a simple problem to address for a corporation in the communications business--a change/correction of a billing address on an internet account (#088-0009-2207-650). After five phone calls and much inconvenience, we decided to discontinue the internet account. In our last communication with ATT, we requested a final bill to be sent to the correct address (for the fifth time and were assured this would take place). We have never been late in making bill payments and have an excellent credit rating which we have worked hard to establish. We had submitted all monthly payments to ATT promptly and awaited the final monthly bill. Yesterday, we received a letter (kindly forwarded from an incorrect billing address) from ATT threatening to send our account to collection!! We are responsible and loyal customers of ATT. As a result of this audacity and incompetence, we will be canceling ALL of our ATT accounts. As a college professor I will use this experience in my courses as an example of the ironies of business image vs. substance. AJ

I have had issues with my line for almost a month. Couldn't get a dial tone. I kept calling AT&T and I was told that there was no issue with my line-the issue was with my phone. Tried another phone, same issue -called AT&T and was told it was not the line-it was the phone. Bought a new AT&T phone, same issue-called AT&T and was told, not the line, it was the phone. Finally, after begging them to send a tech, they agreed to do so-after telling me to have my checkbook handy because the visit is going to be costly. Tech came out today-and guess what, it is the line-which he fixed in 10 minutes. Called AT&T and they couldn't be less interested in my issue or the lenght of time they took to fix it. I have been with AT&T since 1980-and this is the best they can do. I am now looking for another vendor. AT&T service is a very expensive -not to mention they are not available over the weekends. And the service you get is slow, disinterested and useless.

If I were CEO of AT&T, I would read these reviews and figure out solutions. You're smart people, so get with the program...you have a lot of irritated customers in the country!! I see I'm joining the ranks of MANY! I'm sending a letter to Mr. Stephenson about my complaint and not positing it here for some robot to read and respond to.

My reason for the one star I have been receiving poor service sense Wednesday July 14 ,my bill was150.$+ I paid in full ok found out that you all"AT&T disconnected the the internet from my plan so right then ok I was offered the an upgrade do to price changes, I was told the internet would be up and running Monday the 19th,on Tuesday the 20th I made a call to customer service only to find out no order was put in ok rep to her time and fixed the error so I thought I was told that my service world be restored on the 21st ,well wat do u know no service I have called six time's today one rep say sorry for the inconvenience and I was given a time line of 8&6pm service would be restored again no service man do the lies so because my customer rights and on the hour calls the dates to restore my internet has went from the 19th ,21st now the 23rd this is not fair we are gud customers as long as the money is on time and greater when we pay late charges well I paid my late charges so why da wait you do wait to turn my service off I ask pls look in to this don't won't to change companies but CLEAR, AND TIME WARNER don't look so bad but my family has been wit AT&T for over ten year's why change now but I'm unhappy

My name is Donna Houser and I live in College Park, Ga. I had had the U-Verse service since Jan., 2010 and I had had 14 techs and my TV's are still freezing. I have been trying to get this resolved for 7 months. This is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! The technicians even say they don't know what to do. I came to this service to bundle my services. You advertise how great it is, but it is anything but that. Every tech says it's fixed. What a joke. Please help your customers. Please look up the service record for my home. If you can't fix something, just say it. I'm going to see how long it takes me to hear from corporate. I'm sure your services are working just fine at your houses! Donna Houser (770-964-2538)

I own and operate an internet company in Fort Worth, TX and have been a customer with AT&T for over 20 years. Just recently my company relocated to another location and transered our internet and phone service. I now have been without internet for 3 days while getting different answers from not only customer service reps, but people working out of the executive offices in San Antonio - The corporate headquarters. It is frustrating because you can be treated so poorly because AT&T knows that you can't leave them because they have us the customers due to the monoploly. Its bee frustrating being treated this bad and if I am out any longer my business can suffer - Hard to believe that the employees working for AT&T barely speak English and treat us like idiots when they are the one's withouth degrees and straight from the other side of the border. Adios!

