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nobody home

I spent 16 minutes on hold trying to purchase a gift card. I just left a message with corporate office. We will see if they return my call. Also tried to call store. What does a person have to do to spend money with Ikea??????


Never ever again would I spend money in IKEA. I would rather have red hot needles in my eyes than go there again. How come the lowest rating is just 'bad'?

Worst customer Service Ever

I have never experienced the incompetence that I have been dealing with before. The bed frame I purchased came without two essential boards and then after two full weeks to get the proper pieces, I realized that the frame pieces were mix-up with king pieces as well as the full pieces I ordered. Trying to get help to fix the problem has been more than a night mare. I would never order from this company again. Once you purchase your item you are on your own if something is wrong. They say they have a support center. . . what a joke.

Terrible service assembly and delivery Ikea Singapore

Ever since Ikea spore outsourced the assembly and delivery to a subcontractor, the ikea brand name has dropped. The subcontractor Poh Tiong Logistics is unprofessional on top of being extremely focused in milking the customer for every cent. The delivery personnel are often rude and inflexible. Please refer to Ikea singapore's Facebook and you can see the number of people angry with Ikea.


I really do not understand IKEA. They claim to be customer friendly but in their store in Bangkok, the staff demand that you have to buy your own milk for your tea. Its simply outragous and its TOTAL discrimation aimed at the world of tea drinkers. What have tea drinkers done to deserve such punishment. Clearly IKEA don't care. All they want is your money with ZERO customer service and 100% discrimination towards drinkers of tea. AWFUL !!!!!

Extremly Bad Service

The question is how important are the clients for Ikea? Since April 8, 2014 begins the nightmare with Ikea@ Carolina, Puerto Rico. These stores don’t have rating for Customer Satisfaction Service.

Worst cu service ever

Wait 3 hours for somebidy to replace a missing piece in my new bunk bed

wrong item delivered

Ikea sends the wrong item. Does nothing to help you straighten it out. leaves you on the phone for ever. . I wound up calling my credit card company to dispute the charge. I would be happy to work with them but they do nothing


Ikea customer service is the worst. I have been trying to get an issue resolved since 3/2/14 and customer service has not been helpful. I will never buying from them again.

overall Ikea

I cant understand all the negative about Ikea we are on our 2ND kitchen and have had furniture in every room of our 2 houses and never had a problem they have a great system that you can wash and change colors on some furniture and you can add to some pieces and create a totally different layout. I have and will continue to shop at their stores

Worst Customer Service Ever

Checked to see if my item was in stock before driving to the Ikea store. Grabbed one box for the chest of drawers. Cashier rung it up and said I was missing a box. I paid for the item, then was directed to go get the second box for the item. The second box was not in stock. Was told that I had to wait in the return line to return my item for a refund because they refused to ship the second part of the item to my home. The return line had over 50 customers waiting in it. Had to wait 30 minutes to speak to manager to see if they could process the refund without forcing me to wait in line, since it was their mistake anyway. Manager was not in the least bit apologetic. This is the last time that I will shop at Ikea. It is worth spending the extra money to shop at a place who is more organized and better understands customer service.

Ikea Installations

I more or less recently completed my second Ikea kitchen and I will tell the second one was a nightmare and I still have outstanding issues from the first one over a year ago. I am going to put all this together in a Word document and will post same here when complete. We are looking at doing a third kitchen but we are not looking at Ikea.

The Worst Service Ever!

This has been my worst buying experience ever. The service sucks, the employees don't know what the heck they are doing and customer service care less. The merchandise is of low quality. I don't recommend this medicocre brand to anyone!

Ikea Brooklyn - The Horror!

Everything is out of stock! Employees are useless. Everything is self help but the employees stand around doing nothing but forming a circle laughing and gossiping. Lines are terrible. On Nov 19 approx 12pm line 12 was at such a standstill that I got off the back off the line and was taken care of in twenty minutes on another. Why is this store opened with nothing in it?!

Cabinet installers

Two cabinet installer companies in Atlanta that I have been involved with are very substandard in their lack of attention to detail and general sloppiness of their installations. These companies seem to have a very cozy relationship with IKEA Atlanta. They are Regents Renovation Company and Rock Star Company. If you want top quality work, do not use these installers.

ripping people off

we brought a micro wave oven and a full kitchen last spring. the microwave oven door handle is braking loose from the door and had cracked the door from inside the door were it is attached . also if you use the stove to boil anything and then use the microwave it makes a shorting sound . i called for a service man to look at the microwave . on the morning of the service call. he called and told me that the only thing covered by the warranty is the matron and only labor not parts. then he said didn't you read the warranty . ia going to try to call corp headquarters.

Impossible to contact Ikea

Signed and paid for consultation, later called and canceled and was given a cancelation # that was 45 days ago got statement from Visa today and still no credit. Went through their elaborate phone defense system that keeps anyone from contacting them only to wind up with a phone ringing and no one answering , this happened twice . Just spent $8,700 with Ikea hope I didn't make a mistake. Going to call Visa and DISPUTE the charge maybe then they will come out of their shell and contact me.

Former Ikea client

Have purchased many things from the ikea in West Chester, OH. Love the store! Love the Employees! Returns and exchanges great! On Floor Customer Service wonderful! I have recently moved to Raleigh, NC. Closest store Charlotte. Decided to try online. MADE first ONLINE purchase in June. Arrived damaged. Have made FIVE calls to service number and corporate number. First call delivery day, I was to send email pic of damage to get call from them. I did. No call. I called them, told pick up on Tuesday. Stayed home all day, no pick up. I called, told fedex would send note in mail regarding a pick up time. Still no note from Fedex, called corporate number. Told just answering service, someone woild get back to me within 24 hours. Still not picked up. Ikea still has my money hostaged! It has now been 20 days! I am told even when picked up the item must get to them, be looked at, then after ten more days I will get my money back! Looks like I'm going to need to dispute charge with cc company to get my money!


I bought a wardrobe from IKEA recently. The wardrobe I wanted to buy was a DOMBAS 5 shelf wardrobe. The ONLY Dombas product online was the 5 shelf wardrobe. Wanting to double check I went to the local IKEA and the ONLY Dombas product they had on display was the 5 shelf wardrobe. I looked at the tag and went to the aisle and bin specified. I bought the wardrobe, brought it home, and assembled it. Only three shelves were included. I called customer service and they told me the wardrobe only comes with 3 shelves. I told them they had no such product on display, online or in store. To sum it up, they said "too bad" If you expect to get what you paid for, don't shop at IKEA. P.S. the quality is cheap as well. I decided to not go through the hassle and use it because the price was not worth the extra trip to IKEA. I will never be shopping there again.

Fabric for furniture

Love the quality of fabric for furniture and the design of fabric. Why can't you offer it by the yard in stores. The fabric you do offer looks like a few joints were smoked and From that came the god awful designs Please I want to purchase the furniture fabric by the yard I live in Southern California

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