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I went to a taco bell fast food restraint in Harlingen tx, and ordered a 5 layered burrito last year, I opened up the burrito to put hot sause and realized that their was not any meat in the burrito, I called one of the servers over and she told me it was under the lettice, while she was standing there I moved the lettiece aside and ther was no meat!

zesty chicken & beef bowls

Can you guys please bring back the Zesty Chicken Bowls.


I ordered two orders of triple layer nachos and two orders of fresco bean burritos. The triple layer nachos had hair in one of the orders;also the fresco bean burritos were stuck to the wrapper. The day of this incident occurred on 11/07/2014 11:14 p.m.

Taco Salad Shell rancid

We each had a taco salad at the Taco Bell on Gallatin Rd, in Madison, TN today. The shells tasted like old grease or old tortilla chips. You can't get rid of the taste. My husband had to take acid reflux pills when we got home. We did not even eat half our shells. Mine tasted worse than my husbands. I did tell the lady that waited on us that they tasted bad and not to serve anyone else the taco salad shells. We have eaten at that Taco Bell lots of times. The service is always good. The employees are always nice. Taco Salads are our favorite meal there.


approx 6 kids were there upon asking to see the manager to complain to found he was no more than a kid himself who had was rude also... the place looked pigs worked there...the manager stated "he had only been there a week and you should have seen the place before he got there" ,"I in told him that this kind of dirt had to be cleaned on a daily", "the Manager he had customers he had to get back to and didn't have time for me" which ended my complaint..

worst service ever!

I have pictures of tonight's service for Taco Bell to show that I apent $17 on food and received maybe $2 worth. They forgot 2 items, literally 6 of my Doritos tacos had a corner of meet and cheese, my quesadilla was cut midway through the middle and only had a corner of meet and cheese as well! Worst service ever here in St. Louis, Mo in South County! & when you call to ask for a manager he didn't want to give me a name. Also I didn't get a receipt so luckily I paid with my debit card.

stopped in on 10-25- 2014. Got a taco salad the shell was rancid , I got home and had to go to Lady's room . I did not like doing that was not Apppreicated .I would like to be refuned.

Adding to the menu!!

I had an idea, you guys have to try this! Ok so I was talking to a customer at publix and they were making BLT sandwiches and I wanted Taco Bell. So I was thinking this should be added to the menu a BLT wrap. With a a hard shel and a sorry shell sort of like the crunch wrap. People would love it and I did a survey at work most of them liked the idea. If you could get back to me that would be awesome :)!

Horrible service

I went to TB on center drive. Medford Oregon. My Grande meal was all wrong. I go back the manager argued about it then when she did go remake my food it was so sloppily put together and my wrappers were folded inside the burritos, sauce was all over the outside of the burritos and wrapping. Lets just say I'll never go back to that location. Completely disrespectful and rude.


I am appalled that every time I got to taco bell on abriendo in pueblo Colorado, I'm told either their out of empanadas or have to wait six minutes for them . I can't believe it happens more than half the times I go there. I'm at a point that I won't even ask for them anymore.


I've worked at Taco Bell in Heber Springs, AR for a while and the General Manager hired on her son. He's getting 9 hours on his first day and the rest of the crew and myself are lucky to get 5 hours in one day. One poor girl barely gets 9 hours a week! How is this fair? You shouldn't be able to hire on your child and give them twice the hours you give more experienced workers.

taco bell wrong orders

in rio vista ca. the taco bell can never get my order right,when I get home there is something missing or not what I ordered but I paid for it.i will never go there again.


My husband went through our taco bell drive thru and got me a carmel apple empinada, it was so hot, a chuck of the inside fell out, landed on my wrist and burned it. I trued calling them to let them know, but nobody answered the phone. I mean, what if that had been a child... ouch.

All is Well at The Bell

Last night, I had the privilege to a group of 28 kids and 6 adults to Taco Bell in Hoover, AL! The service was amazing and the staff went out of their way to take care of us as well as the other restaurant guests! The service was excellent and the food was great too!

Great service

Most of the time when a go to a fast food drive thru it is memorable but not in a good way until today.I was waited on by 2 of the most friendly and courteous ladies! They were smiling , friendly, and courteous! Made my Monday a little brighter in Seymour Indiana!

Poor service

The last time we visited our Collinsville Taco bell drive-thru we were very disappointed with the quality of the food, which is very unusual for Taco Bell. Almost everything seemed to be old and the lettuce on the tacos were completely wilted, but our biggest concern was the refried beans my husband ordered. Not only were they not hot, they were ICE cold. They obviously came straight from the refrigerator to me. I wrote the manager 2 times requesting our money back, but was ignored both times. That shows extremely poor customer service. We used to go to Taco Bell very often, but we have not been back since, and I doubt we ever will go there again.


this is not the number for their corporate hq ....

pissed off

I worked for 12 yrs and franchise buyout they let me go now for some reason i cant get a job at a franchise ive tried 2 stores not even owned by you know who, but whats sad is i wasnt even interviewed by these people.Also you didnt say thank you or heres a severance package for your great service.Thanks to you im in the poor house.I have nothing left.

I am very ticked off.. The Taco Bell in Kentucky I ordered 8 Steak Burritos, with extra onions... I only got Beef burritos and NO onions.. I spent $22.67 for these...

Where's the Fruitista

I was soooo disappointed to not be able to get the mango/strawberry Fruitista. It was the best drink ever! What happened and when will you get it back again? Love the crispy tacos and the drink just set it off.

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