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I am writing this review on behalf of the 50 residence here. We are either senior citizens or disabled. The building is own by the National Church Residence, as residence we are not permitted to have satellite tv, so our only option is cable. We constantly experience problems with pixelation picture, frozen screen, distorted sound. The Technicians can't or won't fix the problem. This has been going on for atleast 3 yrs now

modem fee increase & payments

There is something seriously wrong - and very much out of integrity - when two multi-billion dollar companies charging $5+ a month forever to lease a modem when it is easily paid for fully within the first year - especially given they get them wholesale. I can accept paying a going retail price, yet after that would expect that the modem would then be "paid in full." After that, should we wish to pay $1-2/mo. for insurance to cover a mishap (which never happened for me over an 10 year period) then so-be-it. Yet if not, we should have no further modem payments. Anything less than this signals undue advantage of customers taken by an already exceedingly wealthy company. In a word, it spells "GREED." And here's the kicker. Were OTC to elect to become fair and honest in this regard by considering everyone who had paid for their modem for a year now modem-fee-free ... then the number of new customers this would attract from its competitor Comcast is beyond comprehension! Don't we hate being sucked in like this?

Phone service

Our business (internet)telephone line has been down for a week. We start work at 6:30 and end at 2pm. TWC won't send a technician out during operating hours. TWC doesn't give business customers priority, they don't care if your telephones are down. We are going back to AT&T phone service. DO NOT USE THEIR INTERNET LINES

I don't like Florence Time Warner

I have been called a liar by a Time Warner worker and gotten very bad Service our Bill seems to change every 3 days when we call. we tried to get work done on the Town home we rent and it has yet to get done we ordered it on the first of April.

whole house DVR

On November 5th TWC had an update. From 11/6/13 to date we have not been able to use our whole house DVR. They keep telling us they are working on the problem and have given us credit so far for the days the service has not worked, but what the heck.... A big company like TW and they cannot have their people program this correctly. Everyone I have talked to apologizes but 12 days later we cannot use our whole house DVR system. Someone's job should be on the line!!


Sitting here reading all these reviews. Looks like no one give twc a good rating. I have had them well over a year. Service has never gone out. Only thing the price does get high. If the price is the issue you can easily play the switching game. Same equipment for the whole time every once in awhile you have to reset it, but that is expected. There are just some people out there you can not satisfy.

Customer service

We are having trouble with getting our bill cleared up after we had our service disconnected. We have spoke with TEN people and not one person has solved our problem. Each time we have been transferred and had to tell the story each time. Has no one there been trained to do a soft transfer?? We are completely disappointed in the level of service for such a large company!!! Hello who can help us!!!?????? Does anyone even read these reviews?? And they are asking for a rating....ha


This is the worst company to deal with. You get one price and then every other month it increases and no one can tell you why. This company needs to be investigated by the FCC. Its criminal what they get away with.

Liar Liar

I was supposed to have my services cut on yesterday 7/24/2013. I had to leave work early cause someone 18or older had to be there.Someone was supposed to be at my home between 3 and 4 well no-one showed so I called.I was told the tech called me and I refused to pay the service charge... a charge I was notified about when I called to get the service started and had no problem paying.I had to ask the lady well if I refused to pay it why am I calling you to see why he hasnt come yet???...Mayb because he never spoke with me and no-one in my household.So they told me they could send someone out but it probably wouldn't be until about 8or 9pm...No thanks..So we set up a time for today 7/25/2013 between4 and 5 well I call @5:45 to see whats going on and now I'm told he's running late and it will be around 8or 9pm before he makes it...no thanks please cancel everything and I will be returning to At&t.Just so upset I cancelled my services with At&t to go to TW and now I'm without internet and a phone until I get my services with At&t reconnected.TW you get 2thumbs down from me didn't know this is how yall treat new customers hate to see how yall treat existing customers.

assault by tech.

in Jun 2013 my wife was assaulted by a timewarner tech that just stopped by our house. he told my wife he was putting in a buster to help out our cable while in our home he put his hands down my wifes top and also tried to grabed her otherparts my wife told him to stop and he told her she could still be his grilfrend and left.we reported to the police and timewarner but no one seam to realy give a damm when we talked to a rep in corpescresty tx she said she didnt think timewarner should be responsable for what a tech. done at our house.

