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Jewelery repair

I have purchased a plan to repair or replace my chain if the chain cannot be repaired. I now have to jump thru hoops to get a new chain

wedding ring fixed

bad customer service!!!!!!!! People don't call you when your item is ready for pickup and then when you ask for warranty on the work, THEY DON'T KNOW!!!!!

good service

I just want to praise the zales office in Toledo franklin park mall. they have been working with me on a ring I purchased and was not happy with. They bent over backwards to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Jeff (manager) and his staff was most kind and helpful. I would recommend them to everyone. Happy at last


Husband purchased colored diamond ring for Christmas. Came out of box with very small side stone missing. Store said 2 weeks or less. A month later still waiting. Store said this is how corporate does it / called corp. They had no answers and said they didnt know how the store decides to fix this. So good by Zales. Will shop else where

I'm worried now

So my diamond fell out the middle area of my ring recently. I'm scared because all these review posted. I just want some advice on what to expect. I have been waiting on the district maniger to call me, but she is on vacation. I do have warrenty.

6 weeks and still no ring

I ordered a ring online that said in stock and 3-7 days for processing. I paid for overnight shipping. Once it didn't show up I called after 3 days to see how long it would take since it was a gift. They told me wait the full 7 days so I did. On the 7th day when I called back they said it was out of stock and would be another month. We are talking about a garnet ring, so a common stone but they were out. I waited until a month later and now I STILL have not received the ring. I called and they said to wait 1-3 business day for them to email their jeweler to see what is going on. Sorry but 6 or more weeks for a "in stock" ring that is suppose to take 3-7 days is not acceptable. They should have just told me up front that it would take X amount of time. Now they have one pissed off customer and I will tell everyone I can how horrible my experience is. I would cancel my order but it's the 3rd and final ring to my stable set. I can't explain to my poor daughter why I have her sisters birthstone ring and her Dad's but not hers. It would break her heart.

Non Honoring Warranty

My fiance' purchased a bracelet in Dec. 2012 for me for Christmas and for to wear in our wedding in Sept. 2013 (matches my dress) and he was talke into buying a warranty that covers lost, stolen, damaged, etc. The bracelet originally comes with a warranty so he was initially NOT interested in the extented warranty which costs $69.99. The sales persn explained the warranty and offered to discount it if he purchased it and he accepted. The bracelet was unfortunately stolen a couple days ago and the store is REFUSING to honor the warranty saying that he didn't purchase theft protection portion of the warranty. The only reason whyhe bought the extented warranty was FOR THE LOST, THEFT, DAMAGED PROTECTION that wasn't covered on the original warranty.......what a rip off and my wedding is offically ruined!!!!!

I purchased a beautiful ring online and had it shipped to the local store in my area. In less than one week from purchase, one small side stone had fallen out and the 3 1/2 carat center stone was loose. I returned it to the store to be repaired and was informed it would take at least 14 days before I would have my ring back. It was an anniversary present and i am extremely disappointed in the length of time it is taking to repair the ring and the fact that it had to be repaired after only wearing it less than a week. Makes me question the quality of your products and I doubt I will purchase another ring from your store. Just wanted to let you know how diappointed I am that I cannot wear my anniversary present for 3 weeks due to the poor quality of your product.

Non honored ring warranty

I purchased my ring in 1999. When I purchased my ring I was told I had a life time guarantee. Because I was so pleased I purchased two diamond bracelets and a men's diamond ring, over the next 2 years. My first ring was channel set and the diamond fell out 3 times. Each time it was replaced. Last week I went in to have the same diamond replaced. The store told me to bring my proof of purchase . Today I brought the proof of purchase with a prior repair tag. The Sunvalley Mall store in pleasant hill, ca refused to fix my ring. I am not satisfied and if I had known that Zales did not honor their guarantees or sold such poorly designed rings I would not have purchased the ring or any other pieces.


My fiance purchased a ring from the Zales store in the Town East Mall in Mesquite, TX in mid to late October. He paid for the ring and paid for it to be "rushed" so that it would be available to pick up by November 5th. The sales lady assured him that the ring would be ready to pick up on November 1st. On November 1st he went up to the store to pick up the ring. After several employees looked around the store and on the computers, they could not find the ring or an order for the ring, even though he had the receipt. The manager told my fiance he would call him as soon as he figured out what was going on. The next day we received a call saying that the jeweler had broken the ring. The manager then told us he had special ordered us another one and that this one would be available to pick up on December 1st. So on December 1st, my fiance and I again went up to the store to pick up the ring. Again, an employee told us the ring was NOT there and said it would be there on the following Wednesday (December 5th). On December 6th, we went up to the store again. Once again, they told us the ring was not there! I asked for my money back and cried all the way home. I am now waiting on a refund check to come in the mail. I am so extremely upset about this experience. I have NO engagement ring now, nothing to show for the exciting news. I was never offered an apology or explanation to why it has taken over 2 months to pick up the ring. This is absolutely unacceptable and because of this I will NEVER shop at Zales again. I called customer service last Thursday, December 13th. The lady I spoke to told me a check had not been issued yet and that the district manager for this Zales would call me in 2 days. It is now Sunday December 16th and I have not received a phone call for anyone! Nor has a check been issued to me. I want to speak to someone who can handle this situation. This is unacceptable!!

