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U-Verse was great when we first got it, for the last several months we have had problems with it working intermittently if at all. Three missed appointments for repair, escalation to Tier 2 support and another pending repair visit, it still doesn't work right...what is the deal? If I ran a business this way, I'd think I'd be out of business! Maybe I'll go to corporate over in Dallas in a few days. J. Wiggs Fort Worth, TX

AT&T has the worst customer service out there and of course they are all liars... The representative that work for them do not have any experience. my boyfriend and i decided to get internet with them last month and everything went wrong.. First of all it took them Three weeks to connect it after taking our money the first day over the phone... Anyways i can go on and on. Just don't use this company especially for internet... BAD SERVICE.. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED... WORST COMPANY... SOON EVERYONE WILL REALIZE..

My name is Ronitha Pickens and I have an LG View, cell phone. My husband and several friends also have or had this same phone and everyone has either replaced or gotten another phone because the screen on the phone goes out and you are expected to pay $50.00 to replace the phone. Several of our close friends have services with Verizon and also own touch screen phones none of which have experienced what we have. I am very unhappy with AT&T and their promotion of such a poor quaility product. I woyuld like for someone to contact me regarding my concerns and the poor quaility of this phone. I refuse to pay to replace my phone, when I am definitely not at fault. Mrs. Ronitha Pickens (409)504-0833

I took out a bundle and paid an $87.00 fee for you High Definition TV Package with 2 receivers. I ask when I put down the order if that was all and they said yes. Now they are saying we have to come up with $649.44 before they will install it. That is highway robbery. I ask that everything be cancelled and was told to call customer service tomorrow as it was connected 7-2-10. We didn't even know it and needed jacks in the house. I am disabled and I have no savings because of my husband's sickness and mine. Apparently AT$T is for the rich People. It seems like if your disabled everyone just wants to rip you off or scam you. Some people are truly disabled and don't receive big salaries. I will call tomorrow and cancell the phone, and as you know your business grows by word of mouth. Be sure and print this, so other people can know. Penny Mooney

If there were an option to choose less than one star I would. As ATT deserves no recognition, not even 1 star for poor. I am in the process of writing the corporate offices. I have received absolutely horrible service from this company. My calls drop on average 6 times in a two hour timeframe!!! Then when it doesn't drop, I sound like I am under water!! Forget calling customer service, they have no customer service skills, nor do they have any troubleshooting ability! I have switched over to Sprint PCS. ATT does not deserve my $120 bucks a month. I am getting a much better package and more reliable service. Bye ATT!!!! Good riddance!!

AT$T has got to be the worst managed company in America. I have been without Uverse and periodic phone outages for 6 months and repeated visits don't reconcile anything. Today, 31 June, a technical supporter named Greg spent 30 minutes telling me of how great he was and that he was an expert. He informed me that the problems I am having is not with AT&T but it was my power company that was at fault. He informed me that AT&T could not fix the Uverse. What a bunch of losers.

My EMAIL: ours4ever@att.net Here we go again rain no telephone sewrvice!! What is your problem besides old delapidated equipment probably from the 40's! WE pay for service maybe we should dock you for every hour our service is down?WE pay you well so FIX IT.I will contact some one higher up if this persist!! I am sick and tired of this foley!! Roy E.Simmons 105 Miller St Fort Valley,GA 31030 (478) 825-7152

Worst service ever .....need to do train your employees better

We have not had home phone service for 11 days! I've made at least 7 calls to the repair center, spoken to 2 supervisors and still no one has shown up to repair our phone. There have been 5, yes 5 missed appointments that their repair techs have failed to show up on. All I keep hearing is "I'm so sorry, I apologize for your frustrations, blah, blah, blah". I don't want to hear your apologies, I want my phone repaired. Apparently our little home phone account doesn't generate them enough money to make it worth their while to repair. I even had one c/s rep tell me that we should rely on our cell phones until someone can make it out - if I wanted to rely on my cell phone I wouldn't have home phone service - even the threat to switch to a competitor got the response "well, that's your choice if you want to do that"!!!! What the heck happened to good customer service?? I pay my bill on time every single month and it's completely unacceptable that it's taken this long for them to come out to repair our phone!!! I'm at the end of my rope here - I WANT MY PHONE FIXED!!!!!

