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Razor Bra

I recently bough two strapless bra from Victoria Secret. The first time I wore one of the bra, nothing happened. About the third day, my back had a burning sensation (skin where bra rested). I was wondering what was happening. When I removed the bra, to my suprise, the bra had cut through my flesh. I was shocked---had never experienced anything like this before. You could literally pull the skin off--that is how much the bra tore into my flesh. Today, I am left with a scar on my back. I just cannot figure out what happned. All my bras are Vicoria Secret bra. The only difference is this one was stapless. Compared to the regular bra, the strapless had some sort of plastic lining and the material was more spandex. The regular bra was more cotton with no plastic lining.

Advertising is in bad taste

I really do wish that the bigger than life window posters could be less x-rated. Is it necessary to have inner thighs exposed to show off the underwear? In this day of rampant immorality, these giant mostly nude girls are not helping and sending the wrong message to young people as they pass by. It is also unnecessary to for families to have to have this so blatantly in their faces.

Rude Service in Ohio

I have to say that I receive several coupons from VS, which keeps bringing me back to the store, however, this time of purchase when I went in to the store in Boardman, OH the sales associate was more concerned about making rude and offensive comments about me coming in just for free panties than she was about keeping a customer happy. I have to say this visit has changed my view on VS and has made me question a return. Instead of a "Have a nice day" to end this horrible experience I got a "Would you like your bag sprayed with our new fragrance because I'm sure you'll be looking for a coupon for a free one." Totally rude and uncalled for...this store's HR needs to reevaluate their associates or I'm sure I won't be the only lost customer across the states...


Do NOT call the number listed here. It is a household number. I just called it and got a very exasperated woman who said it is her home and that people calling about Victoria's Secret all the time.

Terrible Service

I had 3 coupons for free panties, but the store in Anderson, SC was not up-to-date on their information so they would not accept the coupons. I called customer service and complained and they admitted it was the store's fault for not being aware of the new Pink program. The woman with customer service said that I would receive a $30 gift card for compensation for the 3 free panties I lost out on, the woman said it will take 2 weeks to get there. 2 and 1/2 weeks later I called making sure it was shipped; they said yes. I waited 2 more weeks before I gave up and realized that they never shipped it and LIED about it. I am fed up with this expensive ridiculous place!


I am a very LONG time customer of Victoria Secret. I wait patiently for the semi-annual sale. This year I should have not bothered. he Dover DE store never got a green light from corporate and the prices on the panties never dropped. So I bought 10 dollar panties instead of the 2.99 ones (There were no 2.99 ones) Every other store was able to drop their prices, and Dover DE got screwed. I am cancelling my credit card and am just not going to shop at VS anymore. The sales are not even sales.

Sales Associate

OMG, Not 1 good review. I am sure not to walk in another VS anytime soon

Comenity bank

In an attempt to go paperless I missed a payment. I am a good customer in good standing yet after pleading my case, this bank (who only in the last couple years started handling V.S. Angel accounts) informed me they can't/won't do anything when it came to reporting me to the credit agencies. Sadly it seems mutiple complaints have been posted about this financial institution. Going to miss you Victoria's Secret but I refuse to do business with a bank that does not appreciate good customers =[


I went shopping in a Victoria Secret store where a heavy weight picture frame fell off the wall and onto my arm. The associates there told me they are held up on magnets and tried to straighten them. Forget straightening them, one just fell on my arm. I told the manager and all she said was that she was sorry and can I get some ice for you, and that shouldn't have happened. You're right it shouldn't have happened, it could have fallen on someone's head, a baby perhaps. Nevertheless, it fell on my arm and they didn't compensate me in no way shape or form. I called corporate office and am waiting for them to get back to me.

poor service

I arrived. At northern store in AZ 645 the store don't close till 7the doors were locked so now my payment late because your employees want to lock up early. I will be calling the corporate office on this....my payments are never late...

angel gift cards

I recently shopped at ur store in medford oregon. I was excited due to the fact I had 130.00 in giftcards to spend. I found out from employees u cannot combine the cards. I work retail and have never heardof this! I earned tthose cards and should be ablle to use them as I please. This policy has me contemplating closing my acct. Needless to say I was not the only unhappy customer

Appalled: Shame on you!

