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Station in Verona KY Mens room was disgusting. Looks like is has not been cleaned in a very long time. When I told the clerk on duty about it he said the next guy can clean it.

Rude attendant

080814. SHELL station corner of Osborn Street and National CIty Boulevard in National CIty California. Attendant refused to give me service, as my only means of payment were quarters, he said he had too many already, i said please this is the only money I have and I must get gas this money, (only quarters, no dimes nickels nor pennies) coins but money, he refused. I asked for a phone number to complain which I immediately I called but it was him answering, I asked for a supervisor's name to call later, he refused to give me any other name. RUDE. The rating system is also malfunctioning, as I want to rate them minus a start not even a star...

bad gas

Leaving the beauty shop stopped at shells on 3805 w.wheatland rdi was on pump 8 and i ask for 15.00 worth of gas i gave them a 50 to break and they gave me my change bac this happened july 2nd between 6 and 6:30 next morning i got up n went dwn the street car shut off and the mechanic came to me and looked under the hood and pump some water out shells has bad gas i done had a bad experience with them

screwed up web site

This site is screwed up, you can't even enter the data, what a pain

Shell station ripoff

The Shell at 2103 N. Bellflower Blvd. Long Beach CA charges the CREDIT price at the pump for using a Shell Credit Card. Every other station I've ever patronized charges the CASH price at the pump using the Shell card. I complained to the clerk and went to the station on Lakewood Blvd instead.

Water in gas

Filled my car up on Wed morning with shell gas at Rockbridge Rd in Atl. wife was coming home on Thursday from work all of a sudden car shut off. Got towed to dealer had car checked out, here are the results. 2.5 liters of water in tank. WILL NEVER USE SHELL GAS EVER AGAIN

Never use SHELL pumps!!!!!

Went to the Shell in Cedar Hill Tx, on Beltline rd. and let me tell you that place really sucks! I payed $23 in gas, come to find out toward the end of pumping my gas half of it is on the ground. The pump had a cut in it, what the heck SHELL?!? Get it together! Went to tell the manager he didn't care. I hope the Agriculture dept. shut the whole company down!!!

station is a dump

Alma School/Warner in Chandler, AZ. Station has turned into a dump. Most of the pump card-readers don't work, pumps are so worn out, you can't read the LED screen, select buttons are broken and unusable. Had to try 3 pumps today to be able to use my Shell Gift Card. Owners don't care; just want to make money, but the idiots are LOSING customers!!

Pumps that don't

Stopped at the shell station at central/Philidelphia in Chino,Ca. to fill up. Gas stopped about every 10-25 cents, i was able to put $13. In before I almost blew a gasket. Went across the street to Chevron, almost $70 later the tank was full. With all the $$$$ Shell squeezes out of American citizens at least your equipment should work!! Last visit here if I have a choice.

I stopped on Saturday 1/25/14 at station located at 9980 Roosvelt Boulevard Phila Pa 19115 for fuel all parking lot was a sheet of ice with pieces being at least 1 inch or more thick cashier was more interested in talking to his friend. Cashier had no manners and could not say Thank You This will be my last time at Shell Top Tier gas or not there are other top tiers companies


December 10,2003 Shell FM1960 & SH6 Houston Texas Indian/African American told about toilet water (AND ITS CONTENTS) all over floor and bathroom VERY dirty besides being a Texas health violation. Reply, not cleaning it.

Shame on Shell!

I will no longer buy Shell gas after you fired Shannon Cothran for protecting himself and YOUR store when someone tried to rob it in NH last week! Shame on you! The letter of the law kills, the spirit of the law gives life. You haven't a clue to what an honorable employee is!

Fired for 2nd amend. rights.

A Corp. such as yours that would fire a citizen for protecting himself from a person armed with a knife is totaly wrong. Your policy and PC responce to the media, suggests that after the money was taken, that the attendant would be left in peace. That is not always the case. This man chose to protect himself, which is his right as a American. Shame on your Corp. I will never use Shell gas again.

A real joke

Stopped by the Shell station on Route 40 in Edgewood Maryland. This wasn't my first visit - but it definitely was my last. Every time I stop there to get gas, there is never paper to print a receipt - hence, you are forced to go into the 'store'. If I wanted to go into the store, I wouldn't have used my credit card at the pump. Doesn't anyone know how to replace receipt paper in a pump? When I hobbled into the store -(I'm handicapped), the clerk's attitude was "so what and what do you want me to do about it'.


i went to the shell station tonight to by a pack of cigars i had 2 dollars in rolled up pennys they refuse to take the pennies eaither shell needs to hire new people or be shut down

cash or credit (franchises)

When traveling it seems your franchises (some very few) accept my shell card for the same as cash. However most of them charge .10 cents more per gal. I feel you should get all stations on the same page, that being, when using a shell card we all pay cash price. If the greed of your comp. is that big than I no longer wiil be a member of the motorist club or card holder, and feel others should boycott as we did with B.P. I WANT A REBATE.

No more Pepsi?

I am extremely disappointed to learn that my local Shell stayions will no longer be dispensing Pepsi at their soda fountain. I preferred the Shell stations but will now take my business elsewhere.

We stopped at a Shell Food Mart in Ashland VA to fill up, went to use the women's washroom. I have been in better port-a-pottys than this gas station. I would hope that Shell would be concerned about the stations. What a disgrace.

After hours- no leaking !

On July 17, 2013, at 9:45 stopped at the Shell/McDonalds for gas. I paid at the bump and went in to use the bathroom. The cashiers told me I wasn't allowed to because it was closing, however the bathroom was banned with a sign that read "bathroom is closed ". I told the African Americans I was on my way to columbia and needed to use the bathroom. They were rude and told me to go to the Huddle house. I was appalled and disappointed. This gas station is near Shaw Air Force Base. Beware of these type of places especially if you are in the need of releasing after closing Inwhich I didn't know that it was!

Rude cashier and manager

I went to the Shell at 2501 N University Dr, Hollywood, FL 33024 and the cashier and the manager are disrespectful and rude. When I went inside to pay because the stupid machines were not working. And it wad obvious the cashier brain was not working either when I told him I wanted plus gas not regular. Of course he chose regular and when I told him I cannot put regular in my car he refused to give me a refund and told me to try regular. Last time I used regular gas in my car which was also purchased from shell, my car jerked for days and I needed a fuel injection. The rep refused to change the option of the pump and threw receipt at me and told me I don't know what I am saying. After arguing withe the cashier he canceled the transaction instead of giving me the money for the debit transaction. He knowing I had a prepaid card tried to charge another transaction which was declined. The manager came out and said nothing yo me being irrate. I called me credit card company and they stated it would take 8 days before I am refunded. When I told the manager she threw the receipt at me too and did not offer in compensation for the cashier mistake. I asked for the district manager number and she said no. Meanwhile I have no gas and my car was stuck and no one offered to help. What happened to customer service? What happened to going the extra mile for the customers when times likebthis occur? Clearly no one cares

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