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I have been a good customer of ULTA's for many years. I get my hair colored and cut on a regular basis (every 5-6 weeks) which is not cheap. I also buy quite a lot of products from them. I always make my appointments in advance, usually when I'm leaving from getting my hair done. This past Sunday, I had an appointment with my ULTA sylist, which I had made 5 weeks before. I showed up on time (as I always do) for my 11:00 appointment at the ULTA store in the Promenade in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and my stylist was not there. When I inquired about her, another stylist said to me, "Oh, she doesn't work her anymore". Excuse me?! The salon manager had known this stylist was not there for at least 2 to 3 weeks - AND NO ONE CALLED TO LET ME KNOW?!!! VERY POOR MANAGEMENT!! I can't tell you how extremely disappointed I am in the salon manager, who should have taken the initiative to let clients know of the stylist's departure. She should be removed from her position immediately. ULTA has just lost a faithful customer.

Ulta does not care, worked in the corporate office. The motto is what are a few dissatisfied no-body's going to harm. Ulta has worked to create a brand that screams higher status to women, hence the reason women flick through the doors to overspend on ovepriced non essentials, and products.not even used to recieve discounts. The sad truth is, Ulta knows they can get away with unethical, malacious business, because american women are too absorbed with status quo and trends. The very few that inciunter Ulta's lewd business, will not have the power to counter Ulta's social appeal on Naive buyers. Its sad Ulta stands by their mistakes fully and gets away with major profit. As for gow they treat their employe ss, we received multiple letters from employess laid of because of taken a week off excused by dooctor for health, and no steps are taken to get them their job back, actually the procedure us to shed the letter, with no responce. Ulta is concerned with one thing, Profit! They don't care how or what they have to do, they will get it.

Bought a Hot Tools Professional hair dryer at Ulta a couple of months ago - already, the motor died. Ulta refuses to do anything about it. If they can't stand behind the products they sell, they don't have my business. Hello, Sephora! sammiejanL40 at aol dot com

I live in Pgh.Pa. I shop at the store on Mcknight Road.Every time I go to the store for a product that is advertised on sale, or their special beauty deals the products are not available.Every single time they tell me it is the distributers fault,they were not shipped to the store.I believe it is a lie,I think they false advertise just to get you into the store. I waste my time and gas money and they always tell me were out of stock.They say the item sold out then they say it was never shipped to the store,they lie. I am done with that store.If they keep this up they will go out of business as they should.

I went in for a haircut since I was in town at th auburn store I only had my haircut idid not have it washed I was charged 45.00 I go to an upscale shop in the area. They use the curling iron wash blow dry and style for 30.00.

I have been an Ulta customer for over 3 years now ever since I popped into an Ulta store in Charlotte, NC. I have never been able to get through to their customer service department # 18669838582. I have also emailed them as they specify on the phone. I have called and waited for over an hour for someone to pick up the phone, to no avail. I have never been able to get the amount of rewards I have. I have also never been sent any vouchers, even though I spent over $200 in less than a year which would qualify me for free items. I am thoroughly disappointed and will be going back to Sephora. So sad to see I am not the only one disappointed. The amount of money that us women spend is into the billions and Ulta should concern themselves with the fact that we are taking our business elsewhere!

On Thursday March 10th I went to the Ulta Store located at 841 Alafaya Trail, Orlando Florida which is located in the Waaterford Lakes Shopping Center...I went to the ProX (Oil of Olay) section and saw a Kit with Mask and Serum...There were about 6 kits on the shelf the price ()Keep in mind this was the only kit of it's kind stocked on the shelf) price $29.99...I looked at all the other PROX kits and this is what seemed to be the best deal...I went to pay for it and to my surprise it rang up for almost $80.00...Wow I said but the shelf where it was stocked says $29.99 and there was no other kit for that spot but the one I got...The Salesperson double checked and was also confused as she could not find another price for that kit except for the $29.99 where all those kits were placed...They offered to give me a small discount off of the $79.99 price which I thought was unfair since the shelf price was $29.99...In our State of FLorida is that if the item is marked on the shelf for lower than the normal price then the customer is to get it at the price that is marked on the Shelf....I did not expect it for free I just wanted the item for the price that was posted on the shelf and keep in mind there was nothing at all in that PROX section that was marked $79.99...Well the store Manager who's name is Dana would not even come and talk to me...The salesgirl was trying to help but the store manager did not want to sell me the product for the price which was on the shelf...Totally against Florida law and very poor 'NO CUSTOMER SERVICE"...I went across the way to another store and made my purchase at a different store.... Dana is not very courteous to the customers....