Shame on you for targeting younger girls advertising sexy clothing. I am appalled by your lack of judgement. Young girls nor boys are adults and the fact you are trying to treat them as such for profits is sickening. You just lost a customer and hopefully many more because of this new campaign.

Garments are horribly made

Years ago when I started wearing VS the under garments were nicely made. Now when I buy undies it seems the stitching is uneven and very lose on different areas of the stitching and uneven. As if the workers are rushing through the product. I will never buy from here again. I've tried buying some more recently hoping some would fit right but as always they go straight into the garbage brand new. Waste of $.

Not happy!

I recently placed an order from the Victoria's secret site mostly to get a gift for someones birthday so when i received my order and realized half of the items were back ordered you'd see why id be annoyed. On the site i didn't see anything that showed it was limited stock unless i would've never ordered it in the first place since i needed it at a certain date. Not only will my items be received late but the estimated date for its arrival is for the end of NEXT month. When i called customer service they were not only not helpful but almost annoyed to even help me. I'm not one to usual make a big deal about things like this but coming from such a big company i really expected better customer service or information on items that are limited stock. After spending so much money here for such a big burden i would never shop here again.

Utterly offended

I was so excited to go to Victoria Secret in the Savannah mall (Savannah, Ga) today, especially since I haven't had a chance to go to a VS in a very long time, But today I wanted to treat myself and my boyfriend to some panties and a couple of the new fragrances. However, my entire experience was tainted when the employees proceeded to follow me around the store and they were not pleasant at all. I work in retail myself so I know the "protocol" of keeping an eye out for thieves. Moreover, when I proceeded to confront the manager of my being made uncomfortable she was defensive, rude, and condescending. I was thoroughly made to feel uncomfortable in this establishment and I'll be sure to tell others not to shop at that particular store. Come on VS are we not in the business of making our customers feel appreciated and fabulous? Well mission not accomplished :(

poor serves

the staf that work at victoria secret and the manger.location is chicago ridge il.they are very rude and they think that they are that.

opening victoria secret store in cairo ,Egypt

hi,i was wondering why you guys not open store in cairo egypt ,i know a lot of your product fans over there ,i think it will be a good step for you guys ,and i can help you with that since i'm originally from Cairo

Ipex bra

Dear Victoria Secret, In 2002 my life changed drastically when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After my traumatic experience of having a mastectomy and reconstruction and the recooperation from it all now came another obstacle of putting on a bra and trying to feel good about yourself again. All of my life i loved pretty lingerie and could wear anything that fit. But life was different now and after numerous challenges of trying to find the right and mainly comfortable bra I was introduced to the IPEX bra that Victoria Secret now offered. I loved this bra so much I could actually sleep in it if necessary. I had every color and I felt as close to my normal femininity in this bra as could be. Ten years now I have enjoyed the IPEX only to discover you have quit selling them. I am crushed and heart broken and have looked all over to find a bra to compare with my IPEX bra. Please please bring back the IPEX bra. If it's only for a breast cancer survivor like myself, wouldn't you feel good just knowing you are helping someone who fought a battle to survive breast cancer and your bra was the highlight of her recovery. I miss my IPEX bras. Please help !!!


Although I like the store itself, I do not like the advertising. It can make lots of young girls feel very insecure.

I walked into the victoria secret store located in Ford City Mall and bought the VS clutch that came wit a lip gloss. Leaving the mall I happened to look inside the clutch and the lip gloss was missing!!! I walked back into the store and asked the cashier did she take it out because during my purchase and check out I noticed she opened the bag. She came up with a poor excuse and gave me the lip gloss. I saw a box filled with lip glosses. My question is if the lip gloss comes with the clutch WHY are they being taken out. Im glad I noticed it before I left the mall. I would have been upset once I made it home

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