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Yesterday 11/10/10, I shopped at Target for toys to put into our local TOYS FOR TOTS donation barrels. This is a charity put together by our local Marines and the toys go to local families in need. I looked for as many sale items so I could buy more! I found a wonderful art project kit and the price on the TARGET shelf label pre-printed and in yellow (like all the others)quoted $4.98. So I grabbed one and when I got to the register, the price rang up at $19.99. I questioned it and got the run around, so when no one responded to the cashier's reqeuest, I flagged down a "floor" person and took her to the area where I found it. When I proceeded to try to purchase a second item of the same, I was refused. No one backed the sale price on the second item. I told them "I think this is very cheap of TARGET since it is for the TOYS FOR TOTS donation barrel." NO LUCK... I left ticked off with my $35 worth of other items and the one item at $4.98. Just because of their lack of flexibility for less than $15 dollars, I will shop at Wal Mart or other stores from now on. In my opinion, this is not only poor marketing decisions, but a lack of compassion for our military who try to help families in need during holiday time. Good Bye Target... Hello Wal Mart.

I called Target Corporate and they are just as selfish as the stores! There was NOTHING they would do regarding my issues from 11/10/10 that I previously posted on this site. Laura was supervisor in customer care and she has NOTHING to offer to cushion the frustration. So, again GOOD BYE TARGET and I am going to tell ALL of my friends and clients to stay away. Perhaps when they close their stores, someone will take over who knows more about customer service and customer care. This is very sad in this struggling economy. Geri from Carlsbad CA..neighbors of Oceanside CA where Target lives.

I went on-line to order a Big Wheel Bike for my grandson and to have it shipped. The ad said free shipping any item over $50. as the bike I was ordering was $69.99 I assumed it would be free shipping but when I put my order through it charged me $19.99 for shipping. I called a number and asked to speak with a supervisor. After 20 minutes of waiting I got to speak with someone who tells me this is not one of the 800,000 items that has free shipping. I ask him why is it listed that way on the ad for the bike and he said it is on the web site and that is how it is. I tell him this is miss-advertising and I would like to speak to someone in corporate. He gives me a telephone number which is an automated number the same as the one I had to contact his office. I am very disappointed in this kind of customer service from Target

Target knows the real meaning of the season. And I am proud to shop in a store that is not afraid to put Merry Christmas signs up. I live in Murphy, Texas and have a new Target store across the street. I WIll be shopping there.

Hi - I just want to write in to tell you how pleased I have been with your pharmacy department, in particular, Stephanie Giuntoli, Pharma D., at your Target located at 21265 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura, FL 33180. Stephanie is always helpful, courteou, very efficient and always has a smile on her face. Target is very fortunate tt have someone like Stephanie on their team. Sincerely, Debra Lassaw debralassaw@gmail.com

I'm not even sure where to start with my complaints with Target over the last week. The Target corporation seems to not be needing its customers anymore, and reading the reviews I believe I am not the only one that feels this way. My first encounter was that I went to use my "wonderful" Target red card and was denied, and after being humilated by the cashier like I was "some LOOSER" that couldn't pay. I left and phoned the card service. They had decreased my amount to $200 dollars because I hadn't used it for so long and it was my fault I didn't know this by looking at my statement. Well if I had not used it in so long I probably hadn't looked at my statement genious!. Thats OK I CUT UP THAT WONDERFUL REDCARD! I'll let the corporation let the people use it THAT CAN'T PAY YOU BACK, since I owe nothing on mine. The next visit I bought a cake when I got the cake home the frosting had ran off the cake, GREAT FOR MY PARTY THAT NIGHT. I called back and spoke to a gentleman (loose term) and he told me he never heard of such a thing! Yes I just made this up because in the 3 hours before this party I wanted to drive a half hour argue with you and end up making my own cake! When I returned to the store to return the cake I was told "Yeah, Mike who you could have just made that name up" Are you kidding me where do you get your employees--rudeness.com. Now today I changed my plans on a Sunday to get to the store when it opened because I was told last nite all halloween stuff would be on sale at 50% off. YOUR NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE IT, the manager had never heard of such a thing and didn't know who i spoke to so I showed on my phone calling Target number,he states no retail sells stuff at 50% off because its still considered the holiday. First of all Halloween it not a HOLIDAY, second of all if your operator does not know that how would I know that. TARGET IS NO LONGER MY STORE OF CHOICE AND OF COURSE I WOULD SAY BUYER BEWARE!!!!

