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never heard back

Hi I sent a letter to Corporate 3 weeks ago, but never heard back. Not good.

Whole Foods has the best catering presentation in the USA. Keep it up Whole Foods.


Don't shop here save mart

Worst company ethics

Need do better on training émployees better stop letting the team members have so much say I would never work for whole foods again

Not Following Up

I have waiting for 2 weeks to have someone from whole-foods to following up with a claim # for a fall that I took in one of their stores due to ice that was spilled on the floor that I didn't see. Lack of responsibility shows no interest in customer care.

They don't pay their employees what they owe them

I worked for WFM in Palm Desert for a couple weeks and it just was not for me. They have in turn broken many labor laws due to not paying in a timely fashion and owe me penalty fees. They are now dragging their feet in that respect. Get ready to hear from the labor board guys because I want what is owed to me, and what was promised. You tell someone you are going to have their money, then have their money! I will fight until I get it. I used to be a WFM customer, and will never spend another cent at that company again. Not a good way to begin a new store.


When we travel we always look" and go by there and get some groceries when in our motorhome we stocked up freezer and refrigerator if we travel By car can only get nonperishable please please bring whole foods to Amarillo tx. Countless people I know say the same thing

possible contamination with 1-MCP

I strongly suspect their fruits are treated with SmartFresh: 1-MCP. This chemical is widely used and growing in the conventional market, yet to be approved for organics. Its first use was mostly on apples in storage. And considering I first smelled something synthetic on organic apples a few years ago, and now they're on everything, seems to follow its line of use along the conventional use. At the moment NOP hadn't placed it in the list for residue testing. Only way this contamination is stopped is by testing for it. I think WFM should test to clear its own conscience. We all pay extra for organic products and have a right to demand its integrity.

Rude Employees

Rude employee followed by even more rude store manager.

Come to Bozeman, MT

This is not a review, this is a plea to open a Whole Foods Market in Bozeman, MT. We are in desparate need of a organic market in our area. We have one organic market that is overpriced and does not have many choices. Bozeman is a growing, health conscious, active community. That could use the competition. Please come and check us out!!

Deceitful Produce

The package of pre-prepared asparagus spears looked very fresh and green, already seasoned, but when I removed the top layer there was only thick, tough stalks with the tips cut off underneath. This was an obviously deceitful ploy. I always love shopping at Whole Foods, but this really made me feel cheated. And I spent over $800 on that one trip! Is it really worth it, Whole Foods, to cut corners (or tips) and make a loyal customer regret shopping there?

Whole food had a good product but of late they are not a great stock. Time to change Corporate CFO she not cutting it. Stock is a sell at $52.00

Southern Virginia

I love to go to Greensboro, NC to ramble in Whole Foods store.....,I live in Danville, Va...on the border of North Carolina.....we have nothing to compare in any way to Whole Foods close by...Would really like you to locate in this area.

Fish hook in fish

Just started buying fresh whole fish from the seafood department, as they have reasonable sale prices on some of their fish. Lo and behold, I usually cut head off the fish and cook, but decided to keep on this time. As I was getting ready to clean the innards out of the head, I found a FISH HOOK with the fishing string still inside! #traumatized

Poor Customer Service

I was at the Bowery location on E. Houston St. NYC this morning where they supposedly provide a convenient service in their bulk department. A scale with stickers intended, one would suppose, to weigh items with some independence. However, on two occasions as of today. I have been eyeballed with scrutiny and made to wait while the clerk weighs and reweighs the stickered items. Then told the weight their own scales told was off and I was made to pay the higher price. And then told that I should not use the scale but to memorize the items, but only when it is not very busy. HuH? I tried to explain the inconsistency in their store providing a scale with stickers and not putting any other method for recording codes, such as pen and paper or tags; and then being told to bring the codes written down, to the register, instead of using stickers, was. She didn't seem to comprehend this, but instead busied herself by checking to see if my $20 bill was counterfeit.


Don't really understand how can a company brag so much about their core values specially #3 supporting team member happiness and excellence. This has been the worst management I met, they have no respect towards their coworkers and specially any support. The term for management isn't well known to them, its not just about telling your employee what to do but to be by their side as well. Management is never on the floor which

speaking spanish on the job

i applaud the latest move to require every employee on the clock speak english...it makes me very uncomfortable for employees look at me and talk to one another in spanish.

It's the best

Why is it that people only review when they have a complaint? I drive 25 miles a couple times a month just to shop, eat, and enjoy a glass of wine, or a shot of wheat grass! Yes, prices are a little higher, so do your research and buy those items at another place. Their breads are always fresh and sliced for you to perfection. Pizza's made to order and always the best. Thursday's only 9.99. Always a friendly atmosphere, plus they pack your cold items in ice for the travel home. I could go on and on ... But you get the picture. Whole Foods, always the best. And the best part it's corporate office is in Austin, Texas. Ya-hoo!

High prices

They would not let me return a 365 item without a receipt even that they know I bought it there the day before. The clerk said “I know but I can’t do anything to help.” I shop at a local health food store now, you should too.

angry customer

On April 26th, I went to your market on Carlisle Blvd. in Albuquerque NM to purchase Vitamin Code Grow Bone supplements and found you had raised the cost by 20% in just one month. This practice is not acceptable. I will look for other stores in which to buy this product in the future. ( I tried calling your corp. office and the line is continuously busy).

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