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warranty violations

HP is sending all calls to a contractor outside the United States located in Canada making a mockery of violating consumer right to warranty under the law and as advertised timely.

hp junk

i buy i hp tuch laptop in april 2014 it works good for the frist month buy it at best buy when back there and was told to call hp i did the ask me to send in in i did got it back its the same problem now when i call i have been put on hold getting the run around been waitting one a box with a lable for ove five week to send it back still have not got it i would never tell any one to buy hp they dont care about us customer

LapTop recall

I have recently had a keyboard issue with my HP Pavillion g series notebook. I took the notebook to a reputable repair shop that Office Depot recommended. The technician informed me that there had been a recall on that particular model for motherboard and keyboard problems.I have been trying to talk to a HP representative for several hours over the course of two days. When I do talk to a live human, they can't help me, or they reconnect me to the wrong department. Some of them will not even try to help,they just say "I can't help you with that and I don't know the correct number. This has been the most frustrating issue I have ever tried to deal with. I have purchased at least 4 HP laptops and PC's but never again! I am writing this review on a HP right now, but when it's gone, my next one will be something besides a HP !!!!

customer service/techs - most of them stink

I just wrote a review about new products I received - wireless keyboard & wireless mouse. I have noticed your tech/customer service is falling apart - maybe they are not trained well. I cannot understand some of them, & have to ask them what they said. This complaint is about some of the techs/customer service. It has gone downhill since I bought my first products from you. I am really fed up!

inept employees

I have now been on the phone over two hours, getting passed around, forwarded to incorrect departments, hung up on, etc. The service this company provides is absolutely horrendous. I wouldn't buy anything from HP if my life depended on it. They are terrible!!!

HP Photsmart 7520

Wow!!! What a piece of junk!!! Bought this after having a previous HP which I must say was wonderful. This printer has been a problem before the year was up and still on going. They should at least give you a two year warranty but understand why they do not. THEY DO NOT LAST ONE DAY AFTER THE WARRANTY!!!

going to YOUTUBE to installing printerson wins 8

The techs I spoke were polite but not terribly informed on the information I needed to know...so between 10 being the best and 1 being the worst I will have to give a 3 rating.......


Purchased an $1100.00 Spectre ultrabook. Contacted Online Tech "CHAT" with a tech. The chat window told me to wait two minutes while a tech analyzed my question. An hour later there STILL was no tech online or any response from the chat dialog. PATHETIC!! Ms Whitman had best hire a customer service professional. Then a Tech Support professional. We will discontinue our relationship with HP if this is how they treat Premium Enterprise customers.

HP Laptop 2000

Never bye HP laptop . This is the worst computer in the world and the tech. support is from India so imagine that . I'm trying to solve a problem for a month now and it's not happening . Every one is asking a lots of questions but problem is not solved. There is no customer service and warranty doesn't exist ! So they are doing business by simply lying . Never ever buying anything from HP.

customer complaint

I was given a special phone number for handicapped persons with the assurence there would be no cost for help. Guess what - the guy knew less than me! There is no door on the model M1212nfMFP. If this is the best assistance you can get - tech support wants $30 for a one time help - do you really think I'd ever say anything good about your product? I'm 85 - a very recent widow and just disgusted with your company. Social media sites are apparently a very good way to get the message out about HP service!

Discusting Customer Service

I NEVER in my 63 years had such terrible customer service trying to get $33 speakers replaced under warranty. I spent 5 hours on the phone a few weeks ago thinking everything was straight after the warranty issue was straightened out.... HA HA I then started getting emails to supply warranty info. I did and have never heard from them again. I have now been transferred at least 100 times and have gotten NOWHERE. I am so sick of HP that I will NEVER buy another one of their products.

Stars for service

Why DO people give HP 5 stars when they are complaining about the crappy service. Your rating is 1.6 stars only because of these morons. Your rating for service should be MINUS 5 stars. Is there a CEO there who even cares about customer service? Obviously not as there seems to be No one who is anywhere satisfied. Why does HP Pay all of these peoples salaries when all they do is pass people on to the next person who says "sorry you have reached the wrong place" and then they do the same thing. Bring HP service back to the US before you go down the tubes...


Customer service representative passed the buck...claims that HP has no programs for product credit when purchasing a new computer or monitor; this is only done with printers. I am a lifetime customer of HP and really have had no success with customer service through your company on a repetitive basis. With all the publicity steering consumers to Apple claiming product and service superiority; I would think HP would be more inclined to better customer retention and support since your rating are in the toilet at a 1.2 at present.


hi my name is emanuel im an hp customer i bought a computer from hp and had problems with it and had to ship it to them they foud lot s of things wrong so the sent me and new computer and ihad problems with it to so now im playing there waiting game to getthe computer back


Hp has the worse service ever. I have an envy x2, $700 and it worked a good 3 months. I have spoken to technical support 5 times about the same problem. They will not let me speak to a supervisor, but insist on me staying on the phone while they analyze the problem. I AM DONE! This is blatant disrespect to me as a customer. Not to worry, just as I jumped ship from Dell when that used off-shore service, it's easy to do w/ HP... nonsense.


I have a touchsmart computer that has been back to HP 5 times within 1.5 years. I quite using the machine because it has only worked 3 months so far. The case managers are incompetent and have failed to replaced the unit with a new touchsmart. I am working with a Registered Agent. I would not recommend a HP to anyone

Bad Support

Purchased a new Laptop and it came with an aps icons. One of the aps was not compatible and gave me an error. I called HP support and they wanted to charge me 69 dollars help me with a brand new laptop out the box. I will never purchase an HP product as long as im alive. Poor business practice!

5510 printer

their printers suck!!! year and a half and my printer doesn't print black boycott HP until they improve their products. never buy HP again!!!

Don't buy 8600 Printers

I have the 8500 printer. It stopped working after 18 months. It was in a clean environment and low production use. The help desk is in India, the only suggestion was to offering buying a new printer. So I have a useless $250 printer, now HP wants me to invest another $250 in a new printer. I talked to repair shops indicating my printer could not be fixed and websites indicate this was common failing. The HP Help desk is really a sales desk they either are trying to buy a maintenance contract or new equipment. The Supervisor are powerless to help. They work off a script and will not deviant. HP was always my first choice in printers. I going to go with brothers -- some of those printer come with a 3 year warranty.

HP Printer

My home HP Printer, HP OfficeJet 4500 quit after a little over a year. The printer has used less than a reem of paper. HP suggests for $$$ just buy a new one. Tried executive complaints, funnyexecutive are India, that's where I get transferred!!! HP service sucks, HP printers suck! Don't buy HP. For $$$ I do not have to go to HP, I'd rather spend it elsewhere!

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