Ulta on Stephanie Street in Henderson Nevada. I shop there all the time and go to the salon for everything so I over look it when I get bad service due to it is not the company just the employee BUT this time will be the last, my husband added up all the money I spend there, and WOW it was crazy!! I shop with Ulta instead of ordering online for the products you can not find at a regular store and I do not like to go to the mall. I always plan extra time to go into the store because I know I will end up waiting for 1/2 hour at the makeup counter due to the fact they are not properly stocked and always have to look in the back or I am told it is only available at a different location or the register line that is a mile long with one register open. They are always out of the free gifts in the AD after more then a few times of this happening I find out from listening to the sales ladies that it is due to the employee taking them first!! This is not even the start! How much BAD service do you need to get before you learn to go somewhere else! today I am returning the Bare Minerals kit for $63 for the second time because of the color match that they screwed up Again!! So for my last trip to this company I will even ask them to take me off the mailing list! Best of Luck ladies with this company! I will now take my business to SEPHORA! Thanks for listening, Unlucky In Las Vegas

I am a Boston transplant to Maine and live 20 miles north of Augusta. I was delighted to see this type of store come into my area. I appreciate fine cosmetic products and thought I would be able to discontinue including a trip to Neiman's in Boston. I visited Ulta three times. On the first visit I was going to replace a product I've been using for more than 10 years, Bare Escentuals. I was stunned to hear and watch the woman who stated she was trained to sell the product. There is not an iota of truth in her statement because everything she said was totally opposite my experience. She advised a color so inappropriate for my skin type. Her application of the product didn't come close to that of founder and developer Leslie Blodgett. I left the store without making a purchase. I thought I would make another effort and on that day met a hair stylist who inspired sufficient confidence that I had my hair cut. On the third visit to keep a follow up hair cutting appointment, I waited one hour due to a scheduling error. The stylist did apologize but I left with a terrible hair cut. I was so upset that without thinking I left my usual 25% tip. The fact that the manager of the Ulta Salon who had been apprised of the situation merely shrugged his shoulders and did not approach me to offer an apology. In point of fact this same manager had scheduled the booking for me. What a poor representative Ulta has in this employee. I'm done with Ulta, have found another stylist, and will if asked about Ulta urge people to shop elsewhere.

I agree that ULTA has the WORST customer service I have ever experienced at a store. I purchased products that were "on sale" and when they did not ring up with the sale price I was told that the receipt was correct. I went to my car and took out my calculator and found that it was not correct. I went back into the store and again was told that it was correct. I should have just returned all of the items at that point, but I really wanted them for Christmas gifts. I left the store - which approx. 50 miles from my home and when I got home I again looked at my receipt and then called the store. The lady that answered told me that I would have to bring the receipt in and they would refund my money. Well, when I returned with my receipt - I was told they could not do anything without the items. Well, the items are gone - given as gifts. The sales person was very very RUDE and I ended up storming out of the store. I have never done that in my life and I'm over 50 years old!!!!!! I will never go back to an ULTA store. I sent an email several months ago to the corporate office and of course no response. I don't see how this store stays in business. I plan to tell everyone I know to stay away from ULTA!!!!!!!!

MANAGER THAT EMBARASSED ME: Amy STORE #: (New) Store #407 3869 Promenade Parkway B D’Iberville, MS 39540 228 392-1562 Dear Ulta, • I attempted to return a purchase at ULTA and the store manager , Amy, gave me HELL! • The items were unopened, with receipt, purchased 5 days prior in accordance to your Return Policy. • She actually VISUALLY SCANNED the SKEW numbers of the items I was returning and matched them against the item I’d just purchased and said “You just purchased one of these items so I can not return it”. She slammed the eyeliner on the counter. THIS IS A NEW STORE IN A NEW AREA AND I’M SURE THIS IS NOT THE REPUTATION IT NEEDS. EVEN WORSE I HAD TO RETURN PRESTIGE MAKEUP AT GREAT DEAL TO BECAUSE OF AMY’S BEHAVIOR! I repeatedly asked what she was talking about in confusion. She was loud and it embarassed me so badly. I showed her that the item I’d purchased was in my bag and the 1 I was returning was a different item. She kept saying “No you will be returning the same item which means you get a better price on it”. I explained over & over that I was returning items witihin the terms of the RETURN POLICY. She refused to return my items and the customer behind me put down her items and left. I told her to return everything even the items I’d just purchased and I’d be returning other items ( $135.00 Strivectin and Philosophy products). Sephora now has my business. DO NOTE THAT SHE TWICE TOLD ME NO SHE WOULD NOT RETURN THE ITEM I’D JUST PURCHASED 5 MINUTES AGO! I TOLD HER THAT I HAD THE RIGHT TO RETURN IT FOR THE 3RD TIME AND SHE FINALLY RETURNED IT. I will refrain from shopping ULTA and will tell all friends family and associates as I am a very prominent figure in my community.

