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I use to work for this company before I had found out all the negatives reviews. I had to learn it the hard way. It's sad to see this company has so many bad reviews. It's obvious the corperate don't give a damn. I'm surprise this company is still standing. They don't care about their employees or customers. They just care about making that money.

Bluffton, sc judgemental staff

Order it online at sophora or travel to the store cause ulta is terrible customer service in bluffton,sc. I wouldnt spend a dime there after the way I was treated. It was unprofessional the staff was judging us and I could here them. I left discusted with management to be apart of this. I have spend alot of money products at ulta however I will order from sephora for now on.

Will never go again

I went this past week to get a perm. I had hair half way down my back and wanted to keep some length. Yes I have dyed my hair and you would think they would ask if its from a box. I never got asked on the phone when scheduling or when I went in for the perm. All that was asked was how long it had been since I did my hair. I get the perm and you can tell if fried my hair. I mean was ruined. So my stylist kept saying I can't even see my lines to cut you hair I should have known then to ask for some one else. Age decided she could not get the comb through my hair and literally held my hair up and just chopped awAy. I went from hair that was probably 12 inches long to 4 inches in some spots. I left there in tears and the manager on duty was as rude as they come was no help at all and tried to make me pay for the whole service. I will never go back or shop there again and that was my favorite make up store also.

my experience

some of he most RUDE workers!, an unhelpful, i will never go into their stores again, and will never recommend anyone to the salon. VERY UNHAPPY I wish i could give them Negative stars but the computer wont allow it!


I suggested my Mom go to Ulta for her hairspray. She has been using Redken hairspray for close to 30 years. The cans that she grabbed had nozzels that keep pugging up. This has never been a problem for her before, so she took the cans back to the store. The store manager said she had to wash the nozzels off EVERYDAY before use. Other staff told her they were having problems with the recent shipments. NOHING was done by the manager. Extremely poor customer service.


I always enjoy visiting our local store in Henderson, Nevada. They say hello to you when you first walk in, ask you if help is needed. Since I have been going to that store for a very long time, I've gotten to know most of the employees. The only complaint I have is that I usually have to shop elsewhere to get the colors I want as they run out of stock on alot of items and don't restock enough times. Since we are west coast, our manners may be different than those from the east. Rude seems to be the way of life the further east one travels.


Ordered hot tools product was supposed to get fragrance sampler. Guess what? No fragrance sampler and wrong product.

horrible company

Been to a few ulta locations around NC while traveling lately. From the beach to the middle of the state-these stores are horrible! Rude, rude employees. Dirty stores. Never anything on the shelves I am looking for. The general attitude I get from the employees, if I am l am lucky enough to come across one, is "so what". I will be taking my business to Sephora where they know how to treat a customer.

So unprofessional!

I use to work for Ulta in Northern California and with my experience all I got to say was management was very unprofessional. I remember when I first got hired I felt like they didn't tell me everything I needed to know. I had to ask. All I did was watch a video and learn from that. I feel like they favor a lot of their employees which was really unfair. There were many times I was not even scheduled to work. Their excuse was that they were short on hours and that they didn't do that on purpose. But when I look at other employees hours they had 15-20 hours. There was other times where I was sent home early after working a 2 hour shift. I didn't live far from the store, but if I did I would've been pissed! When I mean by favoring their employees, I mean by sending me home and having other employees stay till their full shift. It has happen many times. I don't know who else to report this to because other times I have worked a 4 hour shift with no break at all. I've worked in retail for more than 5 years and by far this is the worst place I've ever worked.


What happened to ulta? Shopping in the Fayetteville, NC store earlier this week was horrible. What is going on with this company and this store in particular? The staff seem so uneducated and unprofessional now. Two workers were talking about another like they were in high school. come to find out they were both managers. What made it worse was one of the girls really could pass as someone who just started wearing makeup, she put way too much on herself,was the high end cosmetic manager. The other was the general manager. I was walking around them for at least five minutes, they never spoke with me. Asked another worker to speak with a manager and she pointed to them. Asked to then speak with the general manager, she pointed their way again and pointed out the African American lady. I just left. I knew they wouldn't. care anyway.

Horrible business all around.

I will never spend a penny at Ulta. Horrible management & rude employees with bad attitudes. Not at all impressed with the corporate office either. Yuck. Love you Nordstrom.com & Sephora. My experiences with the Greenville, SC store at The Shops at Greenridge on Woodruff Rd were so unpleasant that I have no desire & won't try another location.


My daughter and I each purchased a supersmile tooth whitening kit from the Ulta store at Desert Ridge in Phoenix, only to discover that each was missing the accelerator tube! Customer satisfaction was nonexistant and I was made to feel distinctly uncomfortable as they put total onus on us for the problem! Will anyone at Ulta head office even try to get in touch with me?

Last time customer

It's sad to see all the negative results that start from headquarters down to the stores. I was going to write a review of management at two stores, but now seeing as this is the company's style of management I will no longer e a customer and take my business elsewhere. I'll also encourage others to do the same.

