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Wish I could give less than a minus star! I received a $10 VS gift card from the company and went to the VS in the Orange Park Mall in Orange Park Florida. Knowing already that there is not a single 40D bra in the store, I went to the Panties table. Being a realistic person I was going to purchase the VS size Large so there would be no "pantie lines". I am not a big butt person but I am realistic. On the table of hundreds of panties, there was not a single size L. When I inquired where they were the salesperson told me that they do not put them on the table( per Corporate orders) and that their size M is the "standard size". If I wanted to look at the Large panties I would have to get down on my hands and knees or squat down and open the bottom drawers of the counter. For the next few mins. this is what I did to find the Large panties that I liked. When I checked out I mentioned this situation to the young lady at the register and she said that they only put out the size Medium and that the Small and Large sizes are in the draws. I don't know about other persons but I recognize BS when I hear it. On the way out of the store, I found a lot of size Smalls on the Panties table. I also spoke to the saleperson at the front of the store and asked her why VS does not seem to carry a larger size bra than 38D and she said one could always buy that size bra and she would be glad to sell me a bra extender; I am assuming that to get that I would have to crawl up under a counter! For those of you who read this and think I am an overweight sourpuss, I am not. I have a large bust,don't like pantie lines,wear a size 10 and the bottom draw shopping was killing my 66 year old back!

Love the baseball clothes, but sadly Thumbs down cause they dont have the Pirates

Hello, I started working at VC four weeks ago and I love it.... but the pay sucks!!!!! I mean I do have bills to pay. you guys made a Billion Dollars I believe this year and you guys cant pay the people helping you sell the brand more money? you should think about it start pay should be around 9 that's reasonable if u think..............

I Would Like To Know Why Don't You Bring Back The Original Victoria Secret Colone I Was Devistated Long Ago When You Discontinued This Fragrance My Favorite It Cost An Arm And A Leg To Purchase It On Ebay ! Check It Out And See How Popular That Fragrance Is. Please Concider Bringing It Back. I Will Be Your Best Customer. PLEASE Teresa McEwen Panama City Florida

I would like to know why do you have to give your ID when you have a return with a receipt??? I can understand why I would have to give it to them if I didn't have a receipt!!

i visited a victorias secret at fort myers fl store. store number 50624 cashier number 144335. i walked in and was looking for a manager that always helps us and i walked pass the employees and walk to the back were the clothes was looking for her and a lady was walking and stoped croosed her arms and asked rude who are you looking for and i said chill and asked for a manager and she replayed i am the store manager and has that moment a employee came up and said i can help you and she helped me with everything and went to cash me out as the store manager came up and said i will do it rude to the other lady that was helping me because i asked for extra bags because i had alot of stuff i was buying.She told me she couldnt give no more then 10 bags to us and said i would have to buy them if i wanted more.I walked out for a min and came back in and asked how much they were and she said no i am not selling them to you.I wanted to give them to my employees for doing a good job and think they deserve a bag to go with it.So she told me i can go to the dallar store to get some cheap i know that but my employees deserve better then that. As of that my wife came in with the kids and i told her what was going on and we were decussing to get it or not mean while she is telling us twice in less then 5 mins we had to hurry up because she has to close. So we were just going to get them. My wife asked about the towel thing if u spend 75 because we seen it on tv today and she said no that sell has been over for a while we dont have that no more very snippy like and i said sorry because i just seen it on tv. if u dont have it thats all she had to say she didnt have to be rude about it.I left and my wife stayed to pay for them . after she rang it up she said there was one missing to get the deal and if i wanted it i had to hurry up and get it.i got it came back and as i was paying my husband came back in. has we were trying to figure out how we were going to carry all these bags out she told us we had to leave or she was going to call security. At that moment i decide to return the stuff because she was that rude and she said i am not playing this game and called security. telling them that we were baligerant and need some one to remove us( that was so not called for if she had a bad day or whatever it was she didnt have to act like that) then my wife asked what is the matter with you. then security came and we told him what was the matter and said we have to leave and we told him we just want to return this stuff and we will leave. they told us we had to come back tomarrow to do so and there is no reason y we should come back to deal with the rudeness and get treated like that let alone waste my gas to deal with that. the security told us to leave and come back tomarrow so i asked him if u want us to go faster since we have 2 kids with us can u help us and he said i will help u out the front door and that as fare as i will help and i told him that wont help me. As we were leaving the lady that helped us from the start told us to sorry about that and have a goodnite.I bought 371.00 dallars in stuff and a store manager to treat us or any body like that and dont care about making a sell or the people should not be a manager let alone working in a place that works with people. I hope that u take the time out and look at the tape and i hope that it has audio so you can hear for your self how she acted.I WILL NEVER COME BACK INTO THAT STORE after i return the stuff and 99% i will never buy a nother thing from victorias secret again know that you have people like that working for you.

