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I also think target need to pay their employees more I work more than 40 hours and I'm suppose to be part time. The store I work at has poor management no wonder the attendance at the store is so low. All of the leads talk to us like we are children and they cut you off when trying to explain something to them. At my end with them.

softline team member

This is the saddest job I have ever had Target pay is employees 7.25 an hour but they slave their employees and they suppose to be happy I'm a 30 year old woman that have 3 kids and 3 jobs just to survive I hate target maybe if they took some of at money they made and they pay their employees things would be different. I hate target p.s. Felicia softline team member


I love shopping at target but have been disappointed bc each time I go buy shoes they do not have size 11 either in the store or in stock. You promote beautiful shoes and clothing, but I'd like to be able to find them in my sizes.

Disappointed in the holiday spirit of Target! I am a teacher, and had a parent put some items on hold for their children for Christmas. I went in to purchase them and Target had already put them back; even though the parent had told them the situation. They had put $225 dollars worth of clothing that these children needed away and proceeded to tell me it was because these items are in demand due to the holiday season. :(

gift card scam

I purchased an soda stream and go a 25.00 gift card with it and with the gift card I purchased some bottles for the soda stream. I had to return the soda stream and I only got the difference minus the 25.00 and I returned both the soda stream and the bottles. Target made out about 30.00 on that deal of my money.


Target is failing all of its customers. They have things posted or appear to be posted with their name affliated to it but will not honor it. No longer shopping at Target returning all merchandise.

A Target Employee gave me the wrong sales slip and then when I Went to return the item because I got the wrong one they gave me a hard time about returning it and would not give me my money back.

i love target

I stood in front of target porterville ca for 29 hours i had a great time and met sum awsome people. The employees where awsome i will go to target again next year. An i will wait another 29 hours. They made me feel like i was welcome. One of the managers approached me and my husband and a little boy that was waiting with his father and said when your done shipping go to starbucks and get a hot coffee on us. That made feel good that they pay attention to their customers me and my husband thank all the employees and management for the kindness

Disappointed shopper

For those of us who are not aware you should NOT buy electronics from Target. Once you open the product it becomes NON RETURNABLE. You are not protected as a consumer, you should just save the money and shop at amazon for this type of protection! Read their return policy and expect them to say NO when you go to return anything, even with a receipt, even within 30 days.

Black Friday Scam

Target just had a Black Friday scam on iPAD Mini Retina model. Said $75 gift card with purchase. Checked online continuously Thanksgiving early AM, Thanksgiving evening when the stores opened, Thanksgiving just after midnight, and early Friday AM. Web site continuously said "Currently unavailable online. Not available in stores." Called customer service. They were useless. SCAM ALERT !!!

repair/shipping condition

I purchased a 32"flatscreen last year in sept.2012 I had it sent to one of your locations to be repaired .this action was taken on nov.18.2013 thru ups.upon receiving my tv back there was a large water bug that crawled out of the freaking box....this is unexceptable.And on top of the box,was a drawing of a bug with many legs.Is there any Supervision on products sent out of warehouse.

Worst Company Ever

Don't ever order anything from target.com because if there's a problem with shipping or receiving your order target.com will not do anything about it. I'm being charge for an item I did not even receive I have been calling target customer service for 30 days trying to deal with them they have no concern for their customers whatsoever

Sold used item as new

I received a IPOD nano 7 gen. for my birthday.It was purchased omline in Sept.When I began using it in Nov.,I had to call Apple for a tech. question.They informed me the unit was a year old,and my warranty would expire in 1 month. When I called customer service,I found they can hardly communicate,and after 35 minutes of intense frustration,they disconnected me.On my second call,it took 45 minutes,only to be told my return date expired. I like Target as a store,but they have really fell short with customer service.

Target debit card customer service is the worst ever. They lie to you and will not help you at all. Good luck getting any issues solved.

" Assortment Problem"

Weekly ad reads " Our Generation doll Sieanna" our granddaughter loves it. We tried to buy it in the store since it showed six but all were different but same dpci #, TRIED ONLINE BUT SAME THING. TRIED SEVERAL OTHER STORES. They would only look at the computer not on the shelf. Called Target HQ, spoke with " Lisa" probably made up name, who told me there is an " assortment problem" and there is nothing anybody can do. Oh that I can drive around to all the Target stores and check the shelves. hmmm I have been a Target shopper since the early 1960's. could be the last time.

If you order online and have any questions your concerns are dealt with by someone from Nicaragua. They DO NOT understand English. They cannot spell. FYI...

not a review but a request

i live in franklin county tenn. we want a target store so bad in this county,were sick of wal;mart and want a real department store,Target.we would love for your scouts to come to Winchester Tennessee.and check it out, Target would do great in this county,please,please,PLEASE Bring A Target super store to Franklin County,mycontact number is 931 308 1921 thank you sincerely Marty Williams

Sheet & Pillowcase purchase

Have been a longtime customer, always purchased all of my bed linens from Target. On 8/06/2013 purchased Sheet Set & Pillow Case set. Have not been happy since purchased (purchased California king size (did not fit), very uncomortable, collects lint. Decided could live with it but, now the latest problem has made me decide to give up shopping at Target, sheets are tearing, one pillow case has a small hole in it. Washed them in a delicate cycle with cold water and dried them at low. You have lost me as a customer. Good bye.

online orders

I placed an order and got notification it was shipped today. I noticed that it was shipped to my old address; my fault I agree, but when I tried to call the 800 number to advise of the error, I was told that it was "released" to the warehouse and there was "no way" the address can be changed once it's released. Same company no? Why no communication between them to stop an error from happening, all still within your company? Just stupid!! My only option was to cancel the order. Why? I still need my items, just want them shipped to correct address!!

Racist comment

Recently I came across a comment on face book made by Target employee in regards to Asians in general that we are dumb. The comment was very offensive and hurtful. It did struck me hard since I am an Asian and spend most of paycheck shopping at Target. Please do not target us, "Target".

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