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Do the Girls that work in these stores even have a hair dressers licence? They are messy and don't even brush the hair off after the hair cut. They don't listen when you tell them how you want it cut, very bad

U blow

Uneven foils, didn't leave color on long enough, wanted to charge me additional $30 for messing my hair, fouls were crooked on my head omg! Never again! Nightmare! Zero stars!

Shop Of Horrors

You might as well cut your own hair Super Cuts = Lemon Tree

$10 haircut $40 giftcard

South Florida promotion scam. False advertisement Supercuts runs a promotion they can't fulfill. All the stores are out of the gift cards and coop prat can careless. Lousy customer service, seems like an oh well I'm sorry lip service. I waited for ten min trying to get a haircut for some lady complaining she can't work the computer and only accepts cash. Customer service gone bad!!!!!

Lazy and Rude hairdressers

Do these people have a High School Diploma? Much less a license to style hair? I've contacted the corporate offices and the call centers are just as incompetent as the actual salons. The district managers will not call you back, and the stylists want to text WHILE cutting your hair! To top it off, when you complain that the haircut is crooked they look at you with shock! I've gone to salons owned by the Regis corp and they have one thing in common:understaffed. Don't spend your hard earned money here. Let them go bankrupt. Hit them where it hurts.

over priced for what you get

I'll NEVER use super cuts again, I took my 9 year old daughter for a trim, wash and blow dry, she's got long hair but 36.00 plus tip it was 42.00. My regular hair dresser would only charge 20.00, the only reason I went was because I didn't have the time to make an appt. with my hair dresser, next time I'll just have her go without. :-( They didn't use any product, didn't even flat iron her hair, I had to "finish" it once I got home. Very upsetting. To top it all off trying to read the "type the two words" in order to submit this review, is a beating within itself.

Won't cut disable child hair

I took my 5yr old daughter, who has severe cerebral palsy, into the Supercuts in Round Rock, TX and they would not cut her hair because she couldn't sit in the chair by herself. It was a sad situation....I will never refer anyone there or ever use a Supercuts!

Won't cut disable child hair

I took my 5yr old daughter, who has severe cerebral palsy, into the Supercuts in Round Rock, TX and they would not cut her hair because she couldn't sit in the chair by herself. It was a sad situation....I will never refer anyone there or ever use a Supercuts!

Can't keep a list

Terrible service and simply unable to manage a list of people walking thru the door. Their call ahead service is a joke. The Corte Madera office is managed by people who don't know what they are doing.

poor service

Extremely unhelpful. Supercuts is a brand and you should care about how your franchises are operating. Very disappointed with the service.

Very Unhappy

I went to the Chelsea,Ma Supercuts and the stylist asked me if I wanted my eyebrows trimmed I said yes When I came home I saw that 3/4 of my eyebrows were removed completely


I while I'm waiting to receive a hair cut after waiting for about 30 min, I realize that the girls go 2 /3 at a time to smoke cigarets in front of the store while children are passing by instead of going when there on a brake or taking turn to go. In the fortlee location

This place was ripping me off!!! I got a haircut.. As soon as I asked for my hair to be straightened.. The price tripled ... I almost lost it!! I told them to go jump in the lake!!! And I would never come back again!!!! Nice scam they have here!!!!!


Been standing in front of the San Bruno, ca super cuts with 2 other people waiting for them to open. They open at 9:00 a.m. It is 9:15. Normally I wouldn't care but I have to get to the airport. I guess this is what I get for waiting until the last minute, but this is still very frustrating. If I'm still here at 9:30, I'll write another review while at the airport.


My daughter and I went to the hales corner location in Wisconsin and had a great experience. My daughter was scared of her turn and the staff was very patient and understanding. Needless to say I was Very happy with my haircut and even more my the smile on my little girls face. The manager made sure we were extremely happy with our experience, with was very nice and even more my daughter is looking forward to her next one. Hales corners has my families business.

the worst ever

the worst haircut i could have ever had. mansfield road location shreveport la cant believe that this employee of any hair salon is licenced horrible customer service and a worse haircut have to get the scissors out myself to try n fix this mess to be suitable for work tomarrow

Great cut, great service!

Cindy cut my hair at the bald hill rd location (Warwick, RI). She was courteous, easy to talk to and, most importantly, gave me the best cut of my life--better than the barber that used to charge $30! If you live I warwick and need an excellent hair cut at a fair pice from a down to earth, friendly stylist, come and see Cindy! I'll definitely be coming back.

Very unhappy

I will never go back to the shortcuts in Watertown New York. I showed the lady a picture of what I wanted. Needless to say my hair looks nothing like what I wanted. I told her I had a coupon and she got an attitude about it

Bad cut

I went to super cuts in Columbia sc for the first time today. I will never go back!! I got a color which I did like but she killed my hair. I hate the cut she did. And then she charged me to blow dry it even though she colored it. I am very unhappy with it. I can't wait for my hair to grow back so I can get it redone by someone else. It looks so bad. I really want to cry

Supercut in Smryna, GA

Went into the store and there was only 1 girl at the chair. Asked her is another sylist was there and she said yes. Waited 5 minutes before that sytlist came out. She took my name and said go sit in the chair down there. I asked which chair, she stated the 3rd one. I sat at that chair for about 10 minutes while she was playing with the computer. I got up and left. I figure playing with the computer was more important than my business. I will never go back there.

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