After reading some of these reviews I'm about to stop shopping with vs, on top of the fact your stuff really isn't all that cute or sexy anymore...I'm So over the PINK on everythingggg. We get it already, change it up, stop putting I love Pink on allllll your pink clothing & lace, uhg over lace on all your undies too. Customer service is rediculous in the stores, those girls need to remember how much they are making instead of acting like they are better than everyone that walks thru those doors. Plus you can't use the VS card at Bath and Body Works anymore. Why? that sucks!!! So I will continue to pay off my credit card & will most likely close my account after its paid off. Sad reviews and yet I have been a card holder for 13yrs now, I'm a VIP Card Holder and none of it matters after realizing that some of your stuff is too expensive & the rest is not worth buying anymore.

I buy alot of clothes from VS magazine, the stores are full of incompetent people, who know nothing about customer service, it's almost comical.. I never ask for help when I go there god forbid you ask to even open a fitting room, its unreal.. Prices on bras are a bit much.. Same quality you can find for half price, and looks just as good.. Other than that I do love the magazine!!!

I was shopping at the Sand Hills location in Columbia ,SC.I had my daughter and 2 friends whom had recently graduated from basic training at Fort Jackson.My daughters friends were happily shopping; I thought I would take a photo of my daughter whom I had not seen for 10 weeks.While I was focusing my camera to prepare to take her picture a store employee started screaming; " no pictures! no pictures!" It was embarrassing and weird. I was not attempting to photogragh any merchandise. I can't imagine what her objection would have been.

VICTORIAS SECRET SHOULD PROVIDE ALL THE SIZES IN THE STORE THAT THEY OFFER ON THE SITE!!! How rude is it to be like your bras are just too big to keep in our stores!?! my 4 sisters and I all wear a 38 DD and cant shop in store!

I had stuff from VS that I sold online to ebay. Now, they are making me pay restitution for selling things such as reward cards and such. They are even making me pay them for things I got as gifts from my bf or things that was given to me by the company or gratis. If someone can show me that it is against the law to sell property given to me, that would be great!

Let me just tell you that I believe VS is the worst company ever! Poorly made products, horrible customer service, and rude and unprofessional workers. I have a vicky's CC that I closed and have been paying on time every month up to this point. I have continued ordering and buying from the stores and when I look at my receipts from the last two years alone, I have spent over 1800 on your products. In the ten years I have shopped with you, I can tell you right now that I spent well over 8k! But you have lost me as a customer forever. When I started getting a horrible rash I started eliminating everything. I even switched the detergent I had used for years in the idea that the rash would stop and go away. Then I stopped using your products for a few days and amazingly it stopped getting worse and started to go away! I didn't catch on at first and then started using your products again (body wash and underwear) and guess what? The rash started getting worse and once again I was covered on my neck, arms, chest, lower stomach!I went to my doctor's and they told me that it looked like I was burned!!! Needless to say when I complained to your customer service department I got nowhere, and was told to send back all the beauty products I recently purchased for a partial refund. Are you kidding me VS??? When I declined, I was told a manager would call me to settle the problem, and guess what, I never received a call. I waited a month before I stopped paying you and now you call me to pay the bill of a measly 400 something dollars, well guess what, I will not pay you until you settle this, and I will continue telling your collections reps, my friends, family, and everyone else my story until you resolve it! You will not get a penny from me, and I will let my credit score drop just to make a point! I wonder why you had 3 lawsuits for the same issue thousands of other women suffered from. It is the last time I will put any money into your pockets, not for the bras that give out rashes and last less than a year, or the undies you wash a few times and they fall apart, or the clothes that rip and tear after a few months. YOU SHOULD BE DISAPPOINTED IN YOURSELVES VICTORIAS SECRET!

