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Thank you for your stand in supporting organizations that defend the standards and morality of the traditional American Judeo-Christian Family. Please do not be swayed about the situation with Ga Ga. Please continue to stand firm on your convictions. There are more of us who support your stand than would support that of Ga Ga. Sincerely, Dr. and Mrs. Terry P. Templeton

i purchased a 42" magnavox with extended warranty a year ago. the tv stopped working and we called target to get the tv fixed. it has been 2 months now and the tv still does not work. they have sent a repair man out 3 times and today they said they have ordered more parts and will send a repairman out in 3 to 5 days. this is the most ridiculous warranty i have ever seen. best buy would have replaced it from day one. i will never buy any electronic equipment from target again!!

I can't shop and spend money at a store that discriminates; they donate lots of money to Republicans that are anti-gay. What a rotten company this is.

I dont shop at target as much as i used to because i dont have one in my town. we drove about 20 miles not to far but it didnt turn out to good we found a movie that my daughter wanted to purchase but a salesperson came up to her and told her that he would not let her purchase it because they made the mistake of putting it on the shelf before it was to be released, i dont believe that was right its not her fault that it was the stores and they should not have stopped her from purchasing it the manager was to afriad they would get in trouble!oh well if it on the shelf people have the right to purchase it!!the manager of the store in lawrence kansas should pay more attention to what the employees are doing and they wouldnt have to take things out of a childs hand because of there mistake.

I just wanted to say Thank You for standing on your principles in regards to Lady Gaga. Entertainers have a huge problem separating business from personal issues.

Target used to be the gold standard. The shelf price was the price the product rang up for. There was no "that sign's not right". Guest service was key. No more - they have outsourced their customer service to the Philippines. If you call you are not even speaking to someone on American soil much less your community. Last month I was told by a cashier that Target accepts all manufactures coupons even if they are printed by another store (as in the suggestion "Redeem at Walgreens"). She told me as long as it says "Manufacture's Coupon" Target would take it. I was embarrassed today when I had a sizable amount of coupons that they wouldn't take. You would think with all their millions that they "give back to the community" they would put their focus back on the customer. I am no longer doing my weekly stop at Target and spending way more than the few items I had planned to purchase, I can do nicely without this "new business model". Thanks Target - I actually AM saving more money - by not frequenting your stores.

I went to the target store in redwood city, california. The employees are so RUDE! They don't say hello or how are you doing today. I asked for a sticker handle for the toliet paper, the girl just looked at me so I asked again and with a fat attitude said I heard you you didn't need to say it again. Didn't tell me the total amount and was so rude giving me my change. This store needs help in giving their employees customer service training, it hasen't changed everytime I go its the same unproffesionial staff rude and they only talk to you if you speak spanish! Even a call to the manager dosent help, they act like it is a burden that. U even are calling. A lot of people complain about targets customer service they are not happy. Especially at THIS target store, it's really ANNOYING that something is not done about this!

Today I went on line to price check TV's on several stores websites. I found what I thought was a TV on Target's site that was just what I was looking. The prompt that gave me a list of stores near my home with the availibility of the item that I wanted to purchase. I called the store closest to me and they said they had one in stock. I said my wife would be there within a half hour. I printed the pages which had the price and description for her to take along to the store. The price on Target.com's own website was $179.99 for the TV. When my wife arrived at the store she was told they would not honor that price and the price was $249.99. She called me from the store and I spoke to two other employees, one of which was suppose to be the on duty manager. They told me the same thing. I got several different answers. I asked for the Target Corporate Office phone #. Tracy (Store Manager),said if the Corporate Office would okay that price then they would sell it to us at the website price. They gave me the customer relations # 1-800-440-0680. I spoke to John who said it was against Corporate policy to give me his last name. He said that the stores and the website are separate businesses. I didn't agree with the way they do business and I said it was deceiving and unethical and perhaps reason for a legal question. I asked for the name and number where I could reach the Corporate Office Electronics buyer. He said he couldn't do that and he was as far as I could go. I told him again how upset and disappointed I was. I told him that I would find a way to reach the buyer some other way. Perhaps the President of Target needs to go on The Undercover Boss program and improve the relationship between their website and the stores.

Target has the worst customer service. The DVD Burlesque Came out on DVD on Tuesday 3/1/11 and The Target Store at University Plaza in Morgantown, WV was out of them by 3/2/11. The DVD had some kind of promotion to buy the CD and DVD then get $5.00 off or some nonsense like that. I could care less about the promotion as I am not interested in purchasing the CD. Well the problem is if you want to get a raincheck for the DVD at $16.99 they will not honor it. The Target Customer Service line as well as the Store management itself stated that there is a disclaimer on the store circular, which is available only at the store, stating that there will be limited availability and they will not honor a raincheck. I am certain that the store will be overflowing with the DVD on Saturday or Sunday when the DVD will be at regular price $19.99. I have been a customer of Target for many years and have spent tens of thousands of dollars at their store but no longer will I give them my business. I will not recommend to anyone that they should shop at any Target stores or online.