I was the victim of a theft. They stole my wallet, before i could get everything cancelled, the person was able to run up multiple charges - one of them was near $700.00 in one single purchase at a Target store. This person DID NOT know my PIN number for my debit card, they used it as a charge card....and obviously was NOT asked for appropriate Identification at the time of check out. I think that Target does a very poor job in trying to control fraudulent purchases. My money will returned to me, but what is humorous is that Target will have to take the hit. If you allow persons to run registers in your company without following protocols, then that is what happens.

I will never shop at the Target located at Hybla Valley. Alexandria, VA!!! Sweats were signed for $5.00 but when I got to the register it rang in at $6.49. I told the cashier it was signed at $5.00. She told another associate, they went to check, found the sign, and acted like we put the sign there!!!! Hello, I do not work there!! The associate said I guess I have to give it to you for that price, of course you do, it is the law!!! She was very rude to us!! I have been treated very poorly and I resent it!! I can't find an e-mail address for the corporate office either. Beverly Tapia

Last week my credit card number was used fraudulently overseas and so my card was cancelled and I had to use checks until I received my replacement card. I decided to do early Christmas shopping and spent two and a half hours yesterday at Target in Graceland in Columbus, Ohio and was pleased that I had accomplished soo much sooo early! When I went to check out, Target refused to accept my check despite the fact that I had plenty of identification. I even called my bank while I was there to make sure that I had plenty in my account to cover the check - that was not the problem, so the service desk had me talk to someone from 'target authorization' and I was told they would not accept my check because I did not have a check writing history with them. I explained that I always had used my credit card in the past several years. I was totally humiliated! I have shopped at Target for many years and never had a problem until now. I think they could have called the bank or put my check thru electronically or something. They can also check to see how much had been bought on my credit card in the past if they wanted but made no effort to do anything. Instead I was left standing there humiliated, and feeling like I was being treated as someone trying to pull some sort of scam - after wasting my entire morning! Not even an I'm sorry - we could put it on lay away for you - or we can hold it for you until you receive your new card - absolutely NOTHING!!!! I will not be shopping at Target anymore!!

I love Target. If I want to go to target I have to drive an hour to Indianapolis or an hour to Ohio. I Live in Connersville, Indiana. We have a Walmart, 2 Dollar Generals, and a Family Dollar. Oh and also a JC Penny's. We had Kmart but they went out of business. I really feel that our community would benefit to having a Target in our town. The building where Kmart is still empty and would be a great location for Target. Our community is struggling and I think that Target would be a great asset to our community. I really hope you would consider bring Target to Connersville, Indiana. Thanks for your time. Melissa Ratliff

On October 11 ,2010 approximately 10.30 pm. I placed an order with Target.com online. I could not get on as I did not remember my password at which time I phoned Target.com I got a women on the phone who was very well spoken and stayed with me on the phone to assist me with placing my order. She then proceeded to go over my name address and order with that my order was placed on line. At the time my order was placed all information was correct. Then with in a few moments I received an e-mail stating my order, I then noticed the color of the shirt was wrong I immediately phoned Target.com about my order. The man who answered the phone asked my basic information of name address when I gave him my address he said “No “ I said Yes he said that’s not my address which I then proceeded to tell him I should know where I live.. I told him why I was calling and he told me an address at which I lived three years ago. I told him check my information that’s Not where my bill goes for a long time now then he gave me the last address I live. He also told me he did not know which address my order was going to. I asked how did I just place an order and the women that helped me with my order just gave me my CORRECT address and two minutes later every thing is WRONG. I then asked to cancel my order since it will be shipped to the wrong address and I won’t be getting it he then said he could NOT there was no option for canceling an order. Which I then asked to speak to a supervisor which I was then put on hold for 17 minutes. When the supervisor came on I asked him does he think this is good customer service to keep me on hold for so long and all he said was No I asked him how within 2 minutes of placing my order how was all my information wrong he had No answers other than to tell me that my order can Not be canceled. I said I want it OFF my card and will NOT be held re

