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If you are looking for employment. Stay away from this place. My wife worked at their corporate headquarters. They are very unprofessional and will terminate your employment for no reason at all. Their customer service agents are very rude to their customers, even putting them on mute to cuss and make fun of the customer on the other line. The daily work environment is like working in the middle of the zoo. Service agents talking over customers, rude and short, can't think or hear customer on the phone because of the screaming. The best part is they are very prejudice not only to their customers but employees as well. One agent had been talking to a Hispanic customer and stated after the call that they live in America they need to speak English. This seemed to be the attitude of this department. The department manager let's the employees run the department. There are no rules or guide lines to follow. So you don't know what they expect of you. They will call you to their office and tell you some made up bs why they are terminating your employment. I would assume the the manager is not qualified for the position, tries to be friends will employees instead of their boss. Night employees sneak off to the bar for a while to have a few drinks. What a cluster f****

I recently went to the TA in Marianna, Florida- store 0178, and had the worst customer service. The pregnant cashier felt it mandatory to roll her eyes at every trucker who needed more than one receipt. On top of that the other employees were in training and if they asked one question for help they received a fussing out " God lee you do not know how to do that yet; I am ready to go home!" the worst experience I ever had I would rather go to Pilot, Loves, somewhere, but not with those unprofessional, ignorant, loud-mouth individuals! Management should do better.

I recently went to the TA in Marianna, Florida- store 0178, and had the worst customer service. The pregnant cashier felt it mand

I just wanted to say that I am very disappointed that you took your Creamed Chip Beef Breakfast off your menu , This is one of my favorites, and you bumped up the price before you discontinued it all together. I am not very happy with your cutting it from the menu, as are a whole lot of others I have talked too. Also what I would like to see as a menu Item is side pork with a little white sausage gravy over it, this makes for a very good breakfast also. Well just something to put out there and hope you would reconsider these menu Items, Thank-You.......Tim a consistent TA & Petro Truckstop customer.....

I am a Truck driver. I work only in the Sate of Texas. I reall y know that al TA should boycotted by all truck driver. Because if you are making 100% on ice, when must places sale ics for .99 to 2.15. But the best part is (YOU MAKE THE ICE) WHICH COST YOU NOTHING TO MAKE ICE If theere was a zero you would not get a star. Store# 0147 Sat. Aug. 04 2012 03:19:35. Rec.#5043 2.99 plus tax and that is a 8lb bag if I can my friend and fellow drive will not be shopping with you all again. To me it only take on voice to speek out when something is not right hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I asked that my Bacon be raw deep fried crisp I sent it back and it was still wrong. The cook Zeb said he wasn't required to cook it that way. All the TA's and Petro's have done it my way before.

My wife and I were at a TA 177 in Savannah/Richmond hill Ga July 27th and an employee matt walked back by the tv room area and said aloud apparently for the other employee which I don't no the young women's name he called her a stupid nigger lover I did call in and report it but we were there again today only to find him working and shes not. Myself as being a black man see no right for anyone to be called that name seems to me they brushed it off and let him to continue to work there its very disrespectful to everyone that goes to that store to have racial terms used around customers.

I stopped by the TA on I95 in Richmond Hill, Ga. today for a shower an something to eat.After my shower I went in for some chicken,as I was eating,either a piece of bread or chicken became lodged in my throat.A young man walked in about that time ,Im not sure if he noticed that something was wrong, but as I stood up he came up to me an asked if I was ok.I could'nt answer him but with a shake of my head NO. Without saying anything else he grab me from behind an preformed the Heimlick maneuver on me and what ever was there came up,boy was that a great filling.It happened so fast.I can't begin to tell you how greatful I am for his knowing what to do and doing it.It shook me up bad and on my way out I found this young man an thanked him and shook his hand, then left without finding out what his name was.I called back about 30 mins. later, and found out his name was Matt and it so happens that the guy that I talked with at the fuel desk was Matt too.Anyway If you're on your way up or down I95 and stopping in the Richmond Hill area and at the TA, be sure an ask for Matt # 2 and tell him again that theres a trucker out here thats mighty GREATFUL to him.