I have had problems with the customer’s service, DSL and Account receivable departments for the past 5 months now. There are unethical practices that are being allowed to take place at this company and are being back up by the executives in the company. My bill is not right I have been complaining for months and yet no one seems to care. I want nothing to do with your company, but unfortunately you are the only company that services for home phone services in my area. One thing is for sure, I will ALWAYS remain a Verizon Wireless customer. At least the company ensures that the ksa’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities) are current for all their employees and crap is not given out to customers who chose your company as a provider. Word of mouth can do a lot of damage to a company’s reputation, and I certainly plan to exercise that option at the highest level possible. If there is ever a class action lawsuit, count me in!

Phone messed up - called repair dept - was told they would come out to check their equipment on the outside after a few days - did not say a word about money. Supposed repair check day came - no repair - I called repair dept to find out status - told the tech determined problem was on the inside - COST FOR INSIDE REPAIR $85! TOLD THEM NO THANKS!- transferred home line to cell line - got bill today - $85 charge on there. FOR WHAT!!!! DO NOT TRUST THEM! I WAS TOLD THAT IT WAS $85 JUST TO MAKE THE STATEMENT THAT THE PROBLEM WAS ON THE INSIDE WITHOUT THEM EVEN COMING INSIDE AND DOING ANYTHING! TOLD TO TALK TO A SUPERVISOR - STILL WAITING....I WILL CANCEL EVERYTHING WITH THEM IF THEY DO NOT MAKE THIS RIGHT. HAVE BEEN A LOYAL, PAYING, NEVER LATE, NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH THEIR BILL TILL NOW - CUSTOMER FOR 27, YES, 27 YEARS! IT'S LIKE THEY THINK I DECIDED THAT SUDDENLY TODAY I DON'T WANT TO PAY A CHARGE FROM THEM. THIS COMPANY WILL GO UNDER IF THEY CONTINUE LIKE THIS.... NOW THEIR CHARGING YOU TO CHECK THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT!

AT&T Corporate Headquarters Attn: Mr. Randall L. Stephenson CEO, President and Chairman of AT&T 208 S. Akard Street Dallas, Texas, 75202 (800) 283-6407-Office (314) 331-9896-Fax My family has two wireless phone lines with AT&T for over 7 years. Throughout this time period I have bought several phones, adding to the profit margin of AT&T. This week we went to upgrade our phones to the iphones and were told that we could only be given a mid line upgrade which will cost me several more hundreds of dollars verse a baseline upgrade and that noone in the AT&T offices could change and shorten the availability time for upgrades. It really saddens us that AT&T at all levels (including Corporate, which I called) are not willing to help a loyal customer of AT&T and that AT&T is again, just looking to expand their profit margins at the cost of customers. I know that AT&T could care less about their customers, just read above...maybe a huge article in the Newspapers, TV talk shows and to the share holders might stir up some needed "Customer Service".

Here is a good working contact number (you actually get to speak to a human and not a machine) for AT&T Corporate Headquarters. You will be contacting The Office Of The President For AT&T/ Executive Office Of Complaints. That number is (800) 283-6407. I made a huge mistake and left Sprint PCS of 16 years, and switched over to AT&T for the iphone, and within a month, I've had more problems with them than I've NEVER had with Sprint. Like the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

