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food stand

I just found out that your company is changing the whole food menu at the store. My grandson who is autistic will only eat the hot dogs that you sell, and I have to purchase one as soon as I enter the store. I cannot believe that when you have a product that everyone loves, you would take it away from the public. WHY? what is your reasoning? If it works leave it alone.. please dont change the menu at your stores. I live in mantua nj and frequent your store all the time, but if I cant get my grandson his hot dog I will not go there.

Very Disappointed with product

I purchased a 4 shelf unit from your store and had my son in law put it together and now about 10 months later I am moving and was looking forward to taking the unit with me and after I removed all books and pictures from it well it just fell apart. I am very disappointed with your shelf units they never hold up and I think for the 60.00 I spent on this unit at your Mentor Ohio store it should have held up longer than 10 months. I think target should make me as a customer of target a gift card or something just because your product did not hold up. Also brought product back to store and was told nothing could be done for me and so now I just threw out 60.00 in the garbage. Very disappointed with the store and ppl there.


I love our Target store in Decatur illinois I'm actually an employee and I would love to see Target have a layaway. I have guests ask me all the time. I believe it would be a great success for Target, am I'm just a part tine cashier.


Who cares if Target dropped Paula Dean. What's the big deal? Her merchandise wasn't that noteworthy. Get over it or go to Wal Mart. If you'd rather crappy customer service and long checkout lanes just because Target doesn't support Paula Dean anymore, suit yourself.

I was at ur store shopping and one of the signs on a rack fell of and hit me in the head .went and talked to customer service and she called amanager and she made me feel like i was just saying that .i am very upset with the way i was treated.

Your Management Team

You seriously need to take a look at your Los Angeles management team. They are never in, do not answer emails or phones calls!!!! Are they too good to speak to someone???? Seriously!!!


attention (Undercover Boss) needs to happen at every location,corperate needs to clean house and get proper, trained and experienced management . Corperate should be sending in spotters to see what really happens, in the store day and night.

Mgr.of local Target

Went to visit the local Mgr. of Target to day in Port Charlotte, fl to tell him some info. I had that he needed to know, when I requested to see him at the service desk I was asked what it was about, I said it was personal and she said I was to tell her what it was about before I could see him. HUH, is he god or what? I just left the store, his loss not mine!

Poor customer service

I visited the target on Bristol in Santa Ana CA. There was a big line to check out. So they opened up two more registers, but did not take the next people in line. I shop at target weekly and sometimes more often. This is the first store I have been out that they did not have courteousy for their customer by taking the next in line. If target continue I can take my business else where. Thank you

Bad service

I vIsted the schaumburg target store on Higgins and Meacham and a woman with shoulder length gray hair is awful! She always has an additude and shows terrible customer service! I'd rather go to the mall where I know the service is 125%! Where do the managers get these people! Just terrible!!!

Food products

why would you take archer farms yogert off your shelfs? makes me wonder who makes these choices. please put them back on the shelf or i will have to start going to the walmart across the street. hesperia ca.

No More Target

Been a faithful Target shopper many years and spend a lot of my money at Target. No more! You have movies and CD's using all sorts of vulgur language but pass judgement on Paula Deen! You should be ashamed! Haven't been in a Walmart in years, guess I'll have to find a new place to shop. No more Target!


Thank you. You sponsor free second Target Tuesdays to Atlanta's Imagine It Kids Museum. Science in motion. Captivates my three young children and they learn SO much! Those Professor Laboratory Exploration Stations are off the charts. My husband suffered an accident that left him with a broken neck and back as well as traumatic brain injury (TBI) which leaves us with residual seizures, numbing, burning... He refuses to turn to Disability even though he cannot work at this time. Without your contribution to Imagine It, we would not be able to go. Thank you for making this happen. It is a truly wonderful contribution to your community and it - you - make a difference. Because of it, I choose to shop at Target over Walmart every chance I get, even though it is farther away. I hope you continue to extend the grant. It will continue to reap you benefits 10 fold. (I tell every mommy I meet)


MY super target hires and promotes family members before considering other employees for positions. I work in orem, Utah. its absolutely disgusting the amount of favoritism that takes place there. Target is a horrible company to work for. Mostly because all complaints fall on deaf ears.

Quality controll

I recently bought little boy underwear at you Harrisburg PA Jonestown Road store. I brought them home only to find one pair on the size I bought in the package and the rest were the wrong size and already used and dirty. I took them back to the store which was 36 miles from my home and an unneeded trip. This did not seem to bother your staff there and seemed to them an everyday occurance, It has really made me not to ever want to go back to a target store but go to Walmart instead.

Red Card

Where is my posted review?????

Target is Unbelievable

I paid off my red card in 2011, Target is still reporting to the Credit report company that I have a balance, that's a lie. This is because of a bad address they have of mine and some returned mail they still have. I have NO BALANCE but they still report a balance and will not remove it. I cant get a loan because Target is on my credit report and i have no balance....

3 yr service plan a joke target just lost another customer

Boycott TARGET!!!

I think that everyone has said or did something.that they regret. As far as I know, Paula Deen has proven she is not that person from so long ago. Since TARGET cannot forgive her then I cannot forgive TARGET!

I have a target red card credit card, went to pay for my purchase at the checkout, and the card was rejected, didn't say why. After I called, was told my credit limit was $200 - never had a card with a low credit limit where I was unable to pay for my purchase. Said they would review credit limit and increase if possible - never heard back from 2 months ago - called today and nothing has been done. Tried to contact executive office - was told I had to write a letter - I've run out of time for Target - will keep shopping at WALMART!! Target card department has just about the worst service I've ever experienced - stay away.

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