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Everyone there has a bad attitude.

Walmart hired me as a cashier and about 5 weeks in I became ill and they fired me and made up lies about me. I had a Dr.s note to return to work and they wouldn't let me and said they had to discharge me. I wanted to return to work. They said no! Then they give me a pink slip that said I fired myself! This is not a good company to work for. I

Pharmacy Charges

I have been getting my prescriptions filled at my local Walmart store until recently. 1 of my Rx's was 14.00 the other was 17.00. When I went to get them filled they were both over 40.00 each. 80.00 total I asked why, they said they had a price increase. I transferred my prescriptions to another pharmacy and they are 14.00 and 17.00 34.00 total. Why is it that only Walmart is seeing this price increase? ( sarcasm) . I won't be buying my groceries there either anymore. Winco is cheaper for the same products. Hmm sounds to me like you are trying to get richer by hurting the pockets of others. Shame on you Walmart!!!

unloading at your distribution center in columbus ohio

This is a ridiculous place to get a trailer unloaded. I arrived at your facility at 4:26p.m. est and it is now 8:11p.m.est and i am still not unloaded. There is absolutely no excuse for a truck driver to be here this long to get unloaded. I had to give a 1 star rating due to the fact it would not let me give 0 star rating

Kingman Walmart atrocious

I know that Walmart moves products on a regular basis to keep customers looking for there purchases to keep us there in that awful place even longer, hopefully so we will spend more money. But to keep the 5 packs of BIC lighters in the soda aisle is just plain STUPID! Where young adults or even children could easily snatch them off the rack without a proper witness. From now on, I will shop at Kmart or Dollar General. The Walmart here in Kingman is never fully stocked and it seems like whatever I am going there for, happens to be out of stock when I go to look for it. Also, do any of the employees know where particular products are? Heck no!! That's not their department. Goodbye forever Wally World!

Walmart relly needs to improve on the associate care when it comes to who they hire as asm and sm people are rude and disrespectful


I agree with all the complaints I see here and a whole lot more. Putting food back on the shelves that was returned or even the spoiled stuff that's sat in carts at the front of the store for hours and then put back in the freezer and refrigerator cases -- they're going to kill somebody but good luck proving it was Walmart in court. The latest STUPID move I saw was their stocking the water shelves bassackward with the biggest, heaviest cases of bottled water (24 20 oz bottles) on the very top shelf and putting the little bitty packs of water on the bottom. They're going to be a lot easier to sue (and win) over that, when somebody gets hurt trying to get the product off the top shelves themselves since all the "help" remains invisible 99% of the time.

Customer Service Desk

I had to buy a new battery for my car and called the store in Orange Calif. first to make sure they had the appropriate battery for my car which they did. The associate who I spoke with over the phone informed me that I would need to take the battery up to the Customer Service Desk to pay for it there and I would need to take my old battery there as well to get my refund on the battery being replaced. I followed his directions and the transaction went smoothly!!! We were in and out of the store in 15 mins. The lady at the Customer Service Desk was friendly, quick, and efficient. Thank you!

Return of Food to shelves

Why is Wal-Mart returning food to their shelves that has been purchased and then brought back? This could be a health issue and no food should be returned for refund and placed back on the shelves. I have been in the store many times in Madison WI and this is being done. Whole carts full of groceries including beer, candy, bread, you name it. If it is bought with food stamps, they should not get a refund. I don't want to buy food that has been returned even if the pkg. wasn't opened. Very, very bad. Last year after Halloween I was in line and the lady in front of me returned about $50.00 worth of candy. Why did she buy it in the first place? This practice needs to be stopped.


Walmart in Fitzgerald ga .there's never anouf cashiers maybe 3 or 5 theres always lines and you can't get a price check from the cms .because some think they don't have to . it would be better if people cared about therecustomers we don't won't to wait in long lines after working all day .

Low$$ reason for it

Placed another large order , walmart ships to the wrong location. Of course they ship on batches which is a problem and the items are allowed to be left at the door, the recipient denies getting these.i am out a tv and various home items again left at the door no proof, looked at my on line order and they mixed up the house digits.they told me in so many words they did not belive me even though my previous order shows they sent my package to someone in ca and sent me his items.walmart has the worst trained staff who only provides generic answers. I would pay double before ever going back again,scum!

