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Wire bras

Why do all my wire come out my bras please tell me I pay to much money for them and not even a month the wire come out. #moneybackplease

worst retail I've ever come across.

Never have I gone to work for a company so low in standards, with 4+ "managers" there's no communication!? Treated and called a liar?! Really? No way to run a business...no way to treat employees. You have managers at your coconut point store (fort Myers fl) that seem to think they are above laws that are strategically placed to protect employees, not to treat them as they feel. I shall never return to a lane Bryant store and neither shall my friends and family after I spread the word, you have some bad press to clean up now. Haha

The emporer had no clothes

I am really tired of everything in the store being made of cloth that is so thin that toilet paper would offer more coverage. And if it is not thin, it is back to the days of 100% cotton with 100% wrinkles. If no one else will say it, I will. The thin clothing on a plus size woman strips her of all dignity. Every lump, bump and pock of cellulite shows through. Sure - with tops you can go to an additional expense and add the camisoles, dealing with one more layer and another set of straps. I am not buying it. You are not the only store, but I am shocked that that is all your stores offer.


At the Novi, Michigan store. They are allowing a man to sit in the dressing room by the 3 way mirror which I use to check the back. When I mentioned it they say they always let a man sit there. I'm sorry that should not be. I always come out to look in the mirror, especially when trying on bras. If u want us to shop there I would not allow this. I was totally shocked. That is a ladies dressing room.

discount or not?

Online purchase arrived after two weeks found one of the items in store before order arrived, attempt to replace item of equal value to no avail....in store and online operators insist that replacement must be at the discounted price without offering back my discount card/I do not agree. In store purchase equal to nondiscount price was purchased but store charged tax on full price.....equal exchange cost me $5 !!!

Unfair show of models

I am a frequent lane bryant consumer. I love the clothes , the styles, and the help I get from your staff.I have even went do far as to having a lane bryant card.However when I see the catalog I get very angry. Lane bryant sell clothes up to size 28 yet never has a model in there catalog in the higher sizes. I feel as if they are ashamed of the much bigger women and only sell to that size for profit.

Cacique 5-Way Convertible Bra

I am requesting that the Cacique 5-Way Convertible Bra be brought back! It was the only bra in its category that had a perfect fit for numerous body types. Plunge bras - which you seem to be offering more of - are not practical! I honestly don't wish to spill out of my garments and accentuate a part of my body that needs no accentuation! Please bring back this full-coverage bra! There is a demand for this bra! Read the feedback!


Hi, I'm Lizzy. I'm a teenager from michigan 14 years old. And I honestly feel that lane Bryant should let teens model some of the clothes in the stores. One reason being when I go in there I'm always excited because I know I will always find something that fits!!! And in a lot of other stores I wouldn't be able to do that. Also apt of girls my age and my size would be more persuaded to go into the stores if they knew that the store had clothes that would fit them nicely, and that they would like. I really think that the store should consider teens modeling some of the stores clothes in their magazines and in billboards to reach out to bigger sized girls and let them know that the store is for all ages not just adult women.

I'm a regular at the lane bryant store in riverdale and I love all the girls that are employed they help me we conversate I've known them for a whole but I noticed there's new managers and I don't like the way my girls are apoken to infront of customers sometimes ..if u have to give constructive criticism or correct them on their wrongs it should not be in front of customers to embarrass their associates ! Nor should managers be telling their associates do stuff for them while they are just on the floor on personal calls like if us customers don't hear conversations

No bathrooms for customers

I live in Houston Tx and love shopping at Lane Bryant. It's really irritating that they want you to shop with them but some stores Won't let you use the bathroom. I just left the Conroe outlet store, and they told me I had to Go to the other side of the mall to use a restroom. That doesn't sound very customer friendly. I won't be going there again. Good way to lose more customers lane Bryant. Other merchants have restrooms for their customers, so why Should I shop with you. Unhappy customer forced to shop elsewhere.