I visited the TA in Wildwood, Florida to get a tire fixed, however, the individual who was there was playing his music very loudly. I could not hear the mechanic trying to explain something to me, we had to literally move away several feet so that we could talk. Please have this individual lower the volume on the radio as it does disturb others individuals around him. His co-workers did admit to me that they wish he would shut it off as it is really annoying. Please do something about this.

TA in New Braunsfel,TX the manager David is an asshole.

Have recently been in the TA in Maybrook/Montgomery and noticed a young lady by the name of Jodie working at the Pizza Hut Express.She was very friendly and very fast to get me n my wife in and out..I came in following day n it was like she never left..We asked how many hours she had worked this week alone and she replied 36 plus..We than asked if she was manager and she replied no.Why not we asked..She said someone has position..We than said we have been here about 2 days and have yet to see this manager..She is a great friendly young women who as we saw works very hard..Reward her some how and we will be happy to be a regular customers..sincerely cheech n wife

$12.08 (including tax) for a buffet that consisted of fried chicken and sides, and a glass of water??? No wonder your restaurants are always empty!!!!

Ive been coming to petro trk stp at North Baltimore OH for 3 years because of the ponds .well ive been told I cant cast a line in the ponds becuase I might fall in and drown come on there isant anything to do here but watch T V.Your aways tell us to walk get out of the truck and do some thing,well I did,now im told to get back in my truck?well with this I may never spend another dime inOH THANKS FOR TAKING THE MAN OUT OF MEN its a libbs world

To me T/A doesn't care about drivers anymore If the co I work for didn't fuel at T/A I wouldn't stop at any their food prices are rediculois.I went in ordered a burger no bun & no fries & they wanted $9.86 for it I looked at it told the girl to keep it I wouldn't pay that for a burger that was that small. So as far as I'm concernd y'all are a bunch of thives!!!!!!!!!!!

The Laredo, Texas TA needs to employ a Full Time Restroom attendant! The Women's Restroom Smells. Half the toilets are not flushed. Toilet paper all over the floor. I had to use toilet paper to wipe up two puddles next to the toilet before I could use it! PLEASE do something about this! Right now it's disgusting.

I don't want to be the typical complaining truck driver. But I am in amarillo tx in repair shop 5 hrs and counting to get a tire replaced and your have guys grab assing around instead of servicing customers. This shit is pathetic and I will be calling corporate office to let these people know the kind of shit they hire

dear sirs, I would like to thank and bring to your attention to the fuel desk crew at TA center in Grand Bay Alabama, interstate 10 exit #4. I had an accident and fell off my trailor, and the people at the TA there were so helpful and good to me in helping me get to a pharmacy and and assisting me in getting me the things I needed to tend to my needs and injury. I have a great deal of pain and could not walk well...and the gal took me to the pharmacy and went in and bought the things that i needed. I am grateful, very grateful..and want to let you know how they went above and beyond the job to help me and deserve to be recognized for their service. Date and time I went into fuel desk 3pm on May 30th. Again thank you and I thank them so much. sincerly, david thorp o/o

Just read in the Dallas Morning News where the TA in Denton, tx. On interstate 35 was not flying the American flag on Memorial day. A trucker went to Wal Mart, was given a flag, and went back and put it up. The flag was promptly taken down. I will never stop at a TA ever again after the show of lack of patriotism. It makes me sad for something like this to take place.

I just read how Travel Centers of AMERICA refuse to fly the American Flag at their locations. Not even on Memorial Day. Please boycott Travel Centers of America!

My husband and I vistited TA in Barstow California. We had never been to this truck stop before. We Came across a young lady by the name of Sarah. She was very informative. She showed us where everything was located (showers, ultra one, and even let us know that there is a jogging track to use. She made our day and made us feel comfortable. Its people like her that make us want to come back. Thank You Sarah for makeing our visit pleasant.

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