Hello, I am writing in regards to an employee at Zales in the Parks of Arlington Mall. Not only am I disappointed with the service, but the way this gentleman, Eddie, handled my situation. My boyfriend and I purchased for the first time through Zales on 8/25/2012. We spent around $3,500 at the Zales in the North East Mall, Hurst Texas (which I had AMAZING service with from Deana and the store manager Ron.) I purchased a necklace and right hand ring at the time ( 8/25 ), I had my necklace for 3 days and the clasp broke. I love my necklace and was anxious to get to Zales and exchange it for another chain so I could continue wearing it. Between 9/3 and 9/9, (I can get an exact date and time for you if needed), we walked into the store and Eddie was sitting behind the counter, without a customer and acknowledge us. I walked over with a smile on my face and pulled out my broken necklace and let him know I needed to make an exchange and I bought it on 8/25. He never stood up at any point in time, really didn’t make eye contact or use a friendly tone, but let me know to go to my original store without a receipt. Due to my lovely lack organization skills, I rummaged through my purse to find my original receipt, to have my boyfriend remind me it was by my computer from completing the survey attached to it. Eddie seemed to jump at this opportunity and inform me, that quote word for word! “ Zales Policy we cannot exchange, credit, or return anything without your original receipt under any circumstances”. I continued looking hoping my boyfriend was wrong, and pulled out my warrant policies, new Zales account card and information, and explained to him I didn’t want a return, I wanted to exchange my broken clasp, I had only had my necklace for 3 days! And that we were thinking about getting a BIGGER ring! He was very rude and obviously trying to rush us out. Still never standing up he never looked up anything and told me there was nothing he could do. I said several times it had just gotten my stuff on 8/25, he said “ I can see that, but the Zales policy does not allow me too, I could possibly send the chain of to get repaired but it will take several weeks”. And I of course didn’t want to wait that long. We left the store disappointed and I was very embarrassed and determined to return that day to return all my purchases, and cancel my new credit $4,000 credit line with Zales and go to Kays or any other jewelry store I could find. Due to work and getting busy I didn’t get to go to the store until 9/11/12 in Hurst with my original receipt and mind set to return everything, because I read ON THE BOTTOM OF THE RECEIPT ABOUT THE RETURN POLICE OF ZALES WITHOUT A RECEIPT and 100 days!!! I was furious for the embarrassment and being lied to the disrespect of him not standing or using proper customer service. Since this is a letter of complaint I will not get to far into how amazing Deana (not sure of spelling) and Ron. I went from a $1,000 necklace to purchasing a solid round cut almost two carat diamond ring. And spending almost $10,000 on my ring! A sale Eddie could have easily done, but not to my satisfaction. Ron and Deanna not only made me a loyal customer to Zales, but I have told all my friends, family, and anyone who notices my ring how AMAZING this particular Zales is in the Hurst Mall, and how horrible the Arlington Mall Zales is. They by far saved my credit line, purchases, and gained 100% of my loyalty here. I found the ring and necklace for around $100 to $150 cheaper at a neighboring store, I did NOT think twice about returning them. It was worth their customer service and genuine care towards me that I will not stray from this store! I will drive the extra 30minutes just to shop at their Zales. Thank You Kristen D

My almost fiance and I went into Zales in Ft. Smith Arkansas and they were the best customer service I had seen. I don't understand all the fuss about them. So for a good comment I'll give Zales a 9 out of 10 overall. I give the 9 because it is taking so long for credit to go through.

Hi. I am so dissapointed in the customer service here at zales and the fact that the manager of store 894 in orangepark florida is a racist. My wife and I entered the store and he didnt even acknowledge us. This is not the first time this has happened. My cousin also went into zales and they both said he is rude and unpolite. I am so disgusted. This is ridiculous. I hope this man will realize that black people have money too. I will never shop here again nor will any of my friends and family. Please find a new manager because he is not a nice one. ;)

Hello, My fiance recently opened a zales credit card to put my engagement ring on. He has been making his payments on time but we are noticing it is not being reported to the credit bureaus. Being that it is not being reported to the credit bureaus his credit score has dropped over 100 points. He was trying to establish a loan for a new car and was denied because of this. This is crazy and ridiculous. Zales ruins credit so do not apply for a credit card. We will hopefully be seeking legal action if this issue is not resolved.