Be Thankful

I can't say much about TWC in the last year b/c I dropped them after 19 years in 2012 b/c of my sons who wanted Directv....All I can say is this...only 132 people took the time to write something here...go to Directv's and see almost 800 of nothing but complaints.........I can't wait to get back to TWC...at least the service techs and the customer service I had here in NC was great, but oh on; everyone here said let's do directv, don't listen to anyone but yourself and do your research depending on where you live........

wrongfully charged

I've read some of these reviews and I'm shocked and a bit frightened since I'm about to contact TWC home office to reclaim wrongful charges, channels I never requested but I was being charged a pretty penny for. I hope TWC can make good on two years of these charges, I'll come back and write a review then and let you know what transpired.

Time Warner customer service sucks they are very rude and not professional at all!!! They also cut off my mothers service for 27 dollars she sent the payment in and they received it and now want more money these ppl need a new profession!!!!!!!

I pay 180.00 a month for terrible internet and cable that cuts in and out. I am trying to disconnect service as I am typing. I have been waiting to talk to a human for a record 43:00min and counting. You have the worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life. I am going to AT&T I have never been happier!

Bad service

They give you wrong information for the installation them in the bill says that you have to pay more money they r liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Going on three months now our wireless has not worked. We pay good money for fast internet and it never works. We've called more times than I can count, we've had five techs visit. They claim to fix the problem and nearly three months later we're still getting nothing. They take money and give nothing. Single most useless company I've ever been forced to work with. If you can avoid them, do.

overcharged all thetime

Don't use this company. They will over charge you. Then when you want changes they give you the highest price. The offers you see on tv or the internet will not be the price on your bill. The price will always be higher. When you go to a payment center they will tell the truth. But as soon as its changed it gets changed right back to the higher price. I had the bundle thay was . Turn off everything and go else where don't do it. I have hadthis problem for years just tired. but I paid 150.00 a month

customer service call

One word they suck they say one thing they it come out wrong way had a appointment for 9-10 never showed up then I call they tell me apartments for 11- 12 . what kind of services is this to everyone to deal with this is this happening now imagine future. had it for a week I'm ready to cancel it. Next step call corporate. Oh yeah they did not even do there one star.


Right now I am reading all the reviews. Sounds like Time Warner is falling short of engaging the customer or even wowing the customers. It's unfortunate that you get mistreated as a consumer. However what this company is forgetting is that technology is still advancing. Get you a hdmi a digital converter a Internet connection and watch Tv movies play games all on your Tv with out dealing with the hassel. When companies lose customers then they will take notice. Don't limit yourself to dealing with people that either scam you or mistreat you. Remember if they don't help you move on. Fyi screaming and raising your blood pressure is not going to help, it makes no since to take it out on the minimum wage Rep. Just leave and part ways. You have the power to created your own happiness. Why put money in other peoples pockets that aren't concern about you. Get you a geek who can give you more channels for free then you can handle. Have a nice day!

Official looking Time Warner Website Scam

I was looking to upgrade and looking at packages. My wife and I have been asking each years for many years, as we are stil on Adelphia package. I saw some package on a website that had Time Warner Cable in it.. and chose a package (Triple Play), and were promised $200 rebate to cancel our land line with ATT and get digital phone, and have out 2 drv HDTV boxes and Internet. The sales person gave us a Confirm Install Numer, and we thought we would be having the install, but no one came. It turned out that a company called 'Saveology' that runs a scam with Official looking TW websites is getting away with scamming. I called to report the problem and spent 4 hours on the phone getting shuffled back and forth between different office at Time Warner Cable. A manager told me they cannot do anything because the company is located overseas. Wrong! That company has offices in Florida! Why won't TW go after these scammers? They coerce people into buying hardware like routers saying they must buy a new one, then they giveyou then name of one company that happens to offer a rebate on it. They charge 2x more than the local store does, and you have to jump though hoops hoping you get to recoup some very precious money! Then how can you meet the rebate requirements if the order was never placed by the thieving scum. I got a hold of another TW rep and placed a real order. Now the real order a small rebate for changing phone companies for digital phone. Now I have to find someone who cares and try to make sure I am not screwed out of existence. I don't understand why Time Warner shpows no interest in proscecuting the scammers, these happen to be all over the Internet but you have no idea until you see the name and put 2+2 together and see they have offices in Florida. They are samming other cable company customers and other businesses on a huge scale. all I want is Justice and Time Warner has the power to do it, but why don't they? I could post the links they use but you can easily find them, they have Time Warner cable in the Internet links and say they are authorized TW represtatives. They give you a bogus Install numer after they find a way to get personal info credit card info , sell you stuff, and more. I hope this isn't deleted. I got tired of seaching for a contact to write someone who cares,,, I keep getting local customer help, but I want to talk to some bigwig who can do something and prosecute the scum. Instead, it keeps wanting me to chat with local cusmer service who can't help in this matter. I guess I have to keep trying to guess how to find who contact at Time Warner Cable.

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