On June 23rd, I tried contacting Mr. Eng, to make certain that everything was still a go for the 24th, and to also ask him if I could again, come in early to get our phones, because my daughter would be leaving for a college retreat to North Georgia that evening. To no avail, I was unable to contact Mr. Eng via phone, but was able to contact him via e-mail, to which he then called me and began to explain, that there was a new launch date for the iphone 4 on June 29th instead of June 24th. He was again, very apologetic, stating that Apple was responsible for this setback, and because of this, his work schedule was completely screwed up and he was having to work overtime to straighten everything out, and once again, re-assured me, that he would make certain, that we had our iphones put aside for us with our names on them, and we could pick them up on June 29th at 8:00AM that morning. I then explained to him that I needed the phone for my daughter to take on her retreat to North Georgia, to which he began to explain, that there are only two types of phones that work in the mountains and possibly the iphone as well, because he and his family went to Helen, Georgia last week. He then apologized again, and said that we would definitely have our phones on the 29th, without any further delays or problems. That was when I decided to contact AT&T's corporate headquarters, to no avail nor resolution. After hours of researching AT&T's corporate contact information, I spoke with very few customer care representatives, WHO DID NOT CARE AT ALL!!!! At 10:34AM, I dialed (800) 403-3302 and spoke with Shelonda Walker, who stated that she could not give me corporate contact information. At 10:45AM,I then called (210) 821-4105/ (888) 387-6270, and spoke with Danny (ID#DA9486), who stated that he was with his local AT&T company, and could not assist me at all. At 11:19AM, I then called (214)741-6655/ (214) 655-2872 and spoke to Barbara Alderete, who also refused to give me her ID#. She then stated that Apple stopped all pre-orders on June 15th because they had already received over 600,000 pre-orders, so the next first come first serve launch date is June 29th. She then apologized for all the inconvenience, and agreed, that my verbal agreement per David Bell and George Eng should be honored. She then placed me on hold, and transferred the call to Cheryl Newman, who made notations of everything that I had to explain to each and every AT&T employee that I had spoken with. She then stated that she would e-mail Mr. Eng's boss (Heidi Lucas) because she also felt that he should honor that verbal agreement, and she would call me back to make certain that Ms. Lucas contacted me, to which Cheryl Newman nor Heidi Lucas never contacted me. At 12:06PM, I then contacted (214) 757-5788/(214) 525-8500/(800) 283-6407, to which I FINALLY contacted The Office Of The President For AT&T Mobility, to which I spoke to Jonathan, who also made notations of my grievance, and said that he would forward it to an executive specialist for resolution, and someone would contact me within (2-4) hours. At 1:28PM, I received a call from Jackie Sutton, an executive specialist, who took a very nonchalant and un-interested tone in my grievance. She began to explain that all pre-orders were suspended due to system issues, and all retail stores were notified of technicalities with AT&T's network. I then explained to Ms. Sutton, that AT&T's technicalities and network issues were not my fault, and that was the reason why George Eng took full responsibility for that as well as David Bell's instructions per pre-order. I then told Ms. Sutton that I was in the process of writing a grievance letter to AT&T's corporate offices, to which she stated that I was already talking to corporate, and they cannot fulfill my expectations. I ended the phone call, and at 1:51PM, contacted (800) 283-6407 again, and spoke with Catrell, who transferred the call to Rico Griffin, who was extremely rude, arrogant, and insulting. As I began to explain everything and stated that I was going to write a grievance letter to corporate, Mr. Griffin told me that my letter would make no difference because it would end up on Jackie Sutton's desk anyway or his desk because they actually work in the president's office, and it was both their jobs to deal with all complaints. As I began to question their commitment and loyalty to their customers who allow them to bring in a revenue of $123 BILLION DOLLARS, Mr. Griffin became more un-interested and dis-concerned, and then asked me, "Do you really think that Randall L. Stephenson, the CEO Of AT&T, is going to contact you?"!!! WOW!!! REMINDS ME OF (BP). SO MUCH FOR US LITTLE PEOPLE!!!!! He continued with his demeaning comments, by stating that Mr. Eng had no right to tell us that he would do anything for us, because even as store manager, he had no authority nor power to make decisions or commitments like that, and AT&T nor Apple doesn't care about George Eng's word nor promises to my family and me. They are only concerned with paperwork, not promises nor verbal commitments. As I made notations of what Mr. Griffin was saying to me, he stated that I did not have to write anything down, because the call was being recorded, and I could feel free to contact an attorney who could court subpoena the taped call because as far as he was concerned, AT&T has no obligations to my family and me. He then threatened to cancel our contracts, but would do us a favor and release us of any cancellation fees, but I would have to take advantage of it right now. I then ended the call to prevent Mr. Griffin from spurring any further insults. **LOOK UP THE WORDS HORRIBLE, DISRESPECTFUL, CAVALIER, CALLOUS, COLD, GREEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY, AND VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND AT&T'S PICTURE/LOGO, WILL BE PICTURED. Dear Mr. Randall L. Stephenson, if you have time and concern for little people like me, who pay a monthly cell phone bill of $240.51,which helps to produce $123 billion dollar revenue for AT&T, your time and consideration to this matter, would be honored, and greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sincerely, Nicole McLennon Lawrenceville, Georgia (678) 570-5201

I hope that this gets to right department!I am disgusted with the AT&T bring back BELLSOUTH we never had this kind of problem.Now with that said !!I hope that we do not not experience an emergency while our service goes through a regular "SHUTDOWN"!! This is why I am contacting the home office instead of 611 damit I pay for service and I want it.Tonight my wife is out of town and suppose to call me but instead her calls are directed to voicemail.I'll bet if the whitehose experienced this mess it would disappear quickly,HUH!? This is my second time to contact you for your sleasy phone service.You probably only have to answer to your stockholders....hope they have better service than me!! In closing is there any relief in sight?your Fory=t Valley,GA equipment is old and out of date apply for STIULUS to FIX it!! Roy E. Simmons ours4ever@att.net (478) 825-7152

faxes to my phone number every 10 - 15 minutes all day long and no one at Att sis able to provide any silutions. The PUC tells me what is happening is illegal, but no one at TTt seems to care or is willing to offer any help. This is typical of all problems I've had with ATT. I'll be looking for another provider! Nancy Schweitzer Davis CA

