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I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer since 2005 but unfortunately, your policy of charging for calls that I could not possibly have made, caused me to cancel my service last month. I spoke to a T-Mobile agent to try to get the false charges removed, but he was no help. I told him that I would like to cancel my cell phone contract and he had no comment. I have paid for all the calls that I actually made and I sent letters along with my payment explaining the situation. All I have received in return is a notice stating that if I did not pay the $67.20 immediately, T-Mobile would turn the account over to a collection agency. I have tried to call but can only get an automated answering program that will not connect me to a live person. In frustration, I have sent a complaint to the Attorney General for the State of Washington. I will continue to complain and to expose your unfair billing practices until you remove the erroneous charges from my bill. You can look at my records to see that over the past 6 years, I have always paid my bills. However, I will not pay for calls that I did not make.

I was with T-mobile from 2008 and the service technically ok, except there was no reception in several corners of our house. On March 16 i decided to switch from our Family Plan with two lines to two Prepaid plans as we never used our minutes even 50%. The rep who was supposed to do it did it but FOR ONE LINE ONLY. I was sure that everything was done correctly - went online to refill my new prepaid accounts but found that only one line became Prepaid, the ohter one was not. The system then automatically suspended my line which was left. I was talking to various reps _ but they all seemed to be Indian people (from India to be precise) - it took a lot of time but some of them just could not understand the issue. May be they have to learn "proper" answer and use them only. All what they were saying that my account was suspended for non-payment - but it could not be as 1/ my other line was successfully transferred and working; 2/ there were still 84 cents on my account to use. I will probably write to their corporate office, but now after reading all theses complaints i will most likely try to switch to another company.

I've had T-Mobile for 3 years now. I've also had Sprint, and At&t/Cingular. So far, t-mobile is the best. I always get through right away to customer care rep on the rare occasion I do need to speak to a rep. I have never had a problem that wasn't immediately fixed. I think that most of the complainers on here are just that, complainers. They complain about anything and EVERYTHING. They don't want fair treatment, they want "special" treatment. Break your contract? Of course there's an ETF. Don't pay your bill on time? Yes, your service will be suspended. Lose your phone? You will have to buy a new one (just like anything else). Some of these people on here do not seem the brightest. They probably don't understand their contracts and that T-Mobile is a FOR PROFIT company. These complainers take up too much company time and resources and therefore get put on some blacklist that takes them an hour to reach anyone. T-Mobile has millions of satisfied customers, and relatively few problem customers. Unfortunately, it's the unsatisfied ones that are the most "vocal".

This used to be a GREAT company. Now they are as bad if not worse then the others. I ordered a prepaid broadband stick for my laptop. It came in today. When i tried to activate it using the phone number they provided it asked for my phone number, which I have no phone with Tmobile. I am now on hold for believe it or not 18 phone calls not including transers and still nobody can get this stick for my laptop activated, what a mess this company has become. This should have been one phone number, enter activation code they provided on SIM, end of story. But I believe the end of story will be my sending it back.

Worst service ever when it comes to asking them to do something for the customer. Been a loyal customer for 2 plus years, then come to find out we can get two phones cheaper than the one we are paying for so we shut off the plan and ask to get the money back that we have paid for the month. They tell us no problem and the 64.38 will be in our mail box in a couple weeks. Well those weeks come and go and nothing, after 5 more calls to customer service and finally asking for a supervisor, the supervisor tells us nothing was ever processed (this being a month later) and so she processes the request and she tells us that we will have the check in the mail in 4-8 days, that would have been march 9th of 2011, it comes and goes and nothing, we go back in the store and they tell us it had been denied, because it was two days into the monthly cycle they would not refund the money, I'm not sure what the rest of you think about it, but if you pay ahead of time for something for a month and only use two days, you should be getting a refund of the remaining balance left over which is all we want, GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK.

Two hours waiting for a representative to answer the telephone!!! yesterday I waited 1 hour 25 minutes, and nobody answer my call. DO NOT USE T-MOBILE.

This is the worst company out there waiting for a customer service is more than 2 hours!!!

THE MOST ANNOYING THING ABOUT DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY IS THAT THEY OUTSOURCE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE TO SOME FORIEGN COUNTRY. TMobile is paid in US dollars and needs to have US representatives. I pray they are sanctioned by the US for doing business here and outsourcing the jobs from the US to a substandard country so they can make even more money off of us. To add insult to injury the service SUCKS AND THE REPS ARE INCOMPITENT. BYE BYE TMOBILE! A WHEATLEY

I have been a Tmobile customer for 7yrs and now i trully hate being a customer.. Seems a though customer svc has been out sourced and now your onld hold for a rep for over 45mins and sometimes your even hung up on. The Reps cant answer questions that you need answered. They know nothing about the plans and what makes matters worst they screwed up my bill showing that i owe over 1k when my bill has always been 250.. I been on the phone for a week now trying to get this resolved and no one can helpme.. I need someone who speaks english and understand the products. Tmobile will lose losts of customers with this kind of service..

