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worst service and staff

Im in the middle of trying to figure out where my money is money is going .i just paid my bill got new phones there is to receipts for cash purchases and i paid with my card shadey people

dont ever work for metro

Horrible management no benefits and they abuse their staff specially in the bronx ny castle hill the mangers name is brilely reyes worst person to have in a company like this.

suck ass phone service

Ive been with this cpmpany faithfully for a year now. And to be honest I cant understand why im so faithful. I pay to have unlimited service. And I get no service. Dont bother to call for help if you can get thru the customer reps that help are rude and act like they dont have a clue whats up. Im looking for a better company with better service that stands behind its customers and not keep phone raping me. Dont waste your energy dont waste your money here. Movd around.


Metro PCS is no different from any other foreign rip off agency! I am going to first contact the BBB, then I am going to sue this bootleg, scam of a company. I am just TIRED !

online service

the worst in the world.Why can't you fix it?

Corporate phone numbers are a secret

My phone was freezing about a month after I bought it. Then on July 3rd, the touch screen became irresponsive even after taking out the battery for about 30 minutes. I went to the closest open store, and the guy wanted to charge me $50 to fix it, and wanted to sell me a 3g for $55. Then I asked him about the warranty on the LG Motion I had, and that's when he referred me to the corporate store a few miles down the road. The customer service at the Tampa corporate store has been great the two times I have been there, but the only problem is that they can't be reach by phone. I tried to get their phone number through customer service, and they didn't have one. I asked the operator "...You mean to tell me that a phone store doesn't have a phone number to be reached at?" his answer was a simple yes. They want people to go in person. All I wanted to know was if my replacement phone was in or not. I don't want to drive 3 to 4 miles of Dale Mabry traffic just to be told "come back another day, your phone is not in yet." By the way the 88857 code doesn't work by itself, with * or the #.

Metro sucks. The phone is horrible and will freeze up on a regular basis or simply just turn off. Service is really bad. In my own home it typically takes me double or triple the time to get through a website its so slow and when I try and make a call good luck if you can hear anybody. Being in a smaller town I do not always get into town to pay my bill sometimes its two to ten days late. I have just started wondering about there billing practices seeing as how they are suppose to be a month to month service. I tried calling the corporate office number listed and it takes me to customer service voice mail. Really. I guess I will contact a litigation lawyer about my concerns instead.

Horrible customer service

92 Blue Herron Riviera Bech, FL is the worst. Arrogant, rude and condescending new management. Been a customer for years. Metro's product is good but their entire customer service department needs an overhaul.

I am gonna say that your customer service is horrendous!! Not only am I gonna write a letter to your corporate office, even though they'll probably throw it away, but I will also call the PSC & put in a complaint with them against your company.

Only Sweet Words !

You sold a bad Phone to start with, then withen 30 days you are not allowing me to upgrade to a different phone, saying i am only allowed to replace the same kind of phone. LG is a bad phone and I am not happy about it .I am willing to pay cost difference but you are not allowing me to do so. That is not good business ethics.

Owner Robin's Nest Fashions

I needed a new phone and went to Metro PCS and told the customer service agent that I needed phone for my Pay Pal Credit Card Reader. She talked me into an upgrade which was not even compatible with my need. I immediately went back and she said since was an upgrade no refunds or change. METRO HAS VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I should have known when I was told only NEW CUSTOMERS can get rebate too.


I am so disappointed in their customer service. I tried to speak with a supervisor and she was even dumber and more illiterate than the first idiot I spoke with. I called several times today. I used to be a good customer always referring them to people but after this fiasco I am through.

asurion/replacement phone

This is the worst service ever. both sides are idiots and cant seem to communicate have had 3 phones sent to replace my phone none they send the proper phone . they want to keep jacking up my plan when they tell me they are not making regular phones sick of always been lied to. i have had insurance on this phone for over a year it malfunctioned they are suppose to replace it keeping my 4 lines for 100 but want to charge me 50 for one plan?? why if i ask for a regular phone and keep getting sent

I never had a problem with Metro besides the phone always freezes, but I can work with that. But every time I had bought a phone I always got my mail-in rebate money in the mail and now you guys are lagging it. I bought three phones and I am suppose to be receiving $150. When I called the company they told me that I was not even in the system to receive any money back. Then they asked me to fax them the receipts and upc codes to the phones that I purchased, so I did. More than three weeks already past and I still haven't heard from anybody from Metro. Come on people I need my money back.


Very upset with the lack of true long term care for customers. I purchased this phone/ I cannot drive safely because this phone will not voice dial from bluetooth earpiece. No staff knew about this and when they did NO ONE would accept the phone back or give me full credit for a phone with this feature. Voice dial is useless if you have to take your eyes off the road to press a buttom on the phone...If you want a long term customer then you must be a provider that thinks of its customers

Customer Service is lacking

Please teach your customer service staff how to handle a call. Teach them what a cell tower is and what a cell outage is. 3 days without cell service and it took a t-mobil tech to tell me that Metro's cell tower in my city was down. Really, Metro, Really? All I can say is there better be a credit on my account or there is more horrible reviews to come.

I purchased a new phone and service from Metro this week from the location at 10620 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218. I received excellent assistance from the sales person, Ivett Salazar. I am a senior citizen and needed more assistance in the decision making process and set up process than the usual customer. Ivett was so knowledgeable and helpful and she was so kind and patient with me. She listened to me carefully and after thoughtful consideration, she helped me to make the perfect choices for my new phone. This was my first experience with MetroPCS and it was superior. I will recommend Metro, specifically Ivett, to all my friends. I am thrilled that I changed from ATT IPhone to the Metro service and smart phone. Thank you Metro!!!

I Love Metro!!!!

your service sucks, the security sucks, anybody can call in and change your service, i am switching and hiring an attorney

This is the worst phone service that I have ever had. My phone will not work stating that the mobile phone service is not available. This is the 4th time this month my phone has done that. I call customer service to fix the problem, neither knew what they were doing and very rude. Then I try to get corporate number to complain and no one has the number. How is that? Metro should do better than that. With all the money we spend with this service you would think that they would have betyer customer service reps. Wish there was another phone service that bettet than metro pcs.

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