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We been going to Bob Evans for years and they've been going downhill for years. Most go to anymore are filthy! Think they need better management and training for their help and clean the places up!

check out bob evans in Jackson mi. the worst ever --very bad

Worst service EVER!!!

I ordered on line from the Montgomery, Oh store at 6:40 and the conformation said my order would be ready at 7:05, got there at 7 and at 7:45 I finally got my order!! Then had to go back in because they had forgot something. I will never go back to this location!!! An hour to wait on a family meal and all the manager said was sorry!!!


Disappointed-no refill of drink, no strawberrys for pancake special-had to change order-no butter given with breakfast and had to go to counter to get-requested sample of strawberry sweet tea-given as I was leaving, just tasted like ice water with very little taste added-ordered a brownie at checkout-(given a peanut butter brownie behind display-fine but only wanted regular-luckily could eat peanut butter, didn't know until in car)


I got meatloaf at the piqua ohio be 40214 thought meatloaf tasted funny cut it open in the middle and it was raw. I would expect that from another place but not here. Wish i could send you a picture of it.


Belton Bob Evans.Sat. 1/18/2014 we went for breakfast seated at 9:10, ordered food at 9:20 ok so far.10:00 we started asking where our food was. Managers got involved 10:25 no results .Belton Mo. Bob Evans won't see me or my family again,or anyone else I can tell them of my experience.

Gift cards

For the second year I have had to purchase my gift cards for family from other restaurants. BE no longer offers with the purchase of a certain amount a bonus card. I don't need more cookies! SOME SPECIAL. I always took the bonus cards because they helped extends gifts. I asked last year for corporate to be aware that we want the original gift card special at Christmas back. I would rather buy Bob Evans than Brios and other restaurants that still offer bonus cards that help me financially stretch my dollars. I am very disappointed. I always spend at least $400 on cards!

Consistently good food

Reviewing Defiance ohio Bob Evans... Consistently good food and friendly service... BUT sometimes the hostess makes everyone wait even though There are many available tables...not a good practice...

Poor Service store #0463

We ordered Wednesday our Thanksgiving meal(Ham dinner-baked sweet potato-applesauce-2two rolls #2 Country Fried Steak-mashed potato-country gravy-bana nut bread.To picked up @1:00PM.Arrived 10 mins. early.The order was so messed up.Was told they were not doing the steak, no baked sweet potato.wanted to add 2 slices of pie But did not get them..So upset signed for the order and left.Very upset!!


Visited the Bob Evans location on Ford Road in Canton, Michigan yesterday. Not only was the restaurant pristine clean (including the bathroom), the wait staff was prompt and friendly and the food hot, fresh and very good. It was a wonderful lunch from beginning to end. I never comment on restaurants, but was so impressed, I wanted to share.

Tomato Basil Soup

What did you do with the Tomato Basil, its fall and winter here and you took off the best soup ever and replace it with chili.(nasty) I don't know who thought up the burgers meat but its awful with bad surprises in the meat. If you want to do away with a soup get rid of cream of broccolli it smell badly.


Recently I was at the Dearborn resturant location I was very disappointed that I waited nearly 45 minutes for my food only to have it ice cold when it did arrived. I will never visit another Bob Evans or recommend them to anyone. I got u and walked out, I didn't receive any apology or anything from management.

Supporting Bigotry?

I was very dismayed to see Bob Evans listed among the sponsors of the Greene County Fair where a picture of the Ku Klux Klan won first prize in the Antique pictures category. Glorifying the Klan is not something I can agree with. If Bob Evans has no problem with this then I have made my last visit to a Bob Evans


Went to the Harrisonburg, Va. (# 0402) location this AM (7/31/2013) for Breakfast, arriving at 7:35 am. Waitress was very nice and accommodating. However, we were 1 Customer to late to order and receive the Menu item WAFFLES. We were told we just ran out of mix. Others were eating them and while we did stay and order other meals there were others that were told the same, including 1 table near us that got up and left because of not having any more. I feel there was little or no excuse for this that early after opening. Other then this disappointment, all was good. I do frequent this location, but was really concerned and will think about this before visiting again. Not all places have Waffles, but there is a IHOP a few Streets away.


I went to the Bob Evans in Jackson, Ohio and ordered breakfast with an extra egg and when the order came and I mentioned it to the waitress, she said "Oh Well". Her name was Frankie, she was very rude and out spoken. I wasn't the least impressed with with Bob Evans and I have eaten at many of your establishments from Ohio to West Virginia. Also I have started eating the hash browns instead of your home fries, cause they are never done and hard....if you ask to get them done, they come out burnt and that has always been the case. I actually thought I had a good restaurant in Jackson, Ohio with Bob Evans being here but realized I don't, service is terrible and food isn't the best.

Location Leffel Lane Springfield Ohio

Needs attention from corporate!! Bathrooms were filthy, service was poor front door windows dirty. No apparent manager on site. I can only imagine what the kitchen looked like!!!

The breakfast was good but i felt the ad for $5 family -size , soups,salads & sides each serves 4 was misleading, it shows quart size containers and chicken salad was included but I did not get that size

Skimmpy Dinner Salads

At the Brunswick, Ohio bob Evans, I have ordered many dinner cobb salads, and THEY ALL ARE VERY SKIMPY. When I ask for more the manager says he has to CHARGE MORE, what for lettuce? Yet at other Bob Evans, the salads are quite big and looks better too. If it wasn't for the gas prices I would go to another Bob Evans. So I am getting tired of this Bob Evans and I will t go to the numerous other places to eat.

Never again

One year ago I went to your Streetsboro, OH location with family. Everyone received their meals except me. After 30 minutes and everyone else being done eating their dinner, the waitress came out to "fix" the mistake. I left without eating dinner. I decided to give them another try this summer, having lunch with my two young daughters. I explained I was a vegetarian and wanted a salad without the chicken. They instead put bacon on it and I never saw my waitress again to tell her I could not eat my lunch. Once again I left without getting anything to eat. About 30 minutes after leaving the restaurant, my nine year old daughter who had ordered grilled cheese and a side salad became violently ill. She got food poisoning. NEVER AGAIN!!

Very upset!!!!!!!!

My man n I came from outta state for his job and went to the Bob Evans in Huntington Indiana and after a 45 min wait, with people that came in after us received beautiful plates of food we received horrible food!!!!! Hashbrowns were potatoe chips and the ten dollar steak was very well done when was asked for med rare to rare side!!!!! Horrable discusting food and cook line. Poor waitress " Ducky" deserved a tip not comping the whole thing. The cooks at this astabishment should be fired!! Will not go back! Absolutetly horrible!!

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