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stay out of this bank............. dont give your money to theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Worst bank ever!!! -5* Deposited check from chase 01/21/2014 for now don't have money (990$) BOA said check returned as fraudulent , but Chase has cleared check ok and money gone to BOA!!!! BOA never contacted Chase about suspicious check!!!

"Sorry, How can I not help you?"

"Sorry, How can I not help you?" should be the logo for BOA. from the bottom all the way to the top is the same word Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!, and you still get no where! I am SORRY I ever gave them a part of my great business.

Customer NO service

I wouldn't even give them on star, however that's the lowest rating I could give them. When you call customer service all you get is what they Can't do for you. They are the WORST when it comes to customer service!

Fee charges

Bank charges fees w/o authorization saying you use the service at some time or the other. Never used the service.

Worst bank and customer service

This bank has the worst customer service of any bank I have ever dealt with. I look to do my business elsewhere

Past Due almost 1 Yr.

I have read some reviews on people pleading not to take their home while my ex spouse hasn't madea single payment since Mar.2013 My ex spouse is over $7,000.00 dollars on the mortgage. I have bad credit. You almost for closed in 2012. My ex spouse paid a lump sum, made a couple of payments and now behind. I have bad credit. The court can't do anything since my divorce. MY EX IS LIVING FOR FREE!! Must be nice.


I very upset, I just opened an account with them and I used the app to deposit my check and they are putting a hold on my money. Really? I could have just cashed it somewhere else and then deposited the check into my account. This is a waste of time and I am very upset about this situation

Joel did the best he could to solve my issue

Web Site

Impossible to manuver. Hours wasted trying to get same things done as previous comments. No one has the authority to correct problems. No one knows who is in charge of web site. Some people should be fired.

the worst ever to deal with

Bank Of America Suxks!

I just spent over 3.5 hours with Bank Of America on the phone needing simple business help to change a pay from account---and Bank of America is NOT helpful to solve issues both personal and for small business. If you are looking for a good bank----stay away from Bank of America!!

Credit card

I went to Bank of America to get an account which I probably shouldn't have done. I got the account on the 13th of December and as of now it is the 3rd of January and I still haven't received my credit card and nobody can tell me the truth as to why my card has not gotten to me. I'm starting to get really upset and it's not going to pretty and because I have been waiting this long for my card I could not do any Christmas shopping for my family or anything....what should I do about this....withdraw all my money from the account and drop it to go to chase or some other bank that is better?

You never want to do business with this bank, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrambled and disorderly processing and posting orders, money disappears from your account with no valid explanations given. That is THEFT!!!! Keep your money safe, AWAY FROM BANK of AMERICA!!!!!!

My business account

Now all of a sudden they don't give available cash now on a business account. As of the new year I will not be using BOA for my business or personal needs. When you have a simple question/answer that needs to be solved through your local bank and they can't give you the answer. It's time to close the accounts.

Best Bank

I have had some financial problems and BOA customer service has been there to help me, both in the office and on the phone. I have friends that use other banks and all they do is complain. I tell them to go over to BOA because there are the best.

Estate Settlement

Unable to receive date of death bank statements for our mother's estate, Even through our names are also on her accounts. The roadblock created by Bank of America's legal department is causing complications in filing the estate 1041 tax return. While the branch representative is very helpful the rest of this outfit is troublesome to do business with. I do not recommend Bank of America.

Mortage refinancing

If not for it's name BOA would be in th eheap pile along with so many others..Discrepancy in all information from initial contact, to agents, to supervisors to the Offices of the CEO and President no one seemed to know protocol for BOA customers and eligibility rules. Given misinformation same day by various branches that actually conflicted trying to get a refinancing loann 2 years and waited 3 months after a formal complaint with no resolution in site worthy to consider. I have been with this bank several decades with great dismay.

Vinyl "check covers"!

I'd almost grown accustomed to receiving additional check blanks minus the cover that always accompanied them. But I took advantage of your offer of free vinyl covers and ordered a couple.When I opened the very large, flat envelope that arrived today, it was eventually possible to locate two thin sheets of vinyl, designed, apparently to "cover" my checks. Shame!

Small Business Customer

Worst bank ever. I plan to close my bank account with this bank account. Please do not bank with this bank. Customer Service is horrible on every level branches and corporate. I left Chase becasue of this and they agreed to refund me the amount Bank of America Charged me if I come back and I am gone! I am glad I am rid of them.

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