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In February of this year, I brought my daughter a 3G slide for her birthday. In the month of March she started to experience drop calls. So I tool the phone to T-Mobile Store, they asked me a couple of questions. Like were was she calling at the time she receive the drop calls. Where was she. What numbers did she called. I told them that every call she makes get dropped. She was in the house with me & her call dropped when she called me. I told T -mobile Rep that I can't have that. What if there was an emergency and I can't get in touch with her or she couldn't get in touch with me. Even her text wasn't working. So the T-mobile Rep put a new sims card in the phone & told me that they were going to do this 72 hour thing to check on the signals in our area. Okay 72 hours go by and the problem is still not fixed. I'm finding myself calling T-mobile customer service. They instruct me to do several things with the phone. Thinking this is going to resolve the situation. Not , I'm ending up in T-Mobile Store again. Told T-Mobile Rep my situation again. He final said that I should be able to call tech support so they can send me a new phone and that they don't do that there at the store. I guess he could kinda tell I was not happy about the situation and change his story & said he might be able to order me a new phone on his end. Which he did. That tick me off right there. If you knew you could, do it. Don't act like you can't. Well anyway receive the new phone in May. Since March I've been dealing with this situation and now it's May. Receive the new phone 3G slide, thinking this headache is finally over. At least I thought. It's doing the same thing as the other one. Drop calls and now can't take pictures. So here I go again back to the T-Mobile Store. At this point I was doing everything they told me. T-Mobile Rep put a new Sims card in the new phone. He said wait 2 hours and everything should be good. Nope. I waited longer, like the next day. Call T-Mobile again. Transferred me to tech support. Now this is the point where I loose it. They having me remove the battery, take the sims card out, put battery back in & card. Cut the phone on. Do this do that. I said look it's still giving me a message of card is not detected. The memory card is in the phone. Then the tech told me that memory is full. I said we just received the phone. It has a new memory card. He told me that since I have the insurance they ca replace my phone again. I said sure but I want a free upgrade. All the trouble and hassle I went through with the 3G slide. I wanted a different phone. I swear they transferred me at least 5 times. I explained to them that I have a Verizon cell phone, I never have to go to Verizon store for any problems. The only time they see me is when my 2 year contact need to be renewed and I'm getting my up grade. One of the many T-Mobile Reps I talked to on the phone 5/13/2011 told me they will be sending me another 3G slide. I said no, you can cut my service off now. I refuse to go through that again. T-mobile Rep said you can use you phone up until you next billing cycle. I said no. Cut it if today. I dealt with you all long enough.

My husband and I have been T-mobile customers since 2007. I recently notified Customer Service that we would be moving to an area that does not have coverage by T-mobile. I know this because we are moving to my sisters who has lived there for 5 years. We have 3 lines and not one of them is able to make or receive calls from that area. When I called on Monday May 10, 2011 I spoke to Monica who told me they would put in a service request with a confirmation # and that I would receive an e-mail response as to the results (not). On Wednesday I called to check the status I spoke to a customer service rep who told me that they service order was put in for my current address rather than the new address and that I would have to move first prior to addressing the problem. I told her that I had called on Monday and that was she was telling me is inconsistent with what Monica had told me. I then asked to speak to her supervisor. Her supervisor told me that the service order had been complete on my sisters address the supervisor when on to tell me that the service tech found no problems. I told her that despite what the service tech reported neither I nor my husband or daughter phones work at that location. I am not happy with the inconsistent information that I have received or the level of help that has been offered. I was suggested to buy new sim cards which seemed odd since they work fine everywhere else. I would like someone to offer me a workable solution that does not require me to go without service for a period of time that can be avoided. I have never asked for T-mobile to go without payment.

There customer service is the worst on the planet. most of there reps speak broken or very bad english when calling customer care. They are very rude and will not fix issues even when you are a new customer. There phones are loaded with bloatware that you can not remover and they wont shut off they run in the back ground and kill the battry and will charge you data use when you can't even shut the apps off.... They designed the phones this way to get you for useage even if you never use the web... when asked to turn the web off they chage you a fee to turn it off and for not having the data on a smart phone... there prices totally sux worst on the market with all the $60 unlimited plans Would never recumend them to my worst enemy

I recently experience such a poor customer service from T-mobile. I have always payed my bills in advance, however, on May 4th while making payment on the phone, I noticed that (1) My phone bill was raised extra $20.00 which alarmed me to call customer service, (2) To make a payment over the phone. However, T-Mobile customer service clerk took my payment over the phone by entering data incorrectly, she enter a wrong bank account number, but erased the correct bank account number that was in T-mobile banking data system which I been using all the time. Therefore, it caused the system, "to say the account is closed" when it is not closed. but because due to the wrong account number entry by T-Mobile customer service, which I brought the matter to her attention, but she did not apologized for the error she made, I had to request to speak to the manager which took me another 7 more calls, 2 hrs, and twenty seven minutes and still did not get my complained resolved. Therefore, I have to mail my payment and waste my time and my stamps for an error made by T-Mobile Customer Service.

