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I have lost my email address with att.net , AT&T gave it to another person for a U Verse account, they changed my password, after several wrong attempts it shut mine down and now they won't return my personal and financial information that was in folders at that address. They have chosen to stall and deny this problem, they say I never had that address but they can see where they other person had it both before and after me. They started this address for me as the main for my U Verse wouldn’t send or receive mail, it was made Nov. 25th of 07, I was told the other account was started in Aug of 09, same address, since his was for a U Verse account mine had to go. They have stolen all my financial records, emails from friends and loved ones, pictures and saved memories and refuse to return the folders and information. “It never existed” I have spoken to so many 2nd level tech and supervisors with AT&T they now refuse to even return calls and have resulted to giving me information to help that doesn’t even exist . Stall and deny Please help William.boothe@att.net

Our home was is a flood area in Chicago on July 23, 2010. Our phone service was disrupted for a day or so with scratching on the line. Evenually it was just a dead line. I place a call for repair. I took about a week for one of the repair techs to finally say that the disruption of service was due to the flood. Since then I have recieve a lot of lip service when you could actually get thru to a live person. I have been given a scripted line as to how the repair would be handled and nothing more. I have check the status online and was informed my service has been restored when infact I still have no service. However, no one calls to check to see if service is actually restored. It's up to me to check if service has been restored and make another phone call and another report and more lip service as to the estimated repair time. At this point I am wondering why I even have a land line. When in a months time I have used it. And there are plenty on internet companies that can provide service. Att is in our community preparing for u-verse. I would have to be nuts to have that service and have no tv service for a month. What are you people thinking of

I have been dealing with this problem since April and it is now August. I had some overages in April that I agree with. The ATT rep told me she could back date the charges and clear them if I went to an unlimited service. I said, "Okay , great I can do that." From then I am thinking I am on the unlimited plan. In May I get a bil for $1000.00. I called back and get into a two hour unfriendly discussion with a rep and think everything is good and I am now on the unlimited plan and credits adjusted. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The fools call me again in August and tell me that I owe over a $1,000.00 again. I am on the phone with the Resolution Department as I type. This ATT conversation phone call is going on for two hours now. You actually have to take the day off from work to get anything done with ATT. I have been shuffled around to 3 departments and have spoken to 4 different people with no resolve. I am typing this as I am on hold with the reolution department to see what they are going to do for me. Wow!! MS. Susan C. fixed it. Thx a bunch. Moral to the story, don't give up. Be persistent.!!!!!

I was without a usable phone for the 9 days that it took to repair a problem outside my house. I wrote to AT&T Corporate in San Antonio and got the letter back with black ink scrawled across the front RTS and headquarters in Dallas. No one could forward my letter to Dallas? I did call and asked for a rebate for the 9 days without a phone and got it right away so at least that is one good point for AT&T. I also sent a copy of my letter to AT&T to the Consumer Protection Agency of Ct and it was forwarded to DPUC. The service from AT&T is deplorable. You wonder how they stay in business.

I bought my wife and IPhone as a surprise gift for mother's day thinking that would really make her happy and I would score big points. BOY WAS I WRONG! The customer service representatives are uncaring, unhelpful, lack the proper resources to truly solve your problems and they just don't care if you leave, because they know you will have to pay. Ever since mothers day my wife has had at least 3-10 dropped calls per day! They say its the IPHONE so we swapped it out, that still didn't work. Then they tell me to have her call from a different phone when she is experiencing a dropped call moment? Duh, if she had another phone to call from do you think she would be using her AT&T phone? I am sending a copy of my complaint to the Tennessee Consumer Affairs Agency. There has to be someone that looks out for the little guys. Every day that passes AT&T says oh let us fix it while the AT&T collections department says you owe us because you are out of your contracted time line to cancel. This is horrible, I have had enough! We have been complaining since she first got the phone in May 2010 to no avail.