Have been trying to get AT&T long distance account straight for 16 months. Will now be putting out account of 2000 plus numbers up for bid. THis is the worse company I have ever had to deal with. I hate to give it even a 1 star rating.

I was told that could upt grad from At&t Express to HSI PRo on 6-10-10 when in fact it was not available in my area and I was billed for it. After realizing this fact I cancelled it going back to Express. Since this initial so-called upgrade my DSL crashes everyday and on 6-14-10 my internet service was taken totally down due to PPP Authentication Error a problem that I was never notified about prior to it being taken down. I had to fax over personal info to God only knows where in order to prove who I was so that I could get this problem taken care of then I was told that it would take 5 to 7 days to get it back up. Thankfuly a tech had pity on me and helped me get it up and running it only took 6 hours. Then on 6-25-10 another crach and I had to pay $129.00 for a connectTech to fix the problem remotely. Today my internet as usual kept going down as usual and I got fed up so I called. A support tech "allegedly" fixed my service however after taking down my internet she was unable to get one of my wireless computers to connect to the internet, because she was not familiar with the Vaio'Windows Vista operating system so again I had to be transferred to ConnecTech for the sum of $129.00 plus the rep added a $15.00 charge for a monthly subscription which I didn't ask for. I have had it with at&t's lousy service and run around. When you call you are transfered around to several places where you can't get a decent answer. Plus today I was on the phone for 4 hours! Lousy service.

Could you please tell me why when I called to request a tech because my home phone is not working, I was informed by one of your reps what to try and if the problem is a inside line we would be billed. Number one, when you have service reps it would be extremely useful if they spoke clear, distinct ENGLISH. I am using my AT&T minutes holding and holding and then get someone with whom I had to constantly ask to please TALK SLOWER AND PLEASE REPEAT HERSELF. I know find out that the problem with our phones are in the cable lines and it is a 2 mile problem. Why would the rep not know that. I guess being a large corporation you really don't care if I have phone service or not, but being disabled it is important to me. Our cell phones are not getting enough tower bars which is making it difficult to send calls. We have been with AT&T for years and years and they are really going down hill fast. I would give my phone number but since I cannot receive, or make calls it would be useless.

I am an employee of Spherion, AT & T at 925 North Point Parkway, Alpharetta GA 30005 877-344-1127 , I am being currently harrassed by a supervisor at this location. I have brought it to the attention of my superpervisor, Spherion Head office and they are not doing anything about the situation. The supervisor has become threatening to me and aggressive. He is stalking me in the office as well as after hours at work and following me at work in the office. I have brought it to the attention of my supervisors and human resources at spherion. The Supervisor is still harrassing me. Mr. Christopher Walker is the investigating rep with spherion. He has been told everything. I have notified him of other employees who are experiencing similar harrassment. I have contacted an attorney at this point to get leagal advice. Could someone please give me a call in regards to the matter. Thank you. Donna Brinkley818-857-6419 AT & T Spherion, My email address is EasternStarShine@aol.com donnabrinkley@spherion.com

I would just like to complain about a collections rep name Robert Bennett. I was calling at&t to find about a deposit return.I had paid all final bills and finally got someone on the phone and then my call was directed to collections. First , he talked to me like I was lower than a dog and would not listen to anything I had to say. I no longer have an account with AT&T , because of the poor customer and sales people that I dealt with .He was very rude to me , and then sent me to Customer Care , finally in the right department I was able to get help from a nice sales woman. I don't care who you are trying to collect from if they called me and I owed money I would not pay it because of the nasty attitudes of the collections people . I understand they have a rough job , but being nasty to people who are just trying to get answers to a question is not the way to handle any matter . They really need some training in customer service and fortunate for me everyone is not like Mr.Bennet. Also , my first service order got cancelled , so I had to call back to try and find out what was going on with me trying to get new service with them . The online rep couldn't help , so I had to call at home and hold until I finally got a nice woman to help get my new service on . Then , I was told I would get $100 card , well they put $50 in my account , and then applied $50 to my bill . I agree the sales people are misrepresenting this company .Needless to say I cancelled my service with AT&T because of the poor service that I received . It is awful to try and call to speak with someone . I do commend the represensatives who are honest, helpful and pleasant when you do get a live person.