I bought the T-Mobile Slide about seven months ago and have been totally unhappy with the service area and the lack of an english speaking person one the other end of my calls for support. Some calls I make with the phone are cut short by noise and feedback from another sourse, and the light for the keyboard wont come on in a pitch black room. Now I bought a bluetooth to pair to it and it will pair to the bluetooth but wont connect. I sure am glad AT&T bought out T-Mobile and they will no longer be in business because they as a company and as a wireless provider suck something major.

Your service is sorry, my service was changed from a flex pay plan to prepaid. How is this go help me. Advice stick with AT&T

Man I dont even want to give them a star!!!! they get zero they are zeros as a matter of fact!!! Ok so I was a pay as you go or flex pay customer for about three years, and the lady at the plaza bonita location a lady by the name of Paloma told me that I qualified for a smart phone upgrade as long as I upgrade my data package, I said no problem, she also told me that I had until the six of May to get this!! Now here is the kicker, when I can in to do it, the date was the third!!!! Of course they took my payment which was 150.00 dollars a month!! Oh yeah they hurried up and took that!! Then she told me that it was only for the month of april!!!! She was the one who told me about the promotion in the first place!!!!! She did not even try to fix her mistake that she made!!! All she could say is sorry!! I was like okkkkaaaayyyy!!! I walk my happy self right on the Sprint with a real plan not just a flex pay!!!! Tmobil are trobbers!!!!!!

I have had nothing but problems since day one (01/2011). The customer service managers are rude, unprofessional and talk down to customers. I have called every month to try to get my phone fixed and not one person has been able to assist me. I have been told every month that the issue will be resolved and every month I have had to call. I am so frustrated with their service that I am willing to take the loss and pay the disconnection fee just to end this horrible servfice. I work for a large company that offers discounts for tmobile and I blog everyday that this is the worse idea ever and we need to end our contract with tmobile. I asked for the corporate office and was placed on hold for 10 minutes while a so called manager looked for the address. He came back to the phone and said he does not have it not knowing that I had looked it up myself. Rick B emp# 803497 is horrible, he calls himself a manager and treats customers like dirt. Please dont ever get a phone through this provder, I rather get a pager than have this horrible phone anymore.

Been a customer with Tmobile since 2008 we have 3 lines all blackberrys and unlimited everthing plus blackberry web for all 3 lines. We moved twice, each time we move we change the numbers over. and tmobile says" when we change over the numbers who ever had the numbers before they bill and plan roll over with ours." called tmobile cause it said we had 80 mins left they supposely fixed the issue but they credited the acct and now here it is for next month bill and its the same as when we changed the numbers over been trying to resolve this for a week, my husband called 4 times requested a supervisor and was hung up on by 3 agents and 1 supervisor, i called been on hold for 45 mins waiting to speak with a supervior nobody wants to deal with the issue this is just a hot mess!

I just received my bill after being told my last bill was April 23,2011. I pay $84.47 per month and the last bill they send was for $296.37! They lie, cheat and their customer service reps will say whatever is needed to sell the upgrade. I have been a customer since 2001. I just got charged and early termination fee of $200.00 after being told that I was on a month to month contract by they last rep I spoke with when I upgraded over a year ago. This company is the worst, no wonder AT&T bought them, they should fire all the T-Mobile reps and start over. If I was on an island and needed a phone, I wouldn't use this service ever!

I was in the middle of placing a web specials for a free phone last night and without completing the whole transaction by 10pm-the call dropped because they closed at 10pm. I tried to call back and just couldn't reach anyone. Today I called them back and continue my transactions. They simply said that they can't honor yesterday promotions because I did not complete my transaction. I CORRECTED them! I wanted to complete the transaction but the sales dept closed at 10 pm (which I was not aware of) and never completed my transaction. They kept pushing me to buy a refurbished phone and transfer me to customer care and which was not helpful. This is absolutely ridiculous. What kind of service is this?

after reading the comments, I can't believe they get away with this shit. I contacted BBB better business bureau. They have been screwing me for 9 months now, never keep to the agreed payment plan, it is always more by 40-100 dollars and they can't find downloads, or overages or any reason and they say it is the taxes but when I look at the taxes they are 1.00 or sometimes less like .03. I have dealt with over 100 tmobile employees and have spent over 1,000 hours on hold and each tech person tells me something different and all they do is keep sending my the same phone out. They couldn't fix my one phone line so they just dropped it. A manager in a store gave me the wrong phone and is suppose to give me the right phone but he is either out sick or off every day since Feb. 13th. they blow!

