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I was in Portsmouth, VA (Fredrick Road, Store # 3831) Tuesday. Noticed our National Colors near the entrance door were hung wrong. (Vertical drape when viewed, blue field with stars is on upper left is the correct way). Vertical drape of flag was hanging with blue field to right. Asked cashiers about it, was told yea, they heard those comments before. Asked to speak to manager.. He tried to avoid me. Asked the store greeter to mention it to him and to fix it. She said tell him yourself, there he is. Called him over and explained our colors were hung wrong and he should fix it quickly. Numbnuts looked me up and down like I was out of my mind, made a comment “That’s the why THEY hung it” ! Told him I didn’t care who hung it, its wrong and needs to be fixed then. He turned and walked off. I said okay bud, I will call Bentonville !! Called Corporate HQ and talked to some action office coordinator about it. Told her what I saw/heard and asked to speak to someone in Bill Simon’s office (New President/CEO). Was told that wouldn’t happen and that a District Manger would call me. Well, District drone called today. Even he wasn’t sure how the flag was to be hung. Then 2 other people called me, one of which was the store manager who asked me which flag was wrong?? Can you believe that?? I said the one at the door against the wall. Even he didn’t know it was hung wrong. Which leads me to believe that if it’s wrong in one store, it’s most likely wrong in the other 4300 stores and most of the 2.1 millions employees don’t know any better to notice them? Can someone give me a working number into Bill Simon’s office?? Don’t need 479-273-4000... That is the gatekeeper who will not forward the call, even asking nicely for Bill Simon’s office. This to me, as a veteran is a serious matter and needs to be addressed at corporate officer level. Mangers below are in 24/7 CYA mode and will not push this up the flagpole. Need help in getting a good inside number. I'll take care of the rest.. Bill

I have a daughter that has been working for Walmart for the last seven years, she injured her shoulder there last year. Her Doctor saw her and wrote a letter to her boss stating she should be on light duty until she see's him in a month or so. When see saw her Doctor again he released her and said she can go back on her cashier job. Her boss Jim would not take her back, he said he did not get the letter. Finally they said they got the letter and sent it to ADA. They refused to give her , her job back. It has been going on for about 2 months now. They nade her use all her personal time and now she is almost through her 3 week vacation. Jim has called and told her there is a job opening in Rhinelander which she refused to take because it is a 52 mile ride up and back. I also know that the minocqua store need cashiers. I am so sick about this. My daughter Dana Terpening has worked at this store for 7 years with maybe 3 days off. People that shop at this store are asking where is Dana, they all miss her because she was thier best cashier. Please Help her get her job back. Thank you so much. Jeannine Terpening 715-356-6005

I shop at Walmart's all over the nation and note when great employees stand out above the rest. I would like to report a big fat star and ata boy for three employees at Store #3487 at 51450 Shelby Parkway, Shelby Twp, Michigan. Mr. L.T. Sanders, Mr. Donald Livingston and Tim Tasby were stocking shelves on June 18th, 2010. They went out of their way to make sure I had all I needed and took the time to help me with my shopping. I was so impressed with their service, that I felt like I was in a swanky department store! Hats off to you, Gentlemen, and I hope you all get raises!

i purchase a set of tires from your humboldt tenn. store. tires are defected. because i did not purchase road hazard they will not honor it.tires are separated on side of tire.road hazard is nails glass etc.this is not fair. larry.t1954@yahoo.com

I just took a trip into the Walmart store here in Janesville, WI. I am 5 mths. pregnant and today was the second time in a month that the same janitor told me that I could not use the bathroom because he was working. The first time, I called the store to complain and the manager said he would be talking to the guy. A lot of good that did because the same thing happened once again today. Just now called the corporate headquarters and was told that if I don't receive a call with-in the next 2 days with a resolution, I should call back. I will be sure to let everyone know how this turns out.

I use walmart.com for the first time every and the walmart in our hometown screwed of the order. Got and email telling me my swingset was there and come to find out that they were missing a box. Was told to contact walmart.com to see if they could replace the box that was missing. Well then i was told they could not replace it because the walmart in my town had scanned it into there store and that it had to be there. So I called the walmart and asked to speak to a manger and he told me that the box was missing or it was mixed up in the mail. So I told him that there was no way it was mixed up in the mail, because I was told by walmart.com that you guys scanned it off your truck and it was indeed in your store. Then the manger went on to tell me that "well last week I saw someone open a swingset box, but I dont know if it was hardware or not" What kinda of idot doesnt know. So again was I told to get a refund and order another!!! Yes another. I will be getting a refund, but never again will I every shop at walmart.com!!!! What kinda of store gives or uses someones stuff that they buy. It is not right in any kind of way. I will make sure that people in my town will not every do site to store, cause the store will use or miss place there stuff!!!!!!! ONE VERY UNHAPPY COSTUMER

The Walmart Super Center on 6th St in Fayetteville, AR has promised for more than one year to have parking for scooters (I have a Vespa) It has not happened. I have talked to the manager and the assistant manager last summer. (The assistant manager told me that I was being unreasonable) I have waited until now (>1 yr later) to comment because I wanted to give "them" (you?) time to act. Thank you. Harev B Thorn III

I just had my Wal Mart money card Visa debt wiped clean of $500.00. It was all the money I had. Now the credit card company wants me to send them a letter disputing the charges on my card. This is not an isolated case. Several people have informed me that they quit using the card because of the same problem. Now I am going around and letting people know what happened to me. You would think that with as big as Wal mart is that the protection on there cards would be better. I know that I will be talking to a lawyer about this.

I am very disappointed and discouraged from shopping at any of your Norfolk, Virginia Wal-Mart’s. Observed disappointments at one or both of the locations the store is dirty. The restrooms are very unsanitary. The customer service is unfriendly. The cashiers speed at checkout is below standard. Aisle crowded with shelve items.WIC item are often out of stock. This is in comparison to the College Dr. Wal-Mart in Suffolk where I reside. Friendly cashiers, shelves are stocked, restrooms are clean.

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