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this place adds money to the account-they have no idea what they are doing

Wow 1.2 to high

Amazingly nice staff until I discovered they broke into my storage stolen and damaged items. To date Public Storage has refused to assist with damages. Insist on small claims. The regional director and corporate staff didn't deny it's a problem nor denied it's there policy to do pulmonary inventory via video surveillance when you move in. I moved over $15,000.00 worth of inventory into my unit. $1000's stolen and damaged.


your company sucks making shure i write a review at all the sites i can so i can save as many people of been riped off by public storage

Outrageous Pricing

I'm a long time renter in Chicago since 2010, without missing a payment and never late. My rent has been raised 34 dollars in the last 5 months with no explanation, other than a customer service rep telling me "We can raise your rent whenever we feel like it, there's no limit" WOW. So I will be exiting as of this month. Thank you for the great relationship!

False Advertising. Advertise rates and then have no units of that size available. Offer introductory rates to lure new renters and hike rates for existing customers to offset revenue. POOR Can't contact District Managers - mailboxes always filled...

PS has stolen my property

PS on Carlson Blvd in Richmond, CA has stolen my property. They didn;t have an auction like they said they would.

Peggy and Orlando

Thanks the heavens for such Great amd friendly staff here in aventora 2940 188th location those two workers rock. Very professional and compitiant work staff. Store# 25750


I hope and pray that a Class Action Suit will be placed on Public Storage. The list is too long to note here.

haven for burgulars

considerable items were taken at the Kapiolani storage. Was informed that the alarm system has been out of order for quite a while. Hurry for the burgulars who work for Public Storage. They climbed in from the above wired area and unhinged the lock from inside and rolled up the door and walked out.

not fair public storage

My dad recently passed away and my step mother his widow went to PS and payed the bill which was in my dads name and she told them right after she payed he passed recently and they locked up the storage and will not let her get into it even though she's payed eery month and they know her, the manager wants to see a death certifacate which we can not obtain right now cuz they still can not find the cause of death at the corner office..:( what to do?:( helpppp

Mass and RI District and Regional Managersl

After receiving a price on the phone for a unit, the local manager said it could not be honored. He suggested that I contact Kristi the District Manager for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Multiple phone calls to Kristi and to the Regional Manager, Jon were not returned. Their ignorance as well as their abysmal customer service lost a customer with many connections in the local community. It is apparent that customer service is not a priority of this company at the highest levels of administration.

Customer Service (Unsatisfactory)

I don't know what's going on with the employees at the Kuala st. facility. I guess it's a reflection of the district superviser, who has a little bit of an unprofessional attitude in solving a small dispute with a current customer! Let it go to your head!...Somepeople miss use authority!

Need STORAGE Space???? WARNING: Don't choose PUBLIC STORAGE!

6615 S. Gessner, Houston

Unacceptable. Price gouging to cover rent and urilities of live in manager who caters to minorities and ignores whites who are disabled...refused to let me use side door-forcing me to carry large cargo bags in the dead of heat for 1/5 of a mile to the office which was locked-even though I had called in advance and it was the last day we can pay rent before being charged a late fee. There is NO VENTILLATION OR AIR OR EVEN ELECTRICAL OUTLETS FOR CUSTOMERS TO BRING A SMALL FAN. ALSO, THERE IS BURNED INSULATION THAT SHEDS OCCASIONALLY FROM THE CEILING, SO YOU HAVE TO COVER YOUR BELONGINGS. THEY CHAGED ME FOR INSURANCE WHEN I SPECIFICALLY SAID I WOULD NOT BE THERE FOR MORE THAN A FEW MONTHS. There was one nice lady there named Frankie, but the manager, Rachel pads the contracts to cover her rent on the property. Subtract Rachel's expenses-the manager-and tweek the place up... There are soo many complaints on PS now, it almost needs to be put out of it's misery.

outrageous pricing

WOW! I thought I was on the raising price boat alone.. I'm also along time renter w/excellent pay history, which is automatically debted. I'm disappointed in raising rent and not just a few dollars this is $10 each time. I will also be pullng my belongings out. First raise was to keep maintenance, second raise..IDK, now its because there are to many units availble.. go figure, HMM?

Not happy

I can say the ladies at my location are good I can rate them a 5 star they have helped me so far. on the other hand- Public Strorge raising prices is out of control.. I've been there for 6yrs, I will be pulling my belongings. there is no rating for Public storage. TEXAS

Horrible, Horribe, Horrible

All I can say is horrible, horrible, horrible from customer service down to district manager Kurt in Morganville, NJ. From damage to my property to no consideration or empathy to help. Never again will Public Storage get my business.

Excessive Rental Charge

Congratulations Public Storage, your have worn me out with your yearly excessive rental raises. I've been a long-standing tenant with superior payment record and have received no consideration. I will not recommend this company to anyone and will discourage anyone considering rentals. I will immediately attempt to evaluate my options with plans to vacate asap.

Discourageing ANYONE interested in Storage rental from you

Congratulations! You have finally raised my storage rent to a point where I can't afford you! No feelings or compassion for your tenants. No consideration for Senior citizens, veterans, or long time customers. Just get the money at all costs. From $73.00 to $99.00 for a 10x10 outside unit per month is RIDICULOUS by anyone's standards. After 30+ years of patronage to your predecessors I deserved better from you. Being devoid of very little true business acumen, you could take some really good from them. Offering a rental fee of $1.00 for the first month rent is only part true and is only applicable part of the time dependent upon the number of units available at a given site. No where do you tell anyone that there is a one time "administration" fee of $20.00+ dollars to "set up your account" You really aren't broadcasting your exorbitant late fees in your ads either--are you? Rest assured I will do everything in my power to discourage anyone from renting to anyone connected with Public Storage.

RUDE, RUDE, RUDE! This is the only word to describe the 4 do nothings at the counter at the facility next to Home Depot. I tried to pay my bill on Sunday, the door was locked (they were at lunch, again). I came back Tuesday and was charged a huge late fee for being one day late. When I called to complain, the girl hung up on me. I am putting my stuff in another facility (not Public Storage) at the end of the month. After 2 years, I wouldn't give them another penny.

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