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I just stopped at your facility in Denmark TN. Your trucker lounge was deplorable I would not let my dog sit on your chairs, the shower was freezing. We ordered the salad bar, istead of telling us they were taking the food away they just ley us order it I also took pictures if you woul like them.


Tried breakfast buffet at T/A Greencastle Pa. Sausage patties were like hockey pucks, pancakes were dried out, shredded potatoes were barely warm. All this for $8.49 . They need under cover Boss to make his rounds, Corporate needs a wakeup. Petro's aren't much better

Bloomington,IL location is Horrible

This is the worst TA in the country. Management doesn't know their butt from a hole in the ground!!!!!! At least a 15 min. Wait just for a receipt! Three times coffee and fountain drink machine not working, 10 min. Wait in restaurant just to get a menu! The list continues!!

customer service at shop

On 1-26-14 I walked in the T.A. shop in Meridian MS early morning for some drive tires. The service guys were in the bays as I waited in the service desk when I hear from outside " every time we're starting something customer has to walk in." As a turn around to leave a bald dude walks in. I simply didn't find what I was looking for and sarcastically told that was very good service of his. In return he say thank you very much. I wonder how much more rude can this guy be. I was very dissatisfied. Never will I stop there again unless I'm dozing off.

great restaurant

I love going to this TA in.. Wheatridge,Colo. The servers are friendly and well trained,food is great and fast and most of all the 2 gals that run the place are always on the floor or cooks window helping their staff. Great atmosphere


I am sending this in on the review I read about the worker I am a trucker to and have to say he is a good worker he is always nice and smiles and he is a good person he works in the booth and in side at times he does his job and the showers, bathroom , and tv room and all is very clean and he has a good word for all he is one that will make you smile .I give your place five stars the t a travel truck stop I am talking about is I-4 exit 10 mango rd.tampa, fl. Thank you for your time .

good worker

I have to say you have a man that works the booth his name is mark he is very nice and always very helpful and is nice to the truck drivers and when he works in side he keeps the stuff clean and is a hard worker I enjoy seeing him I know I will get treated good and told to have a good day or night this is a good person to have work for you .

handicap parkiing

Employees are not doing enough to stop disgraceful from parking or dropping trailers on reserve handicap space and one location that I have witnessed is in Las Vegas,NV I-15 exit 33 and the driver that dropped doesn't understand the american commense.... what a shame for employees not paying any attention to these problems

horrible service

They were smoking cigarettes and horrible place will never stop again

Flat tire....expect the road team anywhere from 2-4 hours to show up....and the closest TA was 10 miles away

Warranty repair

Was told one year warranty on radiator. Now radiator leaking one year on parts only u pay for labor, was never told that or given any paperwork showing that. If this is how ta/petro treats customers I'm done doing business here.


Sat here at the 299 mm in Georgia cartersville TA is 3 miles away. I have my own spare tire and it has taken them 2 hours and have not seen them yet.

t/a truckstop in dansville ny

a very upset custermer I live in avoca ny near the truckstop we went to the truckstop to have diner . My wife ,grand daughter and my self on 10/4/13 at 5pm. we sat there for a hour after we had ordered waiting for our diner. I asked the waitress if they had to kill the cow . she said it was my granddaughter pan cake that took so long .she stated the the new manager was cooking and I told her to tell him he stunk at it .my meat was so tuff could not eat it . another lady manager came over did not have us pay for our meals to try to make it right. then I sat there and watched a man coming from the kitchen bringing food to the buffet and he kept taking his index finger a rubbing his nose as if it itched that is not cool. a very discusted custermer also a over the road driver .

Reserved Parking

I just paid 13 dollars for reserved parking at the TA in Greenland NH. I don't mind paying for parking but it's a little unfair that the fuel desk employees are telling drivers they can park illegally if there's no room as long as they're "out of the way" I've been out here as an Owner/Operator for 10 years and it's this kind of favoritism that garners bad reviews. All I ask is that it be kept fair for everyone. I think the TA/Petro truck stops are nice and don't have any other complaints about them. 3 out of 5 stars because of this.


Customer service sucks! Trying to get a person on the phone in the parts department is like pulling teeth..called for an hour straight and no one then i called corporate, pressing customer service and nothing there closed! You call pilot corporate and press customer service you get some one. This store I'm talking about is in Greenwood Alabama

worse place ever

I went to the ta in whitestown Indiana. One employee smelled like a bar. He seemed to still be drunk from night before. The employees are rude. The young manager seems like he has no idea. how to run a place. The restaurant was dirty they were rude as well. I was just very unhappy and disgusted by the place. I don't understand what kind of place lets their employees come to work drunk and does nothing about it. They allow them to talk to u like u are scum and it is okay. Personally I think that it is a poor excuse for a truck stop.


Well I guess you really don't care for the truck drivers. You take the good stuff off of the menu like the wheat berry toast that a lot of people likes. But you could give a sh-- about us as I said. I will find a reason to give a bad reviews every day I stop.


THIS COMPANY USES PEOPLE, when they don't need them any more they cut there hours with out telling them, then they try to get rid of you, i had a doctor's note out of work for a week, then they try to replace me i would not tell any one to go there even there food i found when i was working there all the other cooks where leaving things uncovered there and one of my friends go sick on the chili i kept telling them cover your meat, but no one listens there and they don't make the oatmeal fresh at all or the grits. they need the health dept there i would never want to be a part of a team like that again

Truck driver of 30 years

I think is great that you are up grading all of your restaurant and other truck stop facilities. But you have increased all of your prices, so guess what ? Your parking lots are full and the restaurants are empty. I guess that Denny's will have a bunch of new location soon, just like at the Flying J truck stops. Look at the trade papers, your customers ( truck drivers ) pay has not changed in 10 years. We like fresh food not reheated frozen food. Reasonable prices when everything cost the same breakfast, lunch, diner, menu's all have the same price, over priced for what your serving: ex grilled cheese and fries $6.99 + your drink ??? Really.

Volvo and petes

Well this will be the last time for repairs at a t/a or a Petro why, been told by the managers at the Dallas location, and the Moriarty location that they can't stand to work on Volvo's and Pete's

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