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love target--they have the best employees and great prices!!

Very upset with Target Stores. They advertised on the cover of their circular a 26" VIZIO LED TV on Sunday 11/28/10 and none of their stores ever had them in stock. They say to call everyday to see if they have come in and all your doing is wasting your time. I have dealt with quite a few stores and all are just leading you to nothing. I finally called the corporate office and they too just want to string you along. They have no intentions of getting this tv in by the end of the advertised week, and they won't give a rain check either. The ad states quantities limited no rain checks, but they never had any in the stores to begin with. I think Target should get repremanded for false advertisment and answer to why this happened and take care of their customers with a rain check.

I went to purchase (2) accoustic guitars First Act 3610 at Maryville Tn. store at which time they were 1/2 price 34.99 no store in knoxville tn had any stock but this item was in flyer, is this false advertising to get people in the store or did santa forget to stop in Knoxville Tn.

My Rating 0 Stars I was shopping today at the Target in Lanesboro MA. The Cashier would not take my Target card and said that my Credit Card was no longer accepted at Target and that they would not issue me a new card. The manager stated that I didn't use my card enough to warrant a new card. My husband and I have shopped at Target for years and usually pay cash or with a check. Apparently Corporate Target punishes people for paying cash or your bills on time. BAD Business Target... really bad business! We have two teenagers and shop at Target every fall for school clothes, for every Holiday and for Birthdays. Yet suddenly I am no longer considered a "valued customer." So I will take my cash and all of my Business elsewhere and you know where you can stick your T A R G E T.

I went into Target (Carrollton, Ga.) on Nov.2nd to buy videos games for Christmas presents. They guy, YES I do know his name asked me about doing an app. for a credit card, I would be getting a reduction of 5 percent off that and future purchase when using the card. I told my son that I would take him to finish up for his friends as soon as my card came in. I called today, was told that it had been sent to the wrong house # that they could not accept a change of address by phone...!?! Also that I could mail in a change of address but the card wouldn't be here before Christmas. So how's that for no customer service I had the call transferred to a stuporvisor. (yes, I know I mis-spelled) Was told the same thing. My reply to them is/was that they filled out the application, not ME and they have my email address as well, so this is their error NOT MINE! Target lacks the initiative to try to put themselves in the customers shoes or fix problems THEY make,I need them a lot less than they need me. I took the address to send in my balance but no change of address, KEEP THE Card!!!

I find it interesting that this company is able to place items in a sales ad that they do not have in stock. During the week of 11/28/10, the Target ad showed a DSI for $113 (on sale). The DSI was never available at any locations in the area. When I questions an employee, he stated that corportation will do this at times to reduce stock. However, if they do not have any stock, one cannot have a raincheck and it is never made available. False advertising to get one in the store.

On 11-25-10,I placed an order at target.com for an apple ipod for $199,to be shipped in 3-5 business days. I also called 2 friends to let them know about the sale. On 12-1,I Received an email,stating there was a delay & when I checked the pending order,it showed a shipment date jan 18-20 2011. I called guest services & got Crystal,who said they were updating the system & call back in 1 hour & CLICK-she hung up on me! I called my local Target in St Petersburg,FL & they had 5 in stock for $229.99,but said,even with proof,they could not honor .COM orders. I then called quest services AGAIN & spoke with Benjamin in the Phillipines,who said manangement in U.S. sent them an email saying ipod would be mailed by 12-24-10,but could not give me any time frame.In the mean time, 1 friend who received the same email stating a delay talked with a man, who cancelled her online order & re-issued it,& sent her an email with a 12-8-10 delivery confirmation.My other friend went on Black Friday & got it for $225 with a $30 gc.I called quest services a 3rd time & reached the Carribian -couldn;t understand a word this woman was saying,-not even her name.I called back a 4th TIME,& spoke with Lizette in the Phillipines,who assured me she would follow-up my account & send me an email when it was sent.When I ? her,she did not know when it might be,but felt like it would be by 12-24-10.So,I know no more then I did several hours ago & wonder how Target can live with themselves,with so many unemployed in the U.S.Tomorrow,I will shop other stores & cancel.Not only did Target,wait 6 days to send me a delayed shipping email,I spent hours trying to get some help and my friends,that I referred to Target are getting Ipods!..I am so done with Target,and I shop alot online.