Very poor

Went to Ulta this afternoon in Shreveport La. The worst service in the world. This is third time I been since September and thought I would give it another shot. At least the witch that calls herself the manager was gone today but the employees there are just as bad as she is. No wonder Sephoria and Dillard's get my business, they are so much nicer , well mannered and pretty. At ulta there has only been one person there that has helped my friends out recently and knew what she was actually talking about when it came to any product in the store and evidently she was not there today. May come in with my friends for one more try but like they told me after calling them the lady that helps them out over the last few months is the only thing helping that store out.

Awful, just AWFUL

North Carolina, at least the eastern district, is run HORRIBLY. The management, with the exception of a FEW wonderful people who truly know how to be a great manager, all need to go back to be trained. Management 101. I have never seen anything like this. I believe, from what I have been told and encountered, it is because they have a tyrant of a District Manager and no one has the confidence or know-how to operate their own stores so that they create a fun place for customers to shop! They focus on so many of the wrong things. For example, instead of training their makeup and hair associates to run the cash registers, they use their essential management team as cashiers and leave very very long lines. I've waited upwards of 20 minutes to get checked out. Looks like 5 or 6 registers with 2 or 3 people running the area! And I've inquired as to why everyone can't ring people up and the answer I've gotten is "they don't all work for Ulta and the ones working the "floor" aren't trained to operate registers." Sounds unacceptable to me. Seems like a better use of your payroll to utilize each employee to be able to multitask, especially when most women shopping don't need any assistance finding what they need! A very silly place. I have taken my business to Sephora and only go to Ulta when I need to get something on "emergency."

terrible managment

I recently visited the Ulta located in the Greenridge shopping center of Greenville, SC. My shopping experience was fabulous I was able to find everything quickly with the help of knowledgable ladies in the make-up section. Everything was great until I proceeded to the cash wrap where a manager was snoody and wasn't concerned about how her attitude ruined my shoppin experience. I will make a point to visit the Spartanburg store. Managers should certainly be worried abouit customer service....

Called the Ann arbor, mi ulta bc of a defective straightening iron and the mgr by the name of Gina was so rude and disrespectful. I explained to her that I bought a straightener for my daughter that stopped working and I have the receipt and box and that the receipt clearly states that after 60 days a store credit will be issued on defective merchandise. She kept talking over me and would not let me talk. When I stated what the back of my receipt stated, she said your asking the wrong person, it's up to corporate to decide on returns after 60 days. Very unprofessional and disrespectful! She was not at all helpful in any way! I will make sure never to shop at ulta again and let all my friends, family and people I communicate with about my experience at your Ann arbor Michigan cranbrook store. Thank you for your time.

I am writing for a family member that works for Ulta in Hanover Pa. She does not want to cause trouble for fear of losing her job, but I feel this problem should be addressed immediately. Hurricane Sandy came through Hanover on 10/29/12. Most businesses closed through out the day or did not open at all. Most businesses are closed again today 10/30/12. There has been not one telephone call to this employee, there is no messaage on the general phone number to Ulta in Hanover. The employee has driven to the store each day looking for some sign of what to do. I feel the management of this store has sorely let down their employees. I realize some people had worse problems to deal with from this storm, but "Someone" in management should be contacting their employees to let them know what is going on. Management would not stand for this if an employee pulled this. Shame on Management, is this how Ulta treats all their employees? Thought you should know what is going on in this part of the country.

The purpose of this correspondence is twofold: 1) I recently visited the local ULTA Beauty store with a $3.50 coupon in hand. I went specifically for a Philosophy product which happened to be out of stock [fully understanding the coupon would not apply to any Philosophy product as that is clearly stated on the coupon]. I elected to use the coupon on Benefit POREprofessional. I fully expected the coupon to apply since, in the fine print on the coupon, only "Benefit Brow Bars" are excluded; however, that was not the case. Upon checkout, the cashier refused to accept the coupon and produced a sheet of cardboard on which many excluded items were listed -- many more exclusions than were listed on the coupon itself. I probably would have capitulated and purchased the product were it not for the way I was [and generally always am] treated in the store. 2) I admit that I do not frequent the ULTA store as much as I would like primarily because of the condescending attitude of most of the staff toward ‘mature’ women. I am ignored – I might as well be invisible; it’s been my experience that most women my age (60+) are likewise ignored. I find that so very shortsighted because “we, the older generation” more than likely have more disposable funds to spend than does the younger customer. I believe ULTA is missing a HUGE opportunity to both generate good customer relations and increase the financial bottom line. If I may be so bold as to suggest that were ULTA to hire a few ‘mature’ employees to assist the ‘mature’ customer ULTA may, indeed, have more ‘mature’ customers who may then spend more time in the store and very possibly more money. The atmosphere that I experience is that I can’t get out of the store quickly enough because I feel so unwelcome in the store! The ULTA staff that I have experienced over the years has no desire to assist the older customer; it is a shame. My experience with the coupon and the attitude of the staff will certainly keep me from patronizing ULTA in the future.

I am an employee at Ulta in Rockville. I am on disability for various medical concerns and am treated very poorly because of my medical issues as if these issues were my fault. My general manager has been very unreasonable and is very unwilling to accommodate me for my medical needs. This is also in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. I am very displeased, disrespected and disappointed with the way I am being treated.

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