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Was supposed to get paid by TA today and they decided not to pay us. What the hell!! I have kids I have to take care of. Better with the previous owners. If I could I would quit right now, but I do need the job. They better start paying their employees as promised or there will be lawsuits filed, not only by me, but a lot of other employees.

Worst place to work for ever! If you don't want a headache don't apply!!!

this complaint i have is about the ta in jessup the other night i was there for a meal the server was polite but i think something had happen inthe kitchen but i was waiting for my food for along while i ask the sever what had happen she said the cook was not therre so she callsome one i guess who i think was a managerand then an argument started between the manager and the cook which i think that that cook should have gotten fired cause there is no way a cook should tslk to a manager and an employer like that when he should be on duty some time we truck driver have only a couple minutes to an hour to sit and eat before we get back on the road again and i think corperate should look into this deep where that cook needed to be terminated for insobordination

I have noticed a lot of people complain about the Shops in TA, but I have found the Restaurant and the QSRs are way more friendlier. They actually enjoy working with the drivers and see them as people. If you have not been to the North Kingsville Travel Centers you are missing out. I guarantee you have the best service especially in the QSR.

TA in Jackson TN or Denmark TN is a horrible place, illegal gambling, employees paid under the table because they aren't legal citizens, VERY poor management!!! I would recommend this place be shut down or at the very least investigated!

Monroe, Michigan-- the Mountain Man breakfast was superb. The presentation was second to none. Slices of steak over cheese, onions, green peppers and mushrooms layered over hash browns and an egg omelet. It was all you can eat! when I asked for seconds, the waitress gladly obliged. I am a truck driver now but was in restaurant mangament for 20 years. This was a quality place to eat. You can tell the staff puts a lot of effort and pride into what they do. Thank You

No star here! We have stopped twice now at your service /repair. shop in Brunswick, GA. AND GOT NO. SERVICE AND ATTEND AT ALL!!THEY. TOTALLY. IGNORED US!!! We drive for Conway Truckload. And are company use's your facilities alot. We've never had a problem anywhere else. Just at this shop x29 off I-95

I work for the TA Shop in Savannah, GA. In my time there so far, I have seen a General Manager get fired for doing under the table deals, an Assistant Manager quit for being accussed of the under the table deal scam, 2 Service Advisors fired for a supposed card fraud, and about 6 mechanics fired for various reasons. We have had many different temp managers, and not a single one ever really cared about our well being or the services that were being provided by the technicians. I personally have seen other mechanics doing under the table deals, double charging drivers for labor, doing poor jobs, and passing up on jobs because they don't feel like doing the work. The condition of the shop itself is extremely poor. The shop tools hardly ever work, the oil change pits are in hazardous conditions, and the bay doors can come down without any notice, which could definitely cause serious bodily harm and damage to customers trucks and trailers. This shop has definitely become a place I would not recommend this to ANY driver.

ive been a long term emploee for your company 2 days ago a notice was posted if we get 3 dine and dashes i n a 90 day period we as the waitstaff will be terminated we do not do the cash transactions with our customers there is noi way we servers can keep an eagle eye on every single customer at the same time this prohibits us to do our other job duties such as bring up dishes ice busing tables diliverinf food morale is way down with this threat hanging over our heads no one seems to care how can we be responsible for the wrong doing of another we are as much the victim as is the company

I stoped at the colby TA, I walked in and asked if i could get my truck worked on. They said that it would be a bit they could get it in so i go out side to have a smoked while i wait and i see a man who works there smoking in the building. and after that I was concern when i heard the truck drivers talking about how they turn people away cause they dont have anyone to do the work i was wondering what the guy does that was smoking cause i'm sure he could do some work, not smoked. After hearing all the stuff about wat the other guys had said i left and i'll make sure i tell everyone not to go there.

I have workied for the TA In auora oregon for amost 2 months. I have been paid 3 times and each time because th manager Brian failed to get me into the computer I have only been paid 60% of each check for 3 checks. Today is payday and they said they finally put my check on a card. well I dont have the card. They told me that when I worked there 2 years ago that i was given a card. well come on now who keeps a card for 2 years that they dont think they will ever use. And now that I'm trying to contact them no one is answering. I have barely been able to survive for the last 2 months because they haven't been paying me My money. And now I wont be able to pay rent because they put my money on a non existant card that was destryoed years ago. My question is if thats the case then why were my last 3 checks given to me in cash and only 60% of my earnings? Someone please look into this. I feel Brian is not a very good manager, And I feel I am being taken advanrage of

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