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Unhappy with our store

So excited when Superwalmart (MD) came to Fallston,wrote to Manager Jaquetta Bratleyabout some concerns of store on 4/11/14. Have not received courtesy of a reply yet????

I live in Bolivar Tennessee Walmart #0466 is so wrong for selling chicken that is cooked and froze for almost a week take fifty cents off and sell it to consumers they freeze it ,fried & rotisserie chicken


Please, Please make the stores cooler, I as well as others shop in the stores in Huntsville AL and everytime I leave the store with the feeling Im going to pass out because it is so hot. Is there some way it can be fixed?

Check out service

The check out lines are terrible at the Shelby, n.c. facility.!! This issue needs to be addressed. I am taking my business elsewhere due to this continual proble!!

run a round

bought a small electric heater for my bath room it burn up the first time i used it. hole top exploded causing smoke damage to my bath room. iv been trying to get walmart to pay for the painting of my bath room but i get a run a round over and over they wont me i guess take a hit and forget it happen i'm on a fixed income donald poe


Wal mart in Galesburg Illinois has very rude cashiers with an exception a 1 nice man . I have been waiting on the phone for 20 minutes as I type this note . You can certainly tell when a person hates their job .

alcohol sale to a minor

I think they should of just suspended me instead of terminated. Me.

there are not enought black cosmetics or hair care products in the gainesville, tx Wal Mart. Why not? There should be Posner and Iman cosmetics there

hot chocolate mix

You had the Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate mix for a very long time. It is positively delicious. You no longer carry it, and the replacement is not only undesirable, but also more expensive. Please bring back the Swiss Miss!!!!

Questions? Who is in charge of purchasing books for Wal-Mart and Sams?

bad service, rude attitude

called them to report a fraud because walmart.com was not very helpful, the attitude of the person in the corporate office was very rude and he told me that the corporate had nothing to do with fraud because walmart.com is a different company. Let us see who loses money if customers don't buy from Walmart.com.


I have had no problems with the people in the store and if people are having a bad time with Wall-Mart they are probably not being honest with them. God Bless Wall-Mart stores!

Custemor service

Very happy with the help I was pervided with


having problems talking to people with wal mart my wife and I need a little help because my wife got sick wasn't able to work for 21 days but getting run around with store and with corporate offices too. called number keeps repeating some message over and over cant get anyone to answer funny huh

Helpful Pharmacist

While on vacation in AZ from AR, I had a severe fall and needed pain relief. Stopped at St#4252 the evening of March 10th and the pharmacist on duty not only prescribed pain medication but came out from behind his counter, took us to the products and explained exactly how much to take, etc. I was able to enjoy the rest of our vacation.

Some Good Employees

Had a problem-charged $18.44 for a greeting card. Returned to store.Manager on duty brought up item and still read $18.44. Home office notified-took some time but Heather( different manager)worked the problem out and I received the difference(card was $4.61).THANK YOU for your help in handling this .Heather was very pleasant and I appreciate the efforts of the home office and Heather.


why so hard to fill out an online application.just let us go in an fill one out do not make it so hard thats dumb

Poor customer services

Walmart's car service department is horrible. I will never go there again. The cashier got a bad attitude with me

just moved to west valley in yakima- the most helpful and nicest people working there. I am so impressed. I can tell these people really enjoy there jobs. great store with great service

No hand baskets

Walmart is not people oriented, just sales oriented, sell stuff, no service or caring, they ignore all your complaints.

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