Mi question is if i buy a ring on zales company send me the ring to mexico?

P.s sorry about the grammar, was in a rush lol. Best regards Jr

I was on a two year, no interest, payment plan for the wedding rings I had purchased. On June 5, 2012 my balance for the rings was a little over $300 dollars. Come August 6 2012, the balance had sky rocketed to $1,024.63. I called costumer service and was told that the full balance had to be paid within two years or the accumulated interest would be charged to my account. I explained that it was a simply miss understanding and if we could just negotiate a deal that would bring down the balance, I would be more than happy to pay the remaining balance in full. To my dismay the customer service representative politely told me there was nothing he could do. I then asked to speak with a manager. Five minutes later a female manager picked up the line. I explained the situation to her and asked for help to resolve the matter. The manager responded in a rude and disrespectful tone (as if I was wasting her time) that this was my fault, there was nothing she could do, and I would have to pay the full amount. I was embarrassed. I then asked this horrible woman if she thought it was fair that a loyal costumer of two years who has never missed a payment should have to pay this outrageous price without any kind of help what so ever. She simply responded “yes it is”. There are no words to explain how horrible your costumer services made me feel. That same day I paid the full amount at my local Zales store. The only good side to this story is I have wiped my hands clean of ever having to deal with you again. Today, social media is an enormous tool for a consumer to spread information about unfair practices made by merchandise companies. I will be sure to use this tool, to make sure no friend, family member or social media follower goes to Zales for there jewelry needs, it’s just not worth it.

I'm really sorry to hear about all your troubles with Zales, i vow, the store i'm gonna be working at will make sure to fix these problems. i would have to blame these problems on the person everyone one of you dualt with. with the exception of the repair center. thanks to your comments i will take pictures of items shipped ouut and make sure the correct one is returned, as well make sure the hiring of people that care about your needs. i have managed several types of stores and can promise my customers and staff have missed me at any place i have worked. customers are what makes everything work, one day i hop to be District manager and help make more changes and so on. i will try to keep up on here to heara comments and concerns. thank you guys just for taking the time to listen to me. Best Regards Jr

I was forced to go to Zales when Gordons closed. I was told I could pay my Gordons bill at Zales since they own Gordons. We took my wife's engagement and weddind rings for regular cleaning and inspection at Gordons and they admired the quality and found no problems with the twenty eight year old rings. So while paying bill for first time at Zales, we had them cleaned and were told they both were in need of repair before we lost diamonds. We agreed to let them have them taken to their jeweler for repair estimates. The estimates were too high and asked them to return the jewelry. After two weeks the store informed us that both rings were lost in shipping half way across the country by Fed Ex. We were under the assumption that the estimate was being done at another Zales store locally that has an in house jeweler. THESE RINGS ARE FAR TOO VALUABLE TO US AND WE NEVER WOULD HAVE LET THEM TOUCH OUR JEWELERY IF WE KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE SHIPPED TO MEXICO IN A BAG! #1 FACT; FED EX and UPS have very strict policies on valuables. Anyone putting hands on valuable packages would be fired... Only SUPERVISORS handle valuable packages. Blaming this on the shipper is probably a LIE because Ploice would easily determine the supervisor and arrest that supervisor. #2 FACT jewelry is being shipped in standard shipping bag; making it easier to blame disappearance on shipping co.. #3FACT shipping valuable jewelry in a secure locked bin or locked metal box would make it impossible for Zales to Steal customers jewelry and put the blame on the shipper. #4 I honestly believe this is a ZALES SCAM to steal expensive jewelry and Diamonds. They could reset them in a new setting and sell as a new item at a high price. #5 Fact in my case and every one listed, Zales never files a PLOICE REPORT, maybe this is so THEY are not exposed as thieves. #6 I am filing a law suit against ZALES, NOT FED EX. #7 I am reporting Zales to the inspector general, and any State and Federal agencies that will hear me. #8 ZALES has shown no concern or willingness to realace the rings with others of the same quality. Being Disabled I have lots of time on my hands and I plan on spending it to expose these BASTURDS and stop their scam, before they can put anyone else through HELL!

In 1993 my daughters mom purchased (at Zales in Spokane WA) an 18k gold necklace for me that was 16 inches in length. I wanna say it cost her about $700. Well after a few years it got a kink and I stopped wearing it. So today I go to a gold broker (the Oxbridge House in San Francisco)to have them buy it cause I needed cash. It was a fake! Only gold plated but stamped 18k. Called my daughters mom and turns out the one she bought for herself is a fake too! They should be closed down!

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