Well by the sounds of it I'm not the only one dealing with this company. This is the worst company out there. I definitely do not recommend this company! Had my Optimus T for four months. It's been malfunctioning since I've had it! Now it's completely broken and it's on backorder conveniently! They told me that I could get a loner until it comes in. Went to store to get loner and they told me I have to pay $50 to get one. Yes I have to pay because their phone broke. Worst customer service out there, they give you psycho babel, to try and please you, leave you on hold forever, and After spending at least $500 in the past four months they tell me they can only give me $10 toward my account. Absolutely worst cell phone provider out there. Service is poor and obviously equipment and customer service is ob-sered!! Do not go through this company!!

Seems T-Mobile can not deliver a phone when promised ---they can debit you account right on schedule but get them to follow through on what they promise and you are asking too much....GO ANYWHERE ELSE DON'T GET INVOLVED IN CONTRACT WITH T-Mobile or you will reget it! Even if the rates seem cheap - you get what you pay for!

to corporate hq I want to explain what happened when I bought my mytouch I was told that my voice mails will not be deleted. A couple of days later I lost a very important voicemail that I had been saving on my old phone since august 2010. I needed the voicemail to prove my case at a court hearing. I was very upset and cust serv said that I must have accidently deleted it, I donot believe I did, but, I asked how can that be prevented in the future. She told me she can load app visual voicemail to my phone and once a message is in visual voicemail it cannot be deleted unless I delete. It will not auto delete. I said fine that sounds like it would solve my problem and it seemed to be working. Last week I had a problem with the phone. An error message came up which said visual voicemail This phone is associated with a different account and all voicemails will be deleted. with an OK button to press. I didnot press the button as I again had very important voicemails I was saving. After a number of calls they were able to fix phone overthe phone connection, but, when I when to voicemail all the voicemails I had been saving were deleted. Again these voicemail were important to my court case putting me in jeopardy of proving my case. They now told me that the voicemails are only saved for 45 days not until I decide to delete them. Now I am extremely upset as I it actually only has saved the last 15 days or so not 45 days so it is obvious that error message did something to my voicemails Spoke to supervisor who told me nothing can be done to retrieve these voicemails. Even the supervisor couldnt tell me how to save my messages and I feel I have been misled by your reps. I need the truth about voicemail retrieval can it be done I feel it can but t-mobile is refusing. And it was t-mobile fault that I lost thes voicemails they should at least make an attempt to retrieve them. I still donot know how to save my voicemails on visual voicemail. Please investigate and get back to me. Thanks, Al Urban cell# 954-895-5427

customer service sucks, they dont call you back, they keep losing information i give them and then say they never got it...this is crazy!!!

Worse customer service ever. period.

I have been with t-mobile for years and all of a sudden the customer service sucks. You are on hold for more than and hour. The longest I was on hold was and hour and 45 minutes before I got frustrated and hung up. People are having so many issues and are unable to solve for the fact that customer service DOES NOT pick up the calls. But as soon as we are ready to leave you are quick to say there will be a $200 fee for each line. How do you expect us to keep our end as customers and t-mobile is not keping up their code of conduct. Once contract is over so is my money with t-mobile.

I purchased a HTC 8 months ago the phone stopped working. After an hour plus phone call trying to troubleshoot the phone still not working. The rep informed me the HCT were one of the newest devices and they were not manufactured as well as they should have been. Never once was the offer made to replace the phone. I enede up purchasing a new phone. Unfortunately I'm still payinf for a device that does not work. Peace of crap and no effort made by T-Mobile to rectify the issue. In addition to that I have been a cusomer for more than 10 YEARS!!!!!

I have been with T-mobile for 4years now. Just switched over to a family plan to add my brother on to the phone plan with me in September 2010 everything was fine. Then the following month in October 2010 I bought a new phone for myself all was fine. About a week later I started having many problems with the network and service. It’s been an ongoing event between both phones. Never being able to make or receive calls or even text messages. In case of an emergency I had no service. They sent me a new phone still had the same problems with T-Mobile. I found this to be on going to long with many calls to Customer Servos and sending out people to fix what was going on and even a ticket number was crated before Christmas of 2010. Did not get a phone call till January 26th 2011 saying all should be working fine. It did for like two weeks and back to the same problems. I was very upset at this point since the last call I made to Customer Servos I was on hold for an hour to speak to someone. I final got mad at told them to cancel my account and then they keeps switching me to other people trying to convince me to stay with them NO WAY…. After this experience with T-Mobile I will never use them as a phone carrier again…. Along with my other family member and friends are all canceling and going over to Verizon Wireless at least they have a better network and let alone Service. What the point in paying so much money and not be able to make a phone call or even sent a text.

T Mobile should immediately STOP building cell phones towers in residential neighborhoods

i have been with tmobile for two years and there phones aer junk there customer servers sucks and there phones suck i had three phones and had nothing but problems i have a htc hd2 for two weeks and it quit letting me text and make calls the same thing happened to my samsung highlite i ready to move to a new company hope other pople do too!!

I would use payphones before I would go back to t-mobile. I called them on tuesday to tell them I would send a check the next day, which I did. Granted, the payment was slightly overdue, but I've been with them for many years and have paid them thousands of dollars during that time. On Saturday my phone(and my wife's)were disconnected. They refused to reconnect my service unless I paid by credit card by phone. I informed them that I no longer would no longer be needing their services. It will cost me some money to sever the contract, but it is well worth it. This wasn't the first problem. t-mobile sucks.

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