I have been charged 753.17 and 322.17 by AT&T has for I-phones that I have not received. (see attached documentation) AT&T made a mistake on the mailing label for FedEx for the order I placed on 1 Aug 10, when checked the FedEx tracking number, it was stated the package was being returned to Fort Worth TX, I called AT&T another phone was sent out, however the mailing address was not corrected and again the package was in transit and then again sent back to Fort Worth, TX. Over the past two days, I have waited over 98 minutes trying to get a solution for this issue. The people I have spoken with have been very polite; however, waiting 6-10 days or 4-6 weeks is unacceptable. I have been a loyal customer for approx 10 years, pay my monthly bill on time and currently moved to an apartment because I am in the process of building a home and I can not have an outstanding balance for over 1000.00 on my American Express during the loan approval phase for construction. I will go to the local AT&T store and order my phone to resolve the delivery / address issue. Please credit my account today for the phone that I have not received. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or can not credit the account in a timely manner.

Since many vendors ONLY pay attention to their "bottom-line," maybe we should begin considering our normal hourly rate and begin sending AT&T Corporate BILLS for our time. If you do decide to do this, make certain that your numbers and information are correct and that your invoice (bill) sent to them is professional looking and has clear details explaining the billing. Let them know that after 30 days there is a 1-1/2% service charge per month for LATE payments and so forth. Make certain to make the bill (invoice) official looking an legitimate. If you have or are a business owner send it on your standard business stationary with a letter explaining your actions and why. Be professional and polite. Never be rude or obnoxious. Carefully explain yourself and why you are taking this action and that you expect prompt action on this matter. If after no more than 30 days you do not receive a response (carefully documenting ANY responses and/or correspondence for a paper trail), take it to the next step. At 30 days, immediately send a LATE notice. In my case, I sometimes even tack on a LATE fee, but make certain the receiver knows in advance what to expect. After the next 30 days delinquent (60 days), send a non-offensive warning notice that in order to avoid further 'collection' notices that matter requires your immediate attention. Don't just send this to ONE office send COPIES to other departments, such as Accounts Payable, Corporate and so forth. Make certain that each department is properly notified that other departments have received this same notice. This is certain to get SOMEONES attention. I'm sure the CEO would not like other employees to see the he or she is receiving bills that are being ignored. The point here is that YOU want their attention and to pay attention to you when you have a problem or situation that requires attention. As for SPENDING TIME WAITING on the telephone for a REAL PERSON to resolve your matter, TRACK every second of your VALUABLE TIME and break your hourly rate down to rate per second, keep track of your time (plus a time and date stamp) and if it becomes excessive, SEND THEM A BILL for your time, with a detailed description of the matter. YOUR TIME is just as important and valuable as theirs and this should at least get their attention. If the matter goes past 90 days. Notify them by 'certified' or 'registered' mail with a signature required, that IF this matter does NOT warrant their IMMEDIATE attention that it WILL be reported to all three credit bureaus and that a claim WILL BE filed with the 'small claims court' for further action. There is by the way procedures and cost associated with taking this sort of action. However, if you make it this far and no one shows up to testify on their behalf, the small claims judge, may favor in your behalf. Then, comes the fun of collecting. If they choose to 'ignore' us we need to take steps as a GROUP to GET THEIR ATTENTION and tapping into THEIR WALLET is a good place to start. They don't seem to have ANY problem tapping into our wallets with little regard. They seem to feel isolated and shielded from us in there towers, etc. Another step is to make legitimate claims PUBLIC. Make the PUBLIC aware of what they are doing or not doing, but do it accurately and correctly. Whatever you do, do NOT fabricate or 'assume' anything. Just present the ACTUAL FACTS and let the readers decide for themselves. IF the media would pay attention and consider this as NEWS, would certainly help. NO ONE LIKES A SQUEAKY WHEEL . . . Especially when it's the TRUTH . . . When taking actions of this nature, DO NOT default or breach ANY agreement during the process and this includes making certain that you are NOT delinquent on any payments. If they can 'discover' that you are in default or in breach, you have no leg to stand upon and will lose in more ways than one. Check out the LAWS and regulations in YOUR STATE and in most states they're is a state office that monitors telephone regulations. Do your HOMEWORK FIRST! Check through proper legal channels with respect to YOUR rights and things YOU can do without causing yourself more harm than good. Try filing a legitimate claim with the FCC and/or your congressman's office and your state's attorney general's office as well. IF enough people would RAISE AWARENESS in a number of ways. This generates MANY SQUEAKY WHEELS and in order to STOP this noise, indeed requires someones attention. When GIANT corporate people continue to ignore the 'little guys' and laughing us off and more than ONE government agency begins inquiring about the very same matters and problems, all of a sudden they aren't laughing any more. Companies like AT&T have very little competition and have gotten away with far too much, for far too long. Document things well . . . names, places, events, telephone numbers, dates, times and so forth. This is considered a form of evidence and as long as YOU can PROVE this, you have SOMETHING to work with and at the very least a chance. It will however, require PERSISTENCE and tenacity. They are counting you you tiring and giving up, figuring it's not worth the hassle, but if you remain persistent and DON'T give up, they have little choice but to try and get you off their backs. The MORE PEOPLE that do this, especially during a SHORT time line, the better the results are likely to be. Once you start, follow it through to completion. Let's work on trying to get the media's attention to some of these public relations matters. If AT&T starts getting NOTICES and FORMAL COMPLAINTS from ENOUGH customers and they are sent to a number of departments at the same time. SOMEONE is sure to notice that SOMETHING isn't right. IF AT&T employees even think that their jobs could be on the line, someone is going to begin talking about some sort of solution. IF AT&T loses public confidence, it makes no difference how BIG they are, they can generate more problems than they can solve. The BIGGER they are, the harder they fall. IF it becomes uncontrollable for you, begin researching for another vendor to take their place and check out the reviews on that vendor before switching. Even try finding someone who's already using their services to help form an opinion. Just remember, NO ONE is nor will they be perfect. You will always have problems and issues that need to be resolved. That's because we are ALL human and no human will ever be perfect. Do that which you must, but be CAREFUL what you ask for. Best of Luck . . .