I go to the Ulta in Dayton Oh. The shevles are never stocked you never get help. They dont carry what they advertise and the customer service is awful.When you like a product they stop carrying it. Will start buying my products elsewhere.

Made a return of items unused on 12-14-10. I have called several times about my refund and receive the run arround. It is now 1-26-11 and still no refund. This is the worst customer service ever. They are opening a store here in my city and I will never think of giving them a chance after the ulta online ordeal. It's no wonder that their customer service is consistently rated so poorly.

I ordered $45.50 worth of products on Nov. 29 to be delivered by Christmas. The tracking information on UPS said they were unable to deliver to my address which is a lie since I've received things from UPS at my current address. Not only did I never receive the products but I've also never received my refund. I keep calling customer service and they tell me that they have sent the message to corporate office and I should have received a refund on 12/14. There is a store location close to my home and I now refuse to go there! (I ordered online bc my items were not in stock at the store BIG mistake!) Anyone know how to get this refund??

I went to Ulta in the Sacramento are. Natomas location 3591 N Freeway Blvd. Serivce was horrible. I go to this Ulta beacuse its very close to my home but I will be going else where for the products i need. I would come to this store on a regular basis and the service always sucks. Before purchasing a smashbox pallete i asked someone to help me w/picking the right colors, brushets etc. and the respons I got from a colored men was "come back later..everyone is busy" I didnt mind so i left got myself dinner and then came back and guess what I saw that same colored men doing another colored women's makeup. He refused to help me and told me that no one was available yet another colored women showes up and he was more willing to help her then me, I am a white women. Anyways I asked once again for help and was told again that makeup person that specializes in smashbox products is gone.. so I end up buying the pallete anyway and trying it at home myself and playing around w/colors. I was told smashbox is professional makeup and u really need to know what u'r doing.. Anyways the colors didnt seem to go well w/my brown eyes so I went back to the store and asked again if someone can help me .. I told the girl in the store that i have bought the smashbox wish pallete and needed some help and the respons i got "the box comes w/instructions just follow the instructions" I was so shocked at that point i said it was enough .. it should take 3 tries to get help .. I went above and beyond on my part to get help and didnt get it. I went back and returned the product and will never be coming back to that store again. The service is horrible in that location .. the management really need to do something about it because I have told my friends about my experience and the respons I got was "oh that location is horrible..try Roseville or a diff store all together"

I went to ULTA salon 12/23/10 for a FULL color process,along with a haircut and highlights that was offered at $50.00 as a special. The entire process was quoted at $90.00 that ended up costing $115.00 + an additional $20.00 for conditioner wash for my ends which the person doing my hair said was necessary. I ask for a Honey Blonde overall highlights with slightly darker highlights. The beautician proceeded to do the Highlights "first",which were lighter,and then the all over which ended up being a brunette,instead of a Honey Blonde. I do not know why they bother to ask you for a hair color, when they ignore what you ask for? Never again! do I want to have an ULTA Experience!

Very very very poor. I sent on order on November 28th. They said it was SHIPPED but gave no tracking information- on December 3 it was put on my charge card. I have not received it. I have sent messages that have been ignored. I will never order from them again. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Order #A202844934

Went to Ulta today, 12/18. Saw a sign that advertised by two get 1 free. I noticed after paying that I did not get the one item free. After much investigating the manager on duty, Geneva, told me that the offer was for finishing products only despite the fact that all ad signs were placed in front of shampoos and conditioners, no finishing products. I asked that the store honor the sign and was told no. I then asked to get the number and name for the regional manager and was told that they could not give me that name! The location in Rogers, AR is a hick run operation that has no appreciation for customer service. Not done with this.

Purchased online some cologne, etc. as Christmas gifts on 11/19/10. As of today, 12/17/10, I still do not have my order! Don't order anything online from ULTA, may not ever get it! They do have my money, of course, not sure if I'll ever get that back!!!!

Just home from an awful experience at the Short Pump Ulta... the experience involves terrible customer service by the Store Manager. I was purchasing and doing an exchange, the exchange was on a item for a friend, who was with me, I had purchased the wrong item for her the previous week... Because the new purchase was rung before doing the refund on the wrong product... the refund was then turned down... the transaction was handled backwards... that is a store error...not a customer error... the store manager was running the register...the store manager couldn't figure out what to do??? Could not over ride a 22 dollar refund, with proper documentation, with product in hand??? I am stuck with a $22 bottle of shampoo...Ulta lost 2 customers... and never would I recommend the store... never...

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