Victoria's secret is the worst place to work for.I used to work for VS at Garden State Plaza Mall IN Paramus ,NJ and the managenent team is very rude ,they treat you like an animal and even the manager tells you "I will kill you" .

I felt compelled to write because I've had some recent experiences in a few of your St. Louis stores (the most recent one being "The Meadows" location). The customer serivce is lacking almost every time I visit any of your stores in our area. I always have to ask for help and rarely do I see a smile or hear a thank you. I was actually a manager for Victoria's Secret in my late twenties/early thirties for over 3 years(I am now in my fourties). How things have changed! I have always worn VS lingerie but I recently bought a newer bra for about $56. I know how to care for lingerie as I preached it many times in my days of working there. This bra did not hold up, in fact it was the glue which held the silky fabric to the seams that gave way. I took it back for an exchange, as a bra of this price should not fall apart that easily. The salesperson (manager) questioned me and said she had never seen this happen before. She looked at me as if I was trying to take advantage of a situation. Believe me when I say I saw it ALL when I worked for VS so I understand the skepticism. Although for a loyal client to be treated so poorly, I didn't understand. If I could suggest a book for your managers it would be "Knock Your Socks Off Serivce." In this world we have choices, I enjoy doing business with companies that are knowledgeable and considerate to their customers.

Terrible quality and you are loosing thousands of customers because of it. We are smarter than you think, stop taking advantage of the American people! Corporations like yours are what is making America fall apart. Think: if the quality is lessened in order to save money then you loose customers who start to notice. Sometimes you have to spend some to get some V.S. I used to love this company :(

Your Zanesville ohio store is terrible, the manager stood talking to a personal friend while the girl at the counter helped a long line of people... might I add they were the only 2 people there, I waited for someone to help me, instead of the manager helping, the girl at counter finished with the customer then came over to help me and the other 3 people that needed to try stuff on.

My daughter works for Victoria Secrets and has been promoted after 3 or 4 months from a Sales Associate to Marketing, which is what she is going to college for. My disappointment with a certain manager A.D. (I will only give his initials to protect the other employees under him), consistantly makes her work by herself and whenever she does have help, he calls them away to work with someone else but never has anyone else work alone. My concern, is when my daughter worked over night 01/31/2011 from 7pm until 3am (as scheduled), he had kept her there until 10:30 in the morning, knowing that she had a 12 o'clock class that last for four hours. I don't want the reason for my daughter to be in a car accident or die from falling asleep behind the wheel because she was not allowed to leave at her scheduled time, just so she won't be late to class or miss class. Is there a policy or standard proceedure for overnight shifts that this manager is supposed to follow? Even over-the-road truck drivers are to be cautious of the amount of hours they are on the road for safety reasons. Please email your reply to dreamweaver23@rocketmail.com. I am concerned about her well being as well as the company should be for a good worker. Thank you, Concerned Parent.

iam broker and i have customer for wonder bra which i think is your line they want quantiti however i love to do business with your company. please let me know if you have some over stocks that would like to get rid of,my customer reguest is 60.000 pices that is for overseas. thanks , darius tabar

Went shopping in the Gilbert, AZ San Tan Victoria Secret for the Semil-Annual sale as I do every year. Purchased $60 worth of items on sale, all bottles which were very heavy. The associate was trying to put all items in one big bag. When I requested two smaller bags because of the weight, you would have thought the world would end. She told me that they were short on bags and I could only have one! When I asked for the manager, she rolled her eyes, slammed the items into two smaller bags, shoved the bags at me with an angry face. No thank you for shopping, please come back, just a irritated look. No, I will not shop at that one again. There are too many other stores that carry lotions,etc. My opinion, if you don't want to work in retail and be a help to the customer, then don't work in retail.....

Victoria's Secret is a joke. They do not train employees in bra fitting properly. Their lingerie is cheap quality and costs way too much for the garbage it is. I have been told by countless employees that it is normal for my bras to arch in the back, dig into my sides, and have my breasts spilling out in all sides of the bra. When I finally got fitted somewhere else I determined VS employees are poorly trained because when I was too big for their bras all along they just kept trying to fit me into sizes they offered. Turns out I'm a FF and have wasted hundreds of dollars on the junk at this store. I will never buy so much as lip gloss at this joke of a company.

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