My cell phone has been dropping calls for 3 months. I got a new phone had to sign a new contract. I called at&t 4 times in the last 6 months about this problem, and NO ONE ever loggs in the calls when you complain. So i am dropping calls in side my house, in my car in my yard. I am lucky to complete 2 of 15 calls. Am told no more towers out here. Why did they not tell me my coverage is not good out here? I am told by Gayla today that if i get out on the main road to use my phone it will work. Why the hell do i want to drive 8 miles to main road to use my cell phone? They will not let me out of my contract. I have had AT&T since i was in my teens and i am 55 now. You can bet i will trash talk this company till the day i die. That is sad the people that are working for this company dont think about the people like me that keeps them in business. I will be canceling my contract asap with this company since no-one wants to help me out.

On the morning of Monday, August 1, all our u-verse services (land line, internet and tv) stopped working. I contacted u-verse support at 800-288-2020 and a premise tech was dispatched that afternoon. So far, so good. Then the real horror started. The premise tech determined that there was a problem in the physical line outside the house and theoretically entered a ticket to dispatch a line technician the same day. No line tech. The following day I contacted support again and was told that the line tech would be out between 8AM and 8PM that day. You guessed it - no line tech. I continued calling support several times each day (using all our monthly allotment of cell phone minutes) and was assured with each call that a line tech had been scheduled. Saturday morning I was thrilled to see the AT&T truck pull up to our house. You guessed it again - they sent another premise tech, not a line tech. Once again he arranged for a line tech to be dispatched. Once more I called support and was assured that a line tech would be out between 8AM and 10AM Sunday, Aug 8. And, surprise, surprise - no line tech. At 8PM in the evening another AT&T truck pulled up and ANOTHER premise tech appeared. After he left, probably as disgusted as I am, I called support again and have been PROMISED that a LINE TECH would be here tomorrow, Monday, Aug 9, between 8AM and noon. Is anyone interested in laying odds that there will actually be a line tech? Do line techs actually exist? Is AT&T support really in another dimension from humans? The saga continues...

