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This bank is not up to date they are a day late in their transactions. they lie about deposits they hold money they do not want to complain or they will close your account. Charge extra fees and cheat every chance they can

Run as fast as you can, they are terrible

Wells Fargo is a joke. Unfair business practice, HORRIBLE customer service. Uneducated, untrustworthy, scam artist. Dont bank with them, it is nothing but aggravation and regret.

loan modification

I have been trying for months to get my loan modified after the passing of my husband and the loss of my full time job. They gave me a modification but for 3 months they want 600 plus dollars each month to modify my loan. How can someone pay that when they are struggling. My home preservationists doesn't return my calls. I have been with them for years and just feel like they want to foreclose on my house when I want to do things right.


SALES!!pitching this,that and the pitchfork too!!yet cant do a darn thing in reality for customers--its too clear why theres not many in wisconsin..just wish the credit unions would realize its going into 2015,and get synch'ed with actual financial needs of people who travel

Do not get a mortgage from We'll Fargo

Horrible customer service in Arizona branch. Loan officer NEVER answers the phone!!! Right before closing date, I get an email from the loan officer who doesn't even remember my name and wants to know who I am!! The closing date is set for less than a week away, and they send me an email with a long list of costly repairs that must be done before the closing and then they want another $$ inspection. They know we don't have access to the house. Meanwhile, we have already paid $2,000 in inspection fees, appraisal and title money as well as spent numerous days (literally) fulfilling all their desires.

Over Over Sell + Maintenance Fees!

I'm in sales and can appreciate attempts to sell or upgrade....but when I sometimes come in to my local branch 2-3 in a week and every single time I'm asked to add various accounts it makes you want to gouge your eyes out. The same thing happens to my wife. I've switched all my money other than $1 to a bank across the street in attempts to avoid the salesmanship and the maintenance fees on my extra accounts that I never wanted in the first place. Never used the account once and it cost me around $10/month for an entire year. WF wasn't horrible but they're darn close.

Never going to bank with them!

I've been harassed for months by them and have never banked with them. i've told them to take my number off and they refuse to! they are always rude when asking for people who used to have this number(is so and so there or not? can you just put them on the phone!) and I'm considering suing for harassment! 9:00 at night is too late to be getting calls for the wrong number as well!

This corporation needs to be sued!

I have a fair amount of money invested in an annuity w/WF...found out that my financial advisor has been sick for weeks and no one can give information as to who to talk with...should have known better, when we lived in Florida the(then) Wachovia financial advisor lost us tens of thousands and never noticed the bleeding until we lost tens of thousands!

Not sure where else to go I have been trying for 15 months for a home modification with wells fargo when my mortgage fell 2 months behind and now the home is in foreclosure, and still no help, I have done the credit counseling thing. Not sure what's going to happen.

Poor Service Practice

This review is for the Wells Fargo Bank in West St Paul MN. On Robert St. I have a 500.00 Check drawn on a Wells Fargo bank. When I arrived at the bank, a woman at the door told me very rudely I did not put my handi cap sticker in my window. she said rudely and a loud voice OK. Then I went to the cashier He told me I would have to talk to manager. this guy came over. shook my hand and greeted me. Then he proceeded to tell me he would not cash my check unless I opened an account. (this is a check drawn on Wells Fargo)He became very rude. His last words to me was MAYBE I COULD GET IT CASHED IN FLORIDA. I have my house payment at Wells Fargo there. You can bet when I get back home my account Won't be at Wells Fargo long. this is just poor business.I called 2 other banks. they said they would cash any check drawn on their bank.

Bad Customer Service

First, the bank at Belmar is very polite, courteous, friendly, etc and very helpful. But the system is broken. After trying to do some adjustments in $$$ for our Home Owners Assn Officer's credit card holders, it has been a 2 month process finally finding out they gave us the wrong form. We just switched banks and I am sending the shredded credit cards to the Corporate Office. They lost a long-standing account over an over-limit fee of $39 they said they couldn't refund because it was "not a bank error" - seems to me a 2month process to get something done (or not done) is "a bank error". Very poor customer service.

Absolute GARBAGE!!!!

We have tried to refi our house . We started this process OVER ONE YEAR AGO!. I have made 13 calls today because if we don't close by tomorrow it all expires. I am not able to get in touch with ONE single person. Funny how I could always reach everyone on the first try until today. I have never in my life seen such poor business practices. Always an excuse and an I'm sorry for THEIR screw ups.....but in the mean time it has cost me thousands. I'm sorry, doesn't work on me...it's nothing but part of a canned speech they TRAIN their incompetent employees to use. RUN...and I mean RUN RUN RUN from this company. They don't even get a one star from me....they need a slot for MINUS 100!!!!!!!!

bad customer service

After being with Wells Fargo for 30 years i have to say this recent experience has been so bad i guess it is time to get a new bank. Clearly i was NOT the customer and they are not interested in making feel like i am. B of A handles my other account and at this time i am much happier with them as they handle a similar situation much better.

this company has been a nightmare to us. I have had my mortgage with them for years. never a problem. i have had auto withdrawl for 14 years. (so it can not ever be late) For the last two months i am being called and harrassed by them every month telling me i am late with my mortgage. One department dosent talk to the other. I would leave them in a heartbeat but i only have a few years left

Customer Retention - What's That?

Contiuation from my last post: When I went to WF to close my accounts, and the communicated to the person who the day before was supposed to arrange for a manager call back that I was leaving, all the could say was OK.....here's a new concept "customer retention".


I'm trying to get out from under a mortgage that I can no longer afford. I've followed their every request and have delivered my most personal information to them on numerous occasions. My realtor has sold the property 3 times in the past 3 years and WF refused to even acknowledge the sales. Buyers back out because they don't get a response to their offer. I've written letters talked with customer service reps from all over the country. None of them know what I shared with the last rep. There is no end in sight - how many more years do I have to suffer this incompetence? Run from WF. Any bank would service you better!

customer service

They have hung up on me twice today. Not bad customer service, NO customer service.


After going into the branch to transfer cash money from one Wells Fargo account into another Wells Fargo account. I requested to have the funds available to me immediately. It was after my partner informed me that I noticed the funds would be available tomorrow. Seriously, you need my interest on this money..... it was cash! I called the "800" number and not one person could help me except to answer the phone. I was transferred to three different people to no avail. And they want me to refinance my mortgage. I would never ever (mom used to say never say never) ever use Wells Fargo again. I will close all my accounts today and change my mortgage. I just wished I wouldn't have to ever pass the Wells Fargo Bank on the streets again.

Systemically Evil

As a client of Wells Fargo since 1994, I am appalled by the systemically evil system. You never talk to the same person, erroneous fees are not credited unless you spend hours on the phone. If you run into a financial hardship, they will do everything possible to make it worse.

totally incompetent

In handling my mom's estate, she had a lot of accounts with Wells Fargo. Almost everything I've needed them to do...they have messed up. They couldn't even set up the estate checking account correctly, or close out her personal checking account. My current problem is: they have a claim against the estate for a home improvement loan. This was paid 3 months ago, but the claim is still there. I have called 4 times over the past 3 weeks to get this taken care of...each time they promise they will....but nothing happens. The estate can't be closed, and Wells Fargo won't release their claim.

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