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Target Sucks!

There are over 791 reviews, where is mine I just wrote?

Shut up about Paula deen

Shut up about Paula deen. 58+ complaints about her. Let her be punished about using the n word. Grow up and move on people. These people at target need jobs so they can support themselfs. No customers means money and if target does not get paid then neither does there employees. Then they'll go out of business and well have more bums on the streets begging hard working people for spare change. Why should they be punished because of Paula deen.

Target Sucks!

Where did my review go that I just wrote?


The store on Michigan Road in Indpls. has been going steadily downhill both with their failure to restock popular items and cashier lines..today there was no one at the express counter while two employees stood chatting nearby..when I mentioned it they both walked away! competition is increasing in the area and this is a prime way to lose regular customers

Return Policy

I purchased an OAK crib online for my grandson and his wife who are expecting in September. I was charged $30 for delivery (which was five days). When the crib arrived, the front of the package showed the crib that was ordered and stated Oak on the box. Upon opening the box, the actual crib inside was cherry wood. Since the baby's room is all Oak, I contacted the Target explaining what happened, their obvious mistake, and asked them to make arrangements to pick up this crib and deliver the correct one. I was told they would not pick it up, but they would send me a return label and it was my responsibility to take the 70 pound crib to a UPS center to have it delivered. Then I would have to repeat the entire process of ordering and still being charged another $30 delivery fee, unless I would apply for their credit card, it would be free shipping. What kind of business is this? Will I or anyone in my family now shop at Target? I have never experienced anything like this in my 78 years of life, and can guarantee Target will not get another nickel from me.

character assasination

wrongfull accusation

Paula Deed

Since your company has quit selling Paula Deed products I am assuming that since your company does not like the N word that you are going to get rid of the rappers songs that sell in your store that not only use the big N word they use much worse, please tell America that your company will NOT allow these people to use the words either, if your company does NOT you will lose our business and many others, we believe you made a huge mistake and I hope you financially pay for it.!!

Forget Target, Walmart has my business NOW!

I tried to redeem a "Buy One Get One Free coupon" on an item. Now, in order for me to get the item for free, I had to purchase a product, which I did. So, that free item was suppose to be free. On top of that, I used a coupon on the product I purchase and the cashier would not allowed it. I wasn't trying to use two manufacture coupon one the same item. Come on, I've been couponing for quite some time! To top it off, it was the store manager who rang me up! How on earth did she even become a manager at the RIVERSIDE,CA Arlington location?!!

Stupid return policy

When you return something with a receipt that us still on the shelvea and never been used if its been over 90 days they adamantly refuse to return the item. This is absurd!!!! I understand if the item is seasonal or on clearance but this was a year round item under 15.00. I have spent over 1000.00 a month with Target and they just lost me as a customer!! Maybe my 12,000 is small change but I refuse to shop here any more!!!!!

Cowards & Hypocrits

You drop Paula but carry the music of rappers that use the same language. You have no moral standing, you are cowards and hypocrits.

Paula Deen

I am very disappointed that Target made the decision to drop Paula Dean. I have always loved the Target stores in my area, but I will no longer be shopping their and my entire 13 member family throughout the Midwest has chosen the same path. I cannot support a store that is so shallow. You still sell CD's by rappers that are 10 times more vulgar. I choose to shop strictly made in the USA whenever possible. I am ashamed of you.


I will not be shopping Target stores any more. If you dropped Paula Deen, then you can drop the vulgar Sick Rap music DVD, CD and movies etc. That fact that it is 'entertainment' makes no difference. The media has chosen to stick it to a 'Sucessful Southern White Woman' for something she said and apologized for. What you are really doing is blaming her for all the Slavery and the Civil War . Yes it was horrible. But I suppose next they want to tear down all the beautiful plantation mansions!!! Wake up people our country is gone communism and these big stores we shop at are all for it. Buy Amercian as much as you can and back our own people as much as you can. Go to Paula's Website. I am sure some of her products are made in China tho.


shame on you. I think everyone needs to quit shopping in your stores. this woman did something 27 yrs ago that she apologized for and asked forgiveness for. YOU have no right to not forgive her. to drop her line because of this shows what pigs you all corporate people are, I do not give you even one star but this won't go through if i dont click on one.

Paula Deen

You should be ashamed of yourselves for your treatment of Paula Deen. It shows a lack of respect for your consumers and violates every supposed equal opportunity policy they claim to hold dear. I will be boycotting your stores from now on.


This is just a question I have about Target not carrying Paula Deen merchandise because of what she supposedly said. Tell me something. Your stores carry CD's, right? Some of them by rap artists? Have you listened to any of them? Vulgarity running rampant on those. But that's ok, right? Seems as though Target is talking out both sides of the mouth, don't you think??????


Shame on your Target!!! I would like to know why you are still selling CD's that contain the same work Paula Dean use. Don't be a hypocrite and BAND those CD's in your stores!

Rappers and Deen

Why does Target sell music with the N, C, and F words that rappers use in their music. Those words degrade women and a race of people. If you are going to be the word police then you should be fair and consistent. At least Walmart does not sell music that has those words on the cd's. Does Target feel like it is okay to sell a product that calls women a "c"? Target should stay out of the judge and jury business.

You non christian company

This company must be foreign owned as you dropped Paula Dean. Jesus forgave. I call on all Christians to not shop at Target as surely this is not American "not to forgive" We forgave Martha so please do not buy from Target.

Support Paula Deen

I am not a Paula Deen person however what Target has done to her is wrong. I will be CUTTING MY TARGET CARD IN HALF today. Never again will Target debit another dollar from my account. Moving on!!!!!!!!

Shame on Target's bigotry

Target Corporate is so TOLERANT that they have utterly no compassion, mercy or charity towards others. May what Target has done in persecuting Paula Deen come back on their own heads with a vengeance! How would you like to be persecuted for something you long ago repented of in the past? How does that have anything to do with the quality or service of Paula Deen goods? I loatheTarget for its tyrannical policy

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