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Sorry Service

Sitting at TA in Montgomery AL. near 65N,wanted a shower but none were clean. Shower attendant sitting in T.V room watching T.V.When asked about shower attendant actually said he was on break. Took more than an hour to get a shower. Pour service.

$$$$ Amarillo, tx.Popeyes

4 chicken strips & no drink $9.99/ With drink $11.99 what a RIP off!! Not worth it !!!


I had some work done at the TA in Kingman, AZ, and the mechanic put the fuses back in the wrong slots. I was pulled over by DOT because my trailer brake lights were inop. It cost me $319.19 for a service charge for a five minute job. TA says that they can only reimburse me what I paid them.

i cashed a comdata check at the TA outside of springfield, mo. and the lady shorted me 100 dollars...

Getting robbed and Beaten

Good friend of mine stop at your Hebron Ohio Facility and got robbed and beaten and they told him that has been going on and there was nothing they could do about it ,Just wanted to let you Know that there is a lot of postings going on about to stay away from Your Truck stops


2.38 for a dish of pears and 2.09 for coffee.i did not want to buy the whole tree.

Food .

My husband food was raw he order the all you can bacon cheese burger the second one was raw. We won't be back and we will tell everyone in our company.

The night and day experience between is Nashville's ta and oak Grove Missouri it's like two different companies. Oak Grove Missouri is pleasant. If line is long coworkers help. Nashville's coworkers would die before they lend a hand. Oak Grove food available to rushed drivers. Nashville food dried out or left out in plastic bags on counters coffee empty. Over two dollars for a whatever is left coffee unhappy unsmiling help in Nashville I make it a habit of not spending my money there even when it means an extra stop at Pilot north or south of Nashville.

I wanted to tell you the ta in Missoula Mt is one of the most pathetic truckstops I have ever had the misfortune of visiting !!!!! Been driving tuck throught this are for over 25 years..I Will never come back...was a hell of a lot better truck stop when it was just the croosroads.

just make no sense

At a TA in Breezewood PA waiting to get a three Axel alignment and came across a king pin discussion because it was 0.01 inch off. While discussing this issue and what I wanted to do the only mechanic on duty (night shift) starts an alignment job on another truck although he was currently on mine. I come back to the shop from the drivers lounge over 2 hours later as he is almost done with the other truck (expecting to see mine about finished). Now it is 330am and they have not even started on my truck. 5 hours and nothing. How do you justify shipping me???


Nashville Tn T A truckstop kitchen workers and manager trainee and diswasher seen sitting out in a red car doing illegal drugs. Come to find out the kitchen helper was the dishwasher their and the lady is a waitress as well as a manager trainee. It would appear that T A dont screen or drug test workers. They need to use a drug test swab test and do random test

all TA truck stops.

A All ta truck stops suck,from your slanted parking To having to walk around the garage ,over dirty grease spots Your chopped up store,your dirty bathroom s Bad food and one store cleark,your bad coffee And dirty everything,I just wish u would go out of, Business so someone can make a real truck stop.. P.S. and your god awful Wi-Fi the worst on the road.

driver 20+ years

All TAs suck,wish u would go out of business, So someone can put a real truck stop there..


I have worked for TA in the past n haven't found a TA like my old one,till today.. My husband and I stopped in to get a bite to eat. (Barstow) I order my food and it wasn't to my liking. THE MANAGER came out n asked what was wrong.. Not the waitress THE MANAGER.. I have worked with some amazing ppl, but have yet to see a manager that cooked,has a good interaction with his employees AND can still watch the floor and pay attention to cust.. Not only did he replace my food he made me something else to my liking.. He is so active that he say my husband looking for our waitress and this man asked my husband himself.. Gabriel you are an awesome manager.. Keep up the good work.. So if your ever in Barstow Ca make sure u stop in and say hi to gabe.. Thx again..

an idea that i have

I have an idea that the centers might can use. How about puttin nail salons in them so truck driver's wives or the truck drivers can get nails done. And then people that travel along the interstate can also take advantage of this service too. I think that this will make the company Lots of money


The only reason TA is in business because they happen to own so much realestate called truck stops for the ladt two years I can not think of one thing that mske me go back hortuble service across the board dpevislly their so callef proshop no courtisy or customrr service sense

As usual

Petro Kingdom city Missouri I have been here for over three hours waiting for them to fix a light on the trailer. When I told them I was leaving they pulled the light off and walked off. Disgusting service.

TA upgrade signs

My family and I are often on the road.we make it a point to stop at TA centers,however I have noticed that TA stores are not always listen on food/gad signs on side of the interstate. Maybe if some of the sings were more noticeable tbat would help.we look for the TA with the Popeyes inside. Would really like TA in west virginia where we live now.

TA Cottondale Alabama

It is extremely too HOT in this store!! Was told they couldn't control the temperature from store. Please fix this ASAP!! It's hot in the South!!

No mechanics for pm

Was told there were no mechanics here that they have trouble keeping mechanic didn't show up ta oak Grove mo exit 28 I 70

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