On Sunday, November 28th, I went to target to purchase a Nintendo DSI gaming system they had advertised. I was one of the first people in the store and went straight to electronics. I was suprised to find out that they did not even have one of the items in the store. Two other women had gone to purchase a television that were also advertised on the front page and they were also told they had none in the store. We spoke with Michael who appeared to be in management and were told they would not be getting the item in and we could try another store. My question is, Isn't this deceptive advertising and do I have any legal rights? .

I purchased chair covers from Target.com. They were not suitable and I decided to return them to my local Target store. I went through their ridiculous exercise of printing the "receipt" necessary for the in store return. Printed on this receipt was the last date that the item could be returned, November 29, 2010. When I attempted the return, I was informed that the return period had expired. The store personnel could not help me and I was directed to phone Customer Service. As it turns out, Customer Service is located in the Phillipines. The guy was incapable of logical thought and just kept repeating the same phrases over and over. I was relying on the date provided by Target.com, but they will not honor their own receipt. Very misleading, bordering on fraudulant. I have been a loyal customer for years, but now I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK!

Target outsources their customer service for their 1-800 numbers & (612). This is BS. Disclose your personal info (credit card #) on phone lines that are traveling all the way to India. Hello! Identity fraud. There are whole towns of people struggling in Flint, MI due to the automotive industry crash. Target wants American consumers money to feed Indias mouths. This sickens me. No longer a target customer will I be. I'm sure loads of Americans would love to have those outsourced jobs. Plus, consumers could communicate much easier with the phone reps. I now hate target!

I went to target around 10pm on 11/25/2010 and stood in line i had maybe 20 people at the most in front of me and my shopping buddy an hr before doors opened a large group of people began running towards the front of the door. By the time doors opened i had several people in front of me because i had been pushed and bullied to the side and when I got into the store my shopping buddy was able to get his hands on a tv only to have it taken away by a guy who claimed he saw it first and he literally held on to the tv and would not let go so to avoid a physical fight we did not continue to fight with him because they said more tvs were coming out, but the crowd was so out of control when they tried to bring out more they had to go back in and raffle off the remaining 25 tvs and I didn't get one even tho I was there early enough and I do believe I should get the tv for that price because I literally had one taken from me in front of an employee who did nothing but now its so much more involved I feel as if my life was put in danger as I was pushed around while people fought to get in and I only saw one security officer during this whole ordeal and there was no structure at all, and to make it even worse I saw a hispanic family with 3 tvs and because of the one per customer rule they had their child maybe 7 at the oldest pay for one of the tvs and the associate did nothing.This happened at the Oxnard, CA location on esplandale. Jay Patt pimpaqt@yahoo.com

On Black Friday Target advertisment a 40 Inch. Television for sale. We were informed by the clerks that one person could only buy one but there were many that had 2 in their cart. No clerk informed the customer they could have only one. We were inform that we could stand at the register and when someone went through with 2 that one would have to be put back and we could get it. I saw one cart go out with two in the cart. I think what happen they might have paid with different credit cards to make it look as sold by one person. While we were standing outside in the cold and rain two clerks came and ask if we were there to get a TV and size they were just checking. If they would have gave out tickets and only those that had the tickets could be able to but one and only one. Other stores like Wal Mart did that.

In past years the Target ads on television were clever and entertaining. The background music and the dancer always caught my attention. I most always looked up from what I was doing and watched the ad. However this year's ad featuring a woman in a red jogging suit, running about the store or counting on her fingers, is one of the most annoying ads I have ever seen. Not only does my family mute it, we change the channel as quickly as possible, my friend also have commented on how annoying it is. Please bring back the soothing Christmas music and the clever dancers.