ok ok ok At&t, Soneone better get their facts straight,because mine are straight but everytime I speak to at&t on the 611 number some things that are discussed are NOT put into my file I have been with At&t for almost 4 yrs now and when I got my phones everything was ok,then in marrch of 2008 I purchased a wireless card which when I purchased it I was told I would have unlimited access,and now after all this time on july 5th,2010 that I was blocked from using my internet without notice mind you,and that you no longer offer unlimited plans,if this is so what as in my case having a husky that I will not part with suposed to do if I have to leave from where I am to find another place to live because I rent at this present time is at&t going to pay for a place for me to stay if I have to move from where Im at because I wont have a way to get on the internet because I went over my time alotted no I dont think so so what Im suggesting is that for people such as myself and I know there r others like me out there that you find a way to bring unlimited back or make a plan like you do for your phones,something needs to be done about this for me and others like me,and yes at this point Im a very very dissatisfied customer because this is not the way business is to be done.

I just started a small business and was told their is no rebate offer no installation fee. Was told by bundle for small business would $158.00 per months to include tax and other charges. Not to my surprise my first bill is over $550.00. Their was a $100.00 charge for a jack that was wrong after talking to the customer service representative. This was removed however, was told in additional i was suppose to apply for the rebate over the internet to reduce the amount another $99.00. Again when service was started this was not mention other than you the amount of your bill. In additional my monthly bill is over $260.00 per month. I promptly told them to cancel the svc. This have got be the most dishonest representative in the business..

FINALLY!!! There are several CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS against AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reported by Fox News. If anyone needs the contact information for the attorneys filing the lawsuits against AT&T, I will post per your request. Finally, justice will be served!!

I just bit the bullet and signed up for the TV/Internat U SERVE bundle as it was as much as I pay now for unreliable Dish network. 1. Only after 5 contact numbers was I able to actually buy the package. 2. The agent could find the price offer on line but COULD NOT find how it was broken down so issued me a rebate to take care of the differance. 3. They issued me an install date 2 weeks from now when all other TV providers in my area could do it as soon as next day. 4. AT&T if this does not work out soon you will be the next corporation going under. Wise up, Dallas is expensive and too hot to be homeless in.

I am a retiree from the company. A little over a week ago my neighbors 25pr. cable was cut appx. 75' from his house due to road construction. (Larry Price 386-860-2978;361 Ft. Smith Blvd Deltona,Florida) It took 3 days for a station person to be dispatched on the report then the cable cut was only temporized. Today,7/8 the permanent repairs still have not been made and the contractor will be pouring concrete soon. What is the problem with response to things such as this. The station person got him back in service but why hasn't a cable repairman followed to make the repairs complete? My neighbor and I were talking last night about U-Verse and both came to the conclusion that with the degree of service that has been shown to us neither of us would want to take that service. It is and embarrassment to me as a retiree and should be for anyone with the company that takes the time to read this.

My problem is with my land line. It goes out often. Then I don't have phone service for days, sometimes weeks. What's the problem? I am a widow, live alone & have medical issues. I tell repair service this & they still take days to fix the phone. It's never inside the house, it's always outside, sometimes a long distance away. I have TV thru satellite, internet thru cable & phone thru AT&T. (I do not have a c-phone & should not be forced to buy one because AT&T can't keep my land line working.) All that costs over $250 a month. I would save over $100 a month if I bundle but if they can't keep my phone working, why would I want any other service with them? I have always been brand loyal but after 42 years, I am going to change my land line to another company. I just can't take this any more because the phone is my lifeline. Phyllis Vrettos stella7@charter.net 985-882-5802 (when it works)

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