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I used to buy a pretty longery stretch body suit with lace and bra support so pretty . I still has some this provably was 10/15 years ago. I love it but I can not find anymore.

Masonville london Ontario, seriously worst place to work. So don't follow the labour laws.

very unprofessional

the representative who answered the phone had a horrible attitude. I asked for the 1800 number and she spat "why" and wouldn't give it to me but transferred me to another store.


Upper management please look in to the store in Riverhead Long Island the manager that works there is unprofessional and discriminatory.As well as the other people that work with her that seem to be following what she says.

To upper management really look into the Riverhead Long Island store the people that work there are very unprofessional and discriminatory.

New Managment not new staff!!

Worked as a sales associate at meadowhall, Victoria secrets Sheffield..Uk ..In all my years as an employee elsewhere, I have never experienced so many staff to be as unhappy as they are at Vs here. The tears I have seen shed by young girls due to being spoken to by management in a degrading manner is disgusting.. This store needs a clear out of Managment not staff.

Pricing and product

The pricing is different on- line then at the store. The store will not match their own company on-line prices which is sad since the e-mails sent to advertise and get a customer motivated are sent with the on-line pricing only. Can we say "worthless"? and frustrating to say the least. I am a long time buyer of the low rise bikini. They stopped selling over three years ago and have yet to bring them back. I have called corporate to request several times with no response. Thanks Victoria Secret. We appreciate it..pfffttttt

Visited Sand hill location sc

I sent a letter explaing to Corporate head Quarters. Bad visit, but I love this store. So sad!

disappointed customer

I recently visited the Monroe, la store they did not honor the email that they sent to me saying I could receive a free tote with a purchase of 75 dollars or more. I spent 108 dollars and not receive a free tote. They also would not honor the coon they mailed out saying I could get 10 off a bra

Non-existent online customer service

Cannot access shopping cart online, though it shows money in the cart (overage, as I've been trying to check out for 3 weeks but unable to access cart (so I've undoubtedly put duplicate items in). Cannot send email without downloading a program ??? which I will not do. I've been a customer for over 10 years, the product is great, the sales personnel at the stores are great, but the online catalogue service is extremely poor, actually nonexistent.

Rapture perfume

I am so upset to find out Stl is discontinue the Rapture line one of your top sellers and my signature perfume been wearing this for years what could you possibly be thinking don't take away a good thing VS Grrrrr so upset


I cannot begin to describe my disappointment when I discovered Victoria's Secret has decided not to create bras tailored to the needs of breast cancer survivors.

Buyer beward

Ihave been a user of Victoria's Secret products for years... They work well... The problem is their 'marketing', which consists of sending product even after you tell them to stop... and tapping your bank account for a nice chunk of change whenever they feel like it. They will not stop sending, and will send your account to collections if you refuse to pay their price.... Buyer beware...


Very disappointed the store in Warner Robins ga, wrote a check for my daughter payment the mgr said she couldn't take payment unless I was there with my drivers license! It was my daughter acct, I was making a payment for her! Now the payment is late and we are getting a late fee! Very unfair!! Card will be close out, love the products and the clothing, not a happy customer

Think thrice buying a VS next time

Looking at the amount of complains here I guess I'm Not alone. 1. Bought a bottle of perfume from the New York store as a gift for my love one and return to my home country to find out that the atomizer was missing.(disappointing and embarrassing) 2. Emailed Jennifer G New York store outle manager who said she would be sending a replacement atomizer. Emailed Tami M. who promised a gift voucher. 3. Failed to send and had to ask my my address thrice over a period of 3 mths. Gift card failed to arrive twice on the dates as stipulated by you. 4. I hold you accountable and responsible. I am bringing this to higher management and if I do not receive a satisfying remedy I am bringing it to consumer protection. 5. Disppointed and regrets and a definite piss off experience ever.

Horrible customer service

Visited the Eastgate location today in Cincinnati Ohio and was completely disappointed in the horrible customer service by the Manager of the store. I have been a faithful consumer of VS for years and after today, I will not be purchasing from their store again.

Soft Porn Advertising

I have recently been getting Victoria's Secret advertisements in my mailbox when I never visted your store or website. Lo and behold, the ads are addressed to my maiden name which I haven't used in almost 20 years!!! That means Victoria's Secret bought my name from Facebook (the only place where my maiden name is known)! Sickening!!!

With great regret i will no longer be a customee of your. You product is the best in the business however the interaction between your people setting up the fashion show in NYC athe lexington armory and the military personel housed there in responce to hurricane sandi is beyond a disgrace. We understand you have a prior engagement there and we try and respect your business there however being forced to take a cold shower in mold filled stalls while your employees cotinue to report to our supwriirs that we have used your warm showers, the shower stalls that your employees need to bad to dump buckets in. In responding to this disaster i left my job school and family to come live in 3 rd world conditions, sleeping in a basement on the floor with mice running around us. We are not complaining of our conditions but just expect a common respect, whick your employeea have shown us none. The way your employees have acted towards us these last few days make me ashamed to ever buy from your company again. I only wiah news cameras could record the rudeness.

will you pls bring back all the shampo and hairsprays that you once hade,such as love spell and the other scents.thanks

Worst store ever, there items Ste do expensive but yet the materials are more cheap than forever 21. And the stores are always trashed ! And no one is ever around to help you out.

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