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The worst company I have ever delt with.They took money off debit card unauthorized.charged me for 6 phone lines.I had service for 2 days and cancelled for the reasons I mentioned.it has been almost 2 months and they are still charging me $805 for early termination.I had until January 14th to return the phones and cancel service.because I ordered before Christmas.I have been lied to so much and given false return numbers to call.There should be someway I could get this resolved.I have read a lot of reviews that a lot of people have been done this way by Verizon wireless.It is a shame because where I live that is the only company that has good signal strength.It has good service just bad customer service


Stopped using Verizon due to poor signal. Staff at Wilson nc store no help. Overpaid my last bill still trying to get my money. Was made to give my debt info so they could put my money back in my checking account and it would be in there in 7 days. Surprise surprise no money. Called back now they are saying the check is in the mail. So what happened to my debt number the girl got. Customer service stinks and they just don't care

Verizon: I feel its only fair to let you know because of A&E Network I will not be viewing your ads as I refused to watch A&E network because of their Cooperate decision to be against the Christian Faith and Bible.

Horrible service

Very upset and cant wait to cancel my service. Long story short I was sent a refurbished jetpack that used an insanely amount of data. With hours of phone calls and calls that were supposed to be returned and weren't. Received a new jetpack that is working just fine and an 1,100 dollar bill that Verizon wireless wont take care of.

So Disappoited

Your Go Wireless company that you allow to sell your devices are Awful.... They took full advantage of my 71 year old mother and now wont return my calls. i have been dealing with this for 2 weeks now and Go Wireless just gives me the run around. Your rep at VZ wireless was very nice and did what she could but you really need to let go of Go wireless as they don't care about customer service....


this company sucks I was a super customer for 9 years ,never had a problem with my payments , and did not live up to the promis so I quit the service and will never have a good thing to say about them


I am so disappointed in Verizon and the service I received. I will be changing providers. I think verizon sure have a meeting with all the employees and tell them the same thing. I founded out that you (Verizon) employees are not on the accord. very very disappointed.

We have returned our wireless phone according to the label and instructions, yet the demeaning, threatening, accusatory automated calls from Verizon continue a week after we mailed it. Is this how customer service is done in Texas?

After going into the liberty texas store , numerous times with no help at all , why just not close it if the employees are more interested with playing with "their personal" phones then helping the people in the store. 45mins to wait,no one seemed to busy, if you want customer service go to a different store , i"ll never go in the "sore" !! again


Hello, If this were my company I would make sure your voice was heard and that it was not only the premium service but premium equipment, store assets (sales people), and customer service/billing. Prices have to be competative but a bit lower that the other premium guy. What ever it takes to make our customer smile and return is what we do. Df.

what a bunch of liars

I terminated my contract. I received a bill for twice the termination fee. When I called two different representatives told me they were reducing the bill to the termination fee. Twice I got a bill for the larger amount. They keep telling me it is for the plan. I said there has not been usage on this line for almost 2 years. Yet they want to charge me for a month in advance and telling me their paid behind. Verizon should just shut its doors.

The worst company to go through.they are charging me for someone else's account then when I called them they said who ever called said they were me and let them run up a thousand in bills and trying to make me pay .i will see them in court


I would have given them a zero star but it's not possible

Mr. & Mrs.

My husband and I have been using the store in Camden, Tn for about three or four years. I am happy to say we receive the best customer service there. The manager is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He always makes sure there is full understanding of the products offered and we receive what we need and want. His staff is always extremely helpful and very courteous and certainly know their products and services offered as well.

Employee- Marcus Johnson

In your Alpharetta location in Atlanta, I had an incredibly wonderful experience via telephone with Marcus Johnson. He displayed concern, patience and was very professional while being very personable. As a former human resource director, I am aware that managers often forget to compliment great workers. I hope you acknowledge Marcus, who went above and beyond and exceeded expectations

Great service

I was in your office yesterday and I choose the busy time of the day to get help. However the staff at the 1852 Reistorstown Road office was patient, helpful and friendly. Thank you

Verizon Sucks

Abunch of lying sneak theiven ungreatful b.....s. The customer service sucks the internet sucks the phones suck. I've had nothing but problems these last 2 years. You owe me credits & not trying to give them up. You have a problem provifing to quality service you say you do but don't. You sure don't have a problem billing people with false charges though. Do you? I hope your disoganized P.O.S company go belly up. Your criminals. .

Best Customer Service

David Schreiber at your Kemwood Mall kiosk is exceptional His ability to mutitask, comprehend complicated scenarios, and keep a smile is amazing. He even did this after business close to finish our transaction . This gentlemen is the best of the best!

Corporate Greed

Over rated, over priced, greedy and no customer service that could remotely qualify as SERVICE. If you're stupid enough to be with them then you deserve what you get. I got out after 10+ years and am still trying to get a partial month service when I ported out, resolved. I get daily phone calls from numbers that are unlisted and presumably from some Corporate collection agency. They don't leave messages. They DO say they're from Verizon and I can pay them via the phone. HA! Fat chance of that. All in all if I had to do over again I'd send smoke signals first. Verizon and it's upper management are only for money. Not my idea of a good company.

65 plus plan

I am disappointed in Verizon Wireless' not allowing Seniors to take advantage of changing their plan to a 65 plus, and order an upgrade phone, on-line. Because they must call customer service, or go into the store, they lose the on-line discounts on phone upgrades. It's unfair and discriminates against Seniors, simply because of age. Anything you can verify on the phone, you can verify on-line. I would like to stay with Verizon, but it will be less expensive to change to ntelos, just in the savings on the phone alone.

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