I purchased two new phones during the valentines day sale. A samsung vibrant and a Mytouch 4g. I completed the rebated offers and mailed them immediately. I just checked online and saw that my $300.00 amount of rebates were denied due to "invalid channel of purchase". I called and spoke to Missy a "supervisor" in the rebate department.She informed me that she has worked there 2 1/2 years and has seen this reason for denial many times but was not sure what it meant. She reviewed my claim form and confirmed that it was correct. She then went on to tell me that it would most assuredly be denied again but "not to worry!!" she said that after two denials that are the fault of tmobile there is a little trick they can do that will have my rebate sent to me within 30 days. After the next 6 to 8 week wait of course. I'm calling corporate. I have been with tmobile for over 10 years!

T-mobile representatives were supposed to upgrade my account to the new unlimited plan and not only did the representive not enroll me in the plan, he removed features (text and internet). This ultimately resulted in services being split into two one consisting of a full month's bill the second consisting of only the cost for text and internet. The end result being a higher bill per month and they are refusing to correct this! At then end of the day the total amount that they want me to now pay, is not the total amount I agreed according to my contract. The sad part is I have been a customer for years and it wasn't until a couple of months ago that I have had such awful experiences. I will never do business with T-mobile ever again after this.

I have an HTC HD2 with tmobile. I have gone through 3 of them and they always freeze and then shutoff. Then when it freezes it gets extremely hot and i cant turn it on for an hour or two. I have been with tmobile for 10 years now. I love the service and will never change. I was wondering if i can get another phone or do i have to pay for it. I have the best warranty on the line. What should I do?

Today I went into a TMobile store for a simple question about my cell phone. Well the girl that helped me did not have any idea what she was doing. One the music in the place was so loud it felt like a night club instead of a business. I could not believe how she did not know anything about my cell phone much less customer service. She implied that my phone was old and there was nothing that could be done. The girl never said I should call customer service, she just was not interested in helping me. I left the store in a very bad mood. Instead I decided that some people are not worth your time. Today I decided that as soon as my contract ends I will change services.

T mobile store 7988 have a bunch of rude and non professional. There music is so LOUD. Everyone is talking and ignoring you. They tell you what they think is good or not good for your cell phone. My opinion did not matter. What I wanted did not matter. I was so disturbed with the way I was treated. I will change services.


TMobile customers service does suck. I completely agree with the first complaint: I have an HTC HD2 and it is without a doubt the worst phone ever!!! bar none, it constantly freezes up and becomes unresponsive, after which i have to remove the battery to reboot, this is my 3rd phone every replacement phone they send is just as bad as the last! and the only options they provide at this time is another HD2 or the Moto cliq xt I don't see how the deem the Moto cliq as a comparable alternate to the HD2 and I surely don't want to have a 4th replacement of the HD2, only to have it do the same thing all over again. the HD2 should be removed from stock and not be offered for sale, and a comparable replacement should be offered for the aggravation and frustration any HD2 owner has experienced, this seems to be a major problem the HD2, and it will only end up costing more money to send multiple replacements of an inferior phone over and over rather then pull the model and send an acceptable replacement in its place~ I ALSO HAD AN HTC HD2 AND IT WAS THE WORST PHONE EVER!

First of all in the beginning of my time with t-mobile it was great. Now the service as well as the quality of the phones they are sending or selling to customers are so poor that it stinks. I had the sony ericson equinox phone was great in the beginning but got worse the more that sent a replacement the phone got worse. Since they have sent me a nokia 5230 nuron got it no instruction manual or how to use only a get started booklet. Called so many time customer service reps have told me they have had problems with the one. So WHY would they continue to send it to customers, Don't try calling to 611 or there 800 for you hardly ever get anyone when you do you are constantly repeating yourself for they are not paying any attention to what you are saying you say one thing and they repeat something else. In my days as a customer service rep that was not acceptable. How are they rated number one in customer service when for what I have gotten and friends of mine that have t-mobile they are at the bottom of the list for service. No one should have to be on hold for and hour before the phone is answered.

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