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donations to Planned Parent

your donations to Planned parent hood that is in violation of the law regarding selling human baby parts has caused us NOT ever use you as a company again.

rate increase

This rate increase is unacceptable. Why am I being penalized once again. Agent advised this entire zone is being increased due to a rise in claims. Isn't this why we pay insurance in the first place. Your company has a net asset in the millions, yet the blue collar worker has to keep paying higher rates.

Claim not paid

We used Allstate for years and i had an acccident in January 2013. I had to go to the doctor. They paid me what they thought my car was worth but never paid on my doctor bill. I'm still trying to get in touch with them to this day and cannot get a response from anyone.

rates skyrocket

Oddly enough my agent seems to be con-vinced that Im only paying $70 a month even though I got a bill for $108.00 a month and dropped coverage.I asked it II get any kind of refund and now its denial time.I think you need an internal audit as it sounds a lot like insurance fraud to me by employees at allstate.

home coverage

Poor service. Allstate pays adjusters to drive around and not pay us for wht needs to be paid for. They lye the way out of paying out a claim.

Allstate sucks

They do not want to pay out money but they like to collect it.


They made our premiums go up when they wanted to. Called them to discuss policy they kept saying will call back but never did....so If your thinking about this insurance company think twice

flood web sight unworkable

i have tried for months to set up at myallstatefllod.com for months, have had sveral scurity codes, each taking weeks to get by mail. it won't take the codes, or passwords i was given by phone. could not get a supervisior. very poor service. an elderly person could not manage this site!


cancelled on 17th still took my money on 22nd trying to get my money back was a nightmare what a run around still fighting with them I was referred to 4 different numbers al lautomated no one would make any effort to get this reversed am headed to my bank hope they wont charge me all state thinks im giving them 339 dollars for free they are nuts yes I changed companies good luck to anyoneelse who is being mis informed also this review is being rejected

Un empathetic

My mother recently passed away. She paid into her Allstate life insurance policy for years. When my sister and I reported her death and requested information regarding how to file a claim we got the run around. We needed to know the death benefit because we were using the proceeds to pay her funeral bill. The representative wouldn't give us the information. The policy was old, we did not have a copy. It's only my sister and myself so we knew one of us had to be the beneficiary, they wouldn't even confirm that for us. The funeral home tried to get the information to no avail. We requested to speak to a supervisor, they told us none were available. It's sad that a family grieving would have to go through this conflict with an insurance company. To date the customer service representatives are very nasty in my opinion. They do nothing to reassure the customer that their claim is secured. Don't purchase this insurance for anything!! Life, Home or Car!!!

Inconsiderate Nonresponsive Agency

We have been with Allstate off and on for many years. Once we went with AARP for a while due to lower premiums with the same coverage. We went back to Allstate, and the first agent was a joke. They made mistakes on the VIN of one of the vehicles, and we'd contact them for whatever reason, and they would never respond to our calls nor messages. We transferred to another agent with an A+ rating with the BBB; however, this agent is one of the worst ever. I cannot count the number of letters, phone calls and e-mails we have sent them, yet they have ignored every single one of them. We finally had to call one of the toll free numbers to resolve a problem with constant e-mail surveys we were receiving. We have left three phone messages over the past three weeks, and have heard nothing from them. I sent them a letter to correct the spelling of the last name, yet they have not had the common courtesy to respond to that either. They are the absolute pits.


Last night I missed a call and auto dialed it back. Person identified themselves as a telemarketer for Allstate Insurance. I am on the national do not call registry and while nice to person, I was extremely disappointed Allstate of all companies would violate the law as well as my trust. I used to have the opinion they were an honest company. Now..... I have a much different view of them.

Great Allstate - saddens me

I have been with Allstate for many years. I have never had a bad or even semi bad experience. My agent and his staff are the best in dealing with any situation or questions which come their way from me. 5 star customer service. It is unfortunate people have had these experiences from a company I have not hesitated to recommended on many occasions. However I learned through research today this great company has signed on to encourage amnesty for illegals in this country. This saddens me a great deal and I believe it may be time to look elsewhere for insurance.

They were supposed to terminate someone elses ins. but instead terminated my two cars. I drove with no insurance un knowingly for several days. Until Fri. night when I got a refund check And fiqured what happened .They said they couldn't re- instate it. In order to drive over the wk. end I had to purchase a new policy.Which they charged me about $500. a yr. more for. to give me the same coverage THEY wrongly terminated.

dumb dumb

GET A REAL JOB and stop playing kids games.

TERRRRRRIBLE! cannot handle anything. doesn't care about anything. worst insurance company ive ever delt with

I Thought I was in good hands with Allstate?

My late husband & I have been with Allstate for at least 30+ years, insuring our vehicles and home and rental property. On July 26th when traveling on vacation in my new 2014 vehicle I had a car fire that destroyed my luggage and the rear of my car leaving it undriveable. So here I am hundreds of miles from home and abandoned by my insurance company! If it were not for AAA I don't know what I would have done. AAA helped me not Allstate. When putting in my claim they told me that my new vehicle was not on the insurance policy. My local agent did not enter it when called her to report the purchase. They further told me that I did not have rental coverage on my policy. So I could go on and on with this horror story but to make a long story short here I am on August 21st and still without a vehicle almost $1000 into rental charges (I cannot afford a rental any longer) and there has been nothing done on my car the auto body shop says they are waiting to hear back from Allstate. I wish I knew who I could talk to, to get this moving? I am a single woman who feels pretty much abandoned by my insurance company that I have trusted all these years. Abandoned in Gilroy

Unpaid bill

After having my truck totaled under a limited tort policy. Has now been almost 3 years I have been receiving a bill from collections. Allstate has told me they would take care of it numerous times. Have had policy for auto and homeowners since 1987. Sorry Allstate. But after this ordeal I am moving on!

Very unhappy

We have had this coverage for auto and homeowners insurance. We have always paid our premium monthly. All of a sudden our Mortgage company send All State premium. No one contacted us nor did it stop the auto draft . I have asked for the managers name and phone number for the billing department and can't get it. I just received a call from agent to give me phone number of the dispute department I feel that they should called me checking to make sure this is correct. No call no satisfaction

bad insurance

I had Allstate for 4years and is a nightmare every claim that I have goes through a fraud investigation the adjusters never returned the calls and they don't believe that Compton Ca is a high rate of crime since they think everyone can afford to live in the more expensive side of town

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