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How dare they support a political party!!! I am a person who LOVES Target. I live there just window shopping and USUALLY buy there and no where else. What are they thinking?? Especially supporting an extreme candidate?!!! Will they come and support people I think will do more for our country and its stability? If not, why should I shop there anymore? I have stopped shopping at Whole Foods, though I know they don't notice I'm gone. But I enjoy every minute I am at Central Market. I actually am grieving about have to stop shopping at Target.

I will never shop at Target again and neither will my friends & family, I will not support the conservative party!

Any American corporation that would give $150,000 to MN Forward will never see another dime from me. I used to shop Target as a sensible alternative to Wal-Mart but from now on, I will only put my money toward businesses that honor equality for all people, (straight or gay, of any race or ethnicity or religion.) Unless Target corrects this injustice by making an equal donation to a human rights group, they will remain on my boycott list.


I'm writing to target because i'm very disappoint in the service. I love target for their great quailty products and great service. I shop at target at least once a week for and when i took my weekly visit today i was completely disrespected and pissed off. I love the idea of pizza hut inside of target. Everytime I go I never fail to buy my pizza hut bread sticks, but today was different. I went to buy my breadsticks & their was nothing ready to be served. It was the middle of the afternoon when i asked the worker how long will it be before the fresh batch of breadsticks will be done and her respone was rude and nasty. She said she had just cooked some and that i had to wait another 20 minutes before i can get some breadsticks.I would of settled for pizza but their wasent any. My experince at target was horrible & I really didn't appricate the lack of effort to sastify the customer. She wasent busy and stood their in a daze without properly serving the food. She was very unprofessional and sloppy. I hope you seriouly take my letter into conceration because its people like her that need to be fired. contact informartion. g3t_b3autiful@yahoo.com

I recently received a flyer (very expensive looking, large, full color) in the mail bashing one of our local politicans. After looking closely at the flyer to see who was funding this mailing I discovered it was the Coalition of Minnesota Business PAC. My husband and I found this flyer in such poor taste that I felt compelled to do something about this. After searching the Webb I found that Target has contributed to the above PAC and not only that but that the Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel and his wife have contributed (the most allowed) to Tom Emmer, candidate for governor in Minnesota. Now I'm a loyal Target shopper and very rarely go to Target's competitor Walmart but I'm rethinking my loyalities. I do not want to spend my money at a corporation that would contribute to the likes of Tom Emmer. I will also be sharing my findings with all my friends and family who love to shop at Target.

I have decided to stop shopping at your store. I refuse to continue pooring money directly into the hateful pockets of Tom Emmer, a bigoted horror of a man. Target Corporation would be better suited by supporting candidates who don't run on a platform of hate and misinformation using "Christianity" as a guise for their true venomous motives. Why not support our planet using more sustainable business practices - ever think of that? Is it not "good for business"? If Target Corporation decides the message it wants to convey is one of supporting the community at large by backing positive social changes like minimum wage, environmental causes, or stopping homophobic hate-funding, let me know. Sour regards, -Stephanie Calvert

Recently, I learned that Target was using corporate funds to support extremely conservative Republican candidates for office. I am disturbed by this. I support human and environmental concerns that many far "right" candidates do not. If a corportation would like to support candidates for office with profits, they should fund them equally. Better yet, keep corporate funds out of politics and use CEO personal funds instead.

I am very unhappy about your company supporting a rasist and bigot, therefore, I am telling my friends and will no longer shop at your stores. "Target has spent over $150,000 in the Minnesota Governor's race backing state Rep. Tom Emmer, a far-right Republican who supports Arizona's draconian immigration law, wants to abolish the minimum wage and even gave money to a fringe group that condoned the execution of gay people." Charlie Irish-Borrego 503-381-2691

Return policy is really bad. Two weeks ago my friend of 70 years went shopping to Target and bought a toy which cost over $120.00 with cash. She always ask the clerks to put the receipt in the shopping bag along with the item. Anyway she went home with the item and found out her grand daughter already has the item. She took the item back to the store to return and they could not find the receipt in the bag, so they would not return the item. She is so upset, she asked me if I can help her with the return. I talked to several people with Target and got nowhere. Why can't they just give her a debit card for the item (taking into account if the item did sell at a sale discount price and that would be the amount of the debit card)? After finding out what the return policy will really effect decision of shopping at any more Target stores. Here she is stuck with an item she can't use and lost over $120.00 on the purchase and very upset with knowing she did not make the mistake. The receipt was not placed in the bag like she asked the sales clerk to do.

