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the cashier charge me two times for my snacks

The cashier charge me twice for my snacks took the receipt back to Wal-Mart in Salisbury nc they would not give my money back it was only 7.98 cents they do people dirty home office needs to do something it's going to the do dogs

Pharmacy at Humble, tx

the manager for the Humble Pharmacy is a lair and and lies about the orders for pharmaceutical that are ordered. I placed an order, and went three time to not pick up the order! I had a manufactures coupon so it must be from that manufacture,... i had to move the order for my monthly meds to another store! He is middle eastern decent so we are all infidels!


My girlfriend took the online test and passed with flying colors but when she called back a week later, she was told that the Managers don't talk to anyone about the applications and only hire people they like and people that know the employees already there! This is wrong and also the customer service dept. staff are very rude and slow and I have seen them on their cell phones while working!

Electronics closed

I went into my local Walmart and they closed the electronics section around 10:30pm. It is the holiday season and not everyone can shop during the day. Needless to say, I am very disappointed that a 24/7 store decided to make the electronics department available only when they feel like it.

Torranc CA Store Phone service

Phone service is terrible, I have been calling all day, and no answer, or a few times they picked up and hung up on me.

Email unscribing

I've made the mistake of placing an on line order. Now I receive many emails. I've tried to unsubscribe from them but they keep coming. My latest phone call was met with a 35 minute wait. When the time was down to 8 minutes, the waiting time went up to 40 minutes. A call to corporate office was met with never ending automated attendants. I will never buy again from these gooders.

Black Friday

Black Friday was a joke at the Wal-Mart in Winstom Salem N C. Went in to get a computer 2 hours early and was told they were all gone even before the sale even started and to top that off were not going to do the one hour grantee which was in everybody's mailer. They should be put in jail.


Looks like Walmart is filed as a foreign company? also, i placed and order and walmart delivered it to my house instead of the address it was suppose to go to. the customer service rep, told me it was my problem. was he stupid or what? what am i suppose to do?

Tv commercial

Seems like most of your commercials are targeting African American population. I'm Caucasian/ Native American and your commercials make me feel like you all don't care about my shopping habits.

Very disappointed in the false advertising in this weeks ad 21-27th pre Black Friday sale. It states on the 3rd page that they will match prices and give out rain checks for ad items that are out of stock or not available during this weeks sale. Neither the Monticello Walmart nor headquarters will do the rain checks . They said it shouldn't have been in the ad . So false advertising !!! SMH don't think they need my money anymore!!

styrofoam airplanes 4.5 wing span

Its not a review really. Im seeking help. Needing Styrofoam airplanes from Santa. Im in Livingston Tx. An we have wishes from kids. An these orders need to be filled, please. They could not get one during the summer, so they are asking Santa. Channel 13 news said they would help me . But im trying this first. There were some at the Livingston store 5 weeks ago, when I went back the next day to get them they were gone.( At the Walmart in Livingston) please send some to our store. Santa's helper


I got to Walmart at 7 this morning,to buy a 40 inch tv.on the pre black Friday sale they only had per store the manager told us that they would have more on todays truck. well he just said that to get us out of the store .they wont get anymore. that was in Balch springs tx

very good,, the corporation makes billions yet they cannot/will not hire decent store help or cashiers. they do not deserve any rating

Bad Attitudes/from Top to Bottom

From the Store Manager down to the cashiers, Wal-Mart Employees have bad attitudes. Don't assume the customer is aware of your company policies!

Your real problems

I keep reading in the WS journal all the problems you guys are having. Let me tell you the real problems A. out of stock for over 6 weeks on some items and B why the heck do you buy 40 something cash registers and never open 4? You have the most sophisticated computer information center in the world so I don't get the out of stock deal at all.


We at Lafayette Louisiana has received sale papers with good sales. unfortunately when we go to purchase items on sale there r no items available or the stores have not had any of these items. The item I am trying to purchase is a girls 18 inch frozen bike and all the stores tell us that item was never received or may not be received on time for Christmas. My question is will this item ever get to our stores in Lafayette Louisiana for purchase?

Looks like Wal Mart could have a little extra money laying around so as to pay for an 800 phone number so us customers can call in to get some help, in my case, regarding a camping stove we bought that came without a connector tube (brass) so we can hook up the propane tank. Store says stove has been discontinued. Really? Get us an 800 number, please.

Very disappointed with my waycross store.watched employees loading juice that went on sale by the buggy full over customers...paid and went back to work or push buggy of product beside their register to buy later

Horribl ephone system

Almost impossible to reach anyone on this line, it becomes an infinite loop of erecordings that will not let you reach an actual person.


BOUGHT a snapper push behind mower 2 yrs warranty every dealer i contected tells me that its a fual problem a carberater problem otherwise bring it in so they can charge me to look at it that's not a very good warranty

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