I have stopped shopping at Wal-Mart due to their blatant purchase habits from overseas and their equally blatant attitude and agenda to destroy any small businesses that are unfortunate to be within a certain area from their stores. I was happy to shop at Target, believing they actually cared about America(ns). To my disappointment I found they do not even govern target.com; it is actually controlled by amazon.com. I was told they will be taking over the site in 2011. Now for the really disappointing part; the customer service for target.com is currently outsourced to Jamaica and the Phillipines. If you think it will be better when Target takes over,, think again. All their customer service is sent to India. When are Americans going to stop shopping at companies that take your US dollar and then ship your care overseas because it will put a few more dollars on the bottom line? This American will keep searching for companies that value not only our money, but our satisfaction and our jobs. Well, no matter how much you save on the bottom half of your P&L from sending my call overseas really wasn't worth what you will lose on the top half from my purchases. I want my hard earned money staying in the U.S. and I will shop at the small stores run by local people where I know at least the money I spend will go back into our economy, not India's. Before you spend your hard earned money, take a few minutes to find out where you will be sent when you call customer service, then make a decision on where you shop. Good-bye Target, see ya Wal-Mart; hello all the small business owners who actually value (and need) my patronage!

my wife and i bought chair covers from target on line. the ad says 2 to package. when they came there was only 1 in package. target would not do any thing about the problem. a manger said to sue target and hung up. i can see the problems that are writen above

People need to get over themselves and learn to ne better customers first before they knock customer service.

I have never seen such poor customer service for Target.com my package was sent to the wrong address and they give you such a run around about how they can't change it nor issue a refund.

i took my four year old daughter to your dept store on west 117th, cleveland, ohio, on tuesday sept 21 at around 1 p.m.. we were shoping for underclothes and there were two female employees who looked like they were stocking shelves. while i was looking for her size, one of the employees ( cheri thompson) which i had to find her name out from another employee that was near by. was using language that noboby should use in public, it caught my attention when my four year old was repeating exactly what she was saying. i was in shock. i ask her why does she use that language in a family oriented store for little children to hear, and she replied 'SHE IS NOT MY DAUGHTER", i was beside myself and stopped shopping and left your store. I have been a valued customer with target for five years, but now i am cancelling my target credit card and will shop at wal`mart if this problem is not resolved. i cannot send my child back to school because she keeps repeating these foul gestures and i am concedering seeking legal or media attention about this situation.

Please stop using heavy toxic fragrance to cover over odors in the bathrooms in your Stafford Twp. NJ Store. The last time I was in there, it was quite overwhelming. In the Springfield, PA store, when it was brought to the attn. of the Mgr. - the timed air freshener, there's an oxymoron, was removed. He said it saved the store $50.00/month. He said it was fiscally irresponsible to use the service. All that happens is a guy with a attache case comes in and sticks a cartridge in. cha - ching. Just keep the bathrooms cleaner, and a smelly "air freshener" won't be necessary. It will save you from court costs when someone keels over from an asthmatic attack, and is rushed to Southern Regional Hospital. No one appreciates the toxic air. Save your money.

I purchased some NCAA flip flops on July 25 for a vacation I took last week. The merchandise is totally defective. The letters which were yellow came off on my feet and the reason I bought them to begin with was because of the fact that they had the lettering. I took them back to the San Ramon Ca store and they would not accept them cause they had been worn. Then I called the number they gave me and I was transferred to India where they still could not help me. I am going to let everyone know how bad the service I received was over a mere $5.00. Heaven help anyone with a major concern. However, my biggest concern now is that jobs continue to go to a foreign country. I lost my entire team to India and they do not even understand how American policies work. Forget voting tea party or anything else. If everyone refused to purchase until it said "Made in America" then we would all be better off.

I don't like your return policy or your customer service, but will continue to shop at Target. Anyone that supports conservative Republican candidates has my business. Thanks.

I have been a Target shopper since 1975. Now I have to add Target to the same "Don't go there" list as Walmart. This is very disappointing. I can understand donating to both parties, but not to only the right wing nut cases. Now I have to shop where I won't accidently contribute to bigots and other right wingers. Please change your policy to an even handed one or stop donating to any politician or political party.

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