Extremely disappointed with Target.com. I ordered a Disco Ball for my daughters birthday on February 9, 2011 and wanted it shipped in 3-5 business days, so she would get it around February 15, but instead got and e-mail ON her birthday stating there was a delay in the order and would ship in another 5-7 business days, well today is March 2, 2011 almost a month later, and the e-mail's keep coming that the order is SHIPPING SOON! Well I called the manufacturer of the product and they said they never even received my order, and that the item wasn't in stock. WHY did I have to call and find this information out. This is not my job. Apparently the management at Target.com is doing a terrible job of keeping track of their on-line merchandise. I called on Sunday February 27, 2011 to cancel the order and the representative said she would, however if she did, why did I just get another e-mail stating the product is SHIPPING SOON AGAIN! I called Target.com and told several representatives in the call center that the product is not in stock and to change the status of this product, but when I went to the website it is still saying available! This is from CONSUMER PROTECTION DIVISION - CONSUMER FRAUD: FALSE ADVERTISING: It is illegal to sell goods or services through the use of untrue or misleading statements. False ads might misrepresent “sale” or “special” prices, or the features of a product, or the AVAILABILITY of sales goods. Read ads carefully, and watch out for fine print at the bottom. The ADVERTISER is at fault if the ad has the tendency to mislead, even if there is no intent to defraud. BUT CAREFUL what you order online you may never receive your order!!! This has been an awful experience, not to mention my daughter never received her birthday present!!

Thank you for sponsoring "Read Across Amercia". Today I took my granddaughter's to the Dr Seuss storytime reading at your Lawndale store in Greensboro NC. The young ladies who read the books were friendly and enthusiastic and my grandaughter's enjoyed the books. More companies should sponsor events like this.

The pharmacy at the Altamonte Springs, FL store is just wonderful. They are always helpful and courteous. However, I must share how John went beyond the call of duty as he got my perscripttion to me, at his own expense, as I am a senior and had no one to take me to the store. I sinscerely thank you and Target is very lucky to have him! You don't know how much I appreicate this act of kindness! Thank you, John!

I had been shopping for my daughters college cheerleading team to find them dishes and bathroom stuff for there house. During February I went to the different Targets in our area to find pink heart dishes and heart bath rugs I collected some of them but not all. On 02/20/11 I went to a store in Plainfield Illinois to find some more of the things I was looking for, they did not have any. The associate was very helpful and checked the computer for stock at the nearest store. The computer said they had stock at the Joliet Illinois store. I then asked if she would ask the store to check physically so I would not make the trip in vein. She did just that and the store comfirmed that they checked physically, but they could not hold it because it was a clearence item. It took me exactly 7 min. When I got there there was nothing left. There was a employee in that department fixing the shelves I asked if anyone was back there looking for stock, he replyed no, no one has been back here since he got there. I then went to the front and asked customer service if they had anything up front. They had repeated that they could not hold anything on clearence. I then asked how could they in 7 min sell everything in stock. As I was asking the associate another person said to me if its not there its been sold.(she was very rude) I don't think in 7 min they sold 4 rugs 4 bowls and 14 plates. I think that nobody really checked and they made me waste my time and gas. I would really appriciate if someone could locate the pink heart shaped salad dishes(10) pink heart shaped bowls(12) multi colored heart bathroon rug(2) and multi colored heart towels(8)

I just watched the documentary on the origins of Target. I have a good idea for your company. You should create a Target Car! It can be red or white. With a small target bullseye. You could get bids from top car makers to create the car. It should get excellent gas mileage. It should sell for a flat price, like around 10-12,000 dollars. If you want, you could even have Target designers create designs for the cars. I personally would like a Cynthia Rawley car! I can see the red interior and the sparkling white car. Think about it! An avid Target fan

As usual, the digital camera I wanted resulted in it not being in stock last weekend. So, I got a raincheck, Went back today and was told they would not get it in as it was discontinued. Ordered it from Walmart, no shipping...exact camera. Target loves to advertise things that they conveniently are out of but have more expensive versions of. Go there for emergency groceries...but am very unhappy over lack of stock, false advertising (if you don't have it anymore and have discontinued it don't advertise it!) I'm not a fan of big box stores but walmart, just as 'evil' on employee pay etc, at least provides customer service

