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Great Allstate - saddens me

I have been with Allstate for many years. I have never had a bad or even semi bad experience. My agent and his staff are the best in dealing with any situation or questions which come their way from me. 5 star customer service. It is unfortunate people have had these experiences from a company I have not hesitated to recommended on many occasions. However I learned through research today this great company has signed on to encourage amnesty for illegals in this country. This saddens me a great deal and I believe it may be time to look elsewhere for insurance.

They were supposed to terminate someone elses ins. but instead terminated my two cars. I drove with no insurance un knowingly for several days. Until Fri. night when I got a refund check And fiqured what happened .They said they couldn't re- instate it. In order to drive over the wk. end I had to purchase a new policy.Which they charged me about $500. a yr. more for. to give me the same coverage THEY wrongly terminated.

dumb dumb

GET A REAL JOB and stop playing kids games.

TERRRRRRIBLE! cannot handle anything. doesn't care about anything. worst insurance company ive ever delt with

I Thought I was in good hands with Allstate?

My late husband & I have been with Allstate for at least 30+ years, insuring our vehicles and home and rental property. On July 26th when traveling on vacation in my new 2014 vehicle I had a car fire that destroyed my luggage and the rear of my car leaving it undriveable. So here I am hundreds of miles from home and abandoned by my insurance company! If it were not for AAA I don't know what I would have done. AAA helped me not Allstate. When putting in my claim they told me that my new vehicle was not on the insurance policy. My local agent did not enter it when called her to report the purchase. They further told me that I did not have rental coverage on my policy. So I could go on and on with this horror story but to make a long story short here I am on August 21st and still without a vehicle almost $1000 into rental charges (I cannot afford a rental any longer) and there has been nothing done on my car the auto body shop says they are waiting to hear back from Allstate. I wish I knew who I could talk to, to get this moving? I am a single woman who feels pretty much abandoned by my insurance company that I have trusted all these years. Abandoned in Gilroy

Unpaid bill

After having my truck totaled under a limited tort policy. Has now been almost 3 years I have been receiving a bill from collections. Allstate has told me they would take care of it numerous times. Have had policy for auto and homeowners since 1987. Sorry Allstate. But after this ordeal I am moving on!

Very unhappy

We have had this coverage for auto and homeowners insurance. We have always paid our premium monthly. All of a sudden our Mortgage company send All State premium. No one contacted us nor did it stop the auto draft . I have asked for the managers name and phone number for the billing department and can't get it. I just received a call from agent to give me phone number of the dispute department I feel that they should called me checking to make sure this is correct. No call no satisfaction

bad insurance

I had Allstate for 4years and is a nightmare every claim that I have goes through a fraud investigation the adjusters never returned the calls and they don't believe that Compton Ca is a high rate of crime since they think everyone can afford to live in the more expensive side of town


I received a check after filing a claim for a stolen and burned car.. The check was not able to be cashed until after seven days and was said to be a bad check by my bank. When I called the agent that processed the claim and asked him to forward the information to accounting department they never responded to me nor the banks request to send an imaging of the check so that the funds could be released. This has been a long drawn out process since 6/26. No one seems to care as long as they have a job and are receiving their check with no problem. Bad customer service and accounting

your in good hands?? bullshit

Got into an accident that wasn't my fault, the other party has Allstate. Yippee for me this has been the worst service I've ever had in my life all the people I talked to and including the body shop where the work was done. Allstate didn't fix my car, in fact, they caused more damage that I now am responsible for. It has been excuse after excuse and I'm very dissatisfied with them.


I was a customer for 25 years. My agent was charging me almost $400.00 more every 6 months than other companies. I changed, and am going to file a formal complaint against him.,

The worst coustormer service ever ! in toledo ohio can,t say anthin bad about allstate there been good but independant agent is the worst ever ! and to write and post a review ! what a joke


Very bad to handling the claim recently

Allstate customer service is non-existent, I only gave them one star because I couldn't select zero.

very rude personel

your texas agent Gregg Drott is very rude and his staff is very inexperienced. im appauled on how he handles his business and will never ever let any one go to him or allstate for any type of insurance.


I was an Allstate customer for 10 years, then I got fed up with customer service so I left, then no one could give me homeowners ins because they said I filed a claim. I called to check my roof after a bad storm but no damage was found, case closed. No one will give me insurance now because of that! Then when I questioned them about it, they had a strangers name on my policy that had filed a claim on their own policy but some how it was mixed up with mine. They still will not give me coverage! I will NEVER go back to Allstate! I never missed a payment!

on or about 10/2/2013 I went to my insurance agent and I ask for a print out of my polilcy history. She said she couldn't do that for me and she would have to get it from another offices. When I walked in she had just printied out something of the printer so I know it was working.. I ask her three times for a print out and she refused. I tkold her all she had to do was to move the icon over to the little printer and press it . she refused so I walked out. Next thing I heard and saw were the Raleigh Police heading to her offices. She call the police on me to set me up to get arrestied for notheing. Need an investigation by Allstate.

auto insurance

Allstate is VER GOOD at collecting the premiums but forget about customer service


we are new homeowners in lithia florida. we live in fishawk community. after having insurance for one month, Allstate increased our premium because they did not get outside picture of the roof. I called to explain they should take a pic, were live less than 2 minutes by foot. Their excuse is we live in gated community! LOL!! gate has been open everyday, due to ongoing construction. Never had a problem with any insurance co. for 40 years.

An Allstate rep called and was told on the phone that major changes were happening to my life insurance policy by 08/12/2013. They eanted to personally come to my home and explain the changes. I received nothing in writing. If this is a scam we need more comments from others. I know I need to receive something in writing. I am presently calling the state licensing board in Pa for more info.

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