To whom it may concern, About 2 years ago I joined AT&T and combined my telephone and TV with the internet to try and save money just like everyone else. The next two years have been a nightmare to say the least. As a retired Direct TV tech, I spent Hundreds of hrs. assisting AT&T to the point that it became very obvious that there is a huge problem between the line techs and the U,verse tecks. For over2 years I had people in our home trying to fix our service. I even spent the time to look up my own I.P. address and printed out the problems either up stream or down stream for the Tecks. I soon realized that was a waist of time. Finally after the line tech did what I asked and replaced the junction box, now the system is fair. The big problem is when techs are down the street repairing or installing some one else, usually you get di9sconected and you better let them know or your S O L for a few days. AT&T should be required by law to reimburse anyone forced to call you by cell phone to report these kinds of screw ups. FCC guide lines are in my opinion being violated when a AT&T tech disconnects you to hook up you next door neighbor and is told what he did and leaves and did nothing to correct the mater but lie about it. After all this no my Bill has doubled, and after complaining to Corporate now my internet is screwed up. The stories that I could tell is unbelievable. Sincerely Keith Eckmeyer 330-673-6953

This year in May, I became disabled. I can no longer work and have no income. I have a small amount of savings to live on while I wait out the long ordeal of "trying" to acquire Social Security Disability Insurance. I have asked repeatedly to have your help with my situation by allowing me out from under a 2 year business account contract or to set up smaller monthly payments to satisfy the debt of the contract and downsize to a regular private line while paying the debt.(I've had to close my business.) Yet I get no help. It's not like I am not willing to try to pay you. It's that I have no income and cannot afford to continue to pay the outrageous monthly bills and for service I can no longer use. Is there anyone there that cares at all?????????? Also, I asked that I have my phone no. changed since I am no longer in business, yet you charged me almost $50.00!!!!! for that change and gave me a number that is constantly being called by bill collectors looking for people I SURE don't know. Why do you people treat us like idiots????? We trust you to treat us like real human beings. You want our business but you're running us off to other companies. You're definitely not the company I knew 30 years ago. How can you conduct business in this way and expect to survive???????? Will someone please answer??

THE BEST YET! My husband and I have not had internet service for over a week. Neither of our computers, BB and iPhone works. We just purchased a 64MB G3 iPAD with an extra $25.00 per month service fee, we have had the iPAD for five days and we have not been able to get any service yet. Additionally, I have been on the phone all of today and every day last week to get help from AT&T. They all keep TROUBLESHOOTING THE SAME THING, WITH THE SAME RESULTS. NONE! The last insult just a few minutes ago was to call the DSL line for information on how to set up the SMPT and POP account correctly, they connected us to the AT&T Connect Tech(ROY and Supervisor JOE ( what was found on the internet was incorrect ), they wanted to charge us $29.00 for the basic connection information. They refused to tell us a site we could go to to get the information. Shame on AT&T. I would like to change service for my AT&T accounts; home five (5) telephones, one PC, one BB, one iPAD, one iPhone, one Mac Book, two other cell phones, and office with DSL and two phone lines. I guess they will charge me penalties for wanting to change. LET THE BUYER BE WARE!!! The only way we can communicate for a while is to use our neighbor's VERIZON Wireless to connect to AT &T. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME

To whom, I called AT&T on July 8, 2010 to request service in the form of a bundle. To include Dsl, home phone service, and Direct TV. Phone service to begin on 7/12/10. DSL, not available, so I settled for Dial up internet. Direct TV to be at my house between 4pm and 8pm, on 7/19/10. I took off work early on that day, to meet the installer. When he didn't show up I called Direct TV, who informed me that I was scheduled for 7/26/10. So I rescheduled with Direct TV for 7/22/10. They showed up on time and did the installation. On the other hand my phone has never worked I have spent hours (literally) on the phone at work, when I should be working, trying to work my way through your maze of phone wizardry to talk to a human. I tryed to cancel my service, and was connected with a customer retension agent. I don't appreciate that I'll decide when I want and don't want service. I DON'T WANT YOUR SERVICE!

Well, I got a bill for internet service from ATT which I called and canceled last month. They gave me a reference number of the cancellation order from the first time I canceled it and when I tried to tell them that I have a reference number of the cancellation here, they said they don't have it on file!!! I tried to get a hold of a supervisor, but they're in a "conference." They said they will give me a callback, but I HIGHLY doubt that they will, unless I personally call back in myself. THIS COMPANY'S CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRRRRRRRRRRIBLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be switching soon!!! A bill of $37.95 will be refunded or else they will be getting a lot of letters from me. CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!!!!!

Call this number (800) 283-6407 The Office Of The President For AT&T/ Executive Office Of Complaints for help. They helped me w/ my billing problems. Spoke to Misty and Tom Jordan. They said they will refund me, but we shall see if they keep their word!!!