On June 11,2010 I mailed letters to the following address: 175 East Houston, San Antonio, TX 78205. The letters were sent to: Randall Stephenson, Ray Wilkins, Jose Gutierrez, Ray Lindner, Tim Harden. The purpose of the letter was to obtain assistance with making some much needed changes to the service that I have had for 22 years that the ATT Business Representative were not willing to assist. I noticed that this web-page has a Dallas address. Was the address I used a good address for ATT Corporate and do the people I addressed the letters to actually exist in ATT Corporate? It would take much too much time to explain the issue Please advise.

I am through with your Corporate antics. As a web developer by trade, I count on high speed internet to make my living and you idiots are hindering my ability to make a living. Therefore, I am going to the PSC and file a complaint with your Florida offices because of the sub-standard, 1980's technology that you have in my neighborhood. The AT&T Technician laid it out for my before you lay him off here in Miami. This tech, in no uncertain terms, gave me the skinny on the patchwork of copper cable phone lines because your corporate greed tells you there is not enough revenue in this area to justify an upgrade of equipment. In essence, what you are saying is that us "poor" people will not get the same state-of-the-art upgrades that Star Island or Coral Gables recieves. Your lines are patched, spliced and connected with duct tape. So, when it rains or gets too hot, we have no service. This is a violation of PSC policies. We need fiber optics and/or new lines in our neighborhood and I will stay with this to the end More that disgruntled

A little over a month ago I called 1-800-331-0500 to discuss dropped calls and no net coverage. I talked first to Heather O’Keefe who noted that AT&T had no coverage in this area. I was put through to Justin Hawkins who then passed me on to Maria Lopez who then passed me on to Paolo. Paolo insisted that it was the phone and had a new one sent to me as a replacement. I spent over 2 hours on the phone and the only resolution was to replace my phone although the other two phones were experiencing the same problem. The new phone came and I mailed the other phone back. This change did not resolve the problem of having no network. In the meantime my husband’s phone (563-508-1635) and daughter’s phones were still experiencing trouble with network trouble. Then on top of that my daughter’s phone (563-508-5755) (lives in Minneapolis, MN) besides experiencing dropped calls, the phone began shutting down, turning black and getting a message that the SIM was inactive. I called (6/8/2010) to discuss the problems we were all experiencing and they finally admitted that we have no AT&T coverage in this area and we never did and basically we have been piggy backing off of other network towers. They said they sent a note to the proper people and that I would have to wait until it was decided on whether there were enough AT&T customers that were experiencing the same thing in this area and if there was then they would look into putting up a tower. How long will I have to wait for this to happen? And in the meantime I am suppose to continue to pay for no net coverage. Why wasn’t I told six plus years ago when I contracted with AT&T that I was not covered where I lived? I am being told that if I change to another network I am going to be charged for a cancellation fee! All the time I am being told that I am a valued customer! If this is how you value your customers I can’t imagine how you would treat your enemies! A honest company would have been honest up front when I purchased my first phones and contract and told me that there was not coverage and would have advised me against going with them. Today (6/15/2010) another representative called and wanted to work on my husband’s phone (dropped calls). I tried to speak to the person but she kept interrupting me. I finally said that the phone is dropping calls because we have not service here. She did not listen and I finally said I was tired of this and she hung up on me. This action and the action of the last two phone calls are not acceptable and I want some answers and action on what can be done to resolve this issue. If that means canceling and going to another network then I do not expect to pay for any cancellation fees. I expect to be covered until I can find another network that will have. I would like to know what is going to be done about this. I am tired of the run around and no set answer about anything except that we don’t have coverage!

Ever since AT&T bought,took over, and or slammed SBC, they have been a crooked company to work for. Just recently I was made aware that they are "suspending without pay" their most loyal employees just because they will not have their salaries cut in half. They are finding erroneous things on these individuals, mind you these are things that at the time of the supposedly incident that they are now addressing should have been addressed when it occured. These individuals are getting lawyers, contacting the local and state media venues to voice their opinions. These individuals have been with the company 10-20 years and this is how thay are treated. I dont care about the Union, because from what I heard sucks, but where is their HR department in all of this. Employees rights are being violated!! I have and will never have anything good to say. Apple really needs to venture else where

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