Horrible Service

Ordered an item on 8/26/2014 and was told it would be available for pick up on 9/10/2014. Its 9/15/2014 and I'm still waiting on it to get to the store, 5 days later than expected delivery and counting. I contact customer care, who couldn't care less and tried talking to managers at the store. Their solution, re-order the item and wait another 9-10 days or cancel the order. Thanks for nothing!

Walmart Service or Lack thereof!!!

Lebanon, TN Wal-Mart at 7:10p.m. 3 registers open& self checkouts lined up all registers lined up. People walking out leaving shopping carts full of merchandise. Disgusting talked to Management and Regional HR to no Avail.... Does nobody care anymore. Customers come LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done with Wal-Mart BYE.


Both your Mt Dora, Fl and Apopka, Fl Wal-marts stink. They onl have 3 (over 20 item registers) open, 3 under 20 items then the self check out .. not all working. In Apopka Wal-Mart you have to stand in a waiting line at the self check out and wait to be told what side you must use .. cash or credit card side. All of the check outs have problems and only 1 person there to help everyone. You have invested thousands and thousands of checkout counters and do not use them. I can't afford Publix but I will cut back on my buying rather continue feeling used and abused by Wal-Mart. I have talked o lots of people and they have already stopped going to Wal-Mart. I own a store and will tell people about my bad experiences at Wal-Mart.

I may know longer work at Wal-Mart in Charlotte, NC but I still shop their for primary reason. I do see a lot good hard working people still struggling to make ends meet. You still make your yearly revenue which I know too much about your company. Good people like Masika at 3209 Pineville Mathews rd. Store no. 1462 awesome young Lady who took her valuable time out to help me out in the photo graph area . She is one smart employee. "Exceptional " That being said I wonder why People all ways give Wal mart to many breaks in Society but you can't do that them self when it comes to people like myself being fired for some thing that was misunderstood. I do believe for other people misery You get a good laugh. To me If I see some one I tend to help but If I see a corporate leader with their hands out ask for grievance. I'll give the boot you and right were it counts. GOOD DAY SIR OR MAM> Hope you can sleep good a night.

what a joke

wanting to buy something that was only available online I checked different items and found one we liked. It had a delivery or pick up date of 8-8-14 so we added it to our cart. proceed to check out and the pick up date changed to 8-28-14. I contacted customer service where I was told that if I wanted it sooner I could pay for it but the free shipping would take the time posted on the check out page. So let me get this straight, the item is available, I have to wait 3 weeks for it if I want free shipping or I can have it in 3-5 days if I want to pay for shipping. why not just offer it in stores . looks like I will have to find it elsewhere

Gift cards

hat is the purpose of having a number to cancal a stollen card if no one answers the phone? According to Walmart if you loose your card after 4pm they do not care anymore if you loose your mony on that card or mot. After 4pm you can not get anyone to cancal a card. Walmart you are a joke.

Customer service

The walmart in hillsboro texas has some very bad probably as far as the people that work there they are rude, and treat the cust. Bad I will never step a foot in that store again!!!!!

walmart sucks

I was in the Walmart in Corsicana Tx. I didn't want to stand in line for 20min just to ask a ? so I found a stock boy are what I thought was one.I asked if he had a charger for my phone? He said this ain't my department find someone else I told him of course it isn't it never is when I need help and walked away got in line to find out ..He walked past and saw me in line and said see I told u there was someone working over here u smartass. I asked there girl did u here that get me a manger' He goes I get u a manger and started cussing me I walk toward him and he takes a swing at me the maneger that came out was just as rude. I go home call the main store manger he said he had already heard about it and that I started it. I asked him how by asking a crazy man for help. still waiting to here from distric manger


why is the new walmart in huntsville, arkansas not going to have a bakery. if we still have to go 18-35 miles to get what we need , why build it here. will you have jewish food? i hope so

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