I got to Target last night around 8pm all bundled up and ready for black Friday shopping at 5am. We were close to the front with 27 people ahead of us. It seems everyone wanted the 40" Westinghouse TV for $298. I went with 6 differnet people of which 4 wanted a TV. When we got inside after being pushed around and almost trampled over we got our 4 TV's. 3 of us stood with the TV's while the other two went shopping for there own stuff and I went to look for another shopping cart to put my TV in. A few minuts later my friend called me and told me they took one of the TV's from them. They said there were 3 people with 4 TV's. My friend told them that I was around the corner looking for a cart and they literaly took it out of the cart and handed it over to a man who was crying about not getting one. When I spoke with the manager she was very rude and didn't care. She said this is just something that sometimes happens. Sorry but there's nothing I can do. SHe said is that all rushing me to hurry up and let her go. I am calling corporate on Monday to file a complain as well as other departments that I can file with. This isn't over yet! I want my TV that I rightfully had gotten. This happened in the Puente Hills, CA location. Valerie Rojas

I just need to comment on the New ad for Target with the girl doing the Christmas and Black Friday ad. Oh My goodness give that girl a raise. She is great, I have to laugh each time I see her. Good Job Target!

I called in to Corporate to let you know that the woman in the Black Friday Ads should represent Target all year round! She doesnt even have to show a product, all she has to do is stand in the camera doing her funny, hillarious antics and its enough to get point across. I will continue to shop at Target, but this season, you brought me in the door solely due to those commercials!!!! THEY ARE FUNNY!!!!! keep the spokeswoman! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!

Target Exploits Women in Media Advertisement! I am extremely offended with your 2010 Internet advertisements, "2-Day Pre-Sale" portrayal of the Caucasian female "dimwit" dressed in the fashion garb asociated to the domestic roles of women in the 1950's. This offensive and devaluing advertisement shows this woman as 'stupid' and 'clumsy', bumping into an invisible wall; and using holiday garland to 'polish and wipe' the video 'on' button for the video advertisement. Interpretive BIZ, a woman-owned media project with two weekly-professional oriented segments, has just aired a BlogTalkRadio feature topic on "women in media". One of our distinguished guests, "Women's Media Center" highlights offensive exploitation of women in advertising as well as the appalling statistics on sexism in media and industry disparity. I demand you pull this advertisement immediately. There is nothing amusing or product enticing about this advertisement campaign...except that if I buy from target I can also feel like I am a helpless, powerless woman who can't see in front of herself clearly, and in need of help to find my way around a store in my domestic holiday maid-service garb and my cleaning supplies cabinet. She is not half as intelligent, cunning, or fierce as the "Progressive Insurance" 'gal Flo'..

I went in to the store to buy a crib and get a free changing table BEFORE black friday and thanksgiving. THis deal IS NOT a black friday deal! I went into the store to find that in the 5 near buy cities NOBODY had the free changing table, and DO NOT issue rain checks.(so you have an Store Ad and only offer half the deal, and no rain checks) Another issue, if they had the crib& changer they cant hold a BOUGHT item till my husband gets off work to pick it up, on the same day @ 2pm (WTH) Im pregnant and cant lift anything, and hubby has a truck. Seriously I have called many stores checking for BOTH ITEMS...The only store that has it is over and hour away 1 way. dont post an Ad if you dont have the product! highly annoyed...and not shopping target. Atleast walmart can hold, law-a-way or some kinda of customer service!Sad I have been seeing target going to hell lately :( another lost customer

I enjoy shopping and Target and I much perfer going there to Walmart. However, the Christmas ads are horrible. I immediately change the channel whenever I see that annoying woman's face and and hear her whine.

I recently went to the Target in my home town of Cartersville, GA to purchase pictures I had printed. When I came out of the store, an employee was taking the motorized cart pusher out to the parking lot to gather the carts. My car was parked one space over from the cart return, with a van parked between my car and the cart return. This employee was just 2 or 3 steps behind me and saw me get in my car to leave. Just seconds later after looking over my shoulder to the left, then right and looking in my rearview mirror I began to back out, and backed into the motorized cart pusher the Target employee had parked behind my car. He was a young teenage boy, who obviously was not paying attention. He even admitted to me that he did not realize he had parked it a foot and a half over into my space. The report was filled out by both of us and sent to Sedgwick Claims Managment Services. This company handles claims for Target. They denied my claim by saying I backed into an immobile object that I should have been able to see out of my mirror. I am very upset that because of the Target employee's irresponsible actions, (he had to have heard me cranking my car as he parked the cart pusher behing me!) I have $543.00 worth of damage to my brand new 2010 car. This is a fraction of what I spend in a years time at Target. Very poor treatment to a very good customer!

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