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Giving back to the communuity

My car recently was towed from the Wal-Mart located at Hancock Village, Chesterfield, VA. It cost me $150 to recover my car. No one in the store could tell me who towed the car and there were no signs stated the car could not be in the parking lot. I have called corporate office to no avail and tried to contact the GM at the local level with no response. You will loose $1000's because that is what i estimate I spent on an annual basis. Thanks for supporting your community.

The Cruelty to Animals

I am appaulled at the treatment of animals by Walmart and their affiliates. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Anything for a buck, right? I will not step foot into another Walmart till these atrocities are stopped. These are God's creatures for heaven sakes! You people sicken me to my core. Don't dare call yourselves human beings! Where is your compassion! SHAME ON YOU!

Checking out

Checking out at Wal-Mart in Lancaster, Ca. on the east side is the worst. I have left without buying what I need, and going to another store. Now I just stop shopping there. If you can't fix it You will lose a large group of consumers, that consist of my self and friends & family. Plus the shelves are allways empty and pallets of stuff are in the way as trip hazerd. Thank you, Consumer

customer service counter

while attempting to return an item for under $5. without a receipt, I first was told a bottle of vitamins needs a receipt. when I questioned the customer service manager that the posted policy does not show this as an exception, she said she didn't have time to list all of them. when I asked to speak with the manager, she suddenly allowed my return, but before doing so said " ... if you'd close your mouth for a minute, I'll answer you" ... how would that make you feel as a customer coming from a "manager" yet. I notified corporate customer service, and have not yet received a call from the district manager or calling again nor from the regional manager. This has dragged on for 2-weeks. I did inform the store manager in-person of my experience while later shopping in the store on the same day.

Over TIme

My Son work at Walmart in Lockhart, TX for past 3mth, he quit this last week. They continually work him over time but they would not pay the O/T they would take the hr of O/T and put that on next weeks hr. As many lawsuits that they have lost for this egregious act of steeling the O/T is not only shameful but highly unethical. The top management at Walmart go home at night with out a care on this subject. I am surprised that they don't tell there employees how to apply for welfare. I will take my shopping to HEB. enough said for a Billion dollar company.

Money Card

I had a Walmart Money card and when I lost the card and called for a replacement they never sent one! Went through this twice, and then they shut my account down and now no one can tell me where my money went!!!! No one calls me back or gives me answers... It's been 3 months of being patient. ENOUGH already, Corporate needs to call me asap!!!

oil change

i went to walmart on 7/16/2014 to get oi change and on today i was at car and my brother notice oil on hood and he open hood and my oil cap was not even put back on it was on top upside down and i cant even drive it it needs oil before i can drive it a shame people wont do ther job i live in eastman ga and will be put a review in local paper i pray the motor is not gonna and i need tyo be reeimburse my money i got reciept and i have to go back and forth to chemo and radation for my husband people please don t go to walmart

Bad service

Calling your 800 number is a waste of time. I called 3-4 times and each time I held on for over 13 minutes and still no one answered. Finally someone answered and I once again had to hold on. The person that answered could not help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I once again had to hold on. Never got the isse resolved

employee benefits

I would like to know why you all do not hire your employees full time and give them insurance so they can live if they have a child and do not have to live on welfare and can pay their bills because you will not give them benefits.


The Sand Springs Walmart store is terrible. Not enough cashiers, out of common items, no way to complain on customer service at the counters, cashiers need training.

Walmart alleged Customer Service

PITIFUL by opinion and a sorrowful experience - no sense writing words which fall onto the ears of these types! LET THE BUYER BEWARE and capitals letters are not sufficient to alert people! As for Wal- Mart Family Mobile- HELLO- in my opinion you will eventually regret ever getting revolved with them.

rude customer service

Very upset, Walmart in Plymouth Indiana didnt double bag the glass bottle I bought and it broke through the bag when I went to unload groceries, I called and told them what happened and they wouldn't replace it and laughed at me on the phone. They were very rude and I will not be back to shop at Walmart again.

Walmart really is as bad as they say!

After leaving the company due to several mental breakdowns caused by the stress of working there I can see why they have so many lawsuits against them. I have been getting the run around when I inquire about my pay for time off that I EARNED. Now corporate is saying nearly half of that is not due to me because they don't pay for that time. I highly recommend not working for Walmart.

Turrible, facking turrible

Walmart in Wilmington, OH is the poorest run ever I have visited and I have been in them from CA to East Coast. CS Supervisor is rude, overbearing and generally lacks skills in dealing with the public. I would add that sales clerks in men's wear are idiots and made no effort to set a purchase of poor quality goods straight. Fraudulent packaging misrepresented diabetic socks contained in package. Offered no exchange or refund on goods.

Very Bad

Sworn off Walmart forever. They are abusive to their employees here in Wilmington, OH and do not honor complaints or offer xchgs for mchse incorrectly marked on pkgs. Store mgr is rude as are store clerks and they seem to think they are running something instead of serving the public! Abusive and overbearing. The goods are cheap and overpriced. Going to Trader Joes from now on even though it is further away!

Stopping shoplifting

I think every shopping center should let people shop in the nude.it would stop shoplifting and might bring the prices down

Greatest Store

No mater what i ask ( for our community school... For my church...for Feeding America... WAL-MART is the BEST .. The Wal-Mart #1215 i Calhoun Ga has never said no to me.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Inpet Cashiers

Slowest store in the neighborhood...slow minded & lazy people...big lack of customer service skills. Maybe they'll have something you need...maybe they won't...cannot count on Walmart Neghborhood Store is inconsistent in supplying items or good customer service...like a bunch of hillbillies!

Poor Customer Services

In Indianapolis Walmart Store on 4545 Lafayette Rd Supervisior Didn't have good customer service. She need's to go through more training for good customer services

Theft in store; store security cover up

My cell phone was stolen at a local WalMart (after I left it sitting on the checkout counter) and after calling store security and the local police, the store maintains that I did not have a cell phone in the store.

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