You had an ad on the internet which I have possession of and it clearly states "elite" was the highest DSL speed available. I spoke with a gentleman James and have his ID and all the information and copies of the web-site offer. I also have a confirmation letter confirming that I will receive the upgrade and what the charge would be. I came online this morning to find out I had been upgraded only to the next speed. The sales dept. admits there was an error and promised e a call back from a supervisor. I have yet to receive that call. I will not stop using your service because you will either give me what was promised and advertised or I will take you to court. I am sick and tired of being lied to by your representatives. I have everything I need to prove my case. I am sure after you get a call from the lawyer you will quickly resolve the problem but you have also wasted much of my time which is valuable to me. I was on the phone 3 hours today July 28th, 2010. I am trying to get in touch with corporate but it seems you direct us back to the customer service reps that have no authority to do anything about this particular situation. I need someone in a very high authority to resolve this matter. I will NOT give up. That's a promise

For the past 10 months since September 2009 every month I have to spend at least 2-4 hours on the phone each month and every month because AT&T has sent out (admittedly) incorrect bills due to a long distange billing system failure on AT&T's end which, instead of generating correct bills to send out, or knowing the bills are incorrect why not then correct them before sending out incorrect bills to customers when AT&T admits they are aware of this issue yet still doesnt correct them and leaves it upto the customer to call in and spend HOURS on the phone with incompetant staffing who first insist its the customers fault or the customer doesnt understand or the customers bill is correct knowing that it isnt, sending the customer from one extention to another to another just to have AT&T employess ARGUE with the customer. I know what bundles package I picked, I know how much it is supposed to be and I know what I agreed to. How is it EACH MONTH-EVERY MONTH I have to spend HOURS on the phone to get my bill corrected to the amount it was agreed to be - and have had AT&T employees say "aw you sound so frustrated" "aw I am sorry for your frustration" "I promise this will not happen again" "I have adjusted your bill and it will correct on the automated system in 3 days" "I am so sorry you are having this problem but the amount showing is correct" (after admitting its not correct?) or having a supervisor look it over and say he will call me right back and (as usual) NEVER CALLS BACK AS PROMISED. I had my own business over 30 years.....if I treated MY customers the way AT&T treats theirs I wouldn't have been in business very long! Is it AT&T's policy to monthly lie to customers? Tell the customers they are wrong? Tell the customer they are selling them a bundles that doesnt even exist so that later the customer has to deal with t


July 26, 2010 AT&T Executive Office 308 South Akard St 1110.C8 Dallas, TX 75202 To Whom It May Concern, I am writing today to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the service I have been provided by AT&T. I began service with your company on May 19, 2010 and as of today have experienced five service disruptions. Technicians have been to our home on the following dates: June 3, June 11, July 10, July 11, and now July 26. The response time for resolving these disruptions would not be difficult to endure had the disruptions not occurred so frequently and require I remain in my home for four-hour periods each time waiting for someone to arrive. Each time they have arrived it has been at the last hour. In addition, I am attending courses online and my only stipulation for beginning service was that it be reliable. I now have a service technician scheduled to come out between 5 pm and 9 pm and finals due today. I cannot afford to continue to worry about service disruptions each time our city has a thunderstorm. When we spoke with a technician this morning to advise that the gateway was no longer functioning, we were advised that we would need to contact Belkin. Belkin would need to ship us a new battery. If we did not want to wait for the new battery, perhaps they could express deliver it to us I two to three days. Again, this is another equipment failure and the customer must wait for a resolution from another manufacturer when AT&T supplied the faulty equipment. I am certain any other customer would believe that this is an unacceptable history for your company. I have spent 20 hours sitting in my house waiting for technicians on my time off and driven to another city to replace a faulty battery all for the sake of receiving the service I am paying for already. I fully intend to cancel services as soon as my schoolwork is complete and we can begin service with another company. After speaking with AJ and Rowena, his manager, I was told nothing could be done and read from a script about how sorry they are that no one called. Sincerely, Ms. Candace Magstadt

I was going to write a long letter outlining how bad your service is.....but, why waste my time....you see all these previous letters (mostly unresponsive on the part of ATT).... well, DITTO

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