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Most Awful Experience Ever!

Hi me and my four kids rented a car from vegas where we live .When we got to Barstow a cop pulled us over informing us that we had no rear license plate lights.We couldn't drive anymore that night ,We tryed through out the whole city to get a hotel .They were having a convention .We had to sleep in the vehicle!


There sure is a lot more complants then good things said here, I wonder if the employees are writing the good reviews, because Hertz is the worst. I wrote a bad review and it never showed up. Were is it?

Your service is the worst

Third posting, will this one show? Do not rent from these people!!!!!!!

dirtyest car in town

Just rented one in couer d lane , id at the airport. Not only was the car filthy on the outside and full of trash on the inside, the jerk who pulled the car planeside stated he just ckeaned it! Next time i will go with a better company.

Very Bad Service

They used our card when we did not authorize them too. And could not get any help,what good is it to use customer service

Don't bother

We rented a car from these people and were over charged by $600, and they refused to admit their mistake. This was the worst I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, stay away. They claimed it was returned an hour late and we didn't fill the gas tank back up.


I will never rent a car from Hertz again. They change quotes and rates on you without your knowledge or consent. I was quoted one price over the phone I go to check out im paying 50 dollars more. Called the customer service dept no manager was on duty, received a call 2 days later from a senior rep. What a joke. Im writing a letter to all the executives to let them know how displeased I'am. For this to be a billion dollar company they suck.

Over-charged big time!!

I was charged for insurance and declined on the contract. My warranty was suppose to cover car rental and it was charged to me. The rental agents in Latham are the rudest people I have ever encountered. I am disputing the charges on my credit card.I will NEVER use Hertz!!!!

Terrible Support

Hertz made a mistake on our billing and charged us triple the cost of the car. When we called their support and asked for a supervisor we were told there isn't any available and we had to wait for five days for a return call. We have enough money for two additional days in the hotel and then we dont know what will happen. Stay away from this company at all costs


The hurtz in Albuquerque NM is the worst company i have ever delt with.. After being rear ended a state farm agency made me go through Hurtz to get a rental car while mine was being fixed. My husband took my car back and the lady named Sarah told my husband to go to the gas station and put 10.00 of gas. so my husband did. when he came back an ignorant man told him they were going to charge us 18.00 for two gallons of gas. my husband said we has no more money in our account and the man told him that his company has the power to over draft my account which was false. I tried for three days to get a hold of a manager and was unable to do so. whrn my husband was walking out the door a worker had the nerve to say yay.


My experience with hertz was one of the most awful i have ever had. The people were so rude and i was not able to talk to a manager for three days!. They threatend my husband with false information about over drafting our account. As well as yelled yay as he was leaving! please never use this company for a car rental. This was in albuquerque NM.


Hertz Rental is currently charging me $124.00 per day since my rental car was returned and not offering any reason why. It has cost me almost $700.00 to rent their cheapest car for THREE days. I understand if this is a mistake, but any kind of warning or contact (or a stop for the charges) from them would be very helpful. If I would've known I was going to be charged $700.00 for three days I would've rented a Ferrari..not a Ford Fusion.


Recently had a business trip to San Diego. Confirmation in hand but there were no vehicles available. Spent 2 hours driving around to three different sites, the Hertz driver got lost trying to find one of the agencies. When that agency was closed, apparantly the clerk quit the driver was going to leave me there! After I requested she bring me to the second site I had to wait for a car and then found myself behind others that had no reservation and mine was two weeks earlier. To add insult to injury, the manager told me I had to leave the premises while they went to lunch, so I stood outside for an hour with all my luggage when they took lunch! REALLY?

Customer service

I really I don' t know what I'm say my insurance company they rent a car and I have full coverage in my insurance but hertez employ they chating to me he did'nt tell me clearly and then he add to another coverage he took the advantage from me so that is un fair that is poor customer service but I will fight to he have return my money and I thalk to my low eyre we will see.

crap customer service

Calling 800 654 4173 is such a headache, been trying to get an old receipt for insurance purposes, since the original receipt was incorrect, for 6 weeks now every time I call the hold time is ridiculous, they do not help and apparently no upper management is available. Today I was on hold for 15 min finally spoke to someone just for them to put me back on hold and then cold transfer me to a hertz at an international airport. Never doing business again with a company that has such crappy customer service

Hertz hurts!

I rented a car from hertz recently and i never will again, they failed to give me my $200 deposit on time. How unbelievably inconvenient is that? The representative I spoke with was rude and did not hear me out, kept talking over me, and had she stopped talking for 2 seconds, all I needed to know was the last things she said. I had to wait nearly 2 weeks to receive my deposit! Do not go to hertz to rent a car unless a $200 deposit is chum change to you.


I've been a long time and loyal Hertz customer but no more. After many attempts to correct a problem, I've given up and will transfer all business travel to competition. No one is to blame except Hertz upper management for the complacency and incompetence that now exists in its corporation compared to previous years. Certainly the poorest customer service I've ever encountered as a business traveler. I'm never coming back.

rip off

We rented a car from hertz and the employee parked the car so close to a building that when my boyfriend went to pull straight out his vision was blocked by a brick wall...mind you he was pulling onto a 4 lane road...when he started to pull out the back end scraped the building the employee parked the car next to...they say he has to pay for scratch on the car he never made it out of the parking lot...plus they told him the car needs to be returned with a full tank of gas even though the car wasn't full when he got

Poor Customer Service

I will never use Hertz again. Their cancellation policy is really bad. Over 60% in fees of the original cost!

horrible customer service, imporoper charges

I am SO disappointed in the service received by Firefly Rental Car Co., a subsidiary of Hertz in Orlando airport. I wish I had read these reviews before I rented with them. Actually, I had no idea Hertz owned Firefly until I needed help. It took 5 days, 5 different managers and ultimately the threat of my lawyer calling before the issue was resolved. The car got towed for parking - apparently illegally with 15 other cars, several of which were rentals (which is a totally separate issue). I can share more details if anyone wants, but I just put out there CONSUMER BEWARE!!!

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