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My bill

After 10 long years with T Mobile, I will be dropping them soon. My bill gets higher every month and for 3 months they have been telling me they are going to take care of it. When they finally found out why it was getting higher, and it was their mistake, they expect me to pay a double bill for the month of February. I not paying for their mistakes. I have already contacted a lawyer. T mobile will get theirs

terrible cstomer service

I don't even feel they are worth one star. Their customer service sucks, they lie and each person gives you a different story. They want my one brother to pay for 2 phones my other brother, who is deceased, purchased prior to his death before they will allow him to use his current phone number on is own plan. He didn't contract to buy the phones, how could they possibly expect him to pay for them? No one in this world is held responsible for paying for another persons purchase!

I Hate everything about tmobile

I Absolutely HATE tmobile, I've been with them for years and I've Never had this much headache. I have the Samsung exhibit 4g first of all it doesn't hold a charge, it switches on and off whenever, it freezes all day, i try to dial a number and it won't dial it, and when it does it keeps dialing it over and over again, so I've complained constantly and I've sent the phone back at least 4 times and no one has tried to do anything to help, then I sent the 3rd 1 bk for the same exact reasons then they tried to charge me for water damage which is bull then tried to charge me warranty fees for sending the phone back when after the first time sending it bk they're not suppose to charge you anymore so now I'm stuck with a crappy phone and high phone bill, horrible customer service until oct when my contract is up. Thanks tmobile!!!!

riped. off yet again

I called T Mobile customer no service tried to explain why yet again why my bill was high again another month u tried to tell them when I added a second line when and where I have the second line they tried to tell me that I went into a store which I didn't I did it through their customer service um another telling me that I went from January uh 7th off o.o of 14 to June fifth of 14 being out of contract and that their classic text in talk met family well it didn't say that they never said that they never brought it up I may never said that it would change your contract dynamics so now . If we did this and they stoled the way they are stealing from the customers we would go to jail I'm but because the FCC is not regulating T Mobile or checking on the cell phone people they're able to do what they would one and when you do when they want and when you ask for proof of anything they tell you they cannot send it provided or mail it as soon as I can get out I refuse to give him 200 for doing nothing I've always paid my bill I've never been behind I've been with them for 8 years its just I can't take anymore A let's see let's see if they call me it seems to be one big party T Mobile you lost yet another customer Thanks for ripping me off next time can I get some flowers and chocolates


why would you have to pay for addition repair if you payed for insurance on the phone. Because I was told I have to pay $80.00 for a battery that I didn't have the phone for more then 2 months and it stay hot!! I really hope that the right people see this message. Because your phone is cheap for the Soldiers. but at this time I'm advising my company to not deal with this company.

the Customer service was the worst I have ever deal with having a cell phone. You call and they have attitude and snap at you for calling and having a problem with your service. My phone was getting hot and keep cutting off if I dont keep it plug up to the charger. So I went to the Killeen Texas Mall. To get an battery . I was asked my ss# and my daughter SS# because we share the account. I couldn't remember my daughter. But I have rights to the account. Long story short they told me to call 611 and we don't keep battery here in the store so just call the number. I have insurance on the account. But later I was charged $80.00 for a replacment battery and have to wait 3 days or more. So I told them that was to much. I'm in the military and we have to have a phone. I will not tell my Soldier to do purchase and T Mobile phone for no reason.

Buyers remorse, yeah you'll have it.

Was going to switch to t-mobile. Received SIM card, service never worked. Called in within the "buyers remorse" period. Was told everything was shut off, had nothing to worry about, since it was within the buyers remorse period. Surprised when these thieves sent me to collections. AT-Mobile will never see another penny from me. So buyers remorse period, it's a joke, however I detonate lay have "buyers remorse". I do not recommend them at all. Bad service, unknowledgeable service reps, and collections when the account should have been zero'd out. Negative stars if I could.

Extremely poor. So far no one will give me the number for the corporate office. Long story short, allowed someone else to share this service who was receiving the bills and making the payments, I paid my portion. Now I have this large bill they say I owe. My contract had expired 4/24, the other person changed the plan to their own name and now they say I owe that persons bill. It's a joke. Dont ever get TMobile

very poor customer service and phone service

i am a nearly ten year customer of t-mibile but in the last 3 months have recieved the worst customer service ever. i am leaving and want my early term fees waved. i will be calling the number

Tmobile robs there customers

I purchased a pre-paid t mobile phone from a retailer and a $50 dollar phone card. I called to activate the phone and waited two days when the phone never activated i called back and the phone was still never activated. I returned the phone to the retailer and was told the phone card could not be returned because t mobile had already activated the account and the funds were taken. When i called t mobile to get my money back they told me that the phone card was like a sandwich and once it was purchased it could not be returned even though the cell phone never worked. I feel that that they are like thieves that steel from average working people who buy there crappy products.

