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The customer service people are extremely incompetent. Clearly United Customer Service mistake (as I have the emails to prove it) yet they will not assist me in ANY WAY!!!!!


I tried to reach a live person at the corporate office and can't get through to anyone. I called the 800 number and got an agent that said she didn't have the number. This is a obvious lie. SOMEONE in her office has to have the number of where she works.


As a premier 1 K I can no longer defend United. I buy a service - not a ticket - United takes the money 2-3 weeks in advance. When it comes time to get the service the majority of staff treat me as an inanimate object not a customer. I lose time and money and United does nothing to compensate, refund, re-pay. Sorry doesn't cut it. Lack of adequate resources especially using the lowest bidder United Express companies. Very sad disheartening example of corporate greed and a lack of respect for those that helped make you a world leader - the customer. Maybe GOD will forgive but I find no reason too!

terrible service

My brother showed up 10 minutes early to his flight and he watched his flight leave 15 minutes later after arguing with someone. He got put on a different flight which was delayed 45 minutes. United sucks.


I was very disappointed in respect of my luggage being sent to different airport and taking several ph calls and 3 days to get it to me,,,,which was2 days before I fly home


I am 76 years old and I made an error. I looked at my itinerary 20 times and didn't notice that one leg of my trip had an etd of 10:30 p.m. instead of a.m. It cost me $200 to correct it, plus $150 for an upgrade on a one-hour flight that I didn't ask for and didn't know I had until I got to the airport. Never again!!!

Rotten airline

I will never fly united so as my family and friends,,, stealing peoples money by telling lies. BAD customer service......awful awful airline


You people should be ashamed of yourselfs for kicking a vet. off that plane bound for Hawaii. A 90 year old man and all you can say is sorry. Yes you are correct your company is a sorry as they get. I will never again fly on your airline and I will urge everyone I know to do the same.

move the call center!

I like UA. Stateside staff works hard & does their best in most cases. But I hate to call India, every experience is bad. They cannot solve problems, but are excellent at chirping "We are so sorry." Perhaps UA doesn't give them authority to resolve issues. Perhaps it's cultural. But if a person in Chicago can be reached - problem is always solved quickly. UA airport staff say they dislike dealing with them too. The call center reflects very poorly on UA.

Customer Service

My advice would be to pick another airline as United has little or no customer service. We spent over 5k for tickets overseas, but that does not seem to impress them. We have been trying for months to talk to a representative in the US. No way -- only India! And, they cannot help--after explaining our situation several times to countless "representatives", they simply point to another useless person. My wife left a Kindle on an aircraft--when we notified them, they acknowledged finding it and would hold it for her and she could pick it up upon her return. When she arrived to pick it up, they had shipped it to Houston on that same day (200 miles from our home). Now they all are claiming ignorance -- I say: incompetence is more like it. Their lack of concern for our satisfaction is the reason we will use another airline in the future. Obviously they don't need our business.

Worst Customer Service Around

We are trying to get a refund for a flight that we missed due to a delayed flight (also United). There is no one who can help you when you call their customer service number. They tell you, you have to do it all online. Today we got notification we were getting back about $100 per ticket even though we spent over $1700 on the first class portion alone? Seriously! United sucks!


I called to confirm seat assignments for an up and coming flight, I could barely understand the first representative so he transferred me to another person. I could not understand her either. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and this representative said I be here 42 and hung up on me!!! Wow if this is how United would like to be represented to the public they are in big trouble!!!

Extremely Dissatisfied Customer

Hello, on June 19, 2013 I purchased a ticket to Ukraine for July 12, 2013 using mileage plus award. However, on July 8, 2013 when I checked my reservations, there was no ticket reserved. After almost 3 hours on the phone with United customer service, I was able to get a ticket for July 11, 2013. Not only do I now have to use more time off work, since the ticket was never correctly processed by the United employees, there are now now seats available on the plane unless it is a seat by the bathroom in the last row. I do not appreciate not having my ticket reserved after I purchased it. I have been a United customer for several years but after this horrendous experience, I will be cancelling my credit card and my miles and going to a more reliable company.

Don't Underestimate Their Success

This is a general observation. Too often we miss the point about air travel. It is to get us there in tact and to do it with reasonable accommodation. Airplanes represent complex equipment these days and the staff who fly and provide the service (outside and inside the cabin) are remarkably good at what they do. My complaints with United over the past 25 years have been really minor. We should fully consider the complex facilities and people who need to coordinate for that successful, on-time flight. No, I do not work for United, but select them when routing is available for both domestic U.S. and overseas travel.

customer service

Can't talk to an American stateside - forced to talk to and "indian" in "India" who said if you're not satisfied to leave it on the website. Goes to show there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE/SATISFACTION for this air-lies (intentional spelling). Too bad they don't read this.

Mileage Awards

Tried to use award miles for a Business Class flight from JFK-NY to AMS-Netherlands. Checked 13 different travel dates. Could not find ONE saver award seats available in Business Class which requires 100,000 miles-I have 108,000 miles(ticket required is a round trip. You make it so difficult-I gave up-will no longer use my chase Mileage plus card. Chase should get another airline Tried reservations they could not offer any help-no listing of Business Class seats available!!!


I went on line trying to purchas an airline ticket. I was given seats and I entered all my personnal inforamtion including credit card. When I went to purchase the ticket, I received an error. I then called the number on the screen. After 2 hours I have no flights. The supervisor said the return flight was now sold out and the price was $900 more than the web price and I would have to return a day later. Thank you United, you have ruined my a vacation and my husbands international competition.

United Airline Company is one of the largest company that has customer services nailed in the bottom of a well. we will never fly again with United even if we have to delay the trip for later. Customer services is very bad, lost baggage, sent to wrong plan, sent to wrong gates. food is as you eat cannibals food full with cory, customer service in India that most Americans does not understand, hardly any water to drink in the airplane . Ultimately, I think no one should ever fly or support United Airlines.

Bad airlines. Would not even change a reservation due to a bereavement. How can an airline still stay in business....bet Southwest would change it for me. Airlines need to have a heart and not a deep pocket of GREED. I realize times are tough, but I believe we are all in the same boat. Last flight for me!


Second time in a row the plane has mechanical issue. They have run down equipment and very poor customer service. They will not offer any apology or compensation for lost time. Fly southwest never had a bad flight and great customer service.

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