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I love Target. It just dawned on me, while listening to the news that Target needs to reconsider the target symbol, because it connotes taking a bow and arrow to hit the target or a shooting range. In other words, if you want to separate yourself from guns, completely, you must do it, completely. I'm sure you can come up with something better, have a national competition to reengage the public. You will succeed because you have been an innovator for a very, very long time. You have our support.


People lawfully carrying a gun are only a deterrent to mass shootings why people would be offended by other people who would wish to protect themselves from ever being in that situation I can not understand. People always say it will never happen to me, but then it happens in another school or shopping mall where a no gun sign is posted on the front door. These signs only get people killed because criminals have always existed and always will.

You Loose

Since your store wants to be "politically" correct. You are now on notice that you have lost 4 customers. Our family. We are not scared of personal weapons. Personal weapons are a right given to us by the Constitution of the United States to prevent tyranny and protect ourselves. Why any person or company would be scared of our Constitution is way way beyond any American comprehension. Target is a looser and we will be helping you to go banko so your company can no longer reject our American way of life.

Gun Policy

How is it possible that a store allows people to shop with semi automatic weapons slung over their shoulders but will not allow a group of women and children to protest peacefully outside their store? If a store has this little regard for public safety, then I don't plan to return there for future shopping.

Gun Policy

Not shopping in Target again until you develop a sensible gun carry policy. I don't feel safe in a store where patrons are walking around with loaded weapons.

Guns in Target stores

I am very disappointed in Target. To allow guns in your stores seems to be beyond negligent. I am one person, but I am choosing to shop elsewhere now.

Safety in the stores

I will NEVER shop in a Target store again. Carrying a firearm is a 2nd Amandment Right. By asking me to leave my guns home, they're asking me not to shop there. Target is making their stores vulnerable to attack by persons bent on crime.

Bad choice to make on handguns

I have a concealed handgun license and I carry. I am a mid-income lady who owns my own business and not a crazed lunatic. I WILL NOT leave my handgun in my automobile.... AND until Target changes this viewpoint, I WILL NOT step foot into any Target store again. I will also start a campaign to boycott Target.

Gun Ban

I have been a regular customer for years but as of today I will never set foot in your store again. I am just one person and you are destroying my rights and I am exercising mine. Another anti American Store.

Thank you!

wow! I have always loved Target, but your decision to restrict open carry guns to protect your customers is a step above the rest. We are so proud and pleased with your courage and responsibility on this issue.

Irresponsible Store

Store allows gun-toting lunatics inside. Would not go back.

GoodLuck with using the gift registry! I had to make several calls to the TArget registry department to have them show items had been purchased. Like I have all the time in the world to stay on line for over an hour. The registry is supposed to be helpful and it has turned into a nightmare.

Not Made In America

I received my on-line order of 6 drapery panels for my living room. My joy was soon removed when I discovered that none of the panels were the same length and two of the panels were a different dye lot. If it was made in America, I am sure this story would have a happy ending.

The worst service that I experienced.

I try to call corporate office but when I asked who am I talking to she hang up twice. Now I understand why is the service so poor, they know that they can do whatever they want and no one controls them. it's so disappointment


prices are way higher than Wal-Mart or K Mart.


SAve mart company for sale cash


no complaints,i like pretzel with cheese ,but no cheese just the pretzel how disappointing will you please bring the cheese back thank you.

Unfair Policies - bad customer service

Their corporate offices are always closed when I try to call- when working ppl can make a call. I paid off my card and missed it by one day. They charged me a late fee and late fees on top of that for 3 months. The only time I was able to talk to a person was when I was called by collections. When I told her my situation she just gave the number to collections again. They do not have supervisors. They are the managers. You can write a letter and according to, Griselda 02250816, the CEO himself does not have the power to overturn their policy, after 2 months Target cannot refund any late fees. I can understand if I had charged something, but late fees on late fees on a 0 balance. That's ridiculous!

Longtime Customer of Target

My mother and I have shopped at Target for years and years. While their employees aren't perfect ALL the ones we've met/encountered take their jobs very seriously and are dedicated to serving us customers. Time after time, I see them go that "extra mile" to help a guest. Furthermore, if they don't sell it, they'll happily tell you where you might be able to find it elsewhere. The Target employees I've encountered all seem to LOVE their job and get along with each other to get the job done. I'm ready to see some WALMART-BASHING!!! :) One thing to note-its NOT just Target involved with the Security Breaches. Its also Neimann Marcus and other retailers that haven't EVEN BEEN Disclosed yet.....more info on the horizon.

Refund for item

Will never shop any of your stores ever again.

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