I have been a loyal target shopper for the last five years. I have found your staff to be very polite and friendly, especially at the store in Mooresville, N.C.. But like many Americans I have been hit by the job loss in these turbulent times. I lost my job and now I receive food stamps. And because of my previous experience, I thougt I would cintinue shopping at your store. I was surprised to find out that you only consider some food items eligible to food stamp recipients. Sadly for you Walmart offers basically everything edible to us. Why is that so? My sister was also a longtime shopper of yours and she was saddened by the fact that because of your policy that I cannot buy gum or mentos at your store. So yesterday we shopped at Food Lion, who by the way allowed me to purchase gum. Is it because you think that people who are given food stamps don't deserve gum or have you not considered how many people actually receive food stamps. I receive a good amount of food stamps and so do others that I know about and we would like to shop at your store again but if you don't review the store policy and post what you won't allow to be purchased with food stamps then you are going to suffer a great decline in your business. I also am a dual business major in college and I like your store but sometimes people need to be aware of this situation. Please feel free to contact me for the particulars of my situation. Thank You For Your Time. 704-450-3064 is my number

Today 6-30-2010 I purchased Kingsford Charcoal Lighter Fluid at the Target store in Oshkosh, WI 54901. The bottle was open in the back of my Jeep Compass and spilled all over the back and all my purchases. Thankfully the only product that I bought that got soaked was a pillow and I decided not to go back to the store. However, the back of my jeep was not so lucky. I have tried cleaning it up and I will wait to see how bad the damage is. It must have already been open because all I grabbed to put it in the car was the bag. I love shopping at Target but if my car was damaeged I will not go back and I will contact my lawyer. SK Jacobs sjacobs@new.rr.com

On Sunday, June 6, 2010 I went to my local Target with my niece to buy her a new bathing suit. We always shop at Target including my entire family who lives in the community because the quality of service and products there. I had always had a great experience shopping there until that day. My niece and I went into the fitting room area around 8p.m. that Sunday to try on several bathing suits. She had tried on 3, but was not sure of the fit so I decided to get two more bathing suits of another size for her to try on and while I was out searching, my niece heard an employee talking about bad about customers. The employee was telling another how she doesn't know why people try on things here anyway. She would just buy it and if it doesn't fit she would return it. When I returned to the fitting room one older Hispanic employee had stopped me, but I told her I did not need a fitting room and that these two bathing suits are for my niece to try on who is already in there. So she said very rudely to me, "You need to give me two of those bathing suits before bringing those two in." So I said okay and went into the dressing room to get the other two, but my niece still had one on so I was waiting for her to take it off. The employee at this point raised her voice in a very rude tone, "You better not go in there and lock that door with those two bathing suits before giving me the other two." At this point I was very upset with the service we were receiving. Then I gave her the other two bathing suits and went inside to check on my niece. Another employee which was an older African American lady stated very loudly for us to hear, "If they can't follow the rules don't let them in there, the max is 6 anyway." We never had six and they were already very rude and disrespectful that when we got out I confronted her and she argued with me and lied about what she had said. This has been the worst customer service I have ever received. I am so disgusted with the quality of service and shock to find that Target would have such employees working for them. This issue seriously needs to be addressed. The Target location of this incident is: Houston Far West SuperTarget 2700 Eldridge Pkwy Houston, TX 77082 (281) 810-5251 My contact: Ha Nguyen mayhuong@yahoo.com

On Saturday, March 27, 2010 I went to Target store on Main St. Ventura looking to buy a LCD HD television. I found on the shelf the perfect one and it was priced at $549ish. The sales person told me they were out but he offered to call the other Target stores nearby to see if they had some in stock. He worked diligently on the phone and after a few minutes he said one of the stores in Oxnard had one. He put a reservation under my name and gave us the information to get there. He did an excellent job at customer service and I am thankful for his good attitude. When we arrived at the Target store in Oxnard (250 West Esplanade Drive,Oxnard, CA 93036), they had the TV we wanted and was under my name, however it was $200 more that the price at the first Target store. The TV was identical and the gentleman that helped us in Ventura had called a put a reservation to it. We asked to speak with the manager, since we were never told that the prices were different. She explained that the prices at each store are different and they do not match the prices at the other store. She never offered any kind of alternative option to help make the sale. I had a shopping cart full of accessories and merchandise that added to a sale of $800+. I was very dissappointed at the attitude and approach of the store manager and the fact that she couldn't offer any kind of alternative and was willing to let go of such a large sale that evening. I left the store and went to Fry's spending a good $1,200. I have been shopping in Target since I had financial independence because I loved the quality of Target's merchandise. But now I rather shop anywhere else. Someone should contact that store manager. Charo Abernathy 2860 Peninsula Rd. #800 Oxnard CA 93035

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