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Do not go with Windstream !! You pay for service you don't get !!!! I would not recommend them to anyone

Write the FTC

Service needs a new set of regulating eyes. Its obvious customer service isn't one of their goals.


Our service has been worst for the last year. Super slow speed, while paying for high speed connect. Cannot connect to internet - totally down. Less than one star rating

bad service

The people are nice but hard to get anything done. bad service!!!


Awful communications. Terminating their service is almost impossible. They cancel you but you cant cancel them without going thru hell, which I am prepared to do.


Will be contacting the Public Utility Commission(PUC) and my attorney if this matter is not quickly resolved. Tired of the runaround. I have better things to do with my time than to stay on the phone and get the runaround. By the way the only way to get my review to go thru is to rate this company so I have to give them 1 star but had preferred to give a negative star review.


They are just as bad as Timewarner. Lousy.

Resident Customer

Does anybody have a good experience with Windstream? The worst service until you have to become a self-advocate.


your service in the Olive Hill KY area is a waste of time


This is the worst company to do business with. Since I opened the business account I never get the 12 MB that I pay for. Also they change my local and long distance carrier without my knowledge and bill me for long distance calls when my plan included unlimited local and long distance call, they don't care about their costumers.

Internet Service

Been without Internet Service for 7 days now. Windstream has no idea how or when it will be fixed. You can call them 10 times and get 10 different answers. They do not give a s??t.

PHone services

You are the worst company for getting a phone fixed I have been 10 days without my services and Then on the 22 he was suppose to be here at 11:00 never showed up but marked the ticket work complete He never showed up I guess he wanted to go fishing. But it don't matter he stills get payed don't he. We need South Central Rurial Company over here at least they will fix your phone

can not get high speed service after paying for 12mgb

WS is borderline criminal

They have so oversold their bandwidth in my area that it is virtually impossible to stream video in the evening...typical results for a 6M connection are under ONE and their "extra fast" 12M service which costs extra more is not a bit faster. And they continue to mail out fancy ads to every household in the area to sell even MORE. It is amazing that a corporation is even allowed to operate this way.

crap service

windstream is absolutely the worst, and I mean the worst, internet service in the universe. I've been waiting Friday will be 4 weeks for my service to be repaired. I was told it would be two days. is there anyone there? other that just the person that banks our money?

The old runaround

Spoke to about 4 different reps today after being transferred throughout the company. Finally gave up and contacted their corporate offices. Still no resolution. All I'm trying to do is set up a short term residential phone line for my mom who is in a rehab facility. The rehab place supposedly has a negotiated rate with Windstream, yet no one seems to know about it. Stuck between rock and hard place. Reps I spoke with treated me like I was trying to pull a scam! Unacceptable!


Windstream is by far the worst utility company I have ever dealt with in my life. They have horrible customer service smart aleck service desk help and only half their technicians have a clue what they're doing. You then have to call for another technician who may or may not know what he is doing. Constant runarounds. I eventually canceled my account and went with Comcast which is much faster and cheaper then I'm told Windstream will not prorate or refund the amount I did not use. I know of no utility company that will not prorate Portions of the bill not used. This is crooked and a ripoff of consumers. If I am charged for the full month I will be reporting them to the FCC regardless of what their policies are they are wrong and should be changed. I would not recommend Windstream to anyone and will be telling everyone I know what a horrible company they are to deal with.

irritated customer

This company needs to be shut down.after trying to resolve an alleged past due bill fro 2009.after my acct was close and paid in ful and all equipt returned in 2011. they couldn.t even find my acctnd told me i would have to dispute this with the collection aqency.how can you dispute an acct they can.t even find. having been a bank collections adjuster .even i can.t understand that logic?

windstream needs to go to where the sun dont shine

Getting bad service wouldn't give me phone numbers or send me to a supervisor. Need to have a lawsuit. If you live in Ohio you can call puco about what they are doing maybe after a lot o people call the my do something about it.


Count me in. 1 year I have been dealing with them about no Internet. Have paid my bill now for 25 years to include internet service. I have no options to move to in my area.

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