I just got off the phone with Target Corporate. I was approved for a Target Charge Card for 1K. I charged nearly 700 dollars, I had not received my card in the mail as promised that it would take 7-10 business days, I called the credit card customer service dept, told them of my issue and that they would re-issue another card taking another 7-10 days, but my real issue is the temporary card they issued had a exp date, 10 days of when I opened the account. When I called to reorder another card I also made a payment of $300 which I was told by the CSR was not due until March 23rd, i plan to pay the balance by the first week of March, in any event, I was told that my temp card was no good and I could not make anymore purchases on my card until the new card shows up if it ever would - i asked to speak to a supervisor thinking they could override the exp date on the system due to my issue, the CSR sd sorry no go and a supervisor could not help, so I called Corp. Same thing, funny Target pretty much told me they did not want my money even if I could prove I am the cardholder until I had the physical card in hand. This is the first time I ever been told a credit card company did not wany my business, Target must being doing pretty good, so I think I am going to bring my business else, to a company who is willing to work with good customers and go the extra mile to keep them coming back at especially almost 20% interest rate. This is so amazing and disppointing i just wonder if there CFO or Board has any idea of the overall dollar impact this makes on the bottom line, figure I am a 1k per month customer at 20% they are willing to see me walk away - - very poor business management

my friend applied for a job at target.They denied him employment because of something totally irrelvant to the job description on his backround check.There are felons working in target and he was denied because of a misdemenor on his backround.which is totlly bs.

I went in to several Target stores last week ( Cypress, Westmister, Bellflower, Seal Beach, California) looking for the Boys Legendary Gold Utility Jeans that were advertised on sale for $8.00 not one of the stores that i went to had the size that i needed for my son so i asked for three rain checks for (2)pairs of jeans on each so i would have a total of 6 pairs, i asked for three because of the trouble i was having even trying to get one pair let alone six pairs, I was denied the three but was given one for six pairs??? I went in today 2-16-11 again to the seal beach target and found two pairs on the shelf, took my rain check back to the fitting room where i know that they have a scanner to check to see if there were any more in the back room? But there were no others in stock so i asked Kim ( the girl at the fitting room) if they would honor the rain check price and print me another rain check for the remaing four that they did not have? She could not answer the question, so she called customer service but did not even ask what i had asked her :-/ . So i then went to check out and again asked the cashier the same question? She did not know the answer? I have now been in the store for 40 minutes, so she call a team lead up to ask him the question, which he could not even understand? He did try to offer me a % of of something else, but what i needed and came in for were the boys jeans, So i tryed to explain to him, but i guess it was to early for brains to work in the morning. I was then given a Merchandise Locate slip by the cashier and was told cypress had 5 pairs in stock, I was then taken to Guest Services with my Suspended receipt from the cashier, but the Guest Service employee (Penny) was not friendly or polite by any means, she gave the wrong information to the store she was calling (cypress) to locate the jeans and after waiting another 10 minutes i told her i needed to leave to go to work as i would be late, could she please ring me up. She was like talking to a wall til another employee walked up who i asked to please ring me up so i could go, and after she did (penny) slammed down the phone. After i was at work i myself made phone calls to several other targets in which i did find 5 pairs which they were nice enough to put them on hold until i get off work to pick them up. I have never had this type of treatment or run-around before over such a simple request, its not as if i was asking for 12 pairs on each rain check. I have a family of ten children and Target has always been our one stop shop. But Target needs to think about customer service and having employees that are friendly and helpful not rude and there just for the pay check!

I am done with Target. There was a time when Target had good customer service but that is long gone. I recently purchased 3 3-pack I-Tune gift cards for my grandsons for Valentine's Day. (I purchased 2 at the time I made a large purchase and went back for the other one a couple of days later.) Each 3 pack was $30.00, so I spent $90.00 for the cards. ( I spend on average $300.00 or $400.00 a month at Target because I've also shopped Target for our business.) I questioned the validation procedure at the checkout and was assured by the clerk - after she read the back of the cards - that they were validated. I was also assured I did not need gift receipts. I mailed them to my grandsons and learned today that one set was not validated. I spoke with the manager at the Target where I purchased them and he told me without the receipt he can do nothing. The lesson: keep every Target receipt because there is no guarantee on any of their merchandise and regardless of what the incompetent checker says - one cannot trust that they did their job or even know how to do the job. Again, it's the consumer who bears the loss, incomvenience and disappointment. Goodbye Target.

LOL All of you people are writing on a website that has nothing to do with Target, nor its stores. It's just a site listing their corporate address. I'm constantly amazed by the average American's intelligence...

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