Customer Service

Thank you for flowing through with your responding to my phone call today. I was receiving unwanted text messages. I am size 8, so I had no need of your fine products. Both men that I spoke to were kind and very gracious to regarding meeting my issue. I applaud them both. I will recommend women to your store. Thank you, Carole Scheiner

Manager who hates the Fashion Bug card

At the Holyoke mall location in Massachusetts, I dread going there, but because I have a credit account with Fashion Bug and my card works there, I use it. The manager is a real mundane witch that always gives me an attitude if I use my Fashion Bug card. I know they're gone out of business or whatever but it's still valid and as long as it's valid, better believe I'm going to use it. The employees are nice when she's not there, but when she's around, everyone is as uptight and monotone as she is. No idea why. When I do returns with her and she sees I use the Fashion Bug card and gives me a five minute attitude about it, complete with eye rolls and groans. Like, really? There are other things in life to be upset about. It's not like the store loses money if I use the FB charge. The store would be so much more productive if she wasn't there.

Horrible Customer Service

I placed an order and had it shipped to my local LB store because it is on my route to and from work. UPS damaged the package in shipping and lost all of my items. No one contacted me to let me know. I called to find out how they were going to handle this and was told they would refund my order and then I could reorder them with the same discount I had originally used. 4 days later I still hadn't received a refund so I called back and was told it still wasn't worked on by the manager. Later I get an email saying they were refunding me an amount that was $20 less than I paid them. At this point I filed a claim with PayPal. I also sent a strongly worded email to them, which has yet to receive a response. Tonight I received an e-gift card for an amount that STILL doesn't equal what I paid when added to what I was told would be refunded. After another call I was told they sent the refund to PayPal and would refund the amount of the gift card. PayPal says there has been no refund sent. At this point I am LIVID. I just want my money back so I can go to a company that actually cares about its customers.


I recently used the bathroom at the Lane Bryant in Riverdale mall in Andover Mn a nice suburb of MPLS. Lets just put it this way. Most gas station bathrooms are cleaner. And then there wasn't even soap to wash my own hands with. Ish

No Answer

I need to make an exchange. I do what any normal person would do, call the store to see if they have the item in which I am needing for the exchange before driving 30-45 minutes to the store location. I called the store in Spring, TX and The Woodlands Mall and NOT ONE PERSON from either store has picked up the phone in TWO DAYS!!! Yes, I am calling during regular business hours! And this is after I had to go on a HUNT for their numbers as they are incorrect on-line. I called the corporate office in which they told me they would try contacting the stores and having someone get back to me. One thing I do not appreciate is poor customer service and wasted time! I am returning the bras and going to an establishment that appreciates my business and respects my time! -Lydia

Wish I had read the reviews before shopping at Lane Bryant

While on vacation in Hilton Head, SC in May, I purchased several items at the Lane Bryant outlet store in Bluffton. When I returned home to Virginia, I realized that one of the items is too much like several things I had at home. Beause they do not allow outlet items to be returned to retail stores, I mailed the sweater, the original receipt, and a letter of explanation to the Bluffton store 2-1/2 weeks later. Three weeks later, they mailed my entire package back to me with no explanation whatsoever. As far as I am concerned, this was not simply terrible customer service--it was deliberately insulting. I will never purchase another thing from Lane Bryant. and will share my experience with as many people as possible, including online.

There is an account with 3 Credit Bureau;s from Lane Bryant that has posted. I have never been in Lane Bryants in my life, nor have I ever had an account with Lane Bryant. I would like this investigated and removed immediately.


Can you please explain why your designers use horizontal lines vs. vertical lines??? Why do you want to expand the bust, waist and hips? You are not getting a complimentary look and emphasizing what most people are trying to conceal.

Unfair business dealings

I have had this account 7 years. My husband was in the hospital, Northwest Medical in north broward county, Florida. The medication and copays have added up to a lot. I sent you on time all I could. Now because of a shortfall of $9- you want to fine me $80. I am not going to pay $80 for the $9 and I do not have the resources to pay you any more. If you continue to unreasonable, I may walk away and forget the whole problem I am behind with all my bills now and can use a little help. A little generosity by your company would be a very big help. God bless you! Maxine.

Another female shopper felt the need for her boyfriend/spouse to babysit her while she tried on clothes. My experience with was Lane Bryant was so embarrassing..The staff allowed a man to be in the dressing room area. I asked if this was common prarctice and their attitude was like "lady' thats what the seats are for. Can you imagine how difficult it was to try on under garments and a disucss personal sizes while a man set just outside my door??? I will never be a Lane Bryant customer ever, sorry....your staff was curteous but was very iinconsiderate.

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