T-Mobile S ucks

I have chat with T-Mobile Customer service people and their service SUCKs they don't belive in customer service they lie. they don't own up to what thay tell you.

customer service sucks

I've been a customer for 9 years and over the past week I've been lied to several times told I was in the highest dept and they didn't have a boss there not the owner so hate to tell you this BUT U DO HAVE BOSS really thing about switching company's

I am totally disgusted with the way I've been treated as a customer of this company. I feel like I was treated like and uneducated liar and a fool. I should've stayed with At&t. I'm not a liar and I can prove my claim. I was poorly advised to go to a plan that does not have internet sharing. A supervisor stated it was no way. I could have had sharing for as long as I Had it, but I can prove it. When I asked for the phone number or address if corporate she said it didn't exist How can a company exist without having headquarters.

I am disgusted

I am totally disgusted with the way I have been treated. I demand a telephone number to a person with whom I can voice my complaint. I have been forced to give a one star rating in order for my message here to be displayed.

Phone Service

I am trying to change me service from your stupid value plan which I was not explained how it works back to the Classic plan and I have never had a company not want to take my money. Your customer service stinks. I have spoken to the customer service department and the Loyality department and no one seems to be able to help me. I am ready to drop your service whick I have had for over 10 years. Custome service stinks.

TMobile or Not TMobile

I found that I am a post paid T Mobile account holder, not prepaid therefore me spending my hard earned $75's to purchase this T Mobile card that says for monthly contracts or pay as you go was pointless. What's worst is calling and speaking with 8 different representatives 5 of them I could barely understand all told me NO. There is nothing they can do to help me either apply fund to my account nor assist me with a refund. Because T Mobile Prepaid is not affiliated with T Mobile Post paid..... Go figure! what I thought would be a simple fix has turned into a nightmare..... not to mention I has denied help or access from anyone in a position of management.

I've never felt so low in my life! Your told anything to just get off the phone. No1 really wants to help when your connected to representative and the service is piss poor, you dont fell valued and theres just lies and more lies.


When can we actually find out when the new iphone5 will be available for Tmobile customers? I cannot get any info from local services, as I get the ole "Maybe in 3-4 months", which tells me nothing. Not surprised that Tmobile is the last to get this phone, if they do get it, as I would change to Verizon in a heartbeat were it not for my wife's children of Tmobile.

Escalating Charrges

Dear Sirs, I have been trying to reduce my monthly bill for no less than one year but it seems that every time I call Customer Services I wind up with additional charges, and it has become a overwhelming burden. i don't know how my request for changes becomes an added service and ultimely more expensive charges. Then I'm told that if I want to terminate the contract it will cost me $400. (for two phones) to get out of it! How can I afford a higher bill when I can't afford what I already have? I'm living on a fixed income as a Federal Retiree, and this is taking money that I just don't have. My bill now is equivalent o a car payment every month, all I want to do is get as far away from T-mobile as i can and and go with a company that considers it's customers first! There are any number of companies that offer far better plans then what I'm trapped in to. A $50.00 dollars a month and unlimitted data plans is all I need not his craziness you have me locked in! This is ridiculous, it's like you're preyimng on Senoirs and holding us hostage because we have no escape from these absurd additions that we don't want. How do I stop this madness. I'm going broke trying to pay a cell phone bill that I'm being swindled in to? This has to be illegal, and it has to stop,we've paid our dues,.I have worked 51 years to get to retire and I don't appreciate being railroaded by your money crabbing shenanigans. I Want Out...NOW!!!

Tmobile adding additions with your approval

September 25.2012, I was due an upgrade on my cell phone with t-mobile.how ever they sent me a cell phone plus added an additional line, cell number to my account without my consent.i have been calling t-mobile for 3 to 4 months to get anyone to help me with this. I have spoken with over 20 people to get this issue resolved, being put through to different people and getting no results.they even sent me out to the local tmobile store in my area and i did that. i was told that the cell phone was not returned, but i did return the phone on Oct 4th, did i was told i was returned still no help. I called in for buyers remorse still tmobile refused to help me, this has been very stressful for me, i have been with tmobile for 6 and i never thought i would be treated in this manner. i read about your company please help me, tmobile is charging me $456.00, for services that i did not ask for, they turned off my services 2weeks ago,I had to pay $223.00 to have it restored, now they are threatening unless I pay $200.03 they are turning off my cell phone services. I am a single mom with 2 children, i cant afford to pay